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Philomena Filomena Rezacova MP (1865 - 1923)

Philomena was born in Austria January 3rd 1865. She came to America in 1883 at the age of 18. She 1st married to Frank Marks in 1886 and had a child, Frank Henry Marks in 1886. 2nd married to Watslav V...

7/6/2010 6/8/2017

Václav "James" Větrovec MP (1861 - 1926)

Vaclav, otherwise known as James Vetrovec was born in Bohemia in 1961. He Came America in 1888 and settled in Chicago where he married Philomena Rezac in 1893 and had a child, Jaraslar "Jerry" Vetrovec...

7/6/2010 6/8/2017

Jan MP (c.1560 - bef.1610)

Nothing is known of Jan other than that he had a son, Rolf Jansson from Marstrand, later known as "Roeloff Jansen van Masterlandt". Rolf/Roeloff married 1623 in New Reformed Church, Amsterdam, with Ann...

2/12/2016 6/6/2017

Pieter Tonneman MP (c.1610 - d.)

Pieter Tonneman was a long-time employee of the Dutch West India Company and became schout of the villages on Long Island in 1654, a position he held until he became schout of Brooklyn in 1656. He cont...

5/19/2017 5/19/2017

Alfredo Pironetti MP (1882 - 1953)

Alfredo Pironetti arrived to Finland in y.1909 or earlier and most probaly visited or lived short time in St. Michel (Mikkeli) and in Wiborg (Viipuri), in Carelia (currently a part of Russian since 194...

3/22/2017 5/3/2017

Hermina Harens MP (c.1740 - 1794)

"Hendrina Stevens", "Henderiena Peeters", "Henderijna Harens", "Hendrina Arends", "Hendrina Harms"

Death Hoogeveen, 21-4-1794, Collectie Xerokopieen DTB, boek 72 (volwassen begraven en geboren joodsekinderen, 1786-1811), pagina 0019 Overleden: NN NN; begraven op 21-4-1794 te Hoogeveen. Gehuw...

3/23/2012 1/15/2017

Peter Christian MP (aft.1830 - c.1908)

"James Peter", "Jas Peter"

Peter was born about 1840 (or so he says). He married in Australia He had children and on some birth certificates the surname was Christian, and on others it was Christians which could be anglicised an...

9/10/2016 9/11/2016

Helena (Leena) Mikkonen MP (1881 - d.)

4/1/2013 2/27/2016

John Slocum Davis MP (1839 - 1909)

Fought in the Civil War. Since Missouri was near the Mason-Dixon line, separating the North and South, many young men chose sides according to their convictions. His three brothers believed in state ri...

8/25/2014 1/11/2016

John Rowe, Sr. MP (c.1791 - d.)

8/10/2015 1/2/2016

Richard Kelly, of Kelly MP (deceased)

2/15/2008 9/27/2015

Laura Durfee Beck MP (c.1755 - c.1825)

Laura (Durfee) Beck was born about 1755, probably at Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. She died after 1793, possibly as late as 1825. She married John Christian Beck (1750 - 1806) in 1780 at Cumberland ...

3/7/2011 5/26/2014

Robert Graham MP (c.1836 - 1881)

Immigrated from Nova Scotia, Canada. around 1850, and probably arrived at Port Elizabeth. He was married to Catharina van der Kemp in Uitenhage on 26 August 1856. He died in Kimberley hospital in 1881.

8/24/2012 3/29/2014

Therese Castelino MP (aft.1880 - d.)

"Teresa", "Theresa"

Mother to 11 boys and 2 girls. Incredible cook. Generous but shy host. Devoted to her family and in her own daughter's words, "selfless".

10/22/2008 3/26/2014

Molly Lanier MP (c.1780 - c.1850)

10/13/2012 4/21/2013

Mary Lanier MP (1735 - 1798)


1/15/2010 4/21/2013

Thomas Lanier MP (1730 - 1797)

Thomas Lanier, the second son of Robert and Pricilla (Washington) Lanier, was born about 1730 in Surry County, and married there about 1760, Mary, possibly the daughter of William Collins, a Quaker. ...

