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Lemuel Vose (1753 - 1827)

DAR Ancestor #: A119189 - Records Lemuel as serving in the Battle of Lexington and Concord and the (was wounded) Battle of Bunker Hill. LEMUEL5 VOSE (Thomas,4 Lieut. Henry,3 Capt. Thomas,2 Robert1) was...

10/3/2022 1/17/2023

Ebenezer Lee, Jr. MP (1757 - 1837)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for CONNECTICUT with the rank of SERGEANT. DAR Ancestor # A068520 Pension Number: *S42829 Service Source: *S42829

1/9/2012 1/6/2023

Hon. Abel Parker (1752 - 1831)


Abel Parker is a DAR Patriot Ancestor, A087268 He was a private soldier at Bunker Hill, and was severely wounded in that fight.[1] Origins History of the town of Jaffrey, New Hampshire, fro...

12/21/2015 11/28/2022

Lt. Richard Gold (b. - 1775)

The Battle of Bunker Hill took place on June 17, 1775 on Breed's Hill, as part of the Siege of Boston during the American Revolutionary War. This was the second battle of the Revolutionary War. Lt Gol...

1/18/2022 9/17/2022

Capt. Joseph Fuller MP (1723 - 1795)

Captain Joseph Fuller , eldest son of Deacon Joseph Fuller (1699 - 1775) and Lydia Day Fuller (1698 - 1763), was born in 1723 at Colchester, New London County, Connecticut. On 9 August 1752, in Kent, C...

2/3/2013 7/31/2022

James Lurvey MP (1756 - aft.1790)

Not the same as Capt. James Lurvey who married Hannah Stevens and Nabby Dalton. James Lurvey Birth: Sep 18 1756 - Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts Death: After 1790 - New York Parents: Jacob ...

6/19/2013 7/23/2022

Capt. Elijah Blackwell MP (1761 - 1839)

Elijah was born in Hopewell Twp., old Hunterdon (now Mercer) Co., NJ, the son of Francis Blackwell and Elizabeth Cornell. He married Martha Lanning by license of 20 Mar. 1781. He died in Independence T...

6/8/2017 6/23/2022

Capt Jacob Tyler, II (1728 - 1795)

He was Captain of a Andover Company in Col.Ebenezer Bridge's 27th Regiment of Massachusetts militia, which was, in part, represented at the Battle of Bunker Hill. It is probable that he was one who m...

4/5/2010 6/9/2022

William was born in 1717. He died while serving in the Battle of Bunker Hill in 1775. William served as a private in Captain Thomas Knowlton's Company, Colonel Israel Putnam's 3rd Regiment, Connecticut...

4/26/2009 5/29/2022

Maj. Samuel Lawrence (1754 - 1827)

Maj. Samuel Lawrence was an American revolutionary from Groton, Massachusetts. Maj. Samuel Lawrence fought at the Battle of Bunker Hill under Henry Farwell. Samuel served in the army for 3 and...

3/31/2007 5/25/2022

DAR# A023733 According to his gravestone, Simeon Chadbourne was a soldier of the the American Revolution and fought at the battle of Bunker Hill Reference: Find A Grave Memorial - SmartCopy : May...

7/13/2008 5/4/2022

David Foster (1753 - 1820)

GRAVE LOCATION - David Foster died in Winthrop. He was buried in Winthrop at either Metcalf Cemetery or Lakeview Cemetery. No gravestone has been located. REVOLUTIONARY WAR SERVICE: David served for 16...

5/2/2014 9/17/2021

Colonel Thomas Hunt (1754 - 1808)

Hunt (1754—1808) was an American military officer who served in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War and later served in the United States Army where he rose to the rank of colone...

