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PFC Philip Lue Milligan (1912 - 1945)

Philip L. Milligan was an East High School graduate and worked as a checker. He entered the service from CP Dodge Herrold, Iowa on 20 March 1944 as a Private and went overseas September 6. He was w...

10/2/2020 10/2/2020

Sewall G. Randall, Corpl Co I 4th Minnesota. Wounded in breast at battle of Allatoona, Ga., Oct. 5, 1864. Died Oct. 6, 1864. Listed Warsaw, Rice County, Minn. as residence when he enlisted Oct. 14, 1...

9/28/2020 9/28/2020

PFC John Edward Miller (1925 - 1945)

Pfc John E. Miller enlisted at Fort Snelling Minnesota on 8 February 1944. Pfc Miller attended the Albert Lea high school and was a member of the First Methodist church. Just before going overseas he...

9/26/2020 9/26/2020

Corp. John Henry Todd (1919 - 1948)

John H. Todd, 28, who was wounded near Naples in the invasion of Italy by American troops Nov. 17, 1943, and who has been a patient in government hospitals since that time, died early Sunday morning at...

9/22/2020 9/22/2020

SSgt. Cecil R Merrell (1918 - 1945)

St. Merrell was attached to the 5th Armored Division. He Died of Wounds received in combat.

9/20/2020 9/20/2020

2nd Lt Wendell K. McConnaha volunteered for the Air Corps of the Army of the United States as an aviation cadet in Omaha, Nebraska on 22 January 1942. He attended college for 2 years and was a mana...

9/4/2020 9/4/2020

He was adopted as a child by the McAlpins. 1st Lt Virgil R. Mc Alpin enlisted as a private in Chicago, Illinois on 18 March 1941. He attended college for 1 year and was a plumber before he en...

11/13/2015 8/30/2020

PVT CO A 49 NY INF He died in hospital at Philadelphia from fighting at Battle of the Wilderness.

8/29/2020 8/29/2020

John Roberts (1813 - 1862)

Son of Norton Roberts and Martha Roberts. Husband of Frances "Franky" Roberts. Children: Joan Roberts Finklea Elizabeth M. Roberts Hayes Arrametta Roberts Gaddy Sarah Frances Roberts Robert...

7/6/2018 8/27/2020

SSgt. Donald W Massey (1921 - 1945)

S/Sgt Donald W. Massey enlisted in Detroit, Michigan on 29 August 1940. He died of combat wounds 2 April 1945.

8/24/2020 8/24/2020

Sgt. John Simin Briggs (1832 - 1863)

1st Corporal. 2nd Sergeant, February 9, 1863. Captured at Fort Donelson. Exchanged. Wounded at Chickamauga, Georgia, September 19, 1863. Died of wound September 23, 1863.

11/6/2019 8/12/2020

Corp. Paul B Klase (1923 - 1945)

Cpl. Paul B. Klase was a chauffeur. He enlisted in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on 23 February 1943. He trained at camps in Texas and Florida before being sent abroad in July 1944. His motherdied whe...

7/31/2020 7/31/2020

Col. Charles Ellet, (USA) MP (1810 - 1862)

ELLET, Charles, civil engineer, was born at Penn's Manor, Bucks co., Penn., Jan. 1, 1810, son of Charles and Mary (Israel) Ellet, and grandson of Charles and Hannah (Carpenter) Ellet. His father, a f...

5/21/2011 7/29/2020

(USA) Henry L. Nye (1841 - 1899)

Henry L. Nye;Co. K 93rd Inf. Reg.Service: 19 March 1861-21 July 1861)Mustered into Co. K 93rd Inf. Reg. Oct.21, 1861Mustered out 21 Dec. 1863Mustered in 1 June 1864Mustered out 27 June 1865Wounded at W...

