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Fergus Day Hort Macdowall, 27th of Garthland M, #455641, b. 19 December 1924 Fergus Day Hort Macdowall, 27th of Garthland was born on 19 December 1924. He is the son of Henry Charles Victor Macdo...

10/25/2013 10/25/2013

DAY HORT MACDOWALL Member of the Canadian House of Commons, 1887-96 Wikipedia: Day Hort Macdowal Day Hort Macdowall, 25th of Garthland M, #455619, b. 6 March 1850, d. 28 October 1927 Day Hort...

10/25/2013 10/25/2013

Dougal MacDowall MP (c.1180 - d.)

Member of the clan of MacDowell, also spelled MacDowall. Clan profile Clan chief: Fergus MacDowall of Garthland Chief’s motto: Vincere Vel Mori (To Conquer or Die) Gaelic Names: mhic dhu ghaill...

5/10/2009 10/25/2013

Gunhild, of Allerdale MP (1134 - 1166)

"Gunnild", "Guynolda", "Gunhild of Dunbar", "Gunnild of Dunbar"

Gunhild Daughter of Waltheof and Sigrid Married Uhtred Mother of Roland GUNHILD . The Cronicon Cumbriæ records that “Alanus filius et hæres eiusdem Waldevi” enfeoffed “Ugthredo filio Fergus d...

6/10/2007 10/25/2013

Uchtred mac Fergus, Lord of Galloway MP (1118 - 1174)


Uchtred mac Fergusa (c. 1120 - September 22, 1174) was Lord of Galloway from 1161 to 1174, ruling jointly with his half-brother Gille Brigte (Gilbert). They were sons of Fergus of Galloway; their mothe...

4/21/2007 10/25/2013

Dubhghal mac Uchtred, Lord of Galloway MP (bef.1160 - 1185)

"Dowal", "Dowall", "Dowell", "MacDowall clan ancestor"

Dowal of Galloway is the ancestor of the clan of Macdowall/Macdoualls/McDowells. His name can be written Dubhghal, Dowall, or Dowel. Clan profile Clan chief: Fergus MacDowall of Garthland Chief’s...

5/10/2009 10/25/2013