1/15/2010 4/21/2013

Edmond Lanier, Sr. MP (1775 - d.)

10/13/2012 4/21/2013

Joseph Schiefer MP (c.1880 - aft.1931)

My living relatives believe that Joseph was granted a taxi license in Cologne when he was discharged from the German army at the end of the First World War. Joseph lost a leg in that war. So a German...

4/25/2011 12/4/2012

One of the First 29 Navajo Code Talkers Note: Much of the information here regarding George Dennison is from conversation with his grandson, Christopher Dennison, in October of 2011. Chris remembers ...

10/3/2011 12/3/2012

John Hobson, Sr. MP (1650 - 1701)


2/7/2008 11/15/2012

Nancy Manning MP (1810 - c.1879)

"Nancy", "Nancie"

Comment found on "Supposedly a full blood Choctaw, as related in a letter from Lee Byrd to Don Byrd, Nov. 1971." However, there were no Choctaws living in North Carolina at that time. S...

7/10/2010 11/14/2012

Matthew Manning MP (1766 - bef.1844)

"Mathew", "Matthew"

Listed in the following age groups: 1820: 26-45 1830: 60-69 1840: 70-79 This puts the date of birth anywhere from 1761-1794. It seems that 1830 and 1840 censuses are more consistent, so we ...

7/10/2010 11/14/2012

Elizabeth Bell MP (c.1785 - d.)

7/9/2010 11/14/2012

Jenny McClanahan MP (1793 - d.)

2/7/2010 11/14/2012

Andrew McComb MP (c.1740 - d.)

2/6/2010 11/14/2012

Thomas Garland Clarke MP (1786 - 1857)

2/6/2010 11/14/2012

Catherine Asher MP (1810 - 1902)

4/9/2009 11/14/2012

Hugh Barrett, Sr. MP (1767 - 1841)

1/6/2009 11/14/2012

Jacob Courtright MP (1775 - 1826)

"Courtright", "Cortright", "Kortright", "Cortreght", "Cortreight"

7/25/2011 11/14/2012

William Hegelin MP (1752 - 1833)

7/25/2011 11/14/2012

Johann Christian Faut MP (1818 - 1898)

FAUT, Christian: The funeral of Mr. Christian FAUT was held at the M.E. Church last Sunday. Mr. FAUT was born in Englestedt, Germany, April 30, 1818, nine miles from Bengin. He came to America April ...

4/9/2009 11/14/2012

Nesti "Nancy" Sabot MP (1876 - 1928)

"Nastia", "Nancy", "Nesti", "Sabot", "Sabat"

4/9/2009 11/14/2012

Wassil "Charles" Sabot MP (1875 - 1921)

"Vassel", "Wassil", "Wacil", "Charles", "Charile", "Will", "Sabot", "Sabat", "Sabbot", "Sabott"

4/9/2009 11/14/2012

Peter Sletoff MP (1897 - 1951)

"Peter", "Petar", "Petre", "Pete", "Swetkoff", "Svetkoff", "Sletoff", "Slatoff", "Szvetkoff", "Cywetkoff", "Tsvetcoff", "Svetco", "Slitoff"

Marriage record: According to 1930 Census, He immigrated in 1914 and was still an Alien in 1930. I cannot find his 1920 census.

4/9/2009 11/14/2012

Levica Johns MP (c.1783 - c.1860)

"Leviticus", "Lavicia", "Livecy", "Lavicy", "Levica", "Levicy", "Devereaux", "Deveraux", "Devereux"

From a forum post : Creek Indian --- She was from a tribe that a battle was fought not far down the road close to Kville, which is between Jesup and Alma in Wayne County, Georgia. She was probably born...

11/3/2009 11/14/2012

Littleberry Johns, Jr. MP (1793 - c.1860)

"Littleberry", "Little Berry", "Littlebury"

Now I have seen it posted that HE was Native American, too! I don't know what to believe. Any chance this is him in Hillabee Town (Creek) in 1832? Probably not, Delilah was born in South Carolina in ...

