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Florent de Varennes (died in Tunis in August 1270) is the first French dignitary to wear the title of Admiral of France in 1269, and as such, became the head of the fleet during the Eighth Crusade and ...

4/9/2013 3/31/2021

7/10/2008 3/22/2021

Guy II de Châtillon, comte de Saint Pol (1227 - 1288)

"Guy II de Châtillon", "comte de Saint Pol (Geni Tree Match)"

Guy II of Châtillon, Count of Saint-PolFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia* English - Wikipedia.... Guy II of Châtillon, Count of Saint-Pol (died 1289), French nobleman, was a younger son of Hugh I o...

1/28/2007 5/21/2016

David, Earl of Atholl MP (c.1245 - 1270)

Douglas Richardson Plantagenet Ancestry David was the son of John de Strathbogie and Ada, suo jure Countess of Atholl. He died at Tunis (or Carthage) in the Eighth Crusade, in the company of Loui...

7/3/2008 7/17/2013

Alphonse, comte de Poitiers MP (1220 - 1271)

Alphonse de PoitiersUn article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. de Poitiers, né le 11 novembre 1220 à Poissy et mort le 21 août 1271, prince de sang royal français, était le frère du roi Saint Louis...

7/3/2007 6/24/2012

Louis IX the Saint, King of France MP (1214 - 1270)

""Ludovico" "San Luis" "San Luis de Francia"", "San Luis Rey"

Louis IX, Roi de France===b. 25 April 1215, d. 25 August 1270Louis IX, Roi de France was born on 25 April 1215 at Poissy, Île-de-France, France.He was the son of Louis VIII, Roi de France and Blanca de...

4/8/2007 6/24/2012

Charles I of Anjou, king of Sicily MP (1226 - 1285)

"Károly I."

Charles I (21 March 1226 – 7 January 1285), commonly called Charles of Anjou , was the King of Sicily by conquest from 1266, though he had received it as a papal grant in 1262 and was expelled from...

6/8/2007 6/24/2012