Sunyer II, IX comte d'Empúries

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Sunyer II, IX comte d'Empúries

生日 (75)
逝世 约915 (67-83)

Sunifred I, IV comte d'UrgellN.N.之子
Ermengarda De Roussillion的丈夫
Arsenda; Elmerat, bisbe d'Elna; Guadal, bisbe d'Elna; Gausbert I, comte de RossellóBenció I, comte d'Empúries之父
Delà, IX comte d'Empúries的兄弟
Guifré I el Pilós, XI comte de Barcelona; Sesenanda; Sunifred, abbé d'Arles; Ermessenda; Riculf, bisbe d'Elna另外2个的异母(或异父)兄弟

Occupation: Comte, d'Ampurias, de Roussillon, Abad de Arles, Conde das Ampúrias, Abade de Arles, Visconde de Barcelona
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About Sunyer II, IX comte d'Empúries,_Count_of_Emp%C3%BAries

Sunyer II was the count of Empúries from 862 and Roussillon from 896 until his death. He was the son of Sunyer I of Empúries.

He and his brother Dela obtained the county of Empúries in 862 after Humfrid, margrave of Gothia, rebelled. They governed it together until Dela's death. In 878, the council of Troyes deposed Bernat of Gothia, who had held Roussillon since 865. It was given to Miro the Elder and, in 896, when Miro died, it passed by heredity to Sunifred. Together with Dela, he tried to occupy Girona, but their cousin, Wilfred the Hairy, stopped them. In 888, he travelled to Orléans to do homage to King Odo of France. In 891, he prepared a naval expedition to attack Moorish Almería. The campaign, however, ended in a truce.

He married a woman named Ermengarda, with whom he had the following issue:

   Bencion (d. 916), successor
   Gausbert (d. 931), successor of his brother
   Elmerat (d. 920), bishop of Elna
   Guadal (d. 947), bishop of Elna

Suniario I de Ampurias o Suniario I del Rosellón (en catalán Sunyer I d'Empúries o del Rosselló) (c. 810-848), conde de Ampurias y conde del Rosellón (834-848). Era quizás hijo de Bellón I de Carcasona1 o de otra familia goda de la región.2

Recibió la investidura de los dos condados de manos de Luis I de Francia, junto con Odalrico.

En la revuelta de Guillermo de Septimania en el año 848, hijo de Bernardo de Septimania, perdió el condado y, probablemente, la vida a favor del primero.


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(Fuente: Wikipedia)

translation: ed. mk

Sunyer, Count of Barcelona of Ampurias and Roussillon, Count of Barcelona, and Count of Ampurias and count of Roussillon from 834-848. He may have been the son of Bellón I, Carcasona I or another Gothic family in the region. He received the investiture of the two counties from Luis I of France, along with Odalrico.*

Sunyer disappeared In 848, during the revolt of William of Septimania, son of Bernard of Septimania, losing the county and probably his life.

  • Odalrico was Count of Barcelona from 852 to 857, Count of Gerona, Roussillon, Ampurias and Narbonne, and Marquis of Gothia.

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