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Ruth Stanley (Garland)

Дата рождения: (43)
Смерть: 10 сентября 1617 (39-47)
Tenterden, Kent, England
Ближайшие родственники:

Жена Robert Stanley
Мать Thomas Stanley; Timothy Stanley; John Stanley, of "the Planter" и William Stanley

Менеджер: Eugene Thomas
Последнее обновление:
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Ближайшие родственники

About Ruth Stanley

Children: William, John, Thomas and Timothy Stanley


RUTH GARLAND was born about 1574, of Kent, England, to Timothy Garland and Unknown. Apparently she was not from Tenterden until her marriage to Robert Stanley.

She married (1) *Robert Stanley, 17 December 1588, at Heathfield. Heathfield is about 18 miles west of Tenterden, as the crow flies. The original, very small village is now known as Old Healthfield to differentiated it from the modern town of Heathfield, one mile away, which grew with the railway. (2) Humphrie Uredge, 16 September 1605.

Ruth Garland passed away 10 September 1617, in Tenterden, Kent, England, at age 43.

Children of Robert Stanley and Ruth Garland:

1.Ruth Stanley b. 8 Nov 1590 (Heathfield)

2.Freegift b. 21 Sep 1593 (Heathfield)

3.William Stanley b. 1593; d. 26 Oct 1644

4.Patience Stanley b. 27 Apr 1595 (Heathfield)

5.Robert Stanley b. 8 Oct 1599; d. 23 Mar 1634

6.John Stanley was born 28 December 1603, Ashford, Kent, England, to Robert Stanley (1572-1605) and Ruth Garland (1569-1605.) He married Elizabeth Uredge (Ingleden,) 18 May 1624, and had three children. His wife died 12 December 1632, in England, and he passed away in 24 May 1634, in route to New England on the Frances, leaving three children. Two were raised by his brothers and the infant must have died upon arrival. Thomas, John’s brother, adopted John Stanley. Timothy, John’s brother, adopted Ruth Stanley. John Stanley died 24 May 1634, in route to New England, age 44.

7.Thomas Stanley b. 22 Apr 1601; d. 31 Jan 1662/63 8.Timothy Stanley b. 1 Apr 1604; d. 30 Apr 1648 (Note: Gillian Richard found the baptisms of the following in Heathfield: 1.Ruth Stanle dau of Robert Stanlee. 1590 Nov

8. 2.Freegift son of Robert Stanlee. 1593 Sep 21 3.Patyence dau of Robert Stanlee. 1595 Apr 27 Their son, Freegift, probably died young as there was no mention of him in Robert’s probate account of 1605. The use of the name Freegift is interesting as it was one of the names which the more extreme Puritans of the time gave to their children. Patience was another. Of course, it was the Puritans who first set up colonies in America. Perhaps we now get an inkling that your emigrant ancestors held Puritan beliefs, which may be why the three sons of Robert and Ruth were fairly early emigrants in 1633. Note that the 160t inventory of Robert’s goods included two Bibles. It appears that some time between April 1595 and October 1598 the Stanley Family moved from Heathfield to Tenterden. Tenterden burials 1605-1660: Robte Standley. 1605 June 1 Elizabeth wife of John Stanley. 1632 Dec. 12.)

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Хронология Ruth Stanley

29 сентября 1595
Возраст 21
Rolvenden, Kent, England, United Kingdom
12 апреля 1601
Возраст 27
Tenterden, Kent, England
26 декабря 1603
Возраст 29
Ashford, Kent, England
1 апреля 1604
Возраст 30
Tenterden, Kent, England, United Kingdom
10 сентября 1617
Возраст 43
Tenterden, Kent, England