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Gous / Gouws Genealogy of South Africa

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This project is designed to collect Research Information, Discussions, Queries etc on the Gous family of South Africa.

Core profiles

André Gauch, smith and farmer, living in Drakenstein Born: Le Pont-de-Montvert, Languedoc - died 26 February 1698 x Jacqueline Decré 13 January 1683 Celigny, Geneva died before 1691 (assumed) Line is dead after her grandchildren, as far as we can find; xx Johanna de Clercq 19 August 1691 Stellenbosch, born Zeeland, died circa 1748

The Gous Family Tree – first generations:

by Richard Ball

In my attempts to establish the facts for an article published in Genesis February 2007, I have reconstructed a large part of the first three Gous generations from the various documents that I consulted and I take the opportunity of presenting the first two generations here, since there is some variation between what I have found and what is presented in De Villiers / Pama and SAG. This family tree can also be seen on my personal web site The Gous Family of the Cape where the detailed source for every piece of information is also provided, as also the article Which Pieter Gous was Aletta Vorster’s husband?

The children and grandchildren of André Gauch and Jacqueline Decré:

b1 Steven Gous, born between 1683 and 1684 at Geneva, died before March 1758 farmer, of Berg en Daal, Koeberg, x Catharina Bok, 6 March 1718 Cape Town ( born: circa 1704-1705 at the Cape, died circa December 1779 father: Christiaan Bok, mother: Anna Groothenning [A slave woman - Sharon Doubell 2014] )
I have assumed that he was the son of Jacqueline Decré. There is, so far as I am aware, no proof of this. He gave his birthplace as Geneva at the time of his marriage, so it seems very likely. Although he appears as 'Etienne' in SAG, De Villiers / Pama, Boucher’s French Speakers at the Cape, and many of the web sites which list this family, I have found not a single historical source for this name. So far as I know we have no record of him other than what is housed in the Cape Archives where his name is always Steven.

b1.c1 Stephanus Gous, baptised 1 September 1720 Cape Town and died (in all probability) between 1720 and 1721 as an infant. Although given a large progeny by SAG this child almost certainly died as an infant. The opgaaf (tax cum census) returns for this family list no children for the year 1721. Later returns of 1725 to 1738 list only daughters in this family. The return of 1741 lists 1 son and 5 daughters. In addition the will of Catharina Bok, widow of Steven Gous, 17 March 1758, lists her 5 daughters and her one son, Andries Stephanus and the estate accounts of Clara Bok, who died without children of her own in 1798, lists the then living children and descendants of her late sister Catharina Bok, 'procreated within marriage with her likewise deceased husband Stephanus Gousch' as Andries Stephanus Gousch, Sara Gousch and Clara Gousch.
b1.c2 Anna Gous, baptised 30 September 1721 Cape Town
b1.c3 Catharina Gous, baptised 1 August 1723 Cape Town
The two daughters above were still living when their mother made her opgaaf return in 1773 but had died by the time the estate accounts of their aunt, Clara Bok, were drawn up in 1798 (MOOC 13/1/22, 4).
b1.c4 Christina Gous, baptised 18 March 1725 Cape Town, died circa 1792
b1.c5 Sara Gous, baptised 6 April 1727 Cape Town, date of death unknown, except that it was probably after 1798 since she is mentioned as one of the heirs of her aunt, Clara Bok (MOOC 13/1/22, 4).
b1.c6 Clara Gous, baptised 20 July 1732 Cape Town, died circa July 1821
b1.c7 Stephanus Gous, baptised 12 June 1740 Cape Town, died circa October 1814 x Maria Hendrina Mulder born at the Cape. This couple had no children of their own but their apparently unrelated adopted son, Andries Stephanus Faculyn Gous, left a large progeny (see SAG).

b2 Marie Gous, baptised 31 May 1690 Amsterdam, Oude Waalse Kerk, died presumably before her father arrived at the Cape. - The baptism record for Marie carried out in De Oude Waalse Kerk in Amsterdam, 31 May 1690 "Le 31 ditto (may) Marie fille de Andre Gauses & Jacqueline du Cret Temoins Edouart Willet & Maria van Beningem"..
- A burial entry in the "Begraafregister" for the St. Anthonis Kerkhof Amsterdam on the 5th June 1690 simple stating "KV (Kind Van) Andries Gauch 4e [Anjer]dwarsstraat"[Louis Scholtz, 2014]

