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Hermann, comte de Verdun et d'Enham MP (c.965 - 1029)

"Herman de Verdun", "Herman van Ename"

Name: Herman De Verdun Count De Verdun Sex: M Birth: ABT 965 in Verdun, Meuse, Lorraine, France 1 ALIA: Hermann von /Enham/\\ Title: Count De Verdun Occupation: Count De Verdun Death: 28 MA...

1/3/2008 10/18/2012

7/4/2008 2/25/2012

Godfried van Brabant, heer van Aarschot MP (c.1255 - 1302)

"Godfrey of /Brabant/"

Zie Wikipedia... Note by Mary Susan Newton Please Help me with this research because what I'v e already found, means the this family is alive and well, thriving in the world today. After much s...

10/25/2008 2/25/2012

Princess Ermengarde de Lorraine MP (c.827 - 850)

"Irmingard", "Ermingarde", "Irmgard", "der Franken", "der Karolingers", "van Lotharingen", "Duchess of the Moselle", "Maasgau", "Princess of Italy", "Helletrude", ""der Franken"", ""der Karolingers"", ""van Lotharingen"", ""Maasgau"", ""Princ...", "Irmengard", "of Lorraine"

: Emperor Lothaire & his wife had eight children: ... 3. daughter ([825/30]-). The Gesta Francorum records that "Gisalbertus, vassallus Karoli" abducted "filiam Hlotharii imperatoris" and took ...

4/11/2007 9/25/2011

Reginar I "Longneck", Duke of Lorraine and Count of Hainault MP (860 - bef.916)

"Regnier", "Rainer", "Reginar", "Langhals", "Ranier I", "Ranier I of Lorraine", "van Henegouwen", "Duke Reginar of /Lorraine/", "(Count de Hainault) (Duke De Lorraine)", "Duke Of LORRAINE", "Rainer /(Regnier)/I", "Longhals", "Duk", "/Regnier/", "Reginaldo I "Cuello Lar...", "Longnec..."

Reginar I Longneck[1] (c. 850 – 915)[2] was the Duke of Lorraine from 910 until his death. He stands at the head of the clan of Reginarids, an important Lotharingian noble family and was the grandson...

4/11/2007 9/25/2011

Adalbert von Maasgau, I MP (c.847 - 935)

Adalbert I De MAASGAU (MOSELLE) (847 - 928) Birth Abt 847 Gender Male Died Abt 928 Person ID I120735 voyer_7_28_2008 Last Modified 26 Mar 2010 Father Count Giselbert II De MAASGAU, b. Abt 830...

7/5/2008 9/25/2011

Giselbert I, count of Maasgau MP (c.830 - 892)

"Gilbert", "aka Gislebert I von TOXANDRIEN; vom MASSGAU", "Gilbert von Maasgau", "Gilbert de Moselle", "Gislebert", "Giselbert /de Hainaut/", "Giselbert Of The /Maasgau/", "(Gijsbrecht)", "Giselbert", "Darnau", "the Meuse", "Von Barnau Zu Maasgau Count Of Brabant"

Translated to English: Giselbert I Maasgouw or Giselbert I (ca. 825 - 885 after September 6) was a Frankish nobleman and father of a family that for several centuries, would play an important rol...

4/11/2007 9/25/2011

Archduke of Austria 1768 - 1792 Holy Roman Emperor 1792 - 1806 Emperor of Austria 1792 - 1835 Was the last Holy Roman Emperor Golden Fleece - Knights: Austrian Branch Links: The Peerage...

6/4/2007 9/24/2011

Leopold II Habsbug-Lothringen MP (1747 - 1792)

"Peter Leopold Joseph"

Full title: Leopold II, By the Grace of God, Holy Roman Emperor; King of Germany, Hungary, Bohemia, Dalmatia, Croatia, Slavonia, Galicia, Lodomeria, Rama, Serbia, Cumania and Bulgaria; Archduke of Aust...

6/4/2007 9/24/2011

Full name: Joseph Benedikt August Johannes Anton Michael Adam König von Böhmen 1780–1790 König von Ungarn 1780–1790 König von Kroatien und Slawonien 1780–1790 Herzog von Mailand und Mantua 1780...