7/16/2020 7/26/2020

Sgt. Thomas Blake Kilmer (1911 - 1945)

T/5 Thomas B. Kilmer attended college for 1 year before he enlisted in Dallas, Texas on 24 June 1943. Larry Kilmer (son): "He was a Demolition Specialist in a Combat Engineer Regiment. My Dad had...

7/26/2020 7/26/2020

1Lt. James M Kilgore (1910 - 1945)

7/26/2020 7/26/2020

Sgt. Rudolph L Keplinger (1922 - 1945)

Rudolph served as a Sergeant, 12th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division, U.S. Army during World War II. He resided in Washington County, Maryland prior to the war. He enlisted in the Army on De...

7/22/2020 7/22/2020

(USA) Adam Nye (1846 - 1864)

Adam Nye Born: 16 Feb. 1846 enlisted 7 March 1864 wounded at Spotsylvania, VA on May 12, 1864 arrived at Mower Hospital 31 May 1864 and died there 4 July 1864

7/16/2020 7/16/2020

Served as a Private in Company C of the 34th Illinois Volunteer Infantry. Enlisted on January 27, 1864; died at Chattanooga Military Hospital of wounds received during the Battle of Resaca.

6/26/2020 6/26/2020

Erik Sigfridinpoika Engman (1693 - 1742)


Erkki Sipinpoika otettiin Pohjanmaan jalkaväkirykmentin Kalajoen komppanian ruotuun No 31 nimellä Ängeslevä (Engeslefwä) v. 1713. Nimi viittaa Ylivieskan Ängeslevän taloon ja ruotu torppineen sijaitsi ...

6/25/2018 6/26/2020

Pvt. US Army, 8th Regiment, KY Cavalry, Co. F, Died at the Battle of Perryville, Boyle County, KY. Note: For information on the Battle of Perryville, Perryville, Boyle County, KY see following URL be...

6/23/2020 6/23/2020

Died August 6, 1864 at Chattanooga, from wounds received at Peach Tree Creek, near Atlanta, Ga., July 20, 1864

6/23/2020 6/23/2020

Ephraim Kirby's son, Joseph Lee Kirby Smith, soldier, born in New York city in 1836; died at Corinth, Mississippi October 12 1862, was graduated at the United States Military Academy in 1857, served as...

7/26/2013 6/18/2020

PVT (CSA), William J Chambers MP (1840 - 1862)

"William Chambers", "W J Chambers"

Biography William J Chambers was born in 1840 in Wilkinson, Georgia, United States. His parents were Allen Jack Chambers and Mary Chambers . He was a Farmer, Soldier. He died on June 27, 1862 in Ri...

6/8/2019 6/1/2020

Juha Erik Kosola (1901 - 1940)

1: KOSOLA, JUHA EERIK sääty naimisissa sukupuoli mies kansalaisuus FI kansallisuus FI äidinkieli suomi lasten lukumäärä 2 ammatti maanviljelijä sotilasarvo sotamies joukko-osasto JR 67 joukko-osastok...

1/30/2019 5/21/2020

Iisakki Takalampi (1905 - 1940)

Lapua > syntyneet, 1900-1908 > 137: 09.1905 > Sotilasarvo: sotamies, joukko-osasto: Esik K/JR 23

5/19/2020 5/19/2020

5/5/2020 5/5/2020

Pvt. (USA), Elias Shreve (1823 - 1864)

Elias Shreve BIRTH 1823 Monroe County, Ohio, USA DEATH 1 Jul 1864 (aged 40–41) Harrisonburg, Rockingham County, Virginia, USA BURIAL Staunton National Cemetery Staunton, Staunton City, Virginia El...

8/2/2009 5/4/2020

George A Wyatt (1921 - 1945)

Pfc George A. Wyatt enlisted in Dallas, Texas on 17 July 1944. He worked as a molder before he enlisted. His wife received word from the war department that Pfc Wyatt was "slighty" wounded in Germany A...

4/30/2020 4/30/2020

WOODWARD, JOHN R. (1831–1863). John R. Woodward, physician and Confederate officer, son of Thomas Woodward and Julia Amanda Rice Woodward, was born in South Carolina in 1831. He had seven brothers and ...

