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Colonial Lords of Manors

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  • Cuthbert Fenwick, Gent. (bef.1614 - bef.1655)
    Cuthbert Fenwick* Birth: Dec 29 1614 - Ponteland, Northumberland, England* Death: Nov 24 1655 - Fenwick Manor, St Mary's, Maryland* Parents: See notes* Wives: Teresa Cornwallis, Jane EltonheadMarriage ...
  • Sir George Calvert, 1st Baron Baltimore (1579 - 1632)
    From The History of Parliament: the House of Commons 1604-1629, ed. Andrew Thrush and John P. Ferris, 2010: , George (1579/80-1632), of St. Martin's Lane, Westminster and Kiplin Hall, Catterick, Yorks....
  • Matthew Mayhew (1648 - 1710)
    Gov. Matthew Mayhew (Mathew Mayhew) is the eldest son of Thomas Mayhew Junior (died at sea in 1657). Title "Governor" listed in various early records, e.g., The Encyclopaedia Britannica: A Dictionary o...
  • Gov. Thomas Mayhew (bef.1593 - 1682)
    AKA Mahieu (French)"The Mayhew Family Of Martha's Vineyard" Charles Banks vol. III pp. 298 - 3:12. THOMAS MAYHEW (Matthew4), bapt. 1 Apr. 1593 at Tisbury, Eng., is the Governor, first of the name in th...

Colonial Lords of Manors

Some of the people who financed and promoted the American colonies envisioned a new world similar to the world they knew in Europe. In many cases, this vision led them to try transplanting the remnants of feudalism, including the manorial and seigneurial systems that were the cornerstone of economic life.

The American lords of manors (and their equivalents) often derived substantial financial rights from their privileges. These rights, such as rents, mineral rights and forestry rights, sometimes exceeded the value of the land itself.

Generally, manorial rights were extinguished before the American Revolution, but in many cases the local prestige continued.


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The Calvert family created at least 41 lordships before 1654.

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(Source: Manors in St. Mary’s County)


Manors in Massachusetts were created when Martha’s Vineyard was briefly a part of New York.

  • Tisbury Manor (Chilmark), manor created in 1671 for Gov. Thomas Mayhew (1593-1682)
  • Martha’s Vineyard, manor created in 1685 for Matthew Mayhew (1648-1710)

New Jersey

Manors in New Jersey were created when the area was part of New York.

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New York

The Dutch East India Company created patroonships to reward its most important officers and directors. When New Amsterdam became New York, the English continued the practice by creating manors.

  • Rensselaerwyck, patroonship created in 1630 for Kiliaen Van Rensselaer
  • Pelham, manor created in 1666 for Thomas Pell
  • Morrisiana, manor created in 1670 for Lewis Morris
  • Fordham, manor created in 1671 for John Archer
  • Livingston Manor, manor created in 1686 for Robert Livingston (1654-1728)
  • Philipsborough, manor created in 1693 for Frederick Philipse
  • Cortlandt Manor, manor created in 1697 for Stephanus Van Cortlandt
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South Carolina

The Fundamental Constitutions of Carolina (1669) envisioned a new American nobility, to be composed of Landgraves and Cassiques (essentially equivalent to Earls and Lords), who would compose the Upper House of the Legislative Assembly.

