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Rebecca Parrish MP (1869 - 1952)

Sarah Rebecca Parrish was an American medical missionary and physician in the Philippines, who established the Mary Johnston Hospital in Manila. References "Dr Sarah Rebecca Parrish". Find A Grav...

10/26/2015 12/15/2017

John Jacob Gordon MP (1873 - 1953)

John Jacob Gordon was born John Jacob Cohen in Poland, then-part of the Russian Empire, the oldest son of Jacob Gordon and Doris Leah (Meltzer). He immigrated to Kingston, New York, which became his ho...

3/24/2015 7/8/2015

Eugene L. Walter MP (1889 - d.)

Eugene Walter was a German-born American soldier. A veteran of the Boxer Rebellion in China, Walter arrived in the Philippines with Dewey’s fleet and participated in the Battle of Manila Bay in 1898. H...

5/5/2013 5/5/2013

Auther Edmon Kelley MP (1886 - 1965)

Auther Kelley was an American soldier who sailed to the Philippines to be part of a war; but fell in love with the country and the people. He is the maternal grandfather of Fernando Poe Jr., Filipino s...

6/7/2009 2/8/2013

George Robert Summers MP (1881 - 1962)

George Robert Summers of Grand Chain, Illinois moved to the Philippines to help establish the public school system. He was in Fulton, Missouri when he received his appointment in October 1901 to teach ...

4/6/2012 4/6/2012

John Joseph Murphy MP (1878 - 1951)

John Joseph Murphy fought as an American soldier in the Philipine-American War and served as the paymaster to Col. Lyman Kennon. He married an Ilocana lass and settled in Baguio City, Philippines. He b...

7/9/2011 7/9/2011

Walter G. M. Buckisch MP (1888 - 1975)

Walter G.M. Buckisch was 5’11″ tall and had brown hair and blue eyes. He came to the Philippines in 1912, belonging to the later waves of American teachers. His experiences as a teacher in foreign barr...

6/25/2011 6/25/2011

Bernard Norton Moses MP (1846 - d.)

Bernard Moses, an educator at the University of California, was an original member of the Philippine Commission, serving from 16 March 1900 to 31 December 1902. He was among those who drafted Act No. 7...

6/25/2011 6/25/2011

Fred Washington Atkinson MP (1865 - 1941)

Dr. Fred Washington Atkinson received his A. B. from Harvard University in 1890; and his Ph.D. from the University of Leipzig in 1893. As an educator, he held prominent positions in various institution...

6/24/2011 6/24/2011

Joseph William Whitton Crow MP (1874 - 1954)

Joseph William Crow was among the Thomasites, a group of 1,074 American teachers sent by the U.S. government to the Philippines between 1901 and 1902. The Thomasites sought to establish a new public sc...

7/10/2007 6/22/2011

Arthur Williams Gubisch MP (1873 - 1952)

Arrived in the U.S. in 1888 at the age of twelve. It is so far undetermined which port he arrived in or who his parents are. U.S. Census show he enlisted twice in the U.S. Infantry, the first time on J...

12/17/2008 6/5/2011

Virginia Randolph Harrison was the Queen of the Occident at the 1920 Manila Carnival. Hers is a privileged pedigree -- Scottish landed gentry on her father's side and American industrial pioneers on he...

9/4/2008 2/27/2011

Francis Burton Harrison MP (1873 - 1957)

Francis Burton Harrison served in the United States House of Representatives and was appointed Governor-General of the Philippines (1913-1921) by President Woodrow Wilson. He so loved the Philippines t...

9/4/2008 2/16/2011

Gordon Weatherstone MacKay MP (c.1901 - 1986)

The family of Gordon Weatherstone MacKay moved to the Philippines in 1882. Together with W. Eric Little, John J. Russell, Frank W. Wakefield and W.P.G. Elliot, Gordon W. Mackay founded the Manila Stock...

8/13/2010 2/14/2011

George Hendrick Fairchild MP (1869 - d.)

"George H. /Fairchild/", "George Henderik /Fairchild/"

George Hendrick Fairchild was born in Vermont, USA. In his youth, he came to work on his uncle’s sugar cane plantation in Hawaii, where he met his wife Elizabeth. Here, he co-founded the sugar enterpri...

4/11/2010 2/14/2011

George Tayloe Langhorne MP (1867 - 1962)

Colonel George T. Langhorne was a veteran of the American-Spanish War in the Philippines and onetime aide-de-camp to Major General Leonard Wood. He was King of the Occident at the 1908 Manila Carniva...

2/12/2011 2/12/2011

Marjorie Radcliffe Colton MP (c.1884 - d.)

Marjorie Radcliffe Colton was the Queen of the Occident at the 1908 Manila Carnival. More here: .

2/12/2011 2/12/2011

George R. Colton MP (c.1866 - c.1916)

Geroge Radcliffe Colton arrived in the Philippines as a Lieutenant Colonel of a Nebraska Regiment, before becoming a collector of the Port of Iloilo. After his Philippine service, he was appointed as t...

2/12/2011 2/12/2011