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David BATTY was born c1772 David was convicted and sentenced to 7 years transportation. He arrived in Sydney Cove on 13/10/1791 on "Albermarle" He married Mary WILKS in 1794 and they had 4 children...

1/3/2017 1/15/2017

Charles HADLEY was born 15/4/1771 Warwickshire, England, UK. He was convicted of shoplifting and sentenced to transportation for life. He arrived in Sydney Cove on 1/8/1791 on "Matilda" He had a re...

6/1/2008 1/15/2017

William REYNOLDS (aka Stephen REYNOLDS) was born c1769 He was convicted of theft (clothes) and sentenced to 7 years transportation. William arrived in Sydney Cove on 16/10/1791 on "Admiral Barrington...

1/1/2017 1/11/2017

William BLADY (aka BLADEY, BLADDY, BLEADY) was born c1768 England. He was convicted and sentenced to 7 years transportation. He arrived in Sydney Cove on 14/10/1791 on "Brittania". He married Ann G...

12/21/2016 12/27/2016

Thomas WHEELER was born c1761 Warwickshire, UK He was convicted and sentenced to 7 years transportation. He arrived in Sydney Cove on "Albermarle" 13/10/1791. He married Elizabeth CARVER 8/2/1819 C...

12/24/2016 12/27/2016

Francis COX was born c1745 He was convicted of burglary and sentenced to 7 years transportation. He arrived in Sydney Cove 14/10/1791 on "Britannia". His wife Margaret, 3 sons (Samuel, Thomas and Joh...

8/21/2009 12/5/2016

John Glade MP (1771 - 1848)

John GLADE was born c1771 He was convicted of stealing (copper tea-kettle, copper sauce-pan) and sentenced to 7 years transportation. John arrived in Sydney Cove on 20/8/1791 on "Atlantic". on 27...

10/17/2016 12/5/2016

Ann GERMAINE aka Ann JARMY was born c1778 Norfolk, England She was convicted and sentenced to 7 years transportation. She arrived in Sydney Cove on 9/7/1791. NOTE: Many trees confuse Ann GERMAIN wi...

3/24/2016 12/3/2016

Edward McDonald, was a member of the Grenadier Guards, billeted at the Brown Bear Inn from 25.8.1789 and was with the Guards till his arrest 15.3.1790 - indicted for stealing, convicted to 7yrs at Midd...

6/2/2014 12/3/2016

William PANTONY was born c1752 He was convicted and sentenced to 7 years transportation. He arrived in Sydney Cove on 1/8/1791 on "Matilda". On arrival he was sent to Norfolk Island. He married S...

11/20/2016 12/2/2016

William COOMBS was born c1766 He was convicted and sentenced for transportation for life. He arrived in Sydney Cove on "Albermarle" in 1791. William married Mary MEAD on 11/6/1821 Parramatta Will...

11/14/2016 12/1/2016

William JACKLIN was born 1760, son on Joseph JACKLIN and Elizabeth SPENCER He was convicted of breaking into a case and stealing property. He was sentenced to 7 years transportation and arrived in Sy...

11/10/2016 12/1/2016

William ALDRIDGE was born 1772 Harmondsworth, Middlesex William was convicted of poaching a rabbit and sentenced to 7 years transportation and he arrived in Sydney Cove on "Admiral Barrington" on 16/...

11/4/2016 12/1/2016

John Pawley MP (1769 - 1825)

8/22/2009 11/29/2016

David Horton, convict "William and Mary Ann" 1791 (1772 - 1842)

"David HORTON", "David HALTON", "David HATTON"

Birth: 1772 Yorkshire, England Death: January 11, 1842 (70) Pitt Town, New South Wales, Australia Immediate Family: Son of Robert Horton and ANN HORTON Husband of Elizabeth HAINSLEY/Hensley and...

10/22/2008 11/29/2016

Robert Horton, convict "William and Anne" 1791 MP (1745 - 1817)

"Robert Hatton"

Father of David, convicted at North Allerton, Yorkshire, and sentenced to 7 years transportation. Robert was transported on the William and Ann, arriving at Port Jackson on 28th August 1791. On board u...

10/22/2008 11/29/2016

Mary OLIVER was born c1745. In 1791 she was convicted and sentenced to 14 years transportation to Australia. She arrived in Sydney Cove in 1791 on the "Mary Ann". Her 7 year old daughter Barbara LANDRI...