10/24/2007 9/6/2021

Ebenezer Wyeth, II (1727 - 1799)


8/11/2010 7/13/2021

Dr. Jeremy Stimson, M.D. (1751 - 1821)

Served at the Battle of Bunker Hill and was a surgeon during the American Revolution. * Reference: Find A Grave Memorial - SmartCopy : Sep 12 2020, 22:08:03 UTC

5/18/2017 4/18/2021

Capt Josiah Crosby (1730 - 1793)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for NEW HAMPSHIRE with the rank of Captain. DAR Ancestor # A028092 CAPTAIN JOSIAH CROSBY MARKERUnder the regency of Arlene B. George (1975-1981), the chapter partic...

3/13/2009 2/26/2021

James McConnell (1746 - 1798)

DAR A 075482, PA, Soldier.

3/25/2009 10/23/2020

Michael Jackson MP (1734 - 1801)

In the American Revolutionary War he was captain of a minuteman company and took part in the final part of the Battles of Lexington and Concord, harassing the British retreat to Boston. He was wounded ...

10/19/2015 8/7/2020

Donald MacDonald (1712 - aft.1784)

MacDonald, veteran of the battles of Culloden and Bunker Hill, was the most significant Scottish Highlander to serve the king's cause in North Carolina during the Revolutionary War. Early in the war he...

5/6/2020 5/6/2020

5/21/2009 2/15/2020

John Ware, Jr. (1753 - 1833)

Massachusetts Soldiers & Sailors in the Revolutionary War (Volume 16, p. 563):Ware, John, Sherburne. Private, Capt. Benjamin Bullard's company of Minute-men, Col. Pierce's regt., which marched on the a...

2/9/2009 1/19/2020

Ebenezer Nye (1739 - 1793)

Patriot of the American Revolution for MASSACHUSETTS with the rank of SERGEANT. DAR Ancestor # A085332 He served in the Revolutionary War as follows: Corporal, Captain John Black's company, Colonel Jon...

2/21/2009 1/3/2020

Pvt Abel Richardson (1736 - 1831)

Patriot of the American Revolution service MA rank Private, DAR Ancestor # A095335 Service Source: MA SOLS & SAILS, VOL 13, P 222 Service Description: 1) MARCHED ON LEXINGTON ALARM WITH CAPT JONATHAN F...

10/10/2008 12/13/2019

Deacon William Clark MP (1757 - 1827)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for CONNECTICUT with the rank of PRIVATE. DAR Ancestor # A022778 Fought at Bunker Hill. Founding father of Clarks Green, PA and Clarks Summit, PA, Deacon William ...

2/20/2009 10/18/2019

Pvt Jesse Wright (1753 - 1827)

Patriot of the American Revolution Service MA, Rank Private DAR Ancestor # A130851 Service Description: 1) BUNKER HILL

10/6/2019 10/6/2019

Jonathan Edson, Sr. (c.1728 - 1805)


1/23/2009 7/5/2019

General Hugh Percy, 2nd Duke of Northumberland gained the title of 2nd Duke of Northumberland.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hugh Percy, 2nd D...

10/2/2007 7/5/2019

Ephraim Whitney (c.1744 - 1775)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for MASSACHUSETTS (Soldier). DAR Ancestor # A125082

5/21/2009 3/15/2019

Thomas FOLSOM (1754 - 1840)

Revolution War veteran Vol. II Records of Revolutionary War soldiers Enlisted in Captain Browns Co. Col Jacob Gale's reg of volunteers in Contintal army for service in Rhode Island Aug 7, 1778; was at ...

5/21/2009 2/9/2019

George Darrow *Birth: Aug. 16, 1743 Stonington New London County Connecticut, USA*Death: Nov. 16, 1820 Pennsylvania, USAGEORGE DARROW, RWPA #R2669. He died in home of his son, Joseph Darrow, in Bridg...

3/10/2009 12/31/2018

Corporal Zadoc Nichols, Sr. (1755 - 1841)

"Zadock", "Zadok"

(or Zadoc) Nichols was the son of Samuel Nichols and Bathsheba Bliss and the husband of Calista Danielson. Corporal Zadock Nichols served in the American Revolution in Capt. Daniel Winchester's Company...

