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Trying to put all of the Brabham's togehter with help from others by putting thier info in the tree to get a look at the big view of what makes this family so great and this is how we start it off

Brabham Family from the Family Bible

Outline of the Brabham Family. The history of the Brabham family so far as can be ascertained is substantially as follows:

In early times three Brabham Brothers came to America, from England. In those days the custom was that when persons were unable to pay their passage, they were sold into servitude to persons who come forward and pay their fair. One of these three brothers was sold to a man in North Carolina, the second to a man in South Carolina and the third which was our great grandfather was sold to a man in Virgina. We a descendants of this third Brabham Bother. The trade of our great grand father was that of a shoemaker and he worked for seven years to pay the man for his passage. The hammer with which he worked at his trade is now in the hands of Mrs. Rosena Burris Brabham, wife of Stanton Lee Brabham of Lowell, Ohio and she will pass it to her great grandson Kenneth Lee Best of Marietta, Ohio. This was written a century and a quarter after the landing of these three Brabham brothers in America on September 1, 1783, A. D.

Thomas Brabham, Sr. (our great grand father) July 10, 1834 died at Leesburg, Loudoun County, Virginia at the age of 77years, 10 months and 6 days. James William Brabham (son of Thomas Brabham, Jr.) (age 9 years 11 months and 16 days died July 30, 1838 John Albert Combs (son of Nancy J. B. and Joseph Combs) died July 22, 1841. Rebeca Frances Moran (daughter of Violinda Katherine Brabham Moran) died September 18, 1849 at the age of 3 months and 12 days.

Birth of Walter Power Children 1. Elizabeth Power born December 24, 1795 ( our grand mother) 2. Polly M. Power born April 4, 1796 3. Charty Power born July 11, 1797 4. John H. Power born August 20, 1798 5. Josia Power Born April 10, 1800 6. Margretta Power born December 23, 1801 7. Robert Power born December 23, 1801

Walter Power and Polly Power 2nd wife 8. Ann Power born June 15, 1803 9. Lucinda Power born May 1, 1806 10. Richard W. Alexandra Power born December 12, 1808 11. Catherine Power born November 23, 1810 12. Sarah A. Power born March 13, 1825


Walter Power to Margreta Houghman (1st wife) December 24, 1793 (our grand mother Elizabeth Power Brabham Parents)

Walter Power to Polly Orrison (2nd wife) September 20, 1802

Births (Inlaws)

Joseph Combs born October 6, 1808 Richard Alexandra born born December 9, 1818 David Alexandra born June 14, 1816 Charles Richard Griffin born May 12, 1822 Alexandra Moran born November 22, 1822 Mary Elizabeth Etcher born Rebecca Francis Moran born June 6, 1849 Mary Katherine Moran born December 30, 1850

Deaths: Charty Power (age 1month, 22 days) died September 3, 1797 Margreta H. Power (1st wife of Walter power) died January 23, 1801 Note: The year is most likely is not right for the marriage date of second wife and most likely died during child birth of the twins.

Ann Power ( daughter of 2nd wife) died 3 days old June 18, 1803

Note: I copied this just the way it was wrote and did not change anything and as you can see some of the dates are different than what can be proved as so far with the date of Walter Power first wife and the twins date of birth and the true date of marriage of his second wife so I think this was put in by what they could Remember what they were told and handed down.

This information was compiled by Anna Brabham Osborne.

    The states herin are given and corected from the letters of M. William Brabham of Bamburg, South Carolina; and from documents prepared for the Brabham reunions; one held at Benedict, Nebraska, Sept. 1, 1908, and the other at the Fram home of Thomas Jefferson Brabham near Eugene, Oregon, Nov. 26, 1908.
    The Brabham family had its rise in the Duchy of Brabant in Central Europe in the time of Charlemagne. The original family name was Brabant. This Duchy still exits. The northern half is in Holland and is still called North Brabant. The southern half is in Belgium and is known as South Brabant. King Albert of Belgium is of this Duchy and of the original family of Brabant.
    Members of the family migrated to England. There the name became Brabham. Chamber's Encyclopedia mentions a Joseph Brabham who was an inventor. Also a John Brabham who was a famous tenor singer. He appeared in Convent Garden and Drury Lane Theaters (1774-1856). Also a Johnannus Brabham born in Hamburg Germany (1833). He was a composer of note and was introduced by Shumann.
    Three Brabham brothers emigrated from England, landing in America, Sept. 1, 1783. One settled in Clarendon County, South Carolina. His descendents still live in this section and spell  their name Bradham. Another settled in Barnvelle County. The South Carolina Brabham were strong seccessionists. One was a member of the Secession Convention 1860. He was also a member of the legislature during the war and afterwards. He was the father of M. William Brabham whose researches of the annals of the Brabham family is here used.
    The third brother settled in Loudoun County, Virginia. He was a shoemaker. Early in eighteen hundred some of his descendants made their way to Washington County Virginia. From these have come the large Ohio branch of the family. if is this branch that has gathered in the reunions. At the Benedict, Nebraska reunion, the hammer with which the founder of the Virginia-Ohio branch of the family applied his trade was presented to the youngest male representative of the Family. Thomas Jefferson Brabham, of Eugene, Oregon (on the birthday-celebration-reunion) was the father of twelve children. At the time of the reunion there were ten children living, thirty-six grand children and thirty-one great-grand Children. Seventy Brabham's all of them residing in Oregon were at the reunion.
    The so-called pure- Virginia branch of the family are the descendants of the son of the Brabham brother (shoemaker), who settled in Loudoun County Virginia, and carried on the family in that state. This son did not move into Ohio, but stayed in Virginian. Many of his descendants still live in Virginia. He was the grandfather of the compiler of these notes, Anna Brabham Osborne. His children were Jane (Mrs. Joseph Combs), Mary (Mrs. Richard Alexander), Sarah (Mrs. David Alexander) Thomas Jefferson (father of the compiler), Frances Marion, Violinda (Mrs. James Moran).
    Done at Puyallup, Washington
    July 10, 1924