10/3/2016 11/22/2016

8/28/2013 11/17/2016

Thomas STUBBS was born c1774 Thomas was convicted of theft (cloth coat, pair of velvet breeches, two shirts and a part of silver kneebuckles)and sentenced to 7 years transportation. He arrived in Syd...

9/21/2013 11/17/2016

7/3/2010 11/13/2016

Elizabeth YOUNG was convicted at Middlesex Gaol and sentenced to 7 years. She arrived in Sydney Cove on 9/7/1791 on the Mary Ann. On the 11/9/1791 she married Robert Williams She was murdered on th...

9/27/2016 11/13/2016

Mary MORETON was baptised on 11/12/1756 in Coventry - the daughter of Phillip MORETON and Bridget? She married John CHADDERTON on 27/10/1780 Liverpool. She was convicted of burglary in Lancashire i...

5/14/2009 11/13/2016

Sarah Guest was convicted for a term of 7 years and arrived in Sydney Cove aboard the "Mary Ann in January 1791. On the 25/9/1791, she married John Soars and died on the 11/5/1813 Pitt Town

10/3/2016 11/13/2016

Thomas RUGGLASS was baptised 18/7/1773 - son of Benjamin RUGGLASS and Elizabeth ? Thomas was tried at the Old Bailey in London and was sentenced to 7 years transportation for stealing a coat. He arri...

9/23/2016 11/13/2016

On board the vessel "Queen" arrived Oct 1791

2/27/2010 11/13/2016

Daniel BRIEN was born c1770 England. He was convicted of theft (clothes) and sentenced to 7 years transportation. He arrived in Sydney Cove on "Salamander" on 21/8/1791. Daniel received a Certifica...

6/5/2009 11/13/2016

Eleanor was illiterate

9/6/2008 11/13/2016

2/9/2009 11/13/2016

merge conflict - death date either 11 August 1860 or 11 June 1860 Elizabeth's death date is given as 11 June 1860 in the Eather Family books compiled by John St Pierre for the Eather Family History C...

7/3/2007 11/13/2016

He was convicted in 1790 at Sent Assizes, Kent, England, of stealing goods to the value of £5-0-3 of William Cheeseman the Elder. He was a convict aboard The Ship William And Ann which sailed ...

5/24/2008 11/13/2016

Isaac NICHOLS was born 29/7/1770 Wiltshire, UK, the son of Jonathan NICHOLS and Sarah ?. He was convicted and sentenced to 7 years transportation. He arrived in Sydney Cove on "Admiral Barrington" on...

7/25/2015 11/13/2016

John Ward MP (deceased)

"convict "Admiral Barrington" 1791"

John WARD was convicted in 1789 and sentenced to 7 years transportation. He arrived in Sydney Cove on the "Admiral Barington" in 1791 He married Ann KEMP

10/4/2016 11/5/2016

7/3/2007 6/8/2013

Benjamin Jones was one of 106 convicts transported on the Active, Albermarle, Atlantic, Barrington, Britannia, Mary Ann, Matilda, Salamander and William and Mary, January 1791.Jones was on the Britanni...

7/14/2009 5/12/2012

Edward ROBINSON was born in Yorkshire, England about 1754. He was a servant to the local theatre owner. Edward was a compulsive petty thief, and convicted of a number of offences, and sentenced to be h...

5/13/2010 1/8/2012

Mary HARRISON was born in England in 1774. In 1790 she was performing live-in servant duties for the family of Thomas and Catherine WEST at 26 Lower Sloan Street, Chelsea, being employed there for abou...

5/13/2010 1/8/2012

Robert Wells, convict, arrived aboad the "Atlantic" on 20th August, 1791. from:- ______________________________________________________ Robert WELLS was indicted October for stealing four pie...

5/3/2007 1/5/2012

David Dunston - pioneeer settler in the Hawkesbury. Arrived in Australia 1791 aboad the 'Atlantic'. The Dunston family was one of the first in the Hawkesbury. Upon arrival in in 1791 David, wife Ma...

5/14/2009 3/18/2011

Died # Age 52 #V182166 156 & #V18215183 2B Burial: 8 DEC 1821 Thorley Vault, St. Peters' Cemetery, Richmond, NSW, Australia Emigration: 27 MAR 1791 "Active" 3rd Fleet ex Portsmouth, England I...

