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Mårten Rosenmann MP (b. - 1677)

Lastname Rosenmann or Roosemond came on the 1654 Eagle - New Sweden Immigrants

3/13/2010 9/15/2014

Jöns Månsson Skog MP (c.1630 - d.)

He was one of the settlers of New Sweden, in what is now Delaware. He appears as Jans Månsson Skog and Jonas Skog, a freeman, as a passenger on the Örn in 1654, commanded by Johan Rising .

6/6/2014 6/6/2014

Johan Thorsson Skagen MP (1620 - c.1658)

"Skagen /Schaggen / Scoggin"

6/5/2011 4/10/2012

Nils "Nicholas" Mattson Utter, Sr MP (c.1636 - 1722)

"Nils", "Nils Nicholas Mattson Utter", "Nicholas Utter"

Notes for NICHOLAS MATTSON UTTER: Nils Matson Utter soldier and member of the tenth expedition to Delaware. Found on Parkhouse records from May and June 1655. from research in Sweden: Nils (Niels) Ma...

7/6/2008 4/9/2012

Johan Rising MP (1611 - 1672)


Guvernör i Nya Sverige 1654; assessor i sjörätten 1660; adlad 1653 12/10 med namnet Rising; † 1672 28/4 i Stettin. Stamfader för adliga ätten Rising nr 600. Ur Wiki: Som kommissarie och assiste...

1/22/2012 3/29/2012

Matthias Nicolai Nertunius MP (1622 - 1680)

Kyrkoherde. Mathias Nertunius, troligen från Närtuna i Uppland. Den 3 juli 1649 seglade Nertunius och sjuttio andra passagerare till Nya Sverige från Göteborg ombord på Katt. Fartyget förliste i Vä...

2/3/2012 2/3/2012

Måns Peterson Stake MP (1615 - c.1698)

He came to New Sweden ( on the Delaware River) on the ship "Eagle" with Governor Rising in 1654 as the governor's provost marshal. After the surrender of New Sweden, he moved to New Amsterdam where he ...

11/29/2008 1/25/2012

Giösta Gustaf Danielsson MP (1624 - 1681)

Arrived in New Sweden in 1654 on the "Eagle"; a tailor and a solder.

11/29/2008 12/15/2011

Johan Björnsson Printz MP (1592 - 1663)

Johan Printz, född 1592 som Johan Björnsson, i Bottnaryd, Småland, död 1663. Överstelöjtnant, guvernör över Nya Sverige 1642-1653 och landshövding i Jönköpings län 1658-1663, 1642 utsågs Printz a...

10/10/2007 12/14/2011

Peter Månsson MP (b. - 1682)

11/21/2011 12/13/2011

Martti Marttinen MP (1610 - 1706)

Martti Martinpoika Marttinen (Mårten Mårtensson) was a Finn born about 1610 in Rautalampi, Finland. He first emigrated to Sweden, later, in 1654 arrived to America on the ship Örnen ("The Eagle") on ...

3/7/2007 12/13/2011

Hendrick Jacobsson MP (c.1630 - 1704)

120. Hendrick Jacobsson (Brandywine Creek, Christiana hundred, 238 acres) arrived in New Sweden as a soldier in 1654 and was stationed at Fort Christina in 1655. He married about this time and sett...

8/28/2008 12/10/2011

Alexander "Sander" Boijer MP (c.1618 - aft.1661)

"Sander Boyer", "Sander Boijer", "Boyer", "Alexander Sander Boyer // Sander Boyer"

See The Swedish American Genealogist (1998) ISSN 0275-9314, New Sweden Settlers, 1638-1664, Part 6 (1654, continued), p. 140: "Alexander Boyer, also called Sander Boyer, served as the Dutch quarterma...

7/3/2009 12/10/2011

Henrick Johansson MP (1654 - c.1655)

9/26/2008 12/10/2011

Olof "Rawson" Rase MP (1669 - 1754)

Olof Rase, more commonly known as Olle or Wolla Rawson and finally as William Rawson. He had arrived in New Sweden as a soldier on the Eagle in 1654 and, together with Nils Larsson Frände had been li...

1/22/2007 12/9/2011

Simon Johnson MP (b. - c.1700)

11/14/2011 12/7/2011

Bernt Papegoja MP (1649 - 1700)

Född på Kristine skans i kolonien NYA SVERIGE, död i Järpås socken och begraven i Järpås kyrka i Skaraborg där hans epitafium finns. Han var en välbärgad man och efterlämnade vid sin död flera större...

