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1820 Settlers - Private Parties aboard the Garland

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1820 Settlers - Private Parties aboard the Garland

Not in M D Nash's Settler's Handbook


1. LEIGH, John (Independent Settler), 1820 Settler

2. 1820

The aim of this project is to link profiles on Geni to the names in the list, and to expand notes about individuals - mostly on the Profile page in the "About Me" field, or here if no profile exists.

The aim of this project is to link profiles on Geni to the names in the list, and to expand notes about individuals - mostly on the Profile page in the "About Me" field, or here if no profile exists.

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Party Details

  • Leader Captain of the Garland - Alex Brown
  • Number 59
  • Area Party originated from ?
  • Area Allocated to the Party ?
  • 1820 Settler Ship Garland
  • Dates
  • Departure ?
  • Arrival Simon's Bay, Cape Town - ?

List of Settlers for the Cape of Good Hope on the Garland, Alex. Brown

  • William Aldred 37. Farmer. Wife. Elizabeth 34.


  • Matilda Aldred 14
  • Anthony Aldred 13
  • Susan Aldred 10
  • Elizabeth Aldred 4
  • Emma Aldred 1
  • Thomas Alley 42. Farmer. Wife. Susannah 41


  • Mary Ann Alley 18
  • Thomas Alley 14
  • Samuel Alley 12
  • Susannah Alley 11
  • Eliza Alley 9
  • George Anderson 28. Farmer
  • James Capel 38. Farmer
  • Thomas Hall 30. Farmer
  • John Leigh Jun. 18. Agriculturist.
  • William Nicholls 22. Farmer
  • William Marle Orton 20. Farmer
  • James Jury Painter 27. Wife. Mary 23


  • James Painter 1
  • John Parker 35. Farmer. Wife. Elizabeth 34.


  • George Francis Parker 12
  • William Frederick Parker 10
  • Thomas Daniel Parker 5
  • William Stillwell 25. Farmer. Wife. Martha 21


  • William Stillwell 1

The above list is of those who did become Settlers. The following were on John Leigh's list but did not emigrate.

  • Thomas Brickhill 32. Farmer. Wife Jane 31


  • William Brickhill 4
  • John Bridgeman 40. Farmer
  • John Elliott 38. Cooper
  • William Frames 25. Mariner
  • Samuel Johnson 45. Farmer
  • Alfred Mayor 25 Farmer
  • John Needham 38. Farmer
  • Benjamin Nicholls 18. Farmer
  • John Page 37. Farmer

(Transcriber's note: (Sue Mackay) the settlers on the Garland are not listed in The Settler Handbook but appear in ‘Story of the 1820 Settlers' by H.E. Hockly and are listed as independent, with first names not given. William Marle Orton is listed as a settler arriving on the Amphitrite. George Anderson is listed as sailing on the Mary Ann Sophia with Gen. Charles Campbell's Party)

National Archives, Kew CO48/44, 447

Sun Wharf

Upper Thames Street

November 23rd 1819

My Lord,

I had the honor to receive Mr. GOULBURN's letters of the 2nd and 3rd instant, the former enclosing me a letter to the Governor of the Cape, desiring him to make me a grant of land for the settlers I sent out on the Amphitrite and the latter acknowledging receipt of my letter to Mr. GOULBURN of the 30th ult, and which letter he laid before your Lordship, and received your Lordship's directions to inform me “you could not enter into any engagement for permitting me to receive grants of land at the rate of one hundred acres for each individual whom I might convey to the Cape of Good Hope, further than the number I had already stated in my letter of the 27th, and that even should your Lordship hereafter deem it advisable to permit me to send out with similar advantages an additional number to the extent specified, your Lordship would not consider it necessary to assign a separate salary to a Minister for these persons.” I beg leave to observe to your Lordship that upon receipt of your Lordship's communication of the 6th ultimo in reply to the proposition I had the honor to submit by my letter of the 20th September, I entered into engagements and made arrangements to take out one hundred settlers at my own expence, in conformity with such proposition, and which I considered had your Lordship's entire approbation.

I humbly beg your Lordship will consider that any deviation from my arrangements and the engagements I have made with settlers I take out would be attended with great inconvenience and wholly frustrate my object and views.

I beg to state to your Lordship that I have five ships going out and that I propose sending twenty settlers by each ship, taking precautions they are completely provided for, and I send out by the first vessels such description of men as to make suitable accommodation for the reception of the settlers following, and I herewith annex for your Lordship's approval twenty persons or families I am sending by the Garland, Captain BROWN, which vessel I have chartered for the purpose of taking out settlers and passengers, the Captain being an experienced man in the trade, and I ship out every description of produce, implements &c which may be considered useful, or what they may require to promote their prospects and even comforts.

I beg to add further to your Lordship that I will dispense with the request I made to your Lordship for a Minister assigned to my settlers, taking care myself they shall be provided with every proper instruction in this respect.

I have the honor to be my Lord

Your Lordship's most obedient humble servant

Jno. 1 Jun.

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