The children and grandchildren of André Gauch and Johanna de Clercq:

b3 Pieter Gous, born circa 1692-1693 at the Cape, died circa 1730 farmer of De Doorn Rivier, over 't Roode Sand x Anna Oosthuisen 4 May 1721 Stellenbosch ( born at the Cape, died circa December 1745 (date of inventory) she married secondly Gerrit van Emmenes, 1 April 1731, Drakenstein. De Villiers / Pama and SAG both list what appears to be a spurious daughter named Anna for this couple, but I have been unable to find any evidence of her existence. So far as I can establish there were only the following four children:

b3.c1 Johanna Gous, baptised 25 April 1723 Drakenstein, died circa July 1794 xMatthijs Strijdom 11 October 1739 Drakenstein farmer, died before 1758 xx Ockert Brits 16 April 1758 Drakenstein .She had children with both husbands.
b3.c2 Dorothea Gous, baptised 26 November 1724 Stellenbosch according to SAG she married Willem Botha (Tulbagh, VC 664, marriages, page 18, 23 May 1762) and they had four children.
b3.c3 Pieter Gous, baptised 6 July 1727 Drakenstein of De Voorbaad, situated at the Swarteberg x Magdalena Brits 5 November 1752 Tulbagh I found no evidence from wills or other documents that the Pieter Gous baptised 1727 was the husband of Magdalena Brits, so I checked out the baptisms of their all their children for the clues provided by baptismal witnesses. The witnesses at the baptism of their first child were Johanna Gous and Matthijs Strijdom, the sister and brother-in-law of the Pieter Gous who was born 1727 to Pieter Gous and Anna Oosthuijsen; those of the second child were Johannes Oosthuijsen and Anna Botha, brother of Anna Oosthuijsen and his wife, uncle and Aunt of the Pieter Gous born 1727; those of the third child were Dorothea Gous and Ockert Brits, she the sister of the Pieter Gous born 1727 and the second husband of Johanna Gous, sister of Pieter Gous born 1727. It seems pretty certain to me, therefore, that this is a correct identification. Beyond their baptisms, I have not investigated their children.
b3.c4 Sara Gous, baptised 21 August 1729 Cape Town according to the SAG, vol 2, page 494, she married Willem Goosen (Cape Town marriage register, VC 621, page 59, 31st August 1749) and they had eight children.

b4 Sara Gous, born circa 1694 or 1695, died circa December 1722 x Christiaan Gobrechts, farmer, died circa 1731 (date of inventory) they had just the one child, Andries Gobrechts, born circa September 1722

b5 Johanna Gous, baptised 25 September 1695 Drakenstein, died before June 1698

b6 Andries Gous, born circa May 1698, died circa June 1735 farmer of De Melkhouteboom, on the Duijvenhoks River x Johanna Conterman 14 May 1719 Drakenstein she married secondly Jan La Grange, circa 1735 or 1736 (there are no entries for this period in the Drakenstein marriage registers).

b6.c1 Pieter Gous, born circa 1719, died 18 January 1790 Waveren x Aletta Vorster 25 November 1742 Drakenstein born circa 1722 at the Cape, and died 20 July 1798 Waveren Please see the article mentioned earlier in the introduction to this family tree for my reasoning in allocating this family to this point of the tree, which I consider their correct location. Their children, so far as I can see, are exactly as laid out in SAG and De Villiers / Pama.
b6.c2 Andries Gous, baptised 5 January 1721 Drakenstein x Anna Magdalena Vosloo 9 September 1742 Drakenstein

b6.c2d1 Andries Gous, baptised 16 December 1744 Tulbagh
b6.c2d2 Johannes Stephanus Gous, baptised 31 March 1748 Stellenbosch The NAAIRS online index suggests (but I have not seen the documents concerned) that he died circa 1792 and that his wife, Anna Magdalena Vosloo died circa 1810 (MOOC 7/1/37, 24 and MOOC 7/1/59, 62). The Cape Death Notifications (MOOC 6, volume2, page 49) lists her death under the district of Swellendam during the year 1794, no date attached.

