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Mary Mercy Needham MP (1754 - 1824)

7/28/2011 11/16/2016

James Benjamin Brewster MP (1817 - 1902)

Updated from MyHeritage Family Trees via sister Rebecca Daggett Cone (born Brewster) by SmartCopy : Oct 23 2014, 19:44:05 UTC

10/23/2014 6/15/2016

William Brewster MP (c.1866 - d.)

. William Brewster assumed control of Brewster & Company from his father Henry Brewster. His grandfather had founded the firm in 1810 (then Brewster Carriage Company). In 1883, 17-year-old son Will...

6/15/2016 6/15/2016

Henry Brewster MP (1824 - 1887)

Updated from MyHeritage Family Trees via sister Rebecca Daggett Cone (born Brewster) by SmartCopy : Oct 23 2014, 19:44:05 UTC

10/23/2014 6/15/2016

James Brewster MP (1788 - 1866)

Updated from MyHeritage Family Trees via daughter Rebecca Daggett Cone (born Brewster) by SmartCopy : Oct 23 2014, 19:44:05 UTC

10/28/2011 6/15/2016

THE GROTON AVERY CLAN, Vol. I, by Elroy McKendree Avery and Catherine Hitchcock (Tilden) Avery, Cleveland, 1912. Found in the DAR Library, Washington DC. Page 279. Brewster, a descendant of Elder Bre...

5/21/2009 6/15/2016

David Hackett Souter ( /ˈsuːtər/; born September 17, 1939) served as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States from 1990 until his retirement on June 29, 2009. Appointed by Presi...

7/6/2011 6/15/2016

Robert L. Stanton MP (1810 - 1885)

Robert L. Stanton, D.D. (March 28, 1810 – May 23, 1885) was an American Presbyterian minister, educator and college administrator. He served as president of Miami University of Ohio from 1868 to 1871...

6/15/2016 6/15/2016

Theodore Weld Stanton MP (1851 - 1925)

Theodore Stanton (10 February 1851, Seneca Falls, New York - 1925) was a United States journalist. Biography He was the son of journalist and abolitionist Henry Brewster Stanton and reformer Eliz...

8/3/2010 6/15/2016

Edwin Markham MP (1852 - 1940)

"Edwin Markham"

Edwin Markham (April 23, 1852 – March 7, 1940; born Charles Edward Anson Markham) was an American poet. From 1923 to 1931 he was Poet Laureate of Oregon. Edwin Markham was born in Oregon City, Oregon...

11/7/2009 6/15/2016

Lawrence H. Gipson MP (1880 - 1971)

Lawrence Henry Gipson (1880 – September 26, 1971) was an American historian, who won the 1950 Bancroft Prize and the 1962 Pulitzer Prize for History for volumes of his magnum opus, the fifteen-volume...

3/14/2015 6/15/2016

Hannibal Hamlin (August 27, 1809 – July 4, 1891) was the 15th Vice President of the United States, serving under President Abraham Lincoln from 1861–1865. He was the first Vice President from the Repub...

7/31/2008 6/15/2016

Isaac Allerton, III MP (1655 - d.)

He was a farmer, and also a dealer in products of the country, a quiet business man, taking but little part in public affairs, but it is said, serving with credit in the Indian Wars. The date of his de...

8/21/2007 6/15/2016

Willoughby Allerton MP (1664 - bef.1724)

Allerton Willoughby, son of Col. Isaac Allerton, of the council, and Elizabeth Willoughby, daughter of Capt. Thomas Willoughby, was a burgess for Westmoreland county in 1699, 1710, 1712 and 1712-1714; ...

8/21/2007 6/15/2016

Isaac Allerton, Jr. MP (1627 - aft.1702)


Isaac Allerton,Jr. Birth: May 22 1627 - Plymouth, Plymouth Co, MA Death: Oct 25 1702 - Cople Parish, Westmoreland Co, VA Married: Elizabeth, Elizabeth widow Colclough Parents: Isaac Allerton,...

8/21/2007 6/15/2016
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Frances J. "Fanny" Crosby MP (1820 - 1915)

From Wikipedia (English) : Frances Jane van Alstyne née Crosby (March 24, 1820 – February 12, 1915), more commonly known as Fanny Crosby, was an American mission worker, poet, lyricist, and composer....