9/2/2011 4/29/2020

Civil War Confederate Army Officer. Born in Waynesboro, Virginia, he served during the Mexican War as a 2nd Lieutenant in the 1st Virginia Volunteer Infantry (a unit whose Major was future Confederate ...

3/3/2020 4/20/2020

Ahti Tapani Karppinen (1924 - 1944)

==Suomen sodissa 1939-1945 menehtyneiden tietokanta== Sotilasarvo: vänrikki Joukko-osasto: Jalkaväkirykmentti 29, 1. konekiväärikomppania (1. KKK/JR 29) Haavoittui: 18.06.1944 Kannas Siviilisääty: na...

8/22/2019 4/12/2020

Pvt. (CSA) , Jackson M Key MP (1837 - 1863)

"Csa Key"

Biography Pvt. (CSA) , Jackson M Key was born in 1837 in White Plains, Chesterfield, South Carolina, United States. His parents were Pvt. (CSA) , John B. Key and Temperance Key . He was a Farmer, Sol...

6/5/2009 4/9/2020

Service record to the "Confederate States of America" during the American Civil War* Born - 4/1832 Enlisted - 4/18/1861 @ Conrad's Store, (now Elkton,Virginia) as Cpl., Co I, 10th. Virginia Infan...

7/1/2014 3/21/2020

Pvt. Amos M. Daniel, CSA MP (1839 - 1862)

Son of Job and Celia Hill Daniel of Batesville, Habersham Co. Ga. husband of Selia Ann Smith and father of 1 child Alice Daniel. enlisted May 7th 1862 Co K 24th Ga Regiment Infantry. Was wounded near F...

3/20/2020 3/20/2020

Antti Vähäsarja (1905 - 1941)

Palveli kiväärimiehenä talvi- ja jatkosodassa. Haavoittui Voitajoella 6.9.41 vasempaan käteen sekä Ala-Vilmajoella 26.12.41 vaikeasti LUE taisteluista tarkemmin kirjasta "Pitkospolku, JR 33 ja 12.Pr ...

1/20/2016 3/13/2020

Benjamin Kotivuori (1915 - 1973)

Työmies Suistamo, Jalovaara Varusmiespalvelus 1940-41 Ylämylly, 8.prikaati Jatkosota: JR 8, 1.Pataljoona, Petroskoi, Syväri Korpraali

6/14/2014 2/23/2020

Alvi Kotivuori (1913 - 1948)

"Alvian Iljin"

Maanviljelijä. Suistamo, Jalovaara Talvisota: Kev. Os. 23 Ulismainen, Korpijärvi Jatkosota: JR 14 Kalastajasaarento, Louhi, Kiestinki Korpraali ==Suomen sodissa 1939-1945 menehtyneiden tietokan...

6/14/2014 2/23/2020

2/12/2020 2/12/2020

Jesse Turner Rogers (1820 - 1864)

12/21/2008 2/4/2020

Uuno Aukusti Pystö (1917 - 1941) Suomen sodissa 1939 - 1945 menehtyneet ==Suomen sodissa 1939-1945 menehtyneiden tietokanta== Sotilasarvo: sotamies Joukko-osasto: Jalkaväkirykmentti 29, 8. komppania (8./JR 29)

7/7/2019 1/28/2020

Lewis Addison Armistead (February 18, 1817 – July 5, 1863) was a Confederate brigadier general in the American Civil War, who was wounded, captured and died after Pickett's Charge at the Battle of Ge...

6/7/2010 1/27/2020

Col. Daniel Chaplin (1820-1864) was a Union officer in the American Civil War who died in battle and was posthumously made a Major General. Under Chaplin's command, the ill-fated charge of the 1st Ma...