3/11/2014 6/27/2018

Rev. Jonathan Parsons MP (1705 - 1776)

Benjamin Parsons Find a Grave* II Ebenezer Parsons Find a Grave* III Rev Jonathan Parsons Find a Grave The first Parsons to attain renown was "Uncle Jonathan," he was reverently, and affectionately, ca...

4/22/2008 2/16/2018

Levi Hutchins MP (1761 - 1855)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for RHODE ISLAND with the rank of FIFER. DAR Ancestor # A061181 He invented the alarm clock Levi Hutchins b. August 17, 1761 Harvard, Worcester County, Massachus...

2/1/2018 2/3/2018

Gordon Hutchins (1733 - 1815)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for NEW HAMPSHIRE with the rank of LIEUTENANT COLONEL. DAR Ancestor # A061126 * Updated from MyHeritage Family Trees via sister Elizabeth Whitney (born Hutchins) by...

8/12/2011 2/1/2018

Moses Porter, (65) son of Experience and Abigail Safford Porter was born at Mansfield, CT on Sept. 30, 1738. He married on May 12, 1765 at Preston, CT to Sarah, daughter of Phineas and Thankful Hill Ki...

4/17/2009 1/9/2018

Sgt. Josiah Bacon (1727 - 1775)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for MASSACHUSETTS with the rank of SERGEANT. DAR Ancestor # A004420 Died during battle of "Bunker Hill"

5/3/2009 12/24/2017

Lemuel Trescott, Major (1751 - 1826)

TRESCOTT, LEMUEL. (1751–1826). Continental officer, Massachusetts. Born at Dorchester, Massachusetts, on 23 March 1751, Trescott was commissioned as a captain in Colonel John Brewer's Massachusetts Reg...

12/16/2017 12/16/2017

A Patriot of the American Revolution for MASSACHUSETTS with the rank of SERGEANT MAJOR. DAR Ancestor # A124834 : Feb. 13, 1732 Billerica Middlesex County Massachusetts, USA Death: Jul. 12, 1799 Lanca...

4/24/2011 7/17/2017

Captain John Hart MP (1758 - 1814)

John Hart was the 5th child of Rev. Oliver Hart and wife Sarah Breece (or Brees). He was born March 6, 1758 in Charleston, South Carolina, and died there in 1814. DO NOT CONFUSE HIM WITH JOHN HART BORN...

8/31/2007 5/17/2017

From "John Sanford Barnes : A Memorial And A Tribute". 2017. Archive.Org. Accessed May 4 2017. page 6 >"John Sanford Barnes came of what he himself described as "good old stock." His great-grandfather ...

6/11/2014 5/4/2017

Joseph Loomis, Jr. (1743 - 1834)

He turned out at the Lexington Alarm. He was at the Battle of Bunker Hill. He re-enlisted in 1780 and served in several commands. (Geoff Bronner) * "Genealogical And Biographical Record Of New London C...

2/24/2009 3/25/2017

Samuel Chadbourne, Jr. MP (c.1750 - c.1810)

SAMUEL6 CHADBOURNE (Samuel5 James4-3 Humphrey2 William1), born probably Kittery ME circa 1750 or earlier; died circa 1810; married 12 Oct 1769 MEHITABLE HATCH, daughter of Benjamin Hatch (estate of Ben...

12/17/2007 3/24/2017

Joseph Stebbins Lived on Lot Number 10 in Deerfield, MA where the house was built about 1772-1773. Farmer, ensig in the Company of Minutemen which marched on the Lexington Alarm. Lieutenant in Company ...

3/12/2008 2/17/2017

Captain Job Shattuck (c.1735 - 1819)

Shattuck (February 11, 1736 – January 13, 1819) was a British colonial soldier during the Seven Years' War and a member of the Massachusetts state militia during the American Revolutionary War. He firs...

1/23/2009 2/16/2017

REF.: William Eustis' (June 10, 1753 – February 6, 1825) was an early American physician, politician, and statesman from Massachusetts. Trained in medicine, he served as a military surgeon during the A...

12/8/2010 2/16/2017

Isaac Adams, III (1745 - d.)