8/31/2009 6/8/2016

Julia Child MP (1912 - 2004)

Julia Child (August 15, 1912 – August 13, 2004) was a famous American cook, author, and television personality who introduced French cuisine and cooking techniques to the American mainstream through he...

5/23/2007 6/8/2016

Kip Stephen Thorne, (born June 1, 1940) is an American theoretical physicist, known for his contributions in gravitational physics and astrophysics. A longtime friend and colleague of Stephen Hawking...

6/8/2016 6/8/2016
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Adlai Ewing Stevenson III (born October 10, 1930, in Chicago) is an American politician of the Democratic Party. He represented the state of Illinois in the United States Senate from 1970 until 1981....

1/24/2008 6/8/2016

Naomi Judd MP


Naomi Judd (born January 11, 1946) is an American country music singer, songwriter, and activist. She was born Diana Ellen Judd to Charles Glen Judd and his wife Pauline (Oliver) Judd on January 11...

1/13/2009 6/8/2016

Wynonna Claire Judd MP

"Wynonna Judd"

Wynonna Ellen Judd (born Christina Claire Ciminella, May 30, 1964, in Ashland, Kentucky) is an American country music singer. Her solo albums and singles are all credited to the singular name Wynonna...

8/5/2010 6/8/2016

Jan Garrigue Masaryk MP (1886 - 1948)

Entered the Czechoslovak foreign service in 1919 and served as minister to London from 1925 to 1938. In 1940, he became foreign minister of the Czechoslovak government-in-exile. When the government ret...

5/31/2011 6/8/2016

Charlotte Garrigue Masaryk MP (1850 - 1923)

See Charlotte Garrigue Masaryk (November 20, 1850 in Brooklyn, New York, USA – May 13, 1923 Lány) was the wife of the Czechoslovak philosopher, sociologist, and politician, Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, th...

1/15/2011 6/8/2016

President Zachary Scott Taylor, 12th President of the United States MP (1784 - 1850)

"Old Rough and Ready", "Little Zack", ""Old Rough and Ready"", "U. S. President Zachary Taylor"

Zachary Taylor (November 24, 1784 – July 9, 1850) was an American military leader and the 12th President of the United States. Known as "Old Rough and Ready," Taylor had a 40-year military career i...

6/7/2007 6/7/2016
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Elisabeth Judson Shue (born October 6, 1963) is an American actress, most famous for her roles in the films The Karate Kid, Adventures in Babysitting, Cocktail, Back to the Future Parts II and III an...

3/20/2007 6/7/2016

Laura R Chasin MP (1936 - d.)

Born Laura Rockefeller Chasin in 1936 to Laurance Spelman Rockefeller (1910–2004) and Mary French, she is a fourth generation member of the Rockefeller family. Her paternal great-grandfather is Standar...

8/4/2008 6/7/2016

Rodman Rockefeller MP (1932 - 2000)

Rodman Clark Rockefeller (May 2, 1932 – May 14, 2000) was an American businessman and philanthropist. He was the eldest son of former U.S. Vice President Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller and his wife Mary ...

8/4/2008 6/7/2016

Steven Clark Rockefeller (born April 19, 1936), a fourth-generation member of the Rockefeller family and a former dean of Middlebury College, is a philanthropist who focuses on education, Planned Par...

9/13/2009 6/7/2016

Republican Lt. Governor of Arkansas from 1996 until his death in 2006. Son of Arkansas Governor Winthrop Rockefeller, Grandson of John D Rockefeller Jr. and Nephew of Vice President Nelson Rockefelle...

8/4/2008 6/7/2016

Abby 'Babs' Rockefeller MP (1903 - 1976)

"Abby Aldrich Rockefeller", "Babs Rockefeller", "Abby Pardee", "Abby Milton"

Wikipedia article-Abigail Rockefeller Mauzé She was called 'Babs' to distinguish her from her mother Abigail 'Abby' Rockefeller.

8/4/2008 6/7/2016

Laurance Spelman Rockefeller MP (1910 - 2004)

Laurance Spelman Rockefeller was a venture capitalist, financier, philanthropist, a major conservationist and a prominent third-generation member of the Rockefeller family. He was the fourth child of...

8/4/2008 6/7/2016

David Rockefeller, Sr. MP (1915 - 2017)

David Rockefeller, Sr. was an American banker who was chairman and chief executive of Chase Manhattan Corporation. He was the oldest living member of the Rockefeller family and family patriarch from Au...

