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Craig Andrew Miles
1/27/2021 at 23:23
I am not looking to create a public facing app but just want to use the API to build a "private" database of my ancestors.

In order to authenticate with Geni from my app (server side), it seems that I need to have a Client ID which means I have to register a Public facing app.

I can go ahead and complete some of the information required to try to get a Client ID but this seems to be redundant and anyway I dont have a public facing domain to register or relevant Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to reference.

Is there no other way of authenticating with Geni in order to use the API privately in the way I am describing?
Craig Andrew Miles
1/31/2021 at 14:58
Well, update is that I just went ahead and registered my App with the minimum amount of information.

I really don't understand why the whole authentication process has to be so hard though.

From a browser, I can execute an API call without an access token as long as I am logged in.

From the back end I have to authorise and authenticate - I cant understand why I can't just click on a button in my app and execute the API call based on access to the ClientID and SecretKey without going through the whole rigmarole of having to authorise via the UI. What is this actually achieving in this situation?