6/25/2007 2/6/2011

1/28/2009 1/22/2011

Elizabeth MORRIS was born c1778 At age 12, she was convicted (along with John CLEMENTS and John ROSSITER) of grand larcency and sentenced to 7 years transportation. She arrived in Sydney Cove on 9/7/...

6/9/2008 1/22/2011

3rd Fleet convict - arrived 9th July 1791 on the Mary Ann, apparently recorded as being a widow. Was given 7 years for burglary on 1st August 1790 in Devon. (info from notes on

2/2/2009 1/15/2011

Joseph Craft, Convict 1791 (1770 - 1839)

"Joseph Crafts"

Joseph is described as 74 years old at death, so there is quite a difference - 5 years - to that in this profile. Sarah Robinson married Joseph Craft on 24 April 1810 at St Phillips C of E, Sydney, N...

11/24/2008 1/4/2011

The Third Fleet Convicts on the Queen - Sailed April 1791 from Cork, Ireland Arrived 27th September 1791 Embarked - 133 Males, 21 Females Entry 5347 Name Mandeville, Mary Status Convict Crime Untrace...

1/4/2011 1/4/2011

Matthew Lock, convict "Surprize" 1790 (1766 - 1836)


Transported to New South Wales, Australia in 1790 from England on the convict transport ship 'Surprize.' He was convicted on 28 June 1790 at The Old Bailey.

10/11/2010 1/2/2011

Crew? on board Sarah's ship, lived with her as a de-facto spouse for some time.

9/15/2008 1/1/2011

9/15/2008 1/1/2011

Thomas Huxley, Convict "Salamander" 1791 (1768 - 1854)

"Thomas Jones", "Thomas Uxley", "Thomas Huxlley", "Thomas Ayres"

There is an old story that has been in the family for as long as anyone can remember....this story cant be validated so its authenticity is questionable but still worth telling i think....It was said t...

12/22/2007 1/1/2011

Arrived on the Ship, · “Atlantic”. • source. & where it is noted: Richard and his brother Edward were sons of an Essex millwright, who stole 324 pounds of lead and, 'with ...

6/26/2010 12/31/2010

Convict 3rd Fleet Richard Beel Reynolds, Convict. - 3rd Fleet Sentenced Transported to NSW on "Atlantic" departed Plymouth 27 March arriving 20 August 1791 after almost 5 months voyage. Source: ...

5/6/2007 12/31/2010

Third Fleet Convicted on 27.10.1790 Middlesex. Sailed from England 16th Feb 1791 . Arrived 9 July 11791 on the Mary Ann It was alleged mary stole wearing apparel: plate and jewels to the value of ove...

11/3/2009 12/31/2010

Convict transported on the Matilda, 01/08/1791. William Bailey was tried at Lincoln on 16 Mar 1789 for Horse Stealing, convicted and sentence to 14 years, he was assigned to George Smith in NSW. Li...

12/26/2008 12/29/2010

Arrived on the Ship ALBERMARLE 1791

5/14/2009 12/29/2010

5/14/2009 12/29/2010

Mary Elizabeth Russell was arrested and tried at the Old Bailey on 9 December 1789, for stealing a hank of silk valued at 10 shillings. She was found guilty and sentenced to seven years transportation....

11/8/2008 12/29/2010

Margaret Mary Smith, convict "Mary Ann" 1791 (c.1774 - 1850)

"Margaret Morrison", "Margaret Shannon"

alt death dates (from merge) : sept 1850 or 1859 Birth: About 1768 in Middlesex, England Baptism Date: 6 Dec 1768 Parish: St Leonard Shoreditch County: Middlesex Borough: Hackney Parent(s): Nao...

5/13/2008 12/25/2010

Born - Dublin -Ireland 1770. Sentenced to 7 yrs. transportation Sailed on 3rd. Fleet.Arrived on the Queen July or August 1791.

10/2/2007 12/25/2010

5/14/2009 12/25/2010

Some information about the Fleming family can be found here:- Posted by AMC

3/31/2007 12/25/2010

2/2/2009 12/25/2010

Served in the 29th Regiment of Foot during the American War of Independence, and transferred to the NSW Corps in 1789. He arrived in Sydney on 28th Aug 1791 on the ship 'William and Anne' with his wife...

2/2/2009 12/25/2010

Ann East, convict (1773 - 1869)

Ann East was charged with receiving stolen goods and transported to Australia for 14 years and arrived on the 'Mary Ann' as part of the Third Fleet. Anne East was born in England in 1773. She and her...

8/7/2008 11/5/2010