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IMMIGRATION: BEF 1607, San Gabriel del Yunque, New Mexico [2355] EVENT: as church notary position: 1617 [2356] EVENT: as an alférez position: 1625, Santa Fe, New Mexico [2357] [2358] [2...

11/8/2008 8/10/2011

Captain Sebastián Rodríguez de Salazar was killed by the Acomans. He first went to Mexico, then moved to Santa Fé, New Mexico in 1619. He was a captain, forty-four years of age, living in Santa Fé ...

2/19/2008 8/10/2011

Capitán Alonso Ortiz Baca MP (1589 - c.1662)


Alonso Baca died after 1662 at Rio Abajo, New Mexico, New Spain He was a soldier who came with the second wave of settlers on Christmas Eve of 1600. His family was among those settlers who remained...

2/9/2008 8/10/2011

Antonio de Salas MP (c.1600 - d.)

He was a guard at the Palace of the Governors when Rosas was assassinated.

10/4/2008 8/8/2011

Fernando Durán y Chávez MP (c.1610 - c.1668)

On August 17, 1644, Don Fernando declared that he had been born in New Mexico and was thirty-five years old, while his younger brother Pedro was thirty-three. This would place their births around 1609 ...

3/28/2008 8/8/2011

María Pérez de Bustillo MP (1616 - d.)

10/25/2008 8/6/2011

Simón Pérez de Bustillo MP (c.1576 - 1643)

He was a soldier accompanying Don Juan de Oñate on the Oñate Expedition of 1598-1608, and a founding resident of Santa Fe, Nueva España. Son of Juan Perez de Bustillo, native of Mexico, of medium sta...

6/29/2008 8/6/2011

Pedro Varela de Losada MP (c.1574 - c.1667)

BIRTH: 1574, Santiago de Compostela, España EVENT: member 98 Oñate: 18 AUG 1598 [691] EVENT: having a good stature and a red beard Appearance: 1598 [692] [691] [S2200] ORIGINS OF NM FAMILIES ...

6/11/2007 8/6/2011

Juan Díaz de Márquez MP (c.1590 - c.1630)

Juan Marquez son of Diego Márquez, the major accomplice in the death of Governor Rosas. Who was beheaded in 1643. Juan is his mistizo illegitimate son, Juan Márquez, 36 years old in 1639-40, an alferez...

10/25/2008 8/6/2011

María Ana Archuleta MP (c.1609 - c.1646)

6/11/2007 8/6/2011

Ana Pérez de Bustillo MP (1578 - 1625)

EVENT: member 98 Oñate: 18 AUG 1598 [3223] [3221] [S2194] ONMF, p. 112 [3222] [S2194] ONMF, p. 112 [3223] [S2200] ORIGINS OF NM FAMILIES * PAGE: pg. 87 [113662] [S2200] ORIGINS OF NM FAMILI...

6/11/2007 8/6/2011

Ascencio de Archuleta MP (1572 - 1626)

Asencio de Archuleta came to New Mexico with the Oñate party of 1598. He was twenty-six years old, the son of Juan de Arechuleta and a native of Eibar in Guipúzcoa. The description given for him on the...

6/11/2007 8/6/2011

María Luján MP (1635 - d.)

2/19/2008 8/6/2011

Juan de Archuleta, II MP (1626 - d.)

Juan de Archuleta was 38 years old in 1664. He lived in Santa Cruz de La Cañada with his wife María Luján, daughter of Juan Luján. ~Origins of New Mexico Families, pg. 6

2/19/2008 8/6/2011

Juan and his brother, Francisco Lujan, were involved in the Rosas murder affair, but escaped the carnal execution of their less fortunate compatriots. Juan Luján II was active in the political intrigue...

6/11/2007 6/2/2011

Juan de Tapia MP (1608 - 1670)

Escaped death for treason in 1643, stemming from the assassination of former New Mexico Governor Luis Rosas. He was a native of New Mexico. EVENT: to death for treason but was not executed cond...

11/8/2008 11/15/2010

Francisco de Luján MP (1611 - 1662)

Francisco and his brother, Juan Lujan II, whose daughter married Juan de Archuleta II, were involved in the Rosas murder affair, but escaped the carnal execution of their less fortunate compatriots. Hi...

3/31/2008 11/15/2010

Captain Francisco Lopez de Aragon born c. 1635 at Nuevo Mexico, Nueva España, died before 1661 at Nuevo Mexico, Nueva España Married: Ana Ortiz Baca daughter of Antonio Ortiz Baca and Yumar Pérez...

