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Jane Moone (Pope) (1827 - 1909)

9/20/2019 Yesterday

Charlotte Pipe (1819 - 1857)

Arrived in the United States, New Orleans Louisiana on the ship Washington, from London England, on April 10 1845

9/23/2019 8/13/2021

George Pipe (1821 - 1886)

Arrived in the United States, New Orleans Louisiana on the ship Washington, from London England, on April 10 1845

9/20/2019 8/13/2021

James Buchanan Eads MP (1820 - 1887)

James Buchanan Eads (May 23, 1820 – March 8, 1887) was a world-renowned American civil engineer and inventor, holding more than 50 patents.==============================================================...

6/4/2013 7/19/2021

Elisha Gorden (c.1790 - 1851)

7/6/2020 6/16/2021

Oliver Perry Goodwin (1830 - 1907)

Oliver Perry Goodwin was a complex man with many interests and skills and an amazing career in the Early US West. He was a photographer and Postmaster, a Oregon Trail guide and many other interesting j...

12/4/2012 1/28/2021

Jean-Pierre Chouteau MP (1758 - 1849)

"Laclède", "Jean"

Jean-Pierre Chouteau (called Pierre Chouteau ) was the son of Madame Chouteau and Pierre de Laclede Linguest. Along with his brother Auguste, Pierre helped to initiate the fur trade in the St. Louis re...

11/10/2010 7/8/2018

Antoine Vincent Bouis (c.1752 - d.)

"Bouis was born in Genoa in 1752, emigrated to New Orleans in 1780 and settled in St. Louis in 1782."* Source -

7/8/2018 7/8/2018

Honore Picotte (1796 - 1860)

Honoré Picotte was a member of the fur-trading "French Company," and later was chief agent of the fur-trading Upper Missouri Outfit on the Missouri River. Therese, his legitimate stateside wife in St. ...

11/3/2016 11/5/2016

Brigadier General. Edwards graduated from West Point in 1832 & was assigned to duty at Jefferson Barracks in St. Louis. On April 28, 1835, he married Louise Cabanne, a descendant of the Chouteau family...

7/13/2009 10/25/2016

René Auguste Chouteau, Jr. MP (1749 - 1829)

"rene", "August"

é Auguste Chouteau (September 7, 1749, or September 26, 1750, in New Orleans, Louisiana[1] – February 24, 1825, in St. Louis, Missouri[2]), also known as Auguste Chouteau, was the founder of St. Louis,...

11/10/2010 2/24/2016

Pierre Augustin Laclède MP (1729 - 1778)


Madame Marie Therese Bourgeois Choteau and Pierre de Laclede were founders of St. Louis. They were not married, and hence, her children bore the name of her legal husband, Chouteau. Reference: MyHerita...

11/12/2010 2/24/2016

Marie-Therèse Chouteau MP (c.1733 - 1814)

""La Mere de St. Louis", "" Marie Thérèse Bourgeois", "Laclède", "Laclede", "Madame Chouteau Chouteau", "Madame Chouteau Bourgeois"

Marie Thérèse Chouteau (Bourgeois) was mother of Auguste Chouteau (founder of St. Louis). Madame Chouteau was born in New Orleans & orphaned early in life. In 1749 she married Rene Auguste Chouteau, bu...

3/11/2008 2/24/2016

Sanford, John F. A., frontiersman (1806-May 5, 1857).  From: Encyclopedia of Frontier Biography, Vol. III; P-Z Index by Dan L. Thrapp; pub. The Arthur H. Clark Co., Glendale, CA 1988; p. 1264>Sanford, ...

5/5/2013 2/24/2016

Francis Alexander Sanford (c.1777 - 1848)

From "The Autobiography of John Sanford Barnes" Chapter 1My grandfather, the father of my mother, Francis Alexander Sanford - was born and lived in Virginia, Westmoreland County, where he owned a plant...

5/5/2014 2/24/2016

Hiram Wheeler Leffingwell (1809 - 1897)

"H W"

Hiram Wheeler Leffingwell” (May 3, 1809 – August 28, 1897) was a civil engineer and pioneer real estate developer known for his development of the City of St. Louis Missouri, its suburb Kirkwood Missou...

7/8/2009 8/20/2011

Jemima Sappington (1758 - 1814)

2/15/2008 12/3/2010