11/3/2009 11/14/2012

Charon Devereaux, C. S. A. MP (1814 - 1861)

"Caron", "Devereaux", "Charon", "Devereux", "Karon", "Keron", "Debrow", "Devro", "Devero", "Deavero", "Deavers", "Deveraux", "Devaro"

I can find no proof his father was James or grandfather was Patrick. Please contact me if you have sources! He is not listed inthe 1840 Census for Liberty County. His place of birth is listed as Euro...

11/3/2009 11/14/2012

John W. A. Fennell MP (c.1801 - d.)

Possible relatives White Fennell

2/7/2010 11/14/2012

Elizabeth Ann Knight MP (1825 - aft.1890)

Other Laney families in Georgia Phillip Laney is disproven

2/16/2011 11/14/2012

James A. Knight MP (c.1822 - 1865)

Residence 1850 Division 2C, Crawford County, GA 1860 Hazzard District, Bibb County, GA Burial Buried in Crawford Co., Ga, "on Old Knoxville rd. where the Old Stagecoach rd. used to run."

2/16/2011 11/14/2012

Isaac C. Summerford, Sr. MP (1796 - 1863)

Pvt. Co.A 5th Ala. Calvary CSA

4/2/2012 11/14/2012

George Morrow, Sr. MP (1780 - c.1839)

Lots of assumptions here! Parentage not certain. Work in Progress. Living in Huntsville, AL in 1805 ??? or was this the other George Morrow? Moved to Lawrence Co., AL between births of John and Perme...

8/14/2011 11/14/2012

Lena Sittel MP (1842 - 1929)

4/9/2009 11/14/2012

Edward David Sittel MP (1841 - 1922)


It is family tradition that the original surname was "von Sittel". Possibly related: Charline M. Culbertson Investigator Jan. 5, 1938 An Interview with Mrs. Lena Sittel McConathy, McAlester O...

4/9/2009 11/14/2012

Isabella Cone MP (1807 - 1892)

"Isabel", "Isabelle", "Isabella", "Elizabeth"

In 1830 Census, they are listed 3 names away from William Harvey born 1790-1800. William's wife listed as born 1800-1810 with 3 children under 10 in the household. likely Isabella's brother or uncle?

7/27/2011 11/14/2012

Anne Elizabeth Ranger MP (aft.1810 - bef.1860)

Dollie Mae Possible Matches Unnamed Female Albury b. 1/5/1825 Harbour Island to John and Elizabeth Saunders Albury Elizabeth Albury b. 8/20/1816 Harbour Island to Joseph and Sarah Curry Albury ...

1/4/2012 11/14/2012

Sarah Margaret Thompson MP (1819 - d.)

4/9/2009 11/14/2012

Robert Henry Ranger, Sr. MP (1820 - d.)

Sibling relationship to John Ranger not proven; speculation based on proximity and fact that Hilton (maiden name of John's wife) becomes a family name for Robert's descendants.

12/5/2010 11/14/2012

Ridley Pinder MP (1839 - bef.1900)

DNA yDNA haplogroup and subclades: R1b1a2/R-M269,R-L21,DF13,S1051,FGC9655 yDNA done on his 3rd great-grandson Jackson Robert Pinder (desc. through Herman ) indicates there was a non-paternal even...

4/9/2009 11/14/2012

Abraham Werner MP (1891 - c.1939)

11/13/2012 11/13/2012

Frederick Jones MP (deceased)

I have had a stumbling block with my Jones ancestry for many years. The one avenue I have not explored is that Frederick committed a felony! I know that George Jones - my great grandfather - was bapt...

9/21/2007 11/12/2012

1st Sgt. James Joseph Eubank MP (1826 - 1907)

James Joseph Eubank was born December 11, 1826, in Columbia, Maury County, Tennessee, to Stephen Green Eubank and his wife, Susannah Quarles Branch Eubank, who were married in Maury County in March of ...

6/29/2009 11/11/2012

Stephen Green Eubank MP (1803 - 1872)

possible descendant of John Eubank, Jr. and Elizabeth Eubank New Information about Stephen Green Eubank and an excerpt from a book entitled New Salem, the Early chapter in Abraham Lincoln’s Life , wh...