8/4/2008 6/7/2016

Winthrop Aldrich Rockefeller MP (1912 - 1973)

Winthrop Rockefeller (May 1, 1912 – February 22, 1973) was a politician and philanthropist who served as the first Republican Governor of Arkansas since Reconstruction. He was a third-generation memb...

8/4/2008 6/7/2016

John D. Rockefeller III MP (1906 - 1978)

John Davison Rockefeller III was a philanthropist and third-generation member of the prominent Rockefeller family. He was the eldest son of philanthropists John D. Rockefeller Jr. and Abby Aldrich Rock...

8/4/2008 6/7/2016

Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller was an American businessman and politician. He served as the 41st Vice President of the United States under President Gerald Ford from 1974 to 1977, and previously as the 49t...

11/11/2007 6/7/2016

Jay Rockefeller, Governor, U.S. Senator MP

"Jay Rockefeller IV"

John Davison "Jay" Rockefeller IV is a former United States Senator from West Virginia, serving from 1985 to 2015. He was first elected to the Senate in 1984, while in office as Governor of West Virgin...

8/20/2007 6/7/2016

John Lithgow MP

Los Angeles, CA, USA

John Arthur Lithgow, born October 19, 1945, is an American actor, musician, and author. Lithgow has been involved with a wide range of media projects, including stage, television, film, and radio. He a...

8/16/2011 6/7/2016

Gov. Howard Dean MP

Vermont, United States

Howard Brush Dean III (born November 17, 1948) is an American politician and physician from Vermont. He served six terms as the 79th Governor of Vermont and ran unsuccessfully for the 2004 Democratic...

1/13/2009 6/7/2016

Edward Bridge "Ted" Danson III (born December 29, 1947) is an American actor, author and producer, well known for his role as lead character Sam Malone in the sitcom Cheers, and his role as Dr. John ...

7/24/2008 6/7/2016

Peter La Farge MP (1931 - 1965)

"Peter La Farge"

Peter La Farge (born Oliver Albee La Farge, April 30, 1931 - October 27, 1965) was a New York-based folksinger and songwriter of the 1950s and 1960s. He is known best for his affiliations with Bob Dy...

11/22/2013 6/7/2016

Oliver Hazard Perry LaFarge MP (1901 - 1963)

Oliver Hazard Perry La Farge (December 19, 1901 – August 2, 1963) was an American writer and anthropologist, best known for his 1930 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel Laughing Boy. Named for his uncle, ...

11/22/2013 6/7/2016

August Perry Belmont, IV MP (1908 - 1995)

August Belmont IV (December 30, 1908 - July 10, 1995) was an American Investment banker and Thoroughbred racehorse owner. The son of August Belmont III (1882-1919) and Alice W. de Goicouria, he was a...

8/14/2009 6/7/2016

Raymond Belmont II MP (1888 - 1934)

Raymond Belmont II (May 31, 1888 - April 5, 1934) was a champion polo player. He was born on May 31, 1888 in Nassau County, New York to August Belmont, Jr. and Bessie Hamilton Morgan. He married ...

8/26/2010 6/7/2016

Morgan Belmont MP (1892 - 1953)

Morgan Belmont (March 19, 1892 - September 17, 1953) was head of August Belmont & Co., the banking firm. He was born on March 19, 1892 in Hempstead, New York to August Belmont, Jr. and Bessie Hamil...

8/26/2010 6/7/2016

August Belmont, II MP (1853 - 1924)

August Belmont, Jr. (February 18, 1853 – December 10, 1924) was an American financier, the builder of New York's Belmont Park racetrack, and a major owner/breeder of Thoroughbred racehorses. Like h...

4/25/2009 6/7/2016

Rep. Oliver H. P. Belmont MP (1858 - 1908)

Oliver Hazard Perry Belmont (November 12, 1858 – June 10, 1908) was an American socialite and United States Representative from New York. Biography Belmont was born in New York City, New York...

6/25/2007 6/7/2016

Hon. Perry Belmont MP (1851 - 1947)

Perry Belmont (December 28, 1851 – May 25, 1947) was an American politician and diplomat. Biography He was born in New York City, the son of August Belmont. His brothers were Oliver Hazard Perry Be...