8/15/2011 1/26/2020

Olavi Halsinaho (1913 - 1944) Suomen sodissa 1939 - 1945 menehtyneet ==Suomen sodissa 1939-1945 menehtyneiden tietokanta== Sotilasarvo: sotamies Joukko-osasto: Rajajääkäripataljoona 7, 2. komppania (2./Rj....

1/5/2018 1/26/2020

Arvo Juhani Hakasaari (1923 - 1944)

"Arvo Johan"

Tiedot Himangan veteraanimatrikkelista "Kova Aika - Himankalaiset II maailmansodassa" (s. 219), toim. Teuvo Tuorila, 2007. Suomen sodissa 1939 - 1945 menehtyneet

12/10/2018 1/26/2020

Pleasant Floyd (1835 - 1862)

Pvt. (CSA) Pleasant Floyd enlisted at Conwayboro, April 12, 1862; died September 4, 1862, of wounds received at Second Manassas, August 29, 1862. He served in 1st Infantry Gregg's Company F

12/26/2019 1/25/2020

Joseph P. Floyd MP (c.1835 - 1862)

Joseph P. Floyd was the oldest son of Frederick Floyd and Susanna Floyd Floyd. Joseph P. Floyd was a Pvt., Co. F 1 Regiment CSA South Carolina Vols. He enlisted at Conwayboro, August 7, 1861; died Ju...

12/24/2019 1/20/2020

Pvt. (CSA), Thomas Baxley MP (b. - 1862)

Private, Company B, 6th Regiment, Alabama Infantry, CSA Thomas Baxley, born about 1838, was enlisted on March 8 at Abbeville, Alabama, by Capt. J. N. Lightfoot and received a bounty for enlisting. He...

1/19/2020 1/19/2020

Pvt. (USA), Marion Flack (1841 - 1862)

Gravesite Details: Company E. 15th Illinois Infantry. Flack, Marion BATTLE UNIT NAME: 15th Regiment, Illinois Infantry SIDE: Union COMPANY: E SOLDIER'S RANK IN: Private SOLDIER'S RANK OUT: Private AL...

1/12/2020 1/14/2020

Illinois Civil War Detail Report Name: Flack, John H Rank: PVT Company: E Unit: 45 IL US INF Residence: Woodbine, Jo Daviess, IL Age: 23 Height: 5' 7 1/2 Hair: Light Eyes: Blue Complexion: Light Marita...

1/12/2020 1/14/2020

George enlisted in the Confederate States Army on 25 July 1863. Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He was mustered as a Private in Tarrent's Battery, Alabama Light Artillery. On 24 August 1863 he was appointed 3rd C...

8/23/2018 1/12/2020

GEDCOM Note === John James McKeown died at the Battle of Williamsburg. He served in the Confederate Army in Company C, 5th Regiment, South Carolina Volunteers, during the American Civil War. Reference:...

9/21/2016 1/10/2020

Private Ira James Peace (CSA) was killed in the Battle of Seven Pines.

1/7/2020 1/9/2020

Graduated from Davidson College in 1853. Was a farmer in Burke County, and married Julia Manly, daughter of Gov Charles Manly. Enlisted as Lt, Co G, 1stNC (Bethel Rgmt) on 25-Apr-61. Eventually Colonel...

1/2/2020 1/6/2020

Lorenzo Mavili MP (1860 - 1912)

Lorentzos Mavilis (Greek: Λορέντζος Μαβίλης; 6 September 1860 – 28 November 1912) was a Greek poet and chess problems composer. He is best known for his sonnets. He was born in Ithaca and was of Span...

5/2/2017 12/31/2019

Civil War Veteran: Co C 8th OVI Mortally wounded at Battle of Winchester, Va His military story is in CC Liberty Remembers. Parcher, Daniel R. BATTLE UNIT NAME: 8th Regiment, Ohio Infantry SIDE: Unio...

12/30/2019 12/30/2019

Son of Benson Maxwell & Elizabeth B. Johnston. Born on 12/11/1799. Pvt. Zachariah Benson Maxwell died in battle at the Battle of Cedar Creek, Frederick County, VA on October 19, 1864. He was 19 years...