6/4/2007 9/24/2011

Franz I Stephan, Kaiser des Heiligen Römischen Reiches MP (1708 - 1765)

"Duke of Lorraine", "also known as Franz Stefan and Francis III Stephen", "born as François Stephen"

Golden Fleece - Knights: Austrian Branch Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia: English Deutsch Hogg, Bruce; Freemasons and the Royal Society ed 2 ; Library and Museum of Freemasonry; Januar...

6/4/2007 9/24/2011

Karl VI von Habsburg, Erzherzog von Österreich, Kaiser HRR MP (1685 - 1740)

"III. Károly magyar király"

Golden Fleece - Knights: Austrian Branch Links: Name title: Karl Franz Joseph Wenceslau Balthasar Johann Anton Ignatius von Habsburg His titel as emperor was: Charles, by the grace of God elected H...

6/4/2007 9/24/2011

Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia King of Spain: Reign 1 November 1700 – 15 January 1724 1. period Predecessor: Charles II Successor: Louis I

5/11/2007 9/24/2011

Carlos II, rey de España MP (1661 - 1700)

"Carlos II de España", "Charles II of Spain"

(English) Carlos II de Austria (o Habsburgo) (Madrid, 6 de noviembre de 1661 - Ibídem, 1 de noviembre de 1700), llamado el Hechizado, rey de España [1] entre 1665 y 1700, último de la Casa de Habsbur...

6/5/2007 9/24/2011

Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia King of Spain: Reign 31 March 1621 – 17 September 1665 Predecessor: Philip III of Spain Successor: Charles II of Spain

6/5/2007 9/24/2011

Archduke Albert of Austria (1559–1621) ) (Redirected from Albert VII, Archduke of Austria) Jump to:navigation, search For other people named Albert of Austria, see Albert of Austria (disambigua...

6/29/2008 9/24/2011

(English) Felipe II von Habsburg, Rey de España1 b. 21 May 1527, d. 13 September 1598 King Philip II of Spain Felipe II von Habsburg, Rey de España was born on 21 May 1527 at Valladolid, Cast...

5/1/2007 9/24/2011

Carlos V, rey de España y emperador del Sacro Imperio Romano Germánico MP (1500 - 1558)

"Charles", "Karl", "Carlos I y V de España y del SIRG", "Charles V", "Holy Roman Emperor"

Charles V (Spanish: Carlos I or Carlos V, German: Karl V., Dutch: Karel V, French: Charles Quint, 24 February 1500 – 21 September 1558) was ruler of the Holy Roman Empire from 1519 and, as Charles I of...

5/1/2007 9/24/2011

Felipe I el Hermoso, Rey de Castilla MP (1478 - 1506)

"Felipe El Hermoso", "Philip 'the Handsome'", "Philip of /Castile/", "I /Philip/", "King Of Castile", "of Castile /Philip/", "The Handsome", "Philip the Handsome Spanish: Felipe el Hermoso; German: Philipp der Schöne; French: Philippe le Beau; Dutch: Filips de Schone"

Philip I,King of Castile and Léon, Count of Artois and Flanders, Count Palatine of Burgundy. Reign 1503 - 1506 Consort Joanna of Castile Father Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor Mother Mary ...

6/4/2007 9/24/2011

Mary of Burgundy, Duchess of Burgundy MP (1457 - 1482)

"Mary the Rich", "Mary of Burgundy"

Wikipedia: English: Mary of Burgundy Deutsch: Maria von Burgund Francais: Marie de Bourgogne Mary , called Mary the Rich (13 February 1457 – 27 March 1482), was suo jure Duchess of Burgundy...

2/12/2008 9/24/2011

Charles Capet-Valois, "Le Téméraire", Duke of Burgundy MP (1433 - 1477)

"The Bold", "Charles the /Rash/", ""The Bold" /Charles/", "Duke Of Burgundy", "'Bold' Of Burgundy /Charles/", "The Bold /Charles/", "Charles /Le Temeraire/", "Capet", "Le Tbemberaire", "Charles the Bold or Charles the Rash (French: Charles le Téméraire)[1]", "also Charle....."