4/25/2009 6/7/2016

U.S. Navy, Fleet Captain of the South Atlantic Squadron, fell in the attack upon Fort Wagner, Charleston, in command of the ironclad USS Catskill. Lt. George Washington Rodgers, II was in charge of...

7/8/2013 6/7/2016

United States Navy Admiral. A graduate of the United States Naval Academy in 1833, he distinguished himself during the Mexican American War in siege of Vera Cruz, March 1847. Promoted to Commander in...

8/7/2010 6/7/2016

Rear Admiral Raymond Perry Rogers MP (1849 - 1925)


US Navy Admiral. He served as the 2nd head of the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) at Suitland, Maryland and as the 12th President of the Naval War College at Newport, Rhode Island. Born Raymond Pe...

8/7/2010 6/7/2016

Rear Admiral Thomas Slidell Rogers MP (1858 - 1931)


Rear Admiral Thomas Slidell Rodgers (18 August 1858 – 28 February 1931) was an officer in the United States Navy who served during the Spanish-American War and World War I. Born at Morristown, ...

8/7/2010 6/7/2016

Click here to view the Commodore Perry page at Wikipedia. Matthew Calbraith Perry (April 10, 1794 – March 4, 1858) was the Commodore of the U.S. Navy who compelled the opening of Japan to the West wi...

8/1/2007 6/7/2016

A Patriot of the American Revolution for RHODE ISLAND. DAR Ancestor # A089250 Grave Christopher Raymond Perry (December 4, 1761 – June 1, 1818) was an officer in the United States Navy. He was the ...

8/1/2007 6/7/2016

Walter Otto Hodsdon, Sr. MP (1906 - 1998)

Born Feb. 13, 1906 at Watertown, Mass., the son of Albion and Hattie Brewster Hodsdon, his mother died when he was two weeks old and he was raised by John Converse and Hattie Hodsdon Estes. He grew up ...

4/15/2013 6/7/2016

Henry Brewster Hodsdon MP (1897 - 1967)

He was born April 19, 1897 in Watertown, Mass., the son of Albion and Hattie Brewster Hodsdon. He was educated in Monmouth schools and graduated from Monmouth Academy. Mr. Hodsdon was married to the fo...

4/15/2013 6/7/2016

Albion Vernon Hodsdon MP (1891 - 1969)

Born in Leeds, Maine April 5, 1891, he was the son of Albion H. and Hattie Brewster Hodsdon. He was educated in Leeds and married Mabel Prescott, Oct. 2, 1915 in Portland. For a number of years, he was...

4/15/2013 6/7/2016

Salmon Brewster MP (1802 - 1887)

From the Leeds, Maine town history: "Salmon, the youngest son, was born Sept. 5, 1802. Nov. 23, 1823, he married Betsey, daughter of Zebedee Shaw. of Greene. They settled on the homestead with his fa...

6/7/2016 6/7/2016

William Edmund Brewster MP (1858 - 1945)

William Edmund Brewster was a member of the Maine House of Representatives. He was a direct lineal descendant of Love Brewster, a passenger aboard the Mayflower and a founder of the town of Bridgewater...

1/3/2012 6/7/2016

Dr. John Brewster MP (1739 - 1823)

John Brewster studied medicine with Dr. Barker of Franklin, Connecticut. Dr. Brewster was the first physician who settled on Hampton Hill, Connecticut; was an eminent practitioner and a prominent man i...

12/28/2007 6/6/2016

John Brewster, Jr. MP (c.1766 - c.1854)

from . John Brewster Jr. (May 30 or May 31, 1766–1854) was a prolific, deaf itinerant painter who produced many charming portraits of well-off New England families, especially their children. He li...

9/2/2009 6/6/2016

Chauncey Bunce Brewster MP (1848 - 1941)

Chauncey Bunce Brewster was the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut. At Yale he was a member of Skull and Bones.* Reference: Find A Grave Memorial - SmartCopy : Apr 12 2017, 1:35:16 UTC

10/28/2011 6/6/2016

Rev Benjamin Brewster MP (1860 - 1941)

Benjamin Brewster (November 25, 1860 - 2 February 1941) was the Episcopal Bishop of Maine and Missionary Bishop of Western Colorado. Early life He was born in New Haven, Connecticut, the son of t...

10/28/2011 6/6/2016

George Corson Ellis MP (1899 - 1962)

G. Corson Ellis, 62, senior partner of A.T. Kearney & Co., management consultant firm at 135 S. La Salle st., died yesterday in his home at 1335 Astor st.Mr. Ellis had been elected president of the Ass...

