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Christina Van Purcell (Woggelum)

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Believe her father was Jan Van Woggelum -Mother Stijntie Jans Jan Van Woggelum's father- Pieter Van Woggelum Mother- Caniachkoo Toch CAN ANYONE CONFIRM THIS????

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 Replies: 23  Re: Caniachkoo, Sachem of the Third Castle  djenyart  (View posts)  Posted: 25 Aug 2009 10:06PM GMT   Classification: Query   Surnames:  

The Hainauts of Holland go back beyond William de Hainaut b.1286-1337, but William G. Hainaut of 1595 had a son named Carel Enjart b.1625-1664. Hainaut had various spellings, Injort,Injart, Enjort,Enjart,Enyeart, Enyart, etc. Carel Enjart traveled back and forth from the Netherlands to the new worlds New Netherland on steam ships, I have a ships manifest with their names on one. It looked like Carel had a son named, Yellis Engart b.1652-1706. Not much mentioned about the daughter, just that Carel had a son and daughter on board the ship and when it landed. Yellis was born to Carel Enjart and Antge Van Winkel. Yellis Ingart was married to C. Van Woggelum, b.1665-1698. C. Van Woggelum was was born to Styntji Jans Van Woggelum, 1644-1719 who was md. to S Van Ootmarsum. Styntji Jans was the son of Peter Adrianensen Van Woggelum, b.1610-1681, who was md. to The Clan Daughter of Caniachkoo, b.1613-1678. Peter Van Woggelum was the son of A Van Woggelum, B.1580-1652 was md. to Anneken Peters, b.1585-1669. A Van Woggelum was born to Peter Woggelum, b.1560-. Back to Peter Van Woggelum and The Clan Daughter of Caniachkoo. The Clan Daughter, (dau of the Caniachkoo) was the Daughter of The Sachem Caniachkoo of the Mohawks who was md. to The Mother of the Mohawk Turtle Clan, Third Castle. Going back to the Enyarts, I did find where Carel Enjart md. Maria Cleave and they had three sons, Yellis Enjart, Giles Enyard and Enjart. add an unknown mother and son of Enjart. Add also William G. Hanaut's unknown wife also had a son Enjoert Enyart Hainaut. Now,Styntji Jans and wife S Van Ootmarsum had twelve children;Catharina Van Woggelum,Tryntje Jans, Catherine Von Woggelum, Catherine Vanwoggelum, C Woglum, C Van Woggelum, Stintje Woglum, Christiana Van Woggelum, Peter Van Woggelum, Helletie Van Woggelum, Grietje Van Woggelum and Margriet Van Woggelum. Yellis Enjart And C VanWoggelum had ten children; John Enjart, John Enyard,Charles Inyard, John Ingyart, Antje Anne Enyart, Christine Inyard, Matthys Enjart and Tice Enjart. I will just Famly tree it back now: After Yellis came John Enyard, b.1685Staten Island, NY., m. 1710 Woodbridge, NJ.,d.1763 Middlesex Co, NJ. and m. Mary Pieterson b.1687 Als Sonder Denmark. d.3 Aug 1889; David Enyeart 1728-1815, m.Elizabeth 1732-1779; Abreham Enyart 1748-1809 m.Rachel Bess Swaim 1749-6 Feb 1809; Silas Enyart 1780-1850 m.Cella Ann Best 1786-1863; Stephen Bess Enyart 1816-1864 m.Hannah N Trammell 1822- ;Jejjerson Davis Enyart 1816-1940 m. Annie May Elam 1869-1955; Thomas Earl Enyart 1893-1956 m.Bessie Enyart 1897-1978; Eugene Davis Enyart 1917-1963 m.Eleanor May Louis Enyart 1913-; sons, Stephen Davis, David Merle Enyart and Laurance Earl Enyart -Done- Fathers side down, sincerly, David Enyart 8-25-2009 Print Change to Flat View Viewing 1 - 10 of 24 | Next >> Subject Author Date Posted

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