10/10/2007 12/7/2011

Armegot Printz MP (1625 - 1695)

I litteratur går hon emellanåt under namnet "Armegot Papegoja" eller "Armegard Papegoja".

10/10/2007 12/7/2011

Captain Sven Skute MP (1623 - 1665)

Colonial Swedes Sven Svensson Skute, a veteran of the Thirty Years War (1618-1648), was the highest-ranking official to remain in New Sweden after its surrender to the Dutch in 1655. Prior to his c...

11/5/2007 12/7/2011

Johan Papegoja MP (c.1610 - 1667)

Fourth Governor of New Sweden Född under 1610-talet. Papegoja (även Johan Pappegoya), född cirka 1610, död 21 eller 23 mars 1667, var åren 1653–1654 den femte guvernören över Nya Sverige vid Nordamer...

10/10/2007 12/7/2011

Lars Andersson Collinus MP (b. - 1689)

Arriving on the Eagle with Governor Rising, was Lars Andersson Collinus, a "münster" (minister's) scribe, who soon married Måns Lom's widow. In 1664, Olof Stille's family and the Lom family (with its n...

4/7/2009 12/2/2011

Anders Pålsson Mullica MP (1640 - aft.1690)

Anders Pålsson Mullica, the youngest son, was called Andrew Mullica in the 1661 record of his move to Maryland, but he generally was known as Andrew Poulson, which was the surname used by his sons. In ...

2/12/2011 11/29/2011

Nils Jöransson MP (deceased)

Nils Jöransson (also known as Cornelius Urinson) and his wife Elinor. Nils had arrived in New Sweden as a soldier on the Eagle in 1654 Cornelius "Nils" Urinson arrived in New Sweden as a soldier ...

11/21/2011 11/29/2011

Dr. Tymen Lulofsson Stiddem MP (1610 - 1686)

"Timothy", "Tim", "Timen"

Basic information: Birth: c. 1610, asserted in secondary sources either to be: Hammel, Gjern Herred, Åbosyssel, Kingdom of Denmark Hammel, unspecified "socken" (parish), Medelpad Landskap, Kin...

9/12/2007 11/25/2011

Marcus Laurenson MP (1640 - 1689)

Markus Lourens or Marcus Laurenson or Markus Larsson Came on 1654 The Eagle (Örn) Laurenson = Larsson (Son of Lars), Markus = Marcus a Swedish immigrant; immigrated to the Dutch-controlled Delaware...

3/17/2009 11/25/2011

Samuel Petersson MP (c.1639 - 1689)


Came with the ship Örnen (the Eagle) arrived in New Sweden in 1654 A qualifying New Sweden Forefather.2 Samuel Petersson was christened circa 1629 at Fyrksände Parish, Värmland län, Finland. He was t...

8/25/2007 11/21/2011

Pål Jönsson Mullica, the Finn MP (1611 - 1664)

"Paavo Jönsson", "Paavo"

Eric Pålsson Mullica From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Eric Pålsson Mullica (Mullikka) was an early Finnish settler to New Sweden. He and his family were the source of the name of several geograp...

2/2/2009 11/21/2011

Måns Pålsson MP (1610 - 1682)

He was also a Finn arriving on the Eagle in that year and initially settled in "Finland," the area just north of Naa-man's Creek in present Delaware County, This family is documented by Peter Craig...

4/1/2007 11/21/2011

Nils Mattson Andersson MP (c.1614 - c.1654)

The freeman Nils Andersson, his wife and at least four children were aboard the Eagle when that ship left Gothenburg for New Sweden on the 2nd of February 1654. From the burial records of two surviving...

9/22/2007 11/21/2011

Olle Matthiasson // Olof Isgrå // Oliver Calk // Oliver Caulk MP (c.1638 - 1685)

"Olle Matthiasson", "Olof Isgrå", "Oliver Caulk"

Ships name Eagle (Örnen) Olle Matthiasson, alias Olof Isgrå, alias Oliver Caulk and his Caulk/Calk Descendants by Dr. Peter Stebbins Craig Fellow, American Society of Genealogists Fellow, G...

4/10/2009 11/21/2011