  • Gov. John Archdale, Landgrave, created 1694
  • Christopher Arthur, Esq., Landgrave/Cassique?, created c1724, of "Cypress" Barony
  • John Ashby, Esq., Cassique, "Quenby" (aka "Yadhaw"), created 1682
  • John Ashby, Jr., Esq., Cassique?, inherited? after 1699
  • John Ashby, III, Esq., Cassique?, inherited? c1716 (d1729)
  • Hon. Daniel Axtell, Sr., Landgrave, created 1681
  • Hon. Holland Axtell, Landgrave, created 1692
  • Lady Rebecca Pratt Axtel, Landgravine?, of "Newington" Barony
  • John Bailey, Esq., Landgrave, created 1682, of "Otter Island" Barony
  • John Bayley, Esq., Landgrave/Cassique?, of "Hilton Head Island" Barony?
  • Sir Edmund Bellinger, Sr., Landgrave, created 1698, of f "Tombodly" & "Ashepoo" Baronies)
  • Edmund Bellinger, Jr., Esq., Landgrave, inherited c1705
  • Sir Edmund Bellinger, III, Landgrave, inherited c1739
  • Edmund Bellinger, IV, Esq., Landgrave, inherited? c1772
  • Edmund Cussings Bellinger, Esq., (1813–1848) inherited?, Landgrave?, of "Poca Sabo" Barony?
  • Joseph Bellinger, Esq., Landgrave, inherited? c1773, of "Aeolian Lawn" Barony?
  • Thomas Bellinger, Esq., Landgrave, inherited
  • Col. Edward Berkerley (Fictional), Cassique, "created" c1684, of [fictional] "Kiawah" Barony
  • Gov. Daniel Blake, Landgrave?, inherited c1751
  • Gov. & Gen. Joseph Blake, Sr., Landgrave, created 1696, "Plainfield" Barony
  • Col. Joseph Blake, Jr., Landgrave, inherited c1700
  • Capt. James Carteret R.N., Landgrave, created 1670
  • John Carteret, Jr., Earl Granville, Landgrave?, inherited? c1718, of "Hobcaw" Barony
  • Hon. John (Carteret?), Landgrave, created c1718 (of "Hobcaw" Barony)
  • Gov. James Colleton, Landgrave, created 1670/71 (Of "Fairlawn" Barony), "Wadboo" Barony?, Devil's Elbow Barony?
  • Hon. Peter Colleton, Landgrave, of "Fairlawn" Barony
  • Hon. Thomas Colleton, Sr., Landgrave, created 1681, of "Cypres" Barony
  • Sir William Craven, Sr., Landgrave & Cassique
  • Lawrence Crump, Esq., Landgrave?
  • Deputy Gov. Robert Daniell, Landgrave, created c1711, of "Winyah" Barony
  • Dr. Christopher Dominick, Cassique
  • Gov. Charles Eden, Langrave, created 1718 and last Landgrave created
  • John Ely, Esq., Landgrave?
  • John Ffoster, Esq., Cassiqie, created c1677/78
  • John Gibbs, Esq., Cassique, created 1682
  • Hon. James Griffths, Landgrave, created 1707, of "Port Royal" Barony
  • Hon. ???? Griffiths, Landgrave, inherited After 1707 (Father of James Griffiths)
  • Hon. William Hodgson, Landgrave & Cassique, created c1714-1717?
  • Col. Samuel Horsey/Horseley, Landgrave
  • Lady Mary Ketelby Johnston, Landgravine?, inherited
  • Gov. Robert Johnston, Landgrave?
  • Gov. Sir Nathaniel Johnson, Landgrave & Cassique, created 1686, of "Silk Hope" Barony
  • Edward Jewkes, Esq., Landgrave
  • Hon. Abel Ketelby, Sr., Landgrave, created 1708/09
  • Gov. Sir Richard Kyrle, Landgrave, created 1684
  • Hon. John Locke, Landgrave, created 1671
  • Thomas Lowndes?, Esq., Landgrave or Cassique?, c1728
  • Gov. Philip Ludwell, Cassique
  • John Monke, Esq., Cassique, created 1682/83
  • Gov. James Moore, Sr.?, Landgrave, of "Yeshoe" Barony, "Boo-craw-ee" Barony, "Wapensaw" Barony
  • Gov. Joseph Morre, Landgrave
  • Hon. Joseph Morton, I, Landgrave, created 1681
  • Hon. Joseph Morton, II, Landgrave
  • Joseph Pendarvis, Esq., Landgrave? (Often incorrectly designated Landgrave)
  • Col. Andrew Percival, Landgrave?, created c1677
  • Spencer Percival, Esq., Landgrave?
  • Gov. John Price, Landgrave
  • Maj. Thomas Rowe, Cassique, created 1682
  • Lady Statira Elizabeth Farquarson Johnston Rundell, Landgravine?, inherited?
  • Henry Smith, Esq., Landgrave, inherited
  • John Smith, Esq., Cassique, created 1682, "Boo-shoo" Barony
  • Col. Joseph Smith, Landgrave, inherited, "Wiskinboo" Barony
  • Gov. Thomas Smith, Jr., Cassique, created 1691, Landgrave, created 1693 (Smith's barony may have included Smith's/Bald Head Island, NC)
  • Hon. Thomas Smith, III, Landgrave, created 1689, of "Whiskinboo" Barony
  • Gov. Seth Sothell/Southwell, Landgrave (title "Suspended")
  • Hon. Joseph West, Landgrave, created 1684
  • Capt. Henry Wilkinson, Cassique, created 1681
  • Edward Willimot, Esq., Landgrave (title "Suspended")
  • Lady Elizabeth Bellinger Wright, Landgravine?, inherited
  • Sir John Wyche, Landgrave, created Prior to 1701, "Poco Sabo" Barony
  • Gov. Sir John Yeamans, Baronet, Landgrave, created 1671

(Source: Wikipedia, Cassique)


There were no manors created in Virginia. The legislature voted in 1619 that the manorial system was incompatible with a democratic government. The state abolished quit rents, a feature of the manorial system, in 1845.