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Nathaniel Lucas Born 1764 Leatherhead, Surrey, England Died 28 Apr 1818 Liverpool, New South Wales, Australia Spouse(s) Olivia Gascoigne Children Ann, Mary, Sarah, William, Nathaniel, Olivia, John,...

11/20/2008 9/26/2016

Anthony was baptised on 1st August 1755, at St Marys, Norton Subcourse, Norfolk, England. He was illiterate and a labourer. Anthony came from a family of Carpenters and Brickmakers, handy skills which ...

7/4/2012 9/23/2016

George Bain Johnston (1764 - 1823)

7/20/2015 7/25/2015

7/17/2015 7/25/2015

Shortland, Thomas George (1771-1827), naval officer, son of Commander John Shortland (1736-1804) and younger brother of Captain John Shortland (1769-1810), was born at Portsea, Hampshire, on 10 May 177...

6/21/2015 6/22/2015

Shortland, John (1769-1810), naval officer, born on 5 September 1769, was the elder son of Commander John Shortland (1736-1804), with whom he has sometimes been confused; he was the elder brother of Th...

6/21/2015 6/22/2015

John Shortland (1739-1803), naval officer, was born near Plymouth, son of John Shortland, the senior member of a remarkable west of England family, six members of whom were associated with the coloniza...

6/21/2015 6/21/2015

NAME: JANE POOLE ----- " FIRST FLEET" convict sent to the Colonies SURNAME: Poole GIVEN NAMES: Jane *SEX: F BIRTH: circa 1768, England DEATH: 1826, Parramatta NSW, Australia FATHER: John POOL...

3/6/2008 4/26/2011

Elizabeth EVANS (under her married name of Elizabeth JONES) was convicted on feloniously stealing three pounds weight of tea, value 12 s. the property of Thomas Whitehead and was sentenced to 7 years t...

4/21/2011 4/21/2011

Jane Rose, free "Lady Penrhyn" 1788 MP (1779 - 1849)


Biography on Fellowship of First Fleet website: Jane Jones (Jenny) was born in England circa 1778,and came free as a nine-year-old on Lady Penrhyn with her mother Elizabeth Evans (alias Jones) on Lad...

2/2/2009 4/21/2011

Edward Goodin, convict "Scarborough" 1788 MP (1762 - 1839)

"Edward Goodwin"

Edward Goodin aka Edward Goodwin aka Edward Gooden was convicted of Feloniously stealing and was sentenced to 7 years transportation. He arrived in Sydney Cove on the "Scarborough" on 26/1/1788 After...

2/27/2011 2/27/2011

Mary Small (Parker) (1758 - 1824)

Mary Parker was transported as a convict to Australia aboard the "Lady Penrhyn", a ship was built in 1786 on the Thames River, the ship was 333 tons,103' foot long and 27' wide.Like the "Charlotte" on ...

3/9/2008 1/20/2011

John Small was tried at Devon Lent Assizes, held at Exeter Castle on Monday 14th of March 1785 and sentenced at Exeter on the 14th of March 1786 for 7 years transportation, for feloniously assaulting J...

3/9/2008 1/20/2011

William Dring was caught stealing a quantity of clothing and six bottles of brandy, the property of Joseph Mitchinson. He was tried at the Quarter Sessions at Kingston on Hull, in 1784. He was found gu...

5/28/2008 1/20/2011

Margaret Cavanough (1766 - 1834)

"/Darling/", "/Dowling/"

MARGARET DARNELL 1767-1834 First Fleet Prisoner 1788 Margaret Darnell went into the shop of an ironmonger and cutter in Holborn near Chancery Lane, ostensibly to buy nails. The owner was suspicious...

2/2/2009 1/15/2011

2/2/2009 1/15/2011

Andrew Fishburn, soldier (1760 - 1796)

9/15/2008 1/1/2011

Henry Kable (1763 - 1846)

On the 1st. Febuary 1783 Henry Keable the younger (spelt "Cabell" on his Charge Sheet) was convicted at Therford Norfolk of Burglary he was imprisoned in Norwich Castle awaiting transportation. His ...

5/10/2008 1/1/2011

Susannah Kable (1763 - 1825)

Married in Sydney Cove in 1788. Birthdates conflicted in merge: either 1 Mar 1763 or 5 May 1764

5/10/2008 1/1/2011

John Martin (1755 - 1837)


One of the convict men of African descent who arrived on the first fleet

2/2/2009 12/30/2010

She was tried at the Old Bailey in 1786 for stealing and received a sentence of 7 years transportation, arriving on the transport Lady Penthyn. "Ester Harwood "otherwise Howard" received a sentence of ...

2/2/2009 12/30/2010

John Randall "Convict" (1774 - 1822)

"Black Randall"

African American - see

2/2/2009 12/30/2010

First fleet convict (Alexander). Convicted at 'New Sarum' of stealing 1 wether sheep - death commuted to 7 years. Birth: Mar 23 1757 - East Knoyle, Wiltshire England Death: Dec 24 1824 - Sussex R...

2/2/2009 12/27/2010

Served on the Sirius, First Fleet. Peter Hibbs was born in Swanage, England in 1761. Family History states he stowed away on board the "Endeavour" with Captain James Cook when he was a young boy. Eve...

2/2/2009 12/25/2010

Owen Cavanough (1762 - 1841)

OWEN CAVANOUGH - First Fleeter. OWEN came to AUSTRALIA as a SEAMAN on "Ceres" (Sirius) in 1788. Able seaman Owen Cavanough was the first person to step on Australia soil (to secure the longboat) on...

2/2/2009 12/25/2010

George BANNISTER, convict (c.1768 - 1854)

He was tried at Old Bailey, London on 21 April 1784 for burglary with a value of 13 shillings. He was sentenced to transportation for 7 years and left England on the Alexander aged about 19 at that tim...

2/2/2009 12/25/2010

Ann Forbes was a convict on First Fleet. She had large family. Her complete genealogy is in 'Transported to Paradise: a genealogy of Ann Forbes ' by Douglas R. Huxley Ann Forbes was tried at the Surr...

12/22/2007 12/25/2010

Robert was a Cornishman of modest education who was convicted of stealing five and a half pounds of yarn at the Bodmin assizes in 1786. He was sentenced to 7 years and transported aboard the ship 'Scar...

11/8/2008 12/25/2010

Story on Robert Forrester appeared in court on 30 April 1783 charged with the theft of gold coins. He was sentenced to death for his crime. On 10 Sep 1783 he received a reprieve and was ...

5/14/2009 12/25/2010

Matthew James Everingham was 18 when he arrived here in chains. A law clerk in London, he was short of his rent money one week and stole from his master a book worth five shillings which he pawned. His...

2/2/2009 12/25/2010

John Owen, convict (c.1768 - 1826)

John Owen was convicted of the theft of a case with 18 Knives and forks to the value of 7s and arrived on the Scarborough (1st Fleet). Once here he was charged with aiding and abetting William Boggis w...

8/7/2008 11/5/2010