4/5/2018 12/30/2019

Armijah Hayes Johnson, I MP (1821 - 1871)

Armijah Hayes Johnson was the son of Meshach Johnson/Johnston and Rebecca Rhea Johnson. One of seven brothers who served in the CSA. A captain in the Tenth Regiment, SC C Company, CSA, Armijah Johnso...

7/4/2015 12/28/2019

Pvt. (CSA), Gratz Cohen (1844 - 1865)

Gratz Cohen was the son of the Hon. Solomon Cohen and Miriam (Gratz) Cohen. In June 1861, at age 16, he enlisted in the Savannah Artillery. Three months later he "was appointed Aide, with the rank of C...

3/28/2012 12/25/2019

Pvt. Frank E Burke (1896 - 1918)

12/13/2019 12/13/2019

Lieutenant Edward A. Rhodes distinguished himself as a member of the Eleventh North Carolina Regiment at Gettysburg, where he was killed in action.

11/7/2019 12/7/2019

Residence : 1850 - Hancock county, part of, Hancock, Georgia, United States Reference: FamilySearch Family Tree - SmartCopy : Dec 26 2018, 13:52:20 UTC Enlisted in the CSA in Georgia as a Pv...

12/26/2018 12/7/2019

Enlisted as a Pvt. in Co. I, 19th Infantry, GA, CSA on June 22, 1861. Wounded in the knee at 2nd Manassas on August 30, 1862. His leg was amputated and he died from his wounds at the Confederate Hosp...

11/30/2019 12/4/2019

Eric Alley was working on Frederic Alley’s land in Lumsden when war was declared. Eric wasted no time in joining the Otago Mounted Rifles and later the Otago Infantry. Although wounded, Eric survived...

11/20/2007 12/3/2019

; findagrave ... James Byron Gordon (November 2, 1822 – May 18, 1864) was a brigadier general in the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War. He was killed in action at the Battle of Me...

3/13/2009 12/3/2019

Birth: 1828 Georgia, USA Death: Jul. 28, 1864 Atlanta Fulton County Georgia, USA (Memorial)Pvt. Thomas E.L.Howle, Company A, 1st Alabama Regiment Infantry (Tallapoosa Rifles) (CSA). The Company ros...

3/13/2009 12/2/2019

Confederate Soldier who died in the Battle of Vicksburg on 7/4/1863. Vicksburg, MS. Source:

11/30/2019 12/1/2019

Samuel Vance Fulkerson (1822–1862), who had been a lawyer and Circuit Court judge prior to the war, was the colonel of the 37th Virginia Infantry and was killed at the Battle of Gaines' Mill during the...

8/13/2012 11/27/2019

Enlisted March 2,1864, Co "C" 17th PA Cavalry. Wounded May 31,1864 at Cold Harbor,VA. Died of his wounds in Washington, June 13,1864.John's name was misspelled in the military records. It should be Sei...

5/13/2019 10/31/2019

Private, Company H 14th Georgia Regiment. Battle of the Wilderness, received a severe head wound May 5, 1864. Died after surgery May 13th, 1864. M Peavy

4/1/2019 10/8/2019

Pvt. (USA) Jackson Boyer (1825 - 1863)

From Civil War Military records: Jackson Boyer age 37 of Springville,Iowa nativity Pennsylvania enlisted Aug 11 1862 into Co H 24th Iowa Infantry. Wounded May 16 1863 Battle of Champion Hill,MS Die...

10/5/2019 10/7/2019

John Calhoun Lamb, businessman, Confederate regimental officer, and a war casualty, was born in Camden County, the oldest child of Wilson Gray and Eliza Williams Lamb. His paternal grandparents, Mary...

9/20/2019 10/7/2019

Enlisted in Co D, Third North Carolina Infantry Regiment. Was wounded at Battle of Sharpsburg on September 17, 1862. Was taken to Shepherdstown, WV where he later died and buried there. He was removed ...