Charles de Valois-Bourgogne, dit Charles le Téméraire (Dijon, 10 ou 11 novembre 14333 – Nancy, 5 janvier 1477) est, après Philippe II le Hardi, Jean sans Peur et Philippe III le Bon, le quatrième e...

5/11/2007 9/24/2011

Philip III "the Good" de Valois, Duke of Burgundy MP (1396 - 1467)

"Philippe 'the Good'"

DUTCH The following article in dutch about "Filips de Stoute/Bold, Jan zonder Vrees/John without Fear en Filips de Goede/Good" (Filips de Goede, de echte vader van de Nederlanden/ Philips de Good, th...

5/3/2007 9/24/2011

12/8/2009 9/24/2011

Zie Wikipedia...

2/12/2008 9/24/2011

The Duke of Brabant arrived late to the Battle of Agincourt, and in his eagerness to reach the field, he dressed in improvised armour and wore a surcoat made from a trumpeter's flag. He fought valiantl...

2/12/2008 9/24/2011

6/18/2007 9/24/2011

Johanna, hertogin van Brabant MP (1322 - 1406)

"Jeanne Duchess Of /Brabant & Limbou/", "Duchess Of Brabant /Jeanne/"

2/12/2008 9/24/2011

John III, Duke of Brabant MP (1300 - 1355)

"le Triomphant", ""De Vreedzame""

John III, Duke of Brabant From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia John III, Duke of Brabant - Wikipedia - English Jan III van Brabant - Wikipedia - Dutch

8/21/2007 9/24/2011

Jan II, hertog van Brabant MP (1275 - 1312)

"The Peaceable"

Jean II de Brabant, Duc de Brabant1 M, b. 27 September 1275, d. 27 October 1312 Jean II de Brabant, Duc de Brabant was born on 27 September 1275. He was the son of Jean I de Brabant, Duc de Braba...

8/21/2007 9/24/2011

Jan I, hertog van Brabant MP (1252 - 1294)

"de Overwinnaar", "John the Victorious"

John I, Duke of Brabant From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia John I of Brabant, also called John the Victorious (Leuven 1252/1253 – May 3, 1294 in Leuven) was Duke of Brabant (1267–1294), Lothier an...

3/5/2007 9/24/2011

Henry III, duke of Brabant MP (c.1230 - 1261)

"de barmhartige"

Henry III of Brabant (c. 1230 – February 28, 1261, Leuven) was Duke of Brabant between 1248 and his death. He was the son of Henry II of Brabant and Marie of Hohenstaufen. The disputed territory ...

4/24/2008 9/24/2011

Henry II, duke of Brabant MP (1187 - 1248)

"Henry II of Brabant", "The Magnanimous", "Heinrich II", "The Courageous", "of Lower Lorraine Magnanimous II Heinrich", "Hendrik von Brabant", "II", "Hendrik II", "hertog van Brabant", "Henry II "Courageous" Duke van Brabant", "duque de Brabant (Geni Tree Match)", "de edelmo..."

Henri I was born circa 1165, probably in Leuven, in the Landgraviate of Brabant. Henri I was Duke of Brabant from 1183 to his death, and Duke of Lower Lotharingia from 1190 to his death. He was i...

1/28/2007 9/24/2011

Henry I, duke of Brabant MP (1158 - 1235)

"Henry I", "Henrique I", "Hendrik I", "Heinrich I", "le Courageux", "le Guerroyeur", "der Mutige", "The Courageous", "Henry I of Brabant", "named "The Courageous"", "Hendrik von Brabant", "hertog van Brabant (Duke of Brabant). Hendrik van Leuven (Geni Tree Match) Too Many An..."

Henry I, Duke of Brabant From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Henry I of Brabant (French: Henri I de Brabant, Dutch: Hendrik I van Brabant), named "The Courageous", was (probably) born in 1165 in ...

2/25/2007 9/24/2011