9/15/2012 6/6/2016

Brewster Yale Beach MP (1925 - 2008)

Brewster Yale Beach (February 10, 1925 – 2008) was an Episcopal priest and psychotherapist. He presented proof that the Associated Press originated two years earlier than the date previously accepted...

6/6/2016 6/6/2016

Frederick Converse Beach MP (1848 - 1918)

Frederick Converse Beach (March 27, 1848 – June 18, 1918), son of Alfred Ely Beach, was editor of the magazine Scientific American and of the new Encyclopedia Americana in the early 1900s, and an inven...

1/19/2014 6/6/2016

Alfred Ely Beach MP (1826 - 1896)

Alfred Ely Beach (September 1, 1826 – January 1, 1896) was an American inventor, publisher and patent lawyer, born in Springfield, Massachusetts. He is most known for his design of a subway for New Yor...

1/19/2014 6/6/2016

James Leonard Plimpton MP (1828 - 1911)

The father of modern roller skating From the first recorded use of roller skates on a London stage in 1743 through the next 120 years, all roller skates were in-line skates. However, the design of ...

6/6/2016 6/6/2016

Philip Quincy Wright MP (1890 - 1970)


Updated from MyHeritage Family Trees via brother Sewall Wright by SmartCopy : Nov 19 2014, 2:30:15 UTC

11/18/2014 6/6/2016

Sewall Green Wright MP (1889 - 1988)

Sewall Green Wright (December 21, 1889 – March 3, 1988) was an American geneticist known for his influential work on evolutionary theory and also for his work on path analysis. With R. A. Fisher and J....

2/9/2009 6/6/2016

Oliver Wadsworth Brewster MP (1791 - 1872)

Oliver Wadsworth Brewster Birth: Oct. 25, 1791 Blandford Hampden County Massachusetts, USA Death: Sep. 20, 1872 Freeport Stephenson County Illinois, USA He attended Union College in Schenectady, Ne...

10/10/2010 6/6/2016

Joseph Wadsworth Brewster MP (1764 - 1849)

At the age of 16 Dr. Brewster joined the army, and was present at the surrender of Cornwallis, Oct. 19, '81. He afterward studied medicine, came to Onondaga Valley in the spring of 1818, and became a...

10/10/2010 6/6/2016

He began his career with Stobbs & Hartwell in Worcester, then founded his own practice. He was general counsel and a director of the then Freedom Federal Savings and Loan Association. He was a member...

6/6/2016 6/6/2016

Katherine Safford Church MP (1902 - 1988)

She attended Wellesley College in Massachusetts for a year and went on to receive her Certificate of Physical Education in 1923 at the Kellogg School of Physical Education in Battle Creek, Michigan. ...

6/6/2016 6/6/2016

Kate Lucretta Church MP (1861 - 1943)

She was an 1883 graduate of Oberlin College. Miss Safford was the superintendent of dormitories of the Young Women's Christian Association in Brooklyn, Kings County, New York. She spent the summer of...

6/6/2016 6/6/2016

Henrietta Brewster Biscoe MP (1917 - 2010)

She was a graduate of Tenacre 1932, a graduate of Dana Hall 1935, and a graduate of Radcliffe College, Cambridge, Massachusetts 1939. She did secretarial work for League of Women Voters and Swarthm...

6/6/2016 6/6/2016

Helen Page Lalley MP (1913 - 2004)

Helen was born September 18, 1913 in Brooklyn, NY, the daughter of the late John H. and Katharine R. (Page) Safford. She spent her childhood in Brooklyn, attending the Flatbush School and spending ma...

6/6/2016 6/6/2016

John Horace Safford MP (1876 - 1920)

He was born at Madison, Lake County, Ohio He died at Brooklyn, Kings County, New York He prepared for college at Mount Hermon School, Massachusetts. He was a 1904 graduate of Yale University. He se...

6/6/2016 6/6/2016

Sydney Lyman Brewster MP (1799 - 1864)

He attended Williams College for 2 years. He served as a missionary to the Native Americans at the Congregational Church mission at Maumee, Ohio in the Old Northwest. He served from April 1831 to J...