6/29/2009 11/11/2012

Elizabeth Ross MP (1792 - 1847)

Elizabeth Jackson was born 1792 in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, and died 05 May 1847 in Lincoln, Tennessee, USA (n.b. possibly born NC.) [1] Parents: not known. Married: in 1813, Nashville TN to ...

3/29/2010 11/11/2012

Johan Ernst Emichen (Empie) Foreign Neighbor) MP (c.1654 - c.1728)

"Emigen", "Empie", "Empey", "Emich", "Empige", "Emge", "Eingen", "Impey", "Emmerich", "Daemge"

Variations of this Surname in Prussia seem to include, but not limit: Ahmichen, Emigen, Emgen, Immigen,Omichen, etc. 'Oldest "proven" Sire, of the Germanic Palatine Empey/ Empie family in America ...

4/13/2011 11/10/2012

1930: Charlotte Mogren 53 Helmer Mogren 24 Charlotte Alida Anderson was born May 14, 1876 in Stockvik, Sweden. Her daughter Lillian said the family owned a lumber yard and all the children were expec...

9/17/2011 11/10/2012

Ann Boyd MP (c.1725 - d.)

9/14/2008 11/10/2012

William Mints MP (c.1778 - bef.1859)

"William Mintz"

William A. Mintz or Mints' origin is uncertain. His descendants say that he may have been from Germany. His daughter, Eliza (Elizabeth) Ann Mints Bennett, said in the 1890 U.S. Census that her father w...

3/1/2012 11/9/2012

Sarah Davis Bennett Mints MP (1784 - aft.1829)

"Sally", "Sarah Bennett", "Sarah Mints", "Sarah Mintz"

I know from DNA that Sarah was from one of the Davis families of Cumberland, based on matches with Sheppard / Ayars descendants who married with the Elnathan Davis family. We have a couple of clues f...

11/10/2008 11/9/2012

Fannie Rubenstein MP (c.1862 - 1946)

"Feige Rubenstein"

[Update Dec 2011 - Feige Rieb departed for the U.S. from Hamburg on June 10, 1885 on the Ship Moravia , with two young daughters - Cirel or Arel, age 1 month (probably Sarah) and Schaie, age 11 months,...

4/11/2009 11/9/2012

Max Reib Rubenstein MP (1858 - c.1922)

"Mordechai Ben Reb Menachem Nachum"

Arrived New York City on 23 Jun 1885 Nachum Rieb shipping out of Hamburg, on the Moravia. From Volinsky, age 26, a dealer. Also on line below Jacob Rubenstein, a dealer, from Volinsky, age 16. Born M...

5/27/2009 11/9/2012

Stephen James Eubank MP (1868 - d.)

"Uselle", "Eucell or Euzell"

Unfortunately, I don't know much about my grandfather, Stephen James Eubank, because he abandoned my grandmother's family when my mother was only about eight years old around 1919 or 1920. I know he wa...

6/29/2009 11/9/2012

Thomas L Hopkins, I MP (c.1760 - c.1811)

"Thomas Conrad Hopkins", "Thomas L. Hopkins"

Family stories passed down say he is connected to the Mayflower Hopkins from England But Im not finding it, Some family stories say Hes Scottish. All we know so far is he MAY have been born in England ...

6/2/2011 11/9/2012

Walter Sallaway MP (deceased)

7/19/2011 11/9/2012

William Finnie MP (c.1712 - d.)

"Kilmarnock Standard Aug 25 1883 Ayrshire notes and queries The Finnies of Kilmarnock were originally from Constablewood near Largs. There and also in the churchyard of Millport are numerous tombston...

9/14/2008 11/9/2012

Polly Streeter MP (1777 - 1850)

"Mary", "Proctor", "Preacher"

Little is known about Polly Proctor/Preacher, the wife of Isaiah Streeter. Her surname appears with various spellings across different records. Her marriage record does not list her first name, but her...

9/19/2010 11/9/2012