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Jacob Gerstl MP (1885 - 1944)

4/4/2013 4/20/2014

Moses Gerstl MP (1876 - c.1942)

"Mozes", "Moritz"

Dokumentationsarchiv des österreichischen Widerstandes First Name Moses Last Name Gerstl Date of Birth 09.04.1876 Residence Wien 2, Leopoldsgasse 22/7 Deportation Wien/Litzmannstadt Date ...

4/4/2013 4/20/2014

Max Gerstl MP (1875 - d.)

4/4/2013 4/20/2014

Michael Gerstl MP (deceased)

4/4/2013 4/20/2014

Leopold Gerstl MP (1844 - 1926)


4/4/2013 4/20/2014

Moisej Neustadt MP (deceased)

11/23/2009 4/19/2014

Leopoldo de Aguiar MP (c.1853 - d.)

We know the name of Leopoldo de Aguiar and his wife Delfina González de la Vega from Juana Suarez de Aguiar and Rolando Gustavo de Aguiar. The names of his brothers (and his surname) are dubious. We ...

11/24/2007 1/25/2013

Baruch Don-Yachya MP (1755 - 1830)

The daughter of Elijah, the Wilna Gaon, was Pesche Batja, wife of Rabbi Zvi Hersh ben Yitzhak Donchin. The antecedents of Yitzhak Donchin have not as yet been discovered but every appearance of that ...

1/13/2008 7/27/2012

Private Private MP (deceased)

7/27/2012 7/27/2012

12/21/2010 4/11/2012

Napoléon Bonaparte (15 August 1769 – 5 May 1821), was a military and political leader of France and Emperor of the French as Napoleon I, whose actions shaped European politics in the early 19th century...

3/20/2007 3/10/2012

Gianfaldo Buonaparte MP (1190 - d.)

Buonapartet olivat alun perin pieni italialainen maa-aatelissuku, jonka omaisuus oli pääasiassa San Miniaton ympäroivällä kukkulalla lähellä Firenzeä. Vaikka Buonapartet toimivat toskanalaisilla markin...

9/30/2008 2/19/2012

Rolando Gustavo de Aguiar MP (1915 - 2011)

"Rolando Gustavo Alfonso Maria Cleofe de los Desamparados de Aguiar Olazábal Gonzalez de la Vega Nuñez y Villavicencio"

Rolando, who passed away in June 2011, was an accountant. He grew up in Havana, on Calle Lagunas, about two blocks from the famous Malecon. He moved to the United States in 1962 and ended up in Duxbury...

10/2/2007 11/1/2011

Johan Fillip Korn MP (1727 - 1796)

2/19/2009 10/21/2011

William Harvey MP (1578 - 1657)

Wikipedia Biographical Summary: "... William Harvey (1 April 1578 – 3 June 1657) was an English physician who was the first person to describe completely and in detail the systemic circulation and pr...

4/19/2007 10/21/2011

Francis Ford Coppola MP

Napa, Napa County, CA, United States

Schooled in low-budget filmmaking, Francis Ford Coppola has gone on to direct some of the most financially successful and critically praised movies in U.S. cinematic history, including The Godfather ...

9/20/2007 10/21/2011