6/6/2016 6/6/2016

Jasper Brewster MP (1769 - 1824)

Jasper Brewster, the founder of the family in the Western Reserve, was a native of Washington, Berkshire county, Massachusetts, as was also his wife, whose maiden name was Theodosia Lyman. There also...

6/6/2016 6/6/2016

Capt. Silas Brewster MP (1767 - 1808)

Silas Brewster was born on February 12, 1767 at Lebanon, New London County, Connecticut. He died at Lebanon, New London County, Connecticut on September 30, 1808. He was a son of Wadsworth Brewster a...

6/6/2016 6/6/2016

Eliot Brewster Coulter MP (1892 - 1964)

Eliot Brewster Coulter born May 11, 1892 in Austinburg, Ohio, received his Litt.B. from Princeton University in 1914 and was awarded a Ph.D from Harvard University in 1916. He married Miss Kathleen...

6/6/2016 6/6/2016

Calvin Brewster Coulter MP (1888 - 1940)

Calvin Brewster Coulter was a physician, Associate Professor of Pathology at Long Island College of Medicine, Brooklyn, and bacteriologist-in-chief at Kings County Hospital. He resided at Flower Hill...

6/6/2016 6/6/2016

Kenneth Brewster Coulter MP (1885 - 1929)

Kenneth Brewster Coulter was born in Austinburg, Ohio, April 9, 1885, and prepared for college at the University School in Chicago. He was a 1905 graduate of Williams College, Williamstown, Massachus...

6/6/2016 6/6/2016

Arthur Wadsworth Brewster MP (1865 - 1919)

He graduated from Washburn University in 1890. He was a prominent lawyer, successful politician, a noted orator, and postmaster of St. Joseph, Missouri having been appointed to the office by Presiden...

6/6/2016 6/6/2016

Diane Brewster MP (1931 - 1991)

Diane Brewster (March 11, 1931 – November 12, 1991) was an American television actress most noted for playing three distinctively different roles in television series of the 1950s and 1960s: confid...

6/6/2016 6/6/2016

Reginald Robert Brewster MP (1876 - 1946)

R. R. Brewster (1876-1946) was born in White Cloud, Kansas, in 1876, a graduate of Highland University, in Highland, Kansas, and of the University of Kansas. He became an attorney and orator helpin...

6/6/2016 6/6/2016

Matthew Laflin Rockwell MP (1915 - 1988)

Matthew Laflin Rockwell, (1915–1988) was an American architect and director of planning for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and responsible for the site selection, plan and design of O'Hare Internatio...

6/6/2016 6/6/2016

Oliver Brewster MP (1760 - 1812)

Dr. Oliver Brewster, one of the officers in the regiment commanded by Colonel John Brown at the battle of Stone Arabia, in the Mohawk Valley, N. Y., in October, 1780, was a surgeon, the only officer ...

7/4/2008 6/5/2016

Leslie Grenfell MP (c.1928 - 1992)

Leslie Nast is the daughter of Condé Montrose Nast and Leslie Foster. She married Peter George Grenfell, 2nd Baron St. Just, son of Edward Charles Grenfell, 1st Baron St. Just and Florence Emily Hender...

5/18/2009 6/5/2016

Albert Volney Foster MP (1877 - 1950)

A Harvard student of 21 or so when this picture was taken.

8/22/2014 6/5/2016

Eva Cornelia Foster MP (1879 - 1946)

Hats that completely hid a woman's hair had gone out of style by the time 20-year-old Eva was a student at Smith College. (B.L. class of 1900; member Omega). Lived in Plainfield, New Jersey. Member of ...

6/5/2016 6/5/2016

Volney Foster "Turk" Righter MP (1903 - 2003)

RIGHTER -- Volney Foster (Turk). Died on August 27, 2003, at age 100, of Bedford Hills and Fishers Island, NY. A founding partner of Harrington, Righter and Parsons. They were the first company to spec...

6/5/2016 6/5/2016

Stephen Foster MP (1806 - d.)

6/3/2016 6/5/2016

John McAllister Schofield (September 29, 1831 – March 4, 1906) was an American soldier who held major commands during the American Civil War. He later served as U.S. Secretary of War and commanding g...

5/15/2011 6/5/2016

George Nelson Reynolds MP (1842 - c.1925)

Lived in Lancaster Pa since ~1877, worked for Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance company, long-time warden in Episcopal church. [ ] Obit: [ ]

1/2/2016 6/4/2016