b6.c3 Barend Gous, baptised 25 April 1723 Drakenstein, died circa January 1741
b6.c4 Johanna Gous, baptised 8 July 1725 Cape Town x Wessel Pretorius, farmer of Hollebak, over the Duijvenhoxrivier died circa 1752 (date of inventory) xx Jan Vosloo 26 November 1752 Stellenbosch died circa 1756 (date of inventory) xxx Jan Lasch 15 October 1769 Tulbagh. She appears to have had children by all three husbands.
b6.c5 Sara Gous, born circa 1727 at the Cape, died circa 1797 x Claas de Bruijn 9 March 1745 Tulbagh born at the Cape, died before 1797 They appear to have had no children.
b6.c6 Stephanus Gous, baptised 25 September 1729 Cape Town of De Elands Valleij, at the Swarte Berg x Catharina Huppenaar 16 June 1756 Cape Town baptised 2 September 1736 at Drakenstein, Father: Frederik Huppenaar Mother: Catharina Hofman .We have seen earlier that it could not have been Stephanus Gous, the son of Steven Gous (b1c1), who married Catharina Huppenaar, as averred by SAG and De Villiers / Pama, since he did not survive (or leave surviving heirs) to be named as an heir in his mother’s will of 1759, having most probably died as an infant. We have also seen that Steven Gous (b1) died around 1758 and was survived by his wife, Catharina Bok, so that he could not have been Catharina Huppenaar’s husband. This leaves as the only other candidate Stephanus Gous (b6.c6). I have, in addition, checked the baptismal witnesses for his first two children (I have not been able to examine details of the baptisms of his later children as I do not currently have access for the appropriate dates to the registers where they were presumably recorded, possibly Cape Town or Drakenstein). The witnesses recorded were; for the first child, Andries, baptised 7 November 1756 at Tulbagh, Johanna Conterman and Jan le Grange, the child's paternal grandmother with her second husband; for the second child, Catharina, baptised 17 December 1758 at Tulbagh, Catharina Hofman and Willem Landman, maternal grandmother of the child with her second husband. Again, this is slim evidence, but I believe that mine is the correct interpretation. SAG lists a good number of other children as well but I have not investigated them.
b6.c7 Helena Gous, baptised 4 July 1732 Cape Town x Willem van Wijk 5 September 1756 Tulbagh, Died before 1802
b6.c8 Hester Gous, baptised 27 June 1734 Cape Town x Reijnier van Rooijen 4 March 1753 Tulbagh, of Swellendam, died 18 July 1770 at Swellendam 5 children. xx Willem Pilje 26 May 1771 Stellenbosch, died before 1802

Original Documentary Sources used in the above research:

  • Cape Death Notifications 1758-1838, MOOC 6/1, 6/2, 6/3
  • Cape Opgaaf Returns, computerisation by the University of the Western Cape,
  • printouts, as housed at the Genealogical Institute of South Africa, Stellenbosch
  • Church Registers:
    • Amsterdam, Oude Waalse Kerk, Gemeentearchief Amsterdam web site
    • Cape Town Congregation, VC 603, 604, 605, 621
    • Celigny, Geneva 1571- 1798, Latter Day Saints, film number 128310
    • Drakenstein Congregation, VC644, VC645, VC654
    • Stellenbosch Congregation, VC 633, VC 639, VC 645
    • Swartland Congregation, VC 666-8, VC 672
    • Tulbagh Congregation, VC 657, and VC 644
  • Deed of Surety, Conterman, Johanna wed. Gous, 23 June 1735, MOOC 12/1, 28
  • Estate Accounts:
    • Bok, Clara, weduwe Gideon Slabbert, dated 12 July 1798, MOOC 13/1/22, 4
    • De Clercq, Johanna, from 1748 to 8 August 1757, MOOC 13/1/4, 2
    • Gousch, Sara wed Bruijns, from 1798 to 9 December 1802, MOOC 13/1/25, 31
  • Inventories: (transcripts available on the TANAP Cape Inventories web site)
    • Gaus, Pieter, dated 9 May 1730, MOOC 8/5, 27
    • Gausch, Andries, dated 23 June 1735, MOOC 8/5, 85
    • Gobregts, Christiaan, dated 8 November 1731, MOOC 8/5, 49
    • Goos, Andries, dated 9 June 1698, MOOC 8/1,37
    • Gous, Sara 1722, dated 9th December 1722, MOOC 8/4, 39
    • Oosthuisen, Anna, dated 22 December 1745, MOOC 8/6,100
  • Joernaal-boek der Caapse Weesen van de jaare 1698, MOOC 18/1, page 14 entry dated 21 June 1698: Johanna du Clercq: vryburgeresse, en weeduwe wijlen de franse smit tot drakensteijn Andries Goos, aan haar 4 onder volgende weeskinderen aan Steven Goos oud 14, zijnde 't voorkind f 100:-:- aan Pieter Goos oud 5 jaar, f 100:-:- aan Sara Goos oud 3 jaar, f 100:-:- aan Andries Goos oud 6 weeken, f 100:-:-
  • Wills:
    • Bock, Catharina, wed. Steven Gousch, dated 17 March 1758, CJ 22664, 10
    • Bock, Catharina, wed. Steven Gousch, dated 22nd April 1767 and filed 30th December 1779, MOOC 7/1/22, 45
    • Gous, Andries Stephanus, dated 31 March 1804 and filed 8 November 1814, MOOC 7/1/49, 85
    • Van Staden, Maria, dated 17th January 1775, CJ 2672, 44
  • Secondary sources consulted:
    • Boucher, Maurice - French Speakers at the Cape, Univ. of South Africa, 1981
    • De Villiers, C.C. Genealogies of Old South African Families, revised by C. Pama, A.A. Balkema, Cape Town, 1966
    • Gouws, Danie M.G., Die Dubbele Gouwse, no date.
    • Heese, J.A. and R.J.T. Lombard, South African Genealogies, GISA
    • Malherbe, J.E. Jannetje de Clerc, In: The Huguenot Bulletin, 35, 1998, page 52
    • Swanepoel, Wynand P., Elf geslagte van die gesin Gouws in Suid-Afrika 1691-1997, Randfontein, COM Printers, 1999.

