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6/17/2008 9/20/2013

Attica MP (c.440 - d.)

6/17/2008 9/20/2013

Flavius Egnatius MP (deceased)

7/11/2010 8/30/2013

Magnus Felix MP (430 - c.469)

Magnus Ennodius Felix D' ARLES Bishop of Pavia Born: 474, Arles, Bouches-Du-Rhone, France Died: 17 Jul 521

6/17/2008 8/30/2013

Inpetratus MP (deceased)

4/8/2012 4/8/2012

Lusorius MP (deceased)

Leocadius, the leading Senator of Gaul had believed in the pagan gods, wrote Gregory in his History of the Franks, but now became a Christian and turned his house into a church. There the Christians ...

4/8/2012 4/8/2012

A descendent of Vettius Epagathus

4/8/2012 4/8/2012

Vettius Epagathus MP (b. - 177)

"Vectius Epagatus"

The Roman authorities seized Christians and questioned them in the forum in front of the populace as to their faith, Vettius Epagathus, a Christian and man of high social standing, requested permission...

4/8/2012 4/8/2012

St. Gregory, Bishop of Langres HE was one of the principal senators of Autun, and continued from the death of his wife a widower till the age of fifty-seven, at which time, for his singular virtues...

4/6/2012 4/8/2012

Leocadia MP (deceased)

4/6/2012 4/8/2012

Saint Gregory of Tours MP (538 - 594)

Saint Gregory of Tours (November 30, c. 538 – November 17, 594) was a Gallo-Roman historian and Bishop of Tours, which made him a leading prelate of Gaul. He was born Georgius Florentius, later adding ...

6/26/2009 4/8/2012

Tetradius, bishop of Clermont MP (c.340 - c.388)

8/21/2008 4/6/2012

Decimus Junius Rusticus MP (c.450 - d.)

4/6/2012 4/6/2012

[Syagria] MP (c.330 - d.)

Her name is conjectural, based on family naming patterns. Her ancestry is also conjectural. She was probably a granddaughter of Postumius Syagrius . She and her husband might have been parents of: ...

3/16/2008 11/3/2011

[Afranius] MP (c.315 - d.)

His name and ancestry is conjectural. He was probably a grandson of Afranius Hannibalianus . He and his wife might have been parents of: Flavius Afranius Syagrius , (Consul 382). Aelia Flavia F...

4/12/2007 11/3/2011

Hesychius , trib. 452-6, bishop of Vienne c480-490. He and his wife Audentia were the parents of: Alcimius Ecdicius Avitus , bishop of Vienne Apollinaris , bishop of Valence

6/17/2008 12/27/2010

Olybrius, Western Roman Emperor MP (c.431 - c.472)

"Anicius Olybrius"

------------------------------------------------------- ID: I86651 Name: Olybrius Prefix: Emperor Given Name: Olybrius Sex: M _UID: ABC0CD6B6F54CD468D3C68244608CA4F3520 Change Date: 18 ...

7/19/2007 12/19/2010

Anicius Olybrius Probus MP (c.405 - 459)

8/11/2008 12/19/2010

He might have been grandfather of Eparchia , wife of Emperor Petronius Maximus . Sources Christian Settipani, "Continuite Gentilice et Continuite Familiale Dans Les Familles Senatoriales Romaines...

6/18/2008 12/19/2010

Anicia Italica MP (deceased)

4/11/2011 12/19/2010

Adelphius, bishop of Limoges MP (c.390 - c.451)

6/18/2008 12/19/2010

Faltonius de Limoges MP (c.420 - 475)

7/31/2008 12/19/2010

Hiberia MP (c.455 - d.)

Hiberia Female Hiberia||p34601.htm|Omnatius||p34602.htm|||||||||||||||| Hiberia was the daughter of Omnatius.1 Hiberia married Ruricus Bishop of Limoges, son of Aquilinus.1 Child of Hiberia and...

12/11/2007 12/19/2010

Ruricia of Limoges MP (c.460 - d.)

5/11/2007 12/19/2010

Gallia of Lyon MP (c.390 - d.)

12/25/2008 12/19/2010

Saint Eucherius , bishop of Lyon, (ca. 380 – ca. 449) was a high-born and high-ranking ecclesiastic in the Christian Church of Gaul. He is remembered for his letters advocating extreme self-abnegation....

8/21/2008 12/19/2010

Tullia MP (c.410 - d.)

7/17/2008 12/19/2010

(Artemia) MP (c.355 - d.)

12/5/2008 12/19/2010

Artemia MP (c.375 - d.)

9/7/2007 12/19/2010

Decimus Rusticus MP (c.370 - c.423)

Decimus Rusticus (c370-before 423), was Praefectus Praetorio Galliarum (before 409-411 CE), and Magister Officiorum (408 CE). He succeeded his friend Apollinaris, the grandfather of Sidonius Apollinari...