Settled in Ridge, N.H. in 1772 and enlisted in the war, Apr 22 1775 and was killed at the Battle of Bunker Hill, June 17, 1775, His Gun and bayonet are preserved by Thomas A. Adams.

4/20/2009 1/18/2017

Sgt. Amos Avery, Jr. (1757 - 1837)

A soldier in the Revolutionary WarEnlisted as a private, May 1775, Tolland County, CT in the company commanded by Capt. Clark in the regiment commanded by Colonel Douglas; marched to Boston; fought in ...

2/25/2008 12/18/2016

Lieut. Col. Thomas Grosvenor MP (1744 - 1825)

Thomas Grosvenor- Memorial -Birth: Sep. 20, 1744 Windham County Connecticut, USADeath: Jul. 11, 1825 Windham County Connecticut, USARevolutionary War1st Reg Conn Line B Family links: Parents:John Gro...

2/8/2014 10/12/2016

William Todd MP (1739 - 1810)

TODD, WILLIAM DAR Ancestor #: A114427 * Service: PENNSYLVANIA Rank(s): CIVIL SERVICE, PATRIOTIC SERVICEWilliam Todd was born in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania in 1739, to Irish Immigrants Robert Todd ...

5/13/2007 9/27/2016

William Graham (1756 - 1824)

Revolutionary War Veteran A Patriot of the American Revolution for NEW HAMPSHIRE - MASSACHUSETTS with the rank of CORPORAL. DAR Ancestor # A046806    Information taken from pension application: (Inform...

8/25/2016 9/7/2016

Sergeant Jonathan Bixby (1744 - 1816)

"Sgt. Jonathan Bixby"

A Patriot of the American Revolution for NEW HAMPSHIRE with the rank of SERGEANT. DAR Ancestor # A010589 Jonathan Bixby enlisted 13 July, 1775, and served nineteen days in the company of Capt. Jon Marc...

10/14/2009 5/13/2016

John Russell (1754 - 1820)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for CONNECTICUT with the rank of Private. DAR Ancestor # A098398 Birth: Jan. 3, 1754 Wethersfield Hartford County Connecticut, USA Death: Aug. 31, 1820 Windham Br...

8/19/2012 2/14/2016

Sons of the American Revolution NSSAR P-225864 (Prince JOHONNETT) DAR A064136 ( PRINCE JOHONNET) Pension Number: *S18057 CAPT JOHN DAVIS, COL JAMES FRYE, LEXINGTON ALARM Biography Accord...

6/20/2011 12/11/2015

John Melendy, III (c.1757 - 1847)

Taken from [ History of Windsor County Vermont; Published by Lewis Cass Aldrich; 1891] ; Pg.743 John Melendy enlisted as a soldier in the War of the Revolution, from Sutton, Mass., in 1776. He was in L...

5/7/2015 12/10/2015

Col. John Moore MP (1731 - 1809)


Col John Moore commanded a company of Bedford County militia at the Lexington Alarm and Bunker Hill. He was promoted after the battle, as the major was killed. Ill health compelled him to retire, but h...

10/16/2008 12/6/2015

John Fowler, 1750-1824 (1750 - 1824)

Was married to Sarah Perkins, widow of John Abbott. John Fowler 1750-1824 was Minute Man; he also served at the Battle of Bunker Hill. He is DAR Patriot # A041114 .From Fowler Family Genealogy , page 1...

10/11/2015 10/13/2015

Samuel Tenney (1748 - 1816)

Tenney (November 27, 1748 – February 6, 1816) was a United States Representative from New Hampshire. Born in Byfield, Massachusetts, he attended Dummer Academy there and graduated from Harvard College ...

8/20/2015 8/20/2015

Henry Wyman, Sr. (1762 - 1837)

Revolutionary War Veteran Served in 8th Company, 3rd Massachusetts Regiment under Col. John Greaton.Served in 7th Company, 3rd Massachusetts Regiment under Col. Michael Jackson_________________________...