10/3/2019 10/5/2019

Civil War Union Army Soldier. He served during the Civil War as a Private in Company B, 73rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry. During the second day of the Battle of Gettysburg (July 2, 1863), he was wounded in...

9/22/2007 9/15/2019

Isaac Newton Gaston served as a Private in Company F, Sixth South Carolina Infantry Regiment; which fought with the Army of the Potomac, under the command of Brigadier General D.R. Jones. Private Isaac...

6/4/2018 9/15/2019

Cpl. (CSA) David L. Cody (1829 - 1862)

Cpl. D.L. Cody, 13th Arkansas Infantry, died on August 29-30, 1862 from wounds received during the Battle of Richmond, Kentucky. He is buried in a mass grave in Section H of the Richmond Cemetery.

5/1/2018 8/2/2019

Reuben served in Company K 36th Wisconsin Infantry during the Civil War. Reuben died of wounds received on June 3,1864 at the battle of Cold Harbor Virginia. Reuben and Caroline Biesecker,PA. farmers...

7/18/2019 7/19/2019

Lt. Seth W. Maupin (CSA) MP (1840 - 1891)

Seth Maupin enlisted in Company E, Kentucky 11th Cavalry Regiment on 10 Sep 1862. Unmarried. Died from wound received at Mt. Sterling.

1/6/2016 7/17/2019

CSA Samuel W Holt (1832 - 1863)

Five of the Holt brothers fought for the confederacy during the Civil War. Enlistment information on four of them can be found here: A story about Samuel W Holt can be found here: Samuel W. Hol...

6/28/2007 7/11/2019

Died in the Battle of Cedar Mountain. Google Books A History of Rowan County, North Carolina Craige, Cletus BATTLE UNIT NAME: 6th Regiment, North Carolina Infantry

7/9/2019 7/9/2019

U.S.Civil War Soldier Records and Profiles, 1861-1865 Name: Israel M Piper Enlistment Date: 12 Aug 1862 Rank at enlistment: Private State Served: Illinois Service Record: Enlisted in company I, Illin...

12/26/2016 7/9/2019

Major of Cavalry, 1st CSA Regulars, Co A. Died in Corinth, Mississippi of wounds received the previous day at the Battle of Farmington, Tennessee. Brother of Francis and Thomas, son of Alfred and Eliza...

6/28/2019 6/28/2019

Walter Allen Godfredsen (1923 - 1947)

IOWA STAFF SGT 1 INF WORLD WAR II - BSF PH Walter Allen Godfredsen Memorial Birth: Aug. 26, 1923 Bancroft Kossuth County Iowa, USA Death: May 30, 1947 Bancroft Kossuth County Iowa, ...

7/9/2010 6/14/2019

(USA) Timothy Merrow (b. - 1864)

Company B 7 Maine Volunteers From Robert Otis "Wounded at the Battle of Cedar Creek, VA., 19 Oct 1864. Died approx. 1 month later of pyaemia suffered by gunshot wound at McClellan General Hospital in...

8/5/2017 6/13/2019

Wikipedia of Colonel George S. Patton Note: Col. Patton is the grandfather of his namesake, General George S. Patton, III, of WWII fame. Wikipedia, General George S. Patton George Smith Patton (183...

3/26/2007 6/7/2019

Alvian Röpelinen (1925 - 1944)


Suomen sodissa 1939-1945 menehtyneiden tietokanta Sotilasarvo: sotamies Joukko-osasto: Jalkaväkirykmentti 49, 6. komppania (6./JR 49) Haavoittui: 13.07.1944 Vuoksenranta, Finland Siviilisääty: naim...

11/25/2012 6/3/2019

Johannes Rajavaara (1918 - 1941)

sodissa 1939-1945 menehtyneiden tietokanta== Sotilasarvo: sotamies Joukko-osasto: Jalkaväkirykmentti 5, I pataljoona (I/JR 5) Haavoittui: 06.08.1941 Kananoja, Nuijamaa, Finland Siviilisääty: naimaton L...