2/19/2008 11/15/2010

Antonio De Salas MP (1623 - 1677)

He was a guard at the New Mexico Palace of the Governors when Gov. Rosas was assassinated.

8/27/2009 11/15/2010

Sargento mayor Pedro Durán y Cháves MP (c.1610 - aft.1681)

Nephew of Antonio Baca, was one of the four masked men who accompanied the assassin, Nicolas Ortiz in the murder of Governor Rosas, and for his complicity he was banished from New Mexico by Govenor Guz...

3/23/2008 11/15/2010

Fernando Durán y Chaves MP (c.1625 - d.)

Don Fernando testified against New Mexico Governor Rosas in favor of the Friars and attend the execution of the eight conspirators to get in good graces with the new Governor, Pacheco. But then, the Go...

10/25/2008 11/15/2010

Francisco de Salazar Hachero MP (c.1605 - 1643)

He was the Procurator General of New Mexico in 1634. He was also deeply involved in the Rosas murder affair and was beheaded in1643. In 1642 during the trial he gave his full name as Francisco Salazar ...

1/22/2008 11/15/2010

Diego Martin Barba MP (1614 - 1643)

Captain Diego Martin Barba was the son of Alonzo and living in Santa Fe in 1642. He was one of the eight men ordered beheaded in 1643 for complicity in the death of Governor Rosas.

10/25/2008 11/15/2010

Capitán Juan de Archuleta MP (1602 - 1643)

He was the son of Asencio de Arechuleta and Ana Pérez de Bustillo, who was the daughter of Juan Pérez de Bustillo. He was also involved in the faction opposing Governor Rosas and was beheaded along wit...

2/19/2008 11/15/2010

Nicolás Pérez de Bustillo MP (c.1605 - 1643)

He was an adopted son of Simon Perez de Bustillo and his wife, Juana de Zamora. A mestizo, he was a natural son of one of Simon's sisters or of Simon’s with an Indian woman. In 1642 he declared that he...

10/25/2008 11/15/2010

Miguel de Hinojos MP (c.1610 - 1638)

Miguel acted as bondsman for Nicolas Ortiz, assassin of New Mexico Governor, Luis Rosas. Miguel de Hinojos, son of Fernando, held the Alcaldía of Jémez until Governor Mendizábal took it from him prior ...

1/22/2008 11/15/2010

Juan Ruiz de Hinojos MP (1617 - 1643)

Juan was one of the soldiers beheaded in 1643 for the Rosas anti-faction affair. His father, Hernando was married to Beatriz Perez de Bustillo, and his brother Miguel acted as bondsman for Nicolas Orti...

10/25/2008 11/15/2010

Cristóbal Enríquez MP (b. - 1643)

"Cristóbal Enríques"

Cristóbal Enríquez, was beheaded in 1643 for his role in the assassination of New Mexico Governor Rosas. He was a first cousin of Agustín de Carvajal. (Pg. 15 "Origins"). Their mothers were sisters. ...

2/16/2010 11/15/2010

Capitán Agustín de Carvajal MP (c.1625 - 1680)

Agustin was one of the fourteen men ordered executed, for for the assassination of Governor Rosas, by New Mexico Governor Pacheco, in 1643, but escaped the sentence with his brother-in-law, Fernando Du...

6/29/2008 11/15/2010

Diego Márquez MP (1602 - 1643)

Diego de Marquez General Notes: Origins of NM Families pages 107-108 (see sources) At this time New Mexico was divided into the Rio Ariba and the Rio Abajo. The Rio Ariba is the area north the la...

2/19/2008 11/15/2010

Antonio Ortiz Ortiz MP (c.1589 - 1643)

Antonio Baca was born circa 1589. He was married to Yumar Pérez de Bustillo who was born c.1591. They had three daughters: Gertudris, who married Antonio Jorge; Ana, who married Francisco López de Arag...

2/18/2008 11/15/2010

Nicolás Ortiz MP (c.1618 - c.1718)

Nicolas Ortiz; Born in Zacatecas, Mexico in 1618, he came to New Mexico in 1634. He Married Maria de Bustillo, niece of Antonio Baca, whom he accused of infidelity with Governor Rosas while he was away...

10/25/2008 11/15/2010

Luis Martin Serrano I born c. 1595 at Ciudad de Mexico, Nuevo México died bef 1663 at La Cañada, Nuevo México He held the post as "alcalde mayor y capitán de Guerra de la jurisdiction de los Teguas,"...

2/19/2008 11/15/2010