11/28/2009 8/6/2015

Pvt. Nathan Tingley (1750 - 1798)

DAR A 115834, Pvt. Minuteman. MASS. Battle of Bunker Hill

7/31/2008 6/9/2015

Pvt. Araunah Tingley (1744 - 1775)

Veteran of the American Revolution. He was a Private in the Attleboro Minutemen Company of Capt.Jabez Ellis which marched at the alarm of April 19,1775. He served nine days and later reported to the ca...

7/31/2008 6/9/2015

David Sleeper MP (1721 - 1780)

"Captain David Sleeper"

David had 3 children by his first wife and 16 by his second for a total of 19 children. SLEEPER, DAVIDDAR Ancestor #: A105213Service: NEW HAMPSHIRE Rank: PATRIOTIC SERVICEBirth: 11-26-1721 KINGSTON NEW...

5/5/2009 5/16/2015

Capt Nathan Sleeper (1754 - 1775)

New Hampshire Birth Records, Early to 1900 for Nathan SleeperName: Nathan SleeperDate of Birth: 12 Apr 1754Place of Birth: Sandown, Rockingham, New Hampshire, United StatesFather's Name: David Slee...

7/26/2011 5/16/2015

Elijah Alden MP (c.1756 - 1800)

Biography: Complete Update in progress...Currently under investigation by the Mayflower Society...(5/30/2016)

9/20/2014 5/9/2015

Corporal Jarib Bacon MP (1749 - 1833)

Biography: Jarib Bacon was born on 16 Mar 1748 in Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts. He died on 9 Apr 1833 in Henrietta, Monroe, New York. Military History: 'American Revolution: Enlisted May 2, 1775 ne...

9/29/2014 5/7/2015

Daniel Rider, III (1735 - 1782)

Daniel Rider III was a Private in the Connecticut Continental Troops, Second Regiment, 3rd Company was raised on the first call for troops by the Legislature April-May, 1775. Recruited in present Middl...

9/20/2014 5/6/2015

James Swan (1754 - 1831)


A Patriot of the American Revolution for MASSACHUSETTS with the rank of MAJOR. DAR Ancestor #: A111519 Born in Scotland, came to New England in 1765, settled in Boston, MA. Fought at Lexington, Concord...

1/17/2009 4/27/2015

Samuel Cooper (1757 - 1840)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for MASSACHUSETTS with the rank of LIEUTENANT. DAR Ancestor # A025802 Major Samuel Cooper was born in Boston Massachusetts on June 13, 1757 and died August 19, 1840...

1/5/2013 4/27/2015

Rev. Aaron Bancroft MP (1755 - 1839)

Bancroft (November 10, 1755 – August 19, 1839) was an American clergyman. He was born in Reading, Massachusetts to Samuel Bancroft and Lydia Parker.He began his studies during the American Revolution, ...

1/19/2007 4/24/2015

William Scott, Major (1743 - 1815)

The following link has some good historical data: Scott served 8 years and was in 27 battles, including the battle of Bunker Hill during the Revolutionary War.

12/29/2008 4/22/2015

Nathaniel Batchelder Born 9 Jun 1732 in North Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire Died August 1877 / or March 1778 Son of Stephen Batchelder Jr and Jane Lamprey DAR Ancestor #: A007364 He f...

7/24/2007 3/28/2015

{{}}A Patriot of the American Revolution for MASSACHUSETTS with the rank of BRIGADIER GENERAL. DAR Ancestor # A069920 Moses Little (1724–1798), born on May 8, 1724 in Newbury, Massachusetts. Moses...

11/6/2008 3/27/2015

In Danish: English: Hans Christian Fibiger (amerikanske navn Febiger) (19. oktober 1749 – 20. september 1796) var en dansk officer i den amerikanske hær under den Amerikanske uafhængighedskrig.Hans Chr...

11/8/2012 3/25/2015

A Patriot of the American Revolution for NEW HAMPSHIRE with the rank of COLONEL. DAR Ancestor # A037860 Timothy was a Colonel in The Continental Army from 1775 to 1783. He with his sons fought at the b...