6/8/2014 6/3/2019

Although born in Buxton, Maine, became a Confederate officer. Attended South Carolina Military Academy. Became a lawyer. Captain and aide to General T.R.R. Cobb. Mortally wounded at Fredericksburg whil...

2/10/2017 5/30/2019

10/27/2018 5/24/2019

Wounded severely in knee Apr 6 1862 at Battle of Shiloh,TN. Leg amputated Apr 25 1862 Keokuk Hospital. Died May 12 1862 Keokuk,Iowa. Pvt Caleb Lewis Kirk BIRTH 1831 Ohio, USA DEATH 12 May 1862 (aged ...

8/11/2013 5/21/2019

Vilho Emil Hynninen (1898 - 1941)

Kuoli naimattomana jatkosodassa haavoituttuaan edellisenä päivänä Gavrilovskajan taistelu Syvärillä

4/20/2019 4/20/2019

Pvt. Bishop Marvin Lee (1894 - 1918)

4/17/2019 4/18/2019

Kosti Ilmari Salminen (1918 - 1941)

Kotipaikka kuollessa oli Turku. Haavoittui jatkosodassa ja kuoli vammoihinsa. sodissa 1939-1945 menehtyneiden tietokanta== Sotilasarvo: sotamies Siviilisääty: naimaton Lapsia: 0 Kansalaisuus: Suomi Kan...

2/12/2016 4/18/2019

Toivo Kärnä (1895 - 1941)

Toivo Kärnä (8. tammikuuta 1895 Lappajärvi – 10. heinäkuuta 1941) oli suomalainen jääkärikapteeni ja Tuntematon sotilas -romaanin kapteeni Kaarnan esikuva. Hänen vanhempansa olivat maanviljelijä Matti ...

2/9/2018 4/17/2019

Suomen sodissa 1939-1945 menehtyneiden tietokanta Sotilasarvo: eversti Joukko-osasto: Kevyt prikaati (Kev.Pr.; Kev.Pr.E) Haavoittui: 24.08.1941 Lyykylä, Viipurin mlk, Finland Siviilisääty: naimisissa...

3/20/2010 4/16/2019

Johan Georg Aspelund (1838 - 1877)

When getting wounded in the battle of Gorni Dubniak, he was in service of a Russian unit, not the Finnish Guard.

2/14/2009 4/11/2019

Johan Torkel Rosenbom (1827 - 1877)

"Ivan Rosenbom"

When getting wounded in the battle of Plevna, he was in service of a Russian unit, not the Finnish Guard. Porvoon lukiossa 1844-1846. Suomen Kaartin rippikirjassa 1848-1851 aliupseerina, saan...

3/24/2009 4/11/2019

Väinö Fredrik Polttila (1890 - 1940)

jääkärieversti Väinö ja Olga Polttilan lapset: Brita, Erkki, Klaus ja Rauni. Väinö Fredrik Ilván myöh. Polttila (15. elokuuta 1890 Dragsfjärd – 13. kesäkuuta 1940) oli suomalainen jääkärieversti. H...

2/25/2016 4/8/2019

Eero Julius Ilván (1894 - 1918)

jääkärivaravahtimestari sotasurmat 1914-1922 tietokanta== Osapuoli: Valkoinen Siviilisääty: naimaton Sotilasjärjestö: Valkoinen armeija Sotilasasema: joukkueenjohtaja Sotilasarvo: aliupseeri Sotilas ...

2/25/2016 4/8/2019

Pvt. (USA) John Best (1805 - 1862)

John Best was born around 1805, the oldest of 12 children of Elias and Nancy (Archibald) Best who farmed in Donegal Township, Westmoreland County,PA. He was the grandson of James Best, born in Irelan...

5/27/2015 4/3/2019