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Captain Nathaniel Powell, who came to Jamestown, Virginia in 1607, wrote much of John Smith's "History of Virginia", and it was he who made the first Map of Virginia, and sent it back to England, where...

12/31/2007 8/6/2018

Curator Note: Capt. Christopher Newport was married three times, to Katherine Proctor, Ellen Ade and Elizabeth Glanfield. He had four children -- Christopher, Jane, John and Elizabeth. Two additional...

1/30/2007 8/30/2015

Please note: WILLIAM SPENCE and WILLIAM SPENCER were two different men. The two men, both "Ancient Planters," have often been confused with each other. Alas, the spellings were used interchangeably i...

5/14/2009 7/9/2015

John Dods, of the Jamestown Colony MP (1571 - 1652)

"John Dodson", "John Jesse"

Note: Pay no attention to the drivel dispensed of no known this or that. I have the birth, death, census records connecting these individuals together, I spent thousands of my own money and months of m...

4/11/2008 11/28/2013