1/9/2008 3/19/2015

Daniel Gloyd MP (c.1736 - aft.1790)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for MARYLAND with the rank of PRIVATE. DAR Ancestor # A045780 Soldier in the American Revolution; wounded at the Battle of Bunker Hill.

6/15/2010 3/17/2015

Lemuel Wentworth (1754 - 1844)

Lemuel son of Sion and Hannah (Pettingill) Went worth, born in Canton, Mass., 28 May 1754. He was in the Revolutionary army, in Capt. Hind's company. Col. Reed's regiment. The public records show that ...

1/6/2011 3/4/2015

Jacob Allen (1721 - 1805)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for MASSACHUSETTS with the rank of PRIVATE. DAR Ancestor # A001592 From Lineage Book - National Society of the Daughters of the American ..., Volume 17

11/17/2007 2/25/2015

John Bartlett MP (1752 - 1847)

"A hero of the Revolutionary War"

Son of Nathaniel Bartlett & Zenoba Wadsworth.John was a Revolutionary War Soldier. DAR Ancestor #: A006990 He is buried in section 6, row 2 of Maple Grove Cem. Hartford, ME.==obituary==Zion's Advocate ...

3/15/2007 2/25/2015

Michael McClary (1752 - 1824)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for NEW HAMPSHIRE with the rank of COLONEL. DAR Ancestor # A074947 Michael was Ensign in Captain Henry Dearborn's Company in Colonel Stark's Regiment in 1776. Made ...

2/5/2008 1/27/2015

Caleb Mayo (1754 - 1838)

Upon hearing of the beginnings of the Revolution in Boston, Caleb traveled to Boston with two horses, which he used to haul brush to help build the fortifications on Bunker Hill. He fought in that batt...

1/25/2015 1/25/2015

Maj. Gen. Henry Knox MP (1750 - 1806)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for MASSACHUSETTS with the rank of MAJOR GENERAL. Ancestor #: A067057 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Henry Knox 1st United States Secretary of WarIn officeMa...

11/24/2008 1/16/2015

Walter Hastings, M.D. (1752 - 1782)

From History of Chelmsford By P.H. Spaulding, W. Waters. Page 246:... married Lucretia, daughter of Rev. Ebenezer Bridge.From Register of Members of the Society of Sons of the Revolution in the ...  By...

12/18/2014 12/18/2014

Jonathan Hastings (1709 - 1783)

Jonathan Hastings Jr., born on 1 January 1708/9 at Cambridge, Massachusetts, became steward of Harvard College in 1750. His administration was noted for the poor quality of food served, considered the ...

12/18/2014 12/18/2014

Captain James Lyon, 35th Foot was killed in the Battle of Bunker Hill while serving in the British army during the American Revolution.

12/3/2014 12/3/2014

Silas Houghton (1750 - 1834)

Photo by: Jo Ann Kaufman, added 6/21/2012 to Find A Grave Memorial# 8065775War soldier. Enlisted May, 1775, while residing at Brattleborough, Vt., served as private in Capt. Benjamin Hasting's Company,...

11/14/2014 11/14/2014

Jabez Holden (1735 - 1787)

"Jabez HOLDIN"

CAPT JABEZ HOLDENWounded in the battle of Bunker Hill. === GEDCOM Source ===@R-1553590191@ U.S., Sons of the American Revolution Membership Applications, 1889-1970 Operations,...

3/23/2009 11/7/2014

Job Britton (1755 - 1804)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for NEW HAMPSHIRE with the rank of PRIVATE. DAR Ancestor # A014656 Military: Revolutionary War (Private), Col. James Reed's reg.; wounded at Bunker Hill (Pension cl...

7/14/2009 10/3/2014

Elisha Woodbury MP (1735 - 1816)

DAR A 128316, Capt. NH === GEDCOM Note ===== Biography ==Elisha Woodbury Sr. was born December 23, 1735 in Methuen (or Beverly), Essex, Massachusetts. Elisha was the son of Jonathan Woodbury Jr and Lyd...

