Thomas Boyd, 5th Baron of Kilmarnock

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Thomas Boyd

Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Kilmarmock, Renfrewshire, Scotland
Смерть: Умер в Craignaught Hill, Renfrewshire, Scotland
Ближайшие родственники:

Сын Thomas Boyd, 4th Baron of Kilmarnock и Joanna Montgomerie, Baroness Boyd
Муж Isabell Boyd и Duchal Lyle
Отец Robert Boyd, 1st Lord Boyd of Kilmarnock; Sir Alexander Boyd of Drumcol; Marion Boyd of Kilmarnock; Archibald Boyd of Narston and Bonshaw и Thomas Lord Boyd, Earl of Arran
Брат Margaret Boyd, Lady Montgomerie; William Boyd, Abbot of Kilwinning; Marion Colquhoun и Janet Boyd

Профессия: Fourth Lord of Kilmarnock, Knight, 5th of Kilmarnock, 5th Earl of Kilmarnock
Менеджер: Private User
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About Thomas Boyd, 5th Baron of Kilmarnock

Sir Thomas Boyd; 5th feudal Baron of Kilmarnock; was born around 1400 lived at Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland. Imprisoned and fined by James l. He killed Sir Alan Stewart of Darnley in a feud 1439 and was killed in revenge by his victim's brother 9 July 1439. [1]

Parents: Thomas Boyd of Kilmarnock d. 1432 and Johanna de Montgomery.

  1. Married Lady Isabel

Children of Sir Thomas Boyd and Lady Isabel

  1. Robert Boyd, 1st Lord Boyd of Kilmarnock+ d. bt 1480 - Oct 1482 married Mariota Maxwell. Robert fled to England in fear of being executed for kidnapping King James the III.
  2. Alexander Boyd (Sir), of Drumcol, b 1439 'A mirror of Chivalry'; Keeper of Edinburgh Castle and instructor of the boy King James lll in knightly exercises: executed at Edinburgh, 1469 for his participation in the kidnapping of King James the III. [4] Had a daughter Margaret who married David Cathcart.
  3. Marion Boyd married John Maxwell of Calderwood.
  4. Margaret Boyd married Alexander, 1st Lord Montgomerie. Had a son Alexander Montgomery, 3rd Lord Montgomery.


Sir Thomas Boyd IV succeeded to the Kilmarnock Estates, but was only to hold them for seven years. He seems to have been an excessively war-like knight.

Sir Thomas fought at the battle of Craignaugh Hill in 1439. From Dena Castle he picked an argument with the Stewarts of Darnley, and killed Sir Alan Stewart of Darnley in a fight at Polmaise Thorn between Linlithgow and Falkirk. A follower of Sir Alan's brother, Sir Alexander Stewart, promptly stabbed him to his death the next day, 9 Jul 1439, at Craighaught, Renfrewshire. [2] It is recorded that his wife collapsed and died on seeing his body being carried back into Dean Castle. [3]



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  • Genealogical charts of D. C. Anderson, Q. C. which were included in Florence Robertson's book "The Boyds of Penkill and Trochague", 1963.



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Хронология Thomas Boyd, 5th Baron of Kilmarnock

Kilmarmock, Renfrewshire, Scotland
Возраст 20
Kilmarnock, Renfrewshire, Scotland
Возраст 22
Kilmarnock, Renfrew, Scotland
Возраст 24
Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland
9 июля 1439
Возраст 34
Craignaught Hill, Renfrewshire, Scotland
Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland