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This version of King Arthur comes from the Middle Welsh and Latin poetry written before Geoffrey of Monmouth; Culhwch and Owain , for instance, and the Vita Iltuti. Culhwch and Owain is included in t...

3/22/2011 8/27/2016

Osoche de Léon (Fictitious Person) MP (c.535 - 581)

"Ausoche", "Osoch ap Withur"

See "My Lines" ( ) from Compiler: R. B. Stewart, Evans, GA ( )

5/21/2008 9/3/2015

Withur d'Acqs, count of Léon (Fictitious Person) MP (c.545 - c.550)

"Qwithur", "Gwithur", "Ider", "Idrus", "Ither"

Withur (also Ider , Idrus ). Originally, he was Sir Ither in Arthurian legend, a cousin of King Arthur. He is said to have been a son of Yvain (Geoffrey of Monmouth). In later tradition he was turned i...

5/21/2008 9/3/2015

Aubrey Beardsley MP (1872 - 1898)

Aubrey Vincent Beardsley (21 August 1872 – 16 March 1898) was an English illustrator and author. His drawings in black ink, influenced by the style of Japanese woodcuts, emphasized the grotesque...

10/1/2012 5/6/2015

Sir Thomas Malory, of Newbold Revel MP (1415 - 1471)

"Thomas Maleore", "Mallory", "Mallore"

This is BY FAR the most likely person to have authored the Morte d'Arthur , despite (or perhaps because of) a chequered and sometimes lurid career. Author of the most famous and influ...

3/4/2013 5/6/2015

Aelius, count of Cleves MP (c.710 - d.)

"Aelius (or Helias)", "Graf von Kleve", "The Swan Knight"

Aelius (or Helias), Graf von Kleve . He was the Swan Knight of medieval legend. --------------------------------- Grafschaft Kleve[Bearbeiten] Anfänge der Grafschaft[Bearbeiten] Über ...

12/22/2008 12/11/2014

9/4/2014 9/4/2014

4th King of Brittany after Conanus Meridiadocus

9/4/2014 9/4/2014

Married a wife "born of a noble family, whom Archbishop Guithelinus had himself brought up."

9/4/2014 9/4/2014

9/4/2014 9/4/2014

A monk, then made King of Britain by Vortigern.

9/4/2014 9/4/2014

9/4/2014 9/4/2014

9/4/2014 9/4/2014

Uther Pendragon, King of Britain MP (c.430 - c.496)

"The Head Dragon"

His son, King Arthur, succeeded his father in 516 at age 15, repulsed the invading Saxons and died 21 May 542, buried at Glastonbury with wife Guinever, per James S. Wurts, "Magna Charta" (Phila.: Br...

8/22/2007 9/4/2014

Gorloïs, duke of Tintagel (Fictitious Person) MP (c.452 - 490)

"Gorlois (Hoel) of Tintagel", "Gorlois", "Gorles", "Gwrlais", "Gwyrlys", "Gwyr Llew", "Duke Of Cornwall"

Gorloïs, duke of Tintagel (Cornwall) (also found as Gorlais , Gorlas , Gorlens , Gorlodubnus , Gorloys , Gothlois , Latin: Worlesius ) (mid 5th century). He might have been a governor of Cerniw ...

12/4/2007 9/4/2014

Igerna MP (c.452 - 552)

Ygerna verch Amlawdd o Dumnonia1,2 b. circa 452 Father Amlawdd Wledig ap Cynwal of Britain b. circa 425 Also called Eigyr ferch Amlawdd. Ygerna verch Amlawdd o Dumnonia was the greatest beauty in...

8/22/2007 9/4/2014

She was "descended from a noble Roman family and had been brought up in the household of Duke Cador."

9/4/2014 9/4/2014

9/4/2014 9/4/2014

9/4/2014 9/4/2014

9/4/2014 9/4/2014

"There were in York three brothers sprung from the royal line"

9/4/2014 9/4/2014

Anna (Fictitious Person) MP (deceased)

"Anna is a confusing character of many names. She is first mentioned by Geoffrey of Monmouth, in his History of the Kings of Britain (1136), as a full-sister of the future King Arthur, and daughter of ...

9/4/2014 9/4/2014

9/4/2014 9/4/2014

9/4/2014 9/4/2014

9/4/2014 9/4/2014

9/4/2014 9/4/2014

9/4/2014 9/4/2014

King Arthur, Geoffrey of Monmouth Text MP (460 - 518)

"King Arthur Pendragon", "of the Round Table"

Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia Regum Brittanniae, "history of the kings of Britain," contains one of the most comprehensive versions of the Arthurian legend; though it is no longer considered valuable...

6/23/2008 8/19/2014

She is a fictitious person, said to have been a daughter of Lleuver Mawr, King of the Silures in Britain. There is also a fictitious Eurgen verch Llieffer , also said to have been a daughter of Lleuv...

8/16/2014 8/16/2014

6/19/2007 8/9/2013

Queen Marche (Fictional) MP (deceased)

9/1/2009 4/10/2013

Frimutel (Fictional) MP (351 - c.350)

12/2/2012 4/8/2013

Viviane del Acqs (Fictional) MP (550 - d.)

"Viviane queen of burgundy Lady of the Lake", "Dynastic Queen of Avallon"

The True King Arthur Found

11/23/2008 4/8/2013

Label (Fictional) MP (deceased)

5/10/2009 4/8/2013

2/21/2013 2/21/2013

Achefleur (Fictional) MP (deceased)

2/21/2013 2/21/2013

2/21/2013 2/21/2013

Flurdamur (Fictional) MP (deceased)

2/21/2013 2/21/2013

Gaheviez (Fictional) MP (deceased)

2/21/2013 2/21/2013

Kardeiz I (Fictional) MP (deceased)

2/21/2013 2/21/2013

Tampenteire (Fictional) MP (deceased)

2/21/2013 2/21/2013

Gurnemanz (Fictional) MP (deceased)

2/21/2013 2/21/2013

Manpfilkjot (Fictional) MP (deceased)

2/21/2013 2/21/2013

Gandin (Fictional) MP (deceased)

"Gaudin", "Kauten"

2/21/2013 2/21/2013

Schoette (Fictional) MP (deceased)

2/21/2013 2/21/2013

Garlon (Fictional) MP (deceased)

2/21/2013 2/21/2013

Addanz (Fictional) MP (deceased)

2/21/2013 2/21/2013

Herzeloyde (Fictional) MP (deceased)

2/21/2013 2/21/2013

Gahmuret (Fictional) MP (deceased)

2/21/2013 2/21/2013

Pelles (Fictional) MP (deceased)

In L'Estoire del Saint Graal , Pelles , maternal grandfather of Galahad, is said to be the son of Pelleham, the Maimed King, son of Lambar, son of Manaal, son of Catheloys, son of Aminadap, son of Josu...

8/2/2008 2/21/2013

Pellam (Fictional) MP (deceased)

"Pellam", "Pellaham", "Pellehan"

In L'Estoire del Saint Graal , Pelles, maternal grandfather of Galahad, is said to be the son of Pelleham , the Maimed King, son of Lambar, son of Manaal, son of Catheloys, son of Aminadap, son of Josu...

7/3/2008 2/20/2013

Lambor (Fictional) MP (c.500 - d.)

"Lambor", "Lambord", "Lambar"

In L'Estoire del Saint Graal , Pelles, maternal grandfather of Galahad, is said to be the son of Pelleham, the Maimed King, son of Lambar , son of Manaal, son of Catheloys, son of Aminadap, son of Josu...

5/21/2008 2/20/2013

Brickus (Fictional) MP (deceased)

2/20/2013 2/20/2013

Helias (Fictional) MP (deceased)

6/23/2008 2/15/2013

Galahad (Fictional) MP (deceased)

5/10/2009 2/15/2013

In Arthurian legend she was the wife of Amlawdd .

5/7/2012 12/3/2012

Iseult Fynwen "Swan Neck" of Ireland MP (530 - d.)


10/3/2009 12/3/2012

PB: ryan donowho

12/7/2008 12/3/2012

In L'Estoire del Saint Graal , Pelles, maternal grandfather of Galahad, is said to be the son of Pelleham, the Maimed King, son of Lambar, son of Manaal, son of Catheloys, son of Aminad...

9/20/2007 12/2/2012

St. Joseph of Arimathea is a fictional character in the legend of King Arthur. For the Biblical Joseph of Arimathea, see Joseph of Arimathea . The first mention of Joseph of Arimathea in connection...

1/10/2009 11/28/2012

Athildis verch Coilus (Fictitious Person) MP (c.105 - 170)

"Anthildus", "Athildus", "Altihildis", "Althildis", "of Britain"

Athildiis of Britain seems to be mythological -- invented to give the Frankish kings a descent from the Caesars. born 115 or 125 Possible dismabigous Ver1: 125-170 Ver2: 105-140 Athildis' bro...

5/24/2011 11/22/2012

5/10/2009 10/20/2012

Evaine (Fictional) MP (deceased)

5/10/2009 10/20/2012

Elaine de Benoic MP (deceased)

Elaine of Benoic (or Benwick) is the wife of King Ban and the mother of Lancelot. She is the sister of Evaine, (Viviane) wife of King Bors of Gaunnes and mother of Sir Lionel and Sir Bors. Her husband ...

10/20/2012 10/20/2012

Pellinor, Grail King (Fictional) MP (b. - 524)


7/5/2008 10/18/2012

Lohengrin MP (deceased)

4/24/2009 10/18/2012

8/2/2008 10/18/2012

Eglise (Herzeylde) MP (deceased)

4/24/2009 10/18/2012

Sir Galahad (Fictional) MP (deceased)


Sir Galahad Arthurian Literary Character Sir Galahad was the illegitimate son of Sir Lancelot by Lady Elaischoye (Elayne) of Corbenic, daughter of Pelles of CORBENIC CASTLE (16th GRAIL-KING) He was...

6/23/2008 10/18/2012

After wandering the countryside, for 3yrs after all was said and done, (whichever story you believe) Lancelot wandered the country side aimlessly and slovenly. Unshaven and unrecognizable by locals, El...

8/2/2008 10/18/2012

11/10/2010 12/15/2011

Josué, 3rd Grail Keeper (Fictional) MP (c.100 - 110)

"Josué", "Joshua"

Josué or Joshua . "The son of Brons and Enygeus, brother of Alan and nephew of Joseph of Arimathea. He married the daughter of King Kalapes of Terre Foraine, later inheriting that kingdom. He su...

9/20/2007 11/21/2011

Josephes, Bishop of Sarras (Fictional) MP (c.44 - d.)

"Josephe", "Josephes", "Josephus"

Josephes , Bishop of Sarras (Sarrazl Sahr-Azzah; Saraz), son of Joseph of Arimathea and first Grail Keeper. He said said to have been a son of St. Joseph of Arimathea, but his existence is entirely leg...

9/20/2007 11/20/2011

Alain "li Gros", 2nd Grail Keeper (Fictional) MP (c.90 - d.)

"Alein", "le Gros", "li Gros", "Alain", "Alan de Borron"

"The son of Brons and Enygeus, though some sources make him the son of King Pellinore. Remaining unmarried, he was made rule over his brothers and sisters, although in the Didot Perceval he is said to ...

5/21/2008 11/17/2011

Elaine de Corbenic (Fictional) MP (deceased)

"Elaine de Carbonek", "Elaischoye"

Elaine of Corbenic (also known as Amite, Heliaebel, Helaine, Perevida or Helizabel; identified as "The Grail Maiden" or "Grail Bearer"),[1] is a character in the Arthurian legend. She is the daughter o...

8/2/2008 11/17/2011

Zambor (Fictional) MP (c.480 - d.)

"Zambor", "Zamphir"

5/21/2008 11/17/2011

Frotmundus (Fictional) MP (c.328 - 347)

"Frotmund", "Frotmundus"

He is a fictional character, found only in the fraudulent genealogies that purport to show a link between Jesus Christ and the Merovingian dynasty. According to Wolfram von Eschenbach, he was father (n...

6/27/2007 11/17/2011

In Grail romance, he is said to have founded the Military Order of Knights of the Grail (between 250 and 275 CE).

9/20/2007 11/17/2011

"The king of Terre Foraine [Foreign Land] who, following his cure from leprosy by Alan, became a Christian and took the name Alfasein at his baptism. His daughter married Alan's brother Joshua [Josu&#x...

10/15/2010 11/17/2011

5/10/2009 11/17/2011

Alphanye (Fictional) MP (deceased)

Some sources omit this generation.

7/24/2009 11/17/2011

Bron(s) "the Fisher King" (Fictitious Person) MP (c.50 - d.)

"Bron", "Brons", "Hebron", "Bran "Fendigaid" ap Llyr meaning Bran the Blessed"

Bron(s) or Hebron . He is a character from Arthurian legend, loosely based on Brân the Blessed , an ancient king. Like so many ancient stories, this story has an historical basis of an existing ...

5/21/2008 11/17/2011

A medieval legend says she was a sister of [6000000007249865226 St Joseph of Arimathea] and Anna the Prophetess (who some stories identify with Dôn ferch Mathonwy). The genealogy, however, is a ...

5/21/2008 11/17/2011

Manael, Grail King (Fictional) MP (c.270 - 300)

"Manael", "Manuel", "Emamuel", "Emmanuel"

In L'Estoire del Saint Graal , Pelles, maternal grandfather of Galahad, is said to be the son of Pelleham, the Maimed King, son of Lambar, son of Manaal , son of Catheloys, son of Aminadap, son of Josu...

9/20/2007 11/17/2011

Lazaliez (Fictional) MP (deceased)

7/24/2009 11/17/2011

Her name appears to mean land of joy .

7/24/2009 11/17/2011

Mazadân (Fictional) MP (deceased)

"Mazadan", "Mazadân"

7/24/2009 11/17/2011

Orgeluse (Fictional) MP (c.310 - d.)


She appears only in Arthurian romance, where she appears as The Haughty Maiden of Logres . Her name appears to come from the French orgueilleuse , "haughty".

12/11/2007 11/17/2011

Boaz - Anfortas (Fictional) MP (c.288 - c.350)


In Grail romance, he was the Fisher King, the lord of the Grail Castle, who was wounded in the thigh, so he could not procreate and the land could not flourish. The name Anfortas (Enfertez) seems to me...

9/20/2007 11/17/2011

Mordrain (Fictional) MP (deceased)

11/14/2011 11/14/2011

Bors, King of Gaul MP (c.570 - d.)

Bors or Bohort (circa 540s-580s), is the name of two knights in the Arthurian legend, one the father and one the son. Bors the Elder is the King of Gaunnes or Gaul during the early period of King Arthu...

6/19/2007 11/13/2011

Viviane, Queen of Avalon (Fictional) MP (c.540 - d.)

"Nimue", "Viviane", "Elaine", "Niniane", "Nivian", "Nyneve", "Evienne"

5/21/2008 11/13/2011

Ban, King of Benwick (Fictional) MP (deceased)

"de Benoic", "de Benwick"

In Arthurian legend, Ban /ˈbæn/ is the King of Benwick or Benoic. He is the father of Sir Lancelot and Sir Hector de Maris, the brother of King Bors, and an early ally of King Arthur. B...

4/24/2009 11/13/2011

Ivoire (Fictitious Person) MP (c.375 - d.)

In Arthurian legend she was the wife of Custennin . Ivoire ferch Llancelod (?)1 b. circa 375 Father Llancelod (?) b. circa 345 Ivoire ferch Llancelod (?) was a descendant of a noble Roman famil...

8/22/2007 11/13/2011

Lancelot of Brittany (Fictional) MP (c.520 - d.)

"King Lancelot de Bretagne"


6/19/2007 11/13/2011

6/19/2007 11/13/2011

Galains (Fictional) MP (c.480 - d.)

6/19/2007 11/13/2011

Nascien II (Fictional) MP (c.465 - d.)

"Nascien Desposyni"

6/19/2007 11/13/2011

Sarrasinte (Fictional) MP (deceased)

5/10/2009 11/13/2011

Narpus (Fictional) MP (deceased)

"Narpus", "Warpus"

5/10/2009 11/13/2011