5/11/2007 12/19/2010

Aquilinus, bishop of Lyon MP (c.430 - 470)

According to Mommaerts, he was a grandson of Decimus Rusticus and and his wife Artemia through their unnamed son who married Tullia . He (or perhaps his possible brother Eucherius ) might have been t...

5/11/2007 12/19/2010

Feastday: July 12 524 Archbishop of Lyons, France. He was a friend of St. Avitus of Vienne, and they convoked the Council of Epaone in 517 together. Saint Viventiolus (French: Saint Vivientol) (460 –...

7/17/2008 12/19/2010

Aquilin of Lyon MP (deceased)

8/5/2008 12/19/2010

8/21/2008 12/19/2010

9/1/2009 12/19/2010

Sacerdos, Bishop of Lyon MP (c.487 - 551)

Saint Sacerdos (Sardot or Serdot) of Lyon (487 – September 12, 551) is a French saint whose Feast Day is September 12. He was Archbishop of Lyon, France from 544 to September 12, 551. He was the son of...

7/17/2008 12/19/2010

7/28/2009 12/6/2010

Palladius (fl. 408-431; probably died ca 457/461) was the first Bishop of the Christians of Ireland, preceding Saint Patrick. The Roman Catholic Church considers Palladius a saint. Contents [hide] 1 ...

5/10/2009 12/2/2010

Palladia MP (c.445 - d.)

5/10/2009 12/2/2010

See Christian Settipani, Ruricius Ier évêque de Limoges et ses relations familiales in Francia 18/1 (1991), 203. Simplicius (472-480) Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Bourges

5/10/2009 12/2/2010

Eulogius, Bishop of Bourges MP (c.425 - 472)

Eulogius (c425-472), Bishop of Bourges. He was father of Simplicius , Bishop of Bourges, so he was perhaps a brother of the Simplicius who was son of Thaumastus . See Christian Settipani, Ruricius Ier ...

5/10/2009 12/2/2010

Simplicius MP (c.430 - c.470)

"de Vaison"

Simplicius (c430-after 470), a cousin-german of Sidonius , and son of Thaumastus . See Christian Settipani, Ruricius Ier évêque de Limoges et ses relations familiales in Francia 18/1 (1991), 203.

5/10/2009 12/2/2010

He was Prefect of Gaul under Constantine II (337-340). He was Prefect of Gaul under Constantine II (337-340).

1/17/2010 12/2/2010

[Apollinaris II] MP (c.340 - d.)

His name is speculative, but probable under Gallo-Roman naming customs.

9/1/2009 12/2/2010

Eulalia MP (c.435 - d.)

Eulalia (c435-?), wife of Probus . She was a cousin-german of Sidonius , and a daughter of Thaumastus . Christian Settipani, Ruricius Ier évêque de Limoges et ses relations familiales in Francia 18...

9/7/2007 12/2/2010

He Prefect of Gaul under Valentinian III (425-455). He was Praetorian Prefect of Gaul (before 409)

6/17/2008 12/2/2010

Firminus d'Arles, Vir Illustris MP (c.455 - c.503)

6/17/2008 12/2/2010

Magnus "Vir Clarissimus" MP (c.475 - d.)

"Magnus De Narbonne", ""Most Excellent Man""

Magnus , called "vir clarissimus" (most excellent man). ------------------------------ Magnus "Vir Clarissimus" DE NARBONNE Father: Flavius Probus DE NARBONNE, Born: Abt 420, Died: 469, Mot...

2/10/2008 11/28/2010

Gallus Magnus, Bishop of Troyes MP (c.479 - 562)

"Maurillon de Cahors", "Maurilion D'Angouleme"

Gallus Magnus (?-after 562), was a Gallo-Roman Senator, a Patrician of Narbonne, and Bishop of Troyes (562). His grave is known and has an inscription identifying him.

4/10/2007 11/28/2010

Maurillon of Angoulême MP (c.500 - c.562)

"Maurillon", "Maurillion", "Maurilion"

Maurillon was a Gallo-Roman aristocrat with ties to the Merovingian court.

2/8/2007 11/28/2010

Ruricius, bishop of Limoges MP (c.440 - 507)

"Ruricius", "Rurice"

His ancestry is speculative. Mommaerts and Kelley suggest that he was a brother of Papinilla rather than her son. Settipani argues that Ruricius was instead a member of the Anici. All three agree that ...

9/7/2007 11/26/2010

) Saint Rusticus (ca 455 – 25 April 501) was the Archbishop of Lyon, since the year of 494, the successor of Saint Lupicinus of Lyon (491 – 494). Later canonized, his Feast Day is 25 April. He was th...