7/24/2008 9/28/2014

A Patriot of the American Revolution for MASSACHUSETTS with the rank of BRIGADIER GENERAL. DAR Ancestor # A124489 John was "Perhaps Bolton's [MA] most illustrious colonial patriot. He was a lieutenant ...

3/18/2010 9/21/2014

Seth Ingersoll Browne (1750 - 1809)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for MASSACHUSETTS with the rank of MINUTE MAN. DAR Ancestor # A015866 Seth Brown, born in 1750, was 23 when he participated in the Boston Tea Party. He was a house ...

9/1/2012 9/17/2014

Gen. John Nixon (1727 - 1815)


DAR Ancestor #: A083886American Revolutionary War General. In 1745 he joined British colonial forces for the French and Indian War, taking part in the Siege of Louisburg. Nixon served as a company comm...

3/31/2011 7/22/2014

Lt. Levi Parker MP (1752 - 1825)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for MASSACHUSETTS with the rank of LIEUTENANT. DAR Ancestor # A087705 Levi Parker's first marriage was to Rebecca Fletcher which produced the following children:#Le...

4/9/2007 6/2/2014

Timothy Lowell MP (1754 - 1834)

DAR Ancestor #: A072120 Pension *S42878==Notes for Timothy Lowell:==The Historic Genealogy of the Lowells of America, p.52: From May, 1775, for 8 months he and Joseph (brother or father) were in the Re...

5/10/2008 5/3/2014

Major Jonathan Cass (1753 - 1830)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for NEW HAMPSHIRE with the rank of CAPTAIN. DAR Ancestor # A020026 THE LAST COMMANDER OF THE FORT.The latest command of the fort was Major Jonathan Cass, who was b...

8/10/2007 5/1/2014

John Bristol Jr. (c.1739 - c.1823)

DAR# A014611 Revolutionary war record for John Bristol, Jr., son of John and Abigail (Benedict) Bristol:4th Connecticut RegimentCT TOWN MEETING RECS, VOL 2, P 95, MULLEN, INSPECTOR OF PROVISIONSCAPT. W...

12/8/2008 4/27/2014

Dudley Sargent (Baptized 23 June 1745 Salem, Massachusetts – died 28 September 1828 Sullivan, Maine) was a privateer and soldier in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War.Revolution...

1/16/2009 4/26/2014

Captain Jesse Adair (c.1731 - 1797)

Captain Jesse Adair=Research still in progress* Adair Jesse 2nd Lieut, 41st 13 July 1756 Promoted 1st Lieut, 113th Co* Adair Jesse 2nd Lieut, 41st Company; 1st Lieut, 113th 19 Jan 1759* Adair Jesse 1st...

3/7/2014 3/7/2014

Col. Loammi Baldwin MP (1744 - 1807)

Daughters of American Revolution Ancestor #: A005316 * Service: MASSACHUSETTS Rank: COLONEL* Birth: 21 Jan 1744 WOBURN MASSACHUSETTS* Death: 20 Oct 1807 WOBURN MASSACHUSETTS* Notice: TREAT AS NEW ANCES...

8/26/2011 2/22/2014

Capt. Isaac Baldwin MP (1738 - 1775)

NOTE ': Isaac Baldwin (12 Dec 1738–17 Jun 1775), has no grave or headstone, instead he's buried at the Bunker Hill Monument in Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA A Patriot of the America...

5/13/2008 2/22/2014

Captain Joseph Cheever MP (1752 - 1830)

Joseph Cheever was born in Chelsea, Dec. 1752, according to the family Bible and his gravestone in Maiden. He married, April 23 (or 20, according to the Bible), 1774, Sarah Low, of Boston, who was born...

8/28/2008 2/22/2014

A Patriot of the American Revolution for NEW HAMPSHIRE with the rank of MAJOR GENERAL. DAR Ancestor # A108966 Gen. John Stark 1728-1822 Parents: Archibald Stark 1697-1758 and Eleanor Nichols 1702- Wife...

8/7/2007 2/22/2014