Details for Doc: The Gous Family Tree, by Richard Ball

Filename: Gous-the-early-generations.pdf; Filesize: 281.96 kB; Filetype: pdf (Mime Type: application/pdf);Creator: Fredvw; Created On: 06/17/2012 20:34; Viewers: Everybody; Maintained by: Editor;Hits: 1704 Hits; Last updated on: 10/27/2012 08:28

The date of death is based on the testimony that Jannetje de Klerk gave regarding her husbands death. It is discussed more thoroughly in the booklets. Pieter Becker - n Stamvader - Sy misdade en Verhore and also Jannetje de Klerk - Stammoeder van Gouws en Bekker Families. Both booklets were published by the Hugenot Museum in Franschoek. The exact archive references are given in these booklets. In her statement she says that on the night of 26 Feb 1698 and continues to detail how her husband died. [ Thomas Hambrock Nov 2016]

Andre & Etienne Gauch in Boucher

The blacksmith Andre Gauch came from Le Pont-de-Montvert on the Tarn, in the Saint-Germain-de-Calberte colloquy of the synodal province of the Cevennes.76 Among others from this region of Gevaudan who are known to have become fugitives were Jean and Jacques Gauch. Andre was the son of Pierre Gauch and made his escape to Switzerland.78 An account of his further history before emigrating to the Cape of Good Hope will be found in the next chapter.

Calvinism resisted sporadic attempts to eradicate it in the late seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. In was here in the Cevennes that the protracted Camisard revolt took place, spearheaded by Abraham Ma- zel’s attack to free Calvinist prisoners in 1702 at Le Pont de Montvert, home of the Gauch family.

  • M. Boucher.M (1981). French speakers at the Cape: The European Background. Pretoria, UNISA: Ch 6: Cape settlers II: from the Rhone to the Atlantic p157

One young settler at the Cape was apparently born in or near Geneva about the year 1684. Although no baptismal entry for Etienne Gauch has been found, we are indebted to C. Graham Botha for the discovery in 1920 of the entry on January 13, 1683 of the marriage at Celigny of his father Andre Gauch from Le Pont-de-Montvert in the Cevennes to Jacqueline, daughter of the late Louis Deere of Sauverny.Celigny is in a small enclave of Geneva on the western shore of the Lake of Geneva towards Nyon. It is evident that Andre Gauch had left France some time before the revocation; his bride’s father was also probably a refugee, as Sauverny is in the Pays de Gex.

Andre Gauch became a member of the Walloon church in Amsterdam on April 16, 1690 and was accompanied to the United Provinces by his wife and son. A daughter Marie was born to them in the Dutch seaport and baptized on May 28, 1690.18 The family may have spent some time in Basle before leaving Switzerland. A Jean Gauch came to Amsterdam from that city in March 1697. Andre Gauch and his son Etienne reached the Cape in 1691 aboard the Amsterdam East Indiaman Spier-dijk, commanded by Siarwert de Jonge. Whether Jacqueline Deere and Marie died in the United Provinces or on the outward voyage has not been determined.

  • M. Boucher.M (1981). French speakers at the Cape: The European Background. Pretoria, UNISA: Ch 7: Cape Settlers III: from South-Eastern France and Adjoining Territories p173

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