5/11/2007 11/26/2010

5/8/2008 11/12/2010

Flavius Felix (died 430) was a politician of the Western Roman Empire, who reached the prominent rank of patrician before being killed by order of Flavius Aetius. For his consulate, in 428, he issued s...

6/17/2008 11/12/2010

Flavius Magnus, Consul 460 MP (c.425 - 475)

Flavius Magnus (c. 390 or 405 – 475) was a powerful politician in Gaul, where he was widely respected for his integrity and practical wisdom during the late age of the Western Roman Empire. He was a Ro...

3/5/2007 11/12/2010

Flavius Probus MP (c.440 - 469)

Flavius Probus (born ca 420, 430 or 435), a Roman Senator and a v. nob. (vir nobilis) of Narbonne, then Narbo, was a man of literary taste and precocious ability. His father was Flavius Magnus, Consul ...

9/7/2007 11/12/2010

Thaumastus I, Praetorian Prefect of Gaul MP (c.400 - 475)

"Thaumaste", "Thaumastus"

Thaumastus (c400-after 469), an uncle of Sidonius , and son of Apollinaris . See Christian Settipani, Ruricius Ier évêque de Limoges et ses relations familiales in Francia 18/1 (1991), 203.

6/17/2008 11/12/2010

He was Praefectus Praetorio Galliarum (418 CE), and Consul of Rome (421 CE). He was probably a descendant of Philagrius, patricius, and perhaps of Lucius Maecilius, leader of the plebeians in Rome 471 ...

3/5/2007 11/1/2010

Avitus, Western Roman Emperor MP (c.385 - 456)

"/Avitus/", "Dominus Noster Eparchius Avitus Augustus//"

Marcus Maecilius Flavius Eparchius Avitus (c. 395 - 456, Western Roman Emperor (455 - 456). Made Magister militum (or Master of Soldiers) by the emperor Petronius Maximus, Avitus was sent on a diplomat...

9/7/2007 11/1/2010

Papianilla MP (c.432 - 453)

6/17/2008 11/1/2010

He Prefect of Gaul under Valentinian III (425-455). Military of ancient Rome 753 BC – AD 476 Praetorian prefect (Latin: praefectus praetorio, Greek: ἔπαρχος/ὕπαρχος τῶν πραιτωρίων) was the title of...

6/17/2008 11/1/2010

Waldalenus, Dux MP (c.530 - d.)

He was a Patricius of Burgundy, and dux in the region between the Alps and the Jura, in the Frankish Kingdom of Burgundy. He served as mayor of the Austrasian palace at Metz from 581, during the minori...

5/2/2010 10/27/2010

Aelia Flavia MP (c.560 - d.)

She was a Gallo-Roman. Dupraz notes the possibility that Flavia might have belonged to the great aristocratic family of the Syagrii. Settipani says she might have been a relative of Felix Ennodius and ...

5/2/2010 10/27/2010

Amalgar de Dijon, Dux MP (c.585 - c.643)

His family originated in the pagus Attoariensis around Dijon in northern Burgundy. In the mid-seventh century he and his wife became major founders and patrons of monasteries in the region. They founde...

10/6/2008 10/27/2010

Tonantia Ferreola MP (c.449 - 529)

"of Narbonne", "of Reims"

6/7/2007 10/23/2010

Afranius Syagrius Gallo MP (c.450 - 487)

He was Consul of Rome. He was surrendered to the Franks at Toulouse by Alaric II, King of the Visigoths. SYAGRIUS (d. 487), the last of the independent Roman administrators of Gaul, was the son of Ae...

8/5/2007 10/23/2010

Syagria MP (c.470 - 500)

"Syagria de Lyon"

1/24/2008 10/23/2010

Afranius Syagrius MP Gender: Male Birth: circa 430 Lyon, Rhône-Alpes, France Death: 470 (36-44) Europe Immediate Family: Son of Afranius Syagrius Aegidius; Tonentius X Ferreolus Gauls,...

6/17/2008 10/23/2010

Flavius Afranius Syagrius ( fl. 369-382) was a Roman politician and administrator. He was a Roman senator. In the same years Afranius lived, another Syagrius is attested (he was consul in 381). It is n...

3/5/2007 10/23/2010

Afranius Syagrius Aegidius MP (c.393 - c.464)

6/17/2008 10/23/2010

Saint Deuteria (Doda), abbess of Saint Pierre de Reims MP (c.495 - 530)

"Deuteria", "Doda", "Dode", "Chlodereia", "Saint Deuteria (Doda)", "Abbess of Saint Pierre de Reims"

Deuteria (or Dode ), called Chlodoreia (daughter of Chloderieus) in some older genealogies. From the English Wikipedia page on Dode, Abbess of St-Pierre de Reims: Saint Dode (born before 509) was a...

