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Todd Michael Edelman

Current Location:: Davis, Yolo, California, United States
Birthplace: Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Panorama City, Los Angeles, California, United States
Immediate Family:

Son of Private and Elisheva Gold (Malek)
Brother of Jay Alan Edelman

Last Updated:
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Immediate Family

About Todd Michael Edelman

The Mysteriously Long Lives of Male Holocaust Survivors

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One decree that did have far-reaching consequences ordered Jews to adopt personal and family names (23 July 1787). T'his was yet another expression of bureaucratic standardization linked to the obligation that rabbis now maintain parish registers (Matrikel) of births, marriages, and deaths. The personal names were expressly ordered to be German ones and were chosen from a prepared list of ostensibly biblical, but often bizarre names such as Abdenago, Achitophel, Nabuchadonosor, and Semiramith. At the same time, typical postbiblical names such as Meir and Akiba were missing. These choices were soon rectified. Jews were usually free to choose their family names (there is little actual evidence of the abuses that reportedly were visited upon Galician Jews by malicious officials); most, save the Italians, chose German names though there were a few who elected Slavic or Hungarian ones. -


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A different treaty than Trianon - AND Versailles - would have made Europe more stable, respected national aspirations in a sustainable way and brought the aggressive pact that invaded Belgium, France etc to some kind of justice.

Yet since Trianon only three countries here killed significant members of their own citizens, mostly Jews, including Hungary. There is no excuse for this, even if the Soviet Union was a threat.

In all of these countries, where is the leadership currently considered the least democratic?

Hungary will not be re-constituted, and for now I wish that the EU was more independent of the USA and NATO.

Shall we start worrying more about people and less about borders?

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You know kids, I wish every mom and dad would make a speech to their teenagers and say kids, be free, be whatever you are, do whatever you want to do, just so long as you don't hurt anybody. And remember kids, I am your friend.

I would just like to say that it is my conviction that longer hair and other flamboyant affectations of appearance are nothing more than the male's emergence from his drab camouflage into the gaudy plumage which is the birthright of his sex.

There is a peculiar notion that elegant plumage and fine feathers are not proper for the male.When actually... that is the way things are In most species.

- from "My Conviction", from the musical HAIR.

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Reflections on Auschwitz: The psychopathology of power, Translated from the original: Kępiński A.: “Refleksje oświęcimskie: psychopatologia władzy.” Przegląd Lekarski – Oświęcim, 1967.

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Cast Iron Restoration, Seasoning, Cleaning & Cooking. Cast Iron skillets, griddles and pots.

Edelman surname, globally.

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