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Hands to Work, Hearts to God - The Shakers in America

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Scope of Project

Seventy-five years before the emancipation of the slaves and one hundred fifty years before women began voting in the United States, the Shakers were practicing social, gender, economic, and spiritual equality for all members. Yet, possibly because the Shakers were celibate and did not marry or bear children, their individual histories have been generally overlooked in the genealogical community. This project attempts to identify as many members of the Shaker denomination as possible, to record their places in their individual family trees, and to learn as much as possible about their lives.


General Note

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  • Mother Ann Lee, also known as Ann Stanley
  • Jane and James Wardley
  • William Lee (1740–1784)
  • Nancy Lee
  • James Whittaker (1751–1787)
  • John Hocknell (1723–1799)
  • Richard Hocknell
  • James Shepherd
  • Mary Partington
  • Isaac Newton Youngs (1793 - 1865)
  • Joseph Meacham
  • Lucy Wright
  • Issachar Bates
  • Benjamin Seth Youngs
  • Hannah Cahoon
  • Polly Reed



  • Hancock Shaker Village in Hancock, Massachusetts
  • Enfield Shaker Museum in Enfield, New Hampshire
  • Mount Lebanon Shaker Village
  • Fruitlands Village at Harvard, Massachusetts
  • Pleasant Hill, Kentucky


Project Profiles

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