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  • Elias Baker Convict (1819 - 1898)
    Conviction Offence Detail stealing wet linen om12687 Prior Convictions once 12 mths housebreaking om12687 Prosecutor Details prosecutor at barton om12687 Sentence life om1...

Bound for Tasmania

Portal page for projects related to immigration to Tasmania.

14 June 1825 – the colony of Van Diemen's Land is established in its own right; its name is officially changed to Tasmania on 1 January 1856. The first settlement was made at Risdon, Tasmania on 11 September 1803 when Lieut John Bowen landed with about 50 settlers, crew, soldiers and convicts. The site proved unsuitable and was abandoned in August 1804. Lieut-Col David Collins finally established a successful settlement at Hobart in February 1804 with a party of about 260 people, including 178 convicts. (Collins had previously attempted a settlement in Victoria.) Convict ships were sent from England directly to the colony from 1812 to 1853 and over the 50 years from 1803–1853 around 67,000 convicts were transported to Tasmania. About 14,492 were Irish but many of them had been sentenced in English and Scottish courts. Some were also tried locally in other Australian colonies. The Indefatigable brought the first convicts direct from England on 19 October 1812 and by 1820 there were about 2,500 convicts in the colony. By the end of 1833 the number had increased to 14,900 convicts of whom 1864 were females. About 1,448 held ticket of leave, 6,573 were assigned to settlers and 275 were recorded as "absconded or missing". In 1835 there were over 800 convicts working in chain-gangs at the penal station at Port Arthur which operated from 1830 to 1877. Convicts were transferred to Van Diemen's Land from Sydney and, in later years, from 1841 to 1847, from Melbourne. Between 1826 and 1840, there were at least 19 ship loads of convicts sent from Van Diemen's Land to Norfolk Island and at other times they were sent from Norfolk Island to Van Diemen's Land. Look for this image icon for all ships projects on this page, it is in the project images for your use should you create a project here. reserved for this project and Interstate voyages to Tasmania. This image in in the photos section of the project, you may download it and add text (in white) of ship name and year. This image is for PERSON PROFILES that were on the voyage, if you share the image with these profiles, it will bookmark them to be added to that project when it is created. Please reference image with this link:''

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NB: It may take time to get these projects created, if you have profiles ready to add to a voyage and the project does not exist, please message Nathan Cowdrey to have it created for you. If you feel confident to create it yourself, please request to collaborate. Projects have a set format at this stage, and naming can be copied from existing projects. The list should also be updated and the project added to HistoryLink once it contains some profiles. Thanks :).

Convict Ships sent to Tasmania

  • 1812 Ship Indefatigable from England Geni Project - Indefatigable 1812
  • 1818 Ship Minerva I from Ireland Geni Project - Minerva I 1818
  • 1818 Ship Lady Castlereagh from England Geni Project - Lady Castlereagh 1818
  • 1818 Ship Lord Melville I from ? Geni Project - Lord Melville 1818
  • 1819 Ship Surrey I from England Geni Project - Surrey I 1819
  • 1819 Ship Hibernia from Portsmouth Geni Project - Hibernia 1819
  • 1819 Ship Baring from Downs Geni Project - Baring 1819
  • 1820 Ship Dromedary from England Geni Project - Dromedary 1820
  • 1820 Ship Castle Forbes from Ireland Geni Project - Castle Forbes 1820
  • 1820 Ship Coromandel II from Spithead Geni Project - Coromandel II 1820
  • 1820 Ship Morley from London Geni Project - Morley 1820
  • 1820 Ship Guildford from Portsmouth Geni Project - Guildford 1820
  • 1820 Ship Caledonia from Portsmouth Geni Project - Caledonia 1820
  • 1820 Ship Maria I from England Geni Project - Maria I 1820
  • 1820 Ship Juliana from England Geni Project - Juliana 1820
  • 1821 Ship Medway from England Geni Project - Medway 1821
  • 1821 Ship Lady Ridley from Portsmouth Geni Project - Lady Ridley 1821
  • 1821 Ship Countess of Harcourt from Portsmouth Geni Project - Countess of Harcourt 1821
  • 1821 Ship Malabar from Gravesend Geni Project - Malabar 1821
  • 1821 Ship Claudine from Woolwich Geni Project - Claudine 1821
  • 1821 Ship Providence II from England Geni Project - Providence II 1821
  • 1821 Ship Lord Hungerford from England Geni Project - Lord Hungerford 1821
  • 1822 Ship Richmond from Sheerness Geni Project - Richmond 1822
  • 1822 Ship Mary Anne I from Portsmouth Geni Project - Mary Anne 1822
  • 1822 Ship Phoenix I from Portsmouth Geni Project - Phoenix I 1822
  • 1822 Ship Prince of Orange from England Geni Project - Prince of Orange 1822
  • 1822 Ship Caledonia from Portsmouth Geni Project - Caledonia 1822
  • 1822 Arab I from England Geni Project - Arab I 1822
  • 1823 Ship Morley from Downs Geni Project - Morley 1823
  • 1823 Ship Lord Sidmouth from Woolwich Geni Project - Lord Sidmouth 1823
  • 1823 Ship Competitor from England Geni Project - Competitor 1823
  • 1823 Ship Commodore Hayes from England Geni Project - Commodore Hayes 1823
  • 1823 Ship Mary III from London Geni Project - Mary III 1823
  • 1823 Ship Albion from Spithead Geni Project - Albion 1823
  • 1823 Ship Sir Godfrey Webster from London Geni Project - Sir Godfrey Webster 1823

  • 1835 ship George III from London (wrecked) Geni Project - George III 1835

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