3/5/2007 10/23/2010

Ansbert of Moselle MP (c.510 - c.570)

"Ansbert", "Ansbertus", "Ausbert", "Ausbertus (Ausbert) Meroving", "Ausberto d'Austrasia", "Duke of Moselle", "Senator Aethelberht or Ansbertus Ferreolus Von Schelde", "Mar de Schelde", "Senator of The Moselle", "of Scheide", "Ausbert de Moselle"

Ansbertus ' existence is open to doubt and his ancestry is conjectural. He is first mentioned in the much later Liber Historiae Francorum , as is his wife Blithilde / Bilichilde ("Ansbertus nobilissimu...

3/12/2007 10/21/2010

Palatina de Troyes MP (c.547 - d.)

Palatina of Troyes was born in circa 547 in Troyes ... in the Champagne region of France. She was the only known child of Maurilion Gallo, a Gallo-Roman aristocrat with likely ties to the Merovingian c...

2/7/2007 10/21/2010

Arthemia of Lyon MP (c.485 - 506)

"Artémie", "Artemia", "Arthemia"

Artemia Female Artemia||p34599.htm|Ruricus Bishop of Limoges||p34600.htm|Hiberia||p34601.htm|Aquilinus|d. a 470|p34603.htm||||Omnatius||p34602.htm|||| Artemia was the daughter of Ruricus Bishop o...

5/11/2007 10/21/2010

Florentius, bishop-elect of Geneva MP (c.480 - 513)

"Florentin", "Florentine", "Florentius"

Florentinus Bishop of Geneva Male, ( - after 513) Florentinus married Artemia, daughter of Ruricus Bishop of Limoges and Hiberia.1 Florentinus Bishop of Geneva was appointed in 513 as Bishop of Gen...

5/11/2007 10/21/2010

Arthémia of Geneva MP (c.500 - 520)

"Artemia", "Artémie", "Arthemia"

Arthemia, perhaps a sister of Sacerdos, Gallo-Roman Archbiship of Lyons, 542-559. Source: 'Royalty for Commoners', Roderick W. Stuart, 1993, p 128. 'Pedigrees of Some of the Emperor Charlemagne's Des...

2/7/2007 10/21/2010

Saint Gondolfus, bishop of Tongres MP (c.545 - 607)

"Gondulf", "Gondolfus", "Gondon", "Gundulfus", "Gundulphus", "of Soissons", "of Maastricht", "of Tongeren", "Bishop of Tongres"

Saint Gondulphus of Maastricht (also Gondolfus, Gundulfus, Gondulf, Gondon; born c. 524, died c. 6 July 607) was the Bishop of Tongres and Bishop of Maastricht in the sixth century. His predecessor, ...

4/10/2007 10/21/2010

Duke Ferreolus de Rodez MP (c.490 - 528)

He was a Gallo-Roman Senator. Weis skips this generation. Ferreolous seems to have been a grandson or son-in-law of Chlodéric (Chlodoreius). Either his mother was a daughter of Chlodéric or he was ma...

3/5/2007 10/21/2010

Industria MP (c.470 - 525)

Her ancestry is undocumented. The usual reconstruction is that she was a daughter of Flavius Probus and Eulalia . Some reconstructions make her a daughter of Chlodéric the Parricide (often called C...

3/5/2007 10/21/2010

Papianilla MP (c.440 - c.474)

Papianilla , clarissima femina . According to Sidonius , a contemporary source, Ferreolus' wife was a partner to her husband and shared his troubles. Her ancestry is uncertain. She was probably a rel...

3/5/2007 10/21/2010

Tonantius Ferreolus MP (c.390 - 453)

"Tonance Ferréol"

Tonantius Ferreolus (c390-after 453). Praeorian Perfect of Gaul, 451, at Rome 469, 475; friend and relative of Sidonius Apollinaris. His ancestry is unknown. David Hughes ( British Chronicles ) calls...

3/5/2007 10/21/2010

[clarissima femina] MP (c.390 - 418)

Her name is unknown, but is reconstructed as Syagria or Flavia Syagria based on naming patterns. She is described by online sources (Wikipedia, etc.) as a "clarissima femina" who is presumed to be born...

3/5/2007 10/21/2010

Tonantius Ferreolus, II MP (c.425 - 475)

"Tonnance II"

Tonantius Ferreolus . He was a Gallo-Roman Senator, Praefectus Praetorio Galliarum (Praetorian Prefect of Gaul) 451-452/3, Consul of Rome (453), and a Vir Clarissimus . He was serving as Pretorian Prae...

3/5/2007 10/21/2010

Tonantius Ferreolus, III MP (c.445 - c.517)

"Tonance Ferréol"

He was a Gallo-Roman Senator. He was at Rome in 469 and 475. He appears as a Vir Clarissimus (a title meaning "most eminent man") between 507 and 511. He was a friend and relative of Sidonius Apollinar...

3/5/2007 10/21/2010