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Sir Reginald Bray MP (c.1440 - 1503)


Sir Reginald Bray KG (c. 1440 – 24 June 1503) was the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster under Henry VII, English courtier, and architect of the Henry VII Lady Chapel in Westminster Abbey. Sir Regi...

3/27/2011 11/29/2017

Wikipedia contributors. " Simon Harcourt, 1st Viscount Harcourt ." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. " HARCOURT, Simon I (1661-1727), of Essex Street, London; Inner Temple; Chipping Norton and Coketh...

1/18/2009 10/24/2015

Thomas de la Mare MP (c.1322 - 1404)

5/7/2012 8/27/2015

Sir Thomas de la Mare of Aldermaston MP (1420 - 1492)

"Thomas Delamare"

Born: 1420 probably at Aldermaston, Berkshire Sheriff of Oxfordshire & Berkshire Died: 2nd September 1492 at Sion Abbey, Middlesex  Knight of the Sepulchre.(Parochial Topography of the Hundred of...

2/5/2010 8/27/2015

Jethro Tull, III MP (1674 - 1741)

Jethro Tull Birth date : 1674 Birth Place : Basildon, Berkshire, England Baptised : 30 March 1674, Basildon, Berkshire, England Date of Death : 21 February 1741 Place of Death : Prosperous Fa...

4/19/2011 7/15/2015

Henry John Adeane, MP MP (1789 - 1847)

" ADEANE, Henry John (1789-1847), of Babraham, Cambs ", The History of Parliament: the House of Commons 1820-1832, ed. D.R. Fisher, 2009 Burke, Bernard, Sir. A genealogical and heraldic history of th...

9/23/2011 7/5/2015

Robert d'Oyly, Constable of Oxford Castle MP (1044 - c.1091)

"Robert D'Oyley de Liseaux", "Robert Doyley", "Robert de Oiley", "Robert d'Oilly", "Robert D'Oyley", "Roberti De Oilgi"

Robert D'Oyly From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Robert D'Oyly (also spelt Robert D'Oyley de Liseaux, Robert Doyley, Robert de Oiley, Robert d'Oilly, Robert D'Oyley and Roberti De Oilgi) was a N...

4/29/2008 5/31/2015

Sydney Francis Underhill MP (1860 - d.)

Sydney Francis Underhill (1860–1934) was born in Oxford on 23 March 1860, the son of Alderman Charles Underhill (Mayor in 1887) and his second wife Ellen Francis , who had married in 1859. At the tim...

1/12/2015 1/12/2015

Charles Underhill MP (1820 - 1903)

References and Sources Residence : 1841 -  High Street, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England Updated from 1841 England & Wales Census by SmartCopy : Jan 12 2015, 14:08:26 UTC

1/12/2015 1/12/2015

Born June 28, 1703, at Epworth, Lincolnshire, England. 15th of 19 siblings. Father: Anglican minister. Raised Anglican. Schooled through Oxford University. Childhood distinctions: righteous, bookish. B...

4/9/2009 1/2/2015

Lieutenant-Colonel Richard Lockhart Ovey, DSO, was High Sheriff of Oxfordshire in 1927. He obtained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Oxford and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, having been decora...

4/16/2010 1/2/2015

Elias Ashmole MP (1617 - 1692)

Elias Ashmole (23 May 1617 – 18 May 1692) was a celebrated English antiquary, politician, officer of arms, astrologer and student of alchemy. Ashmole supported the royalist side during the English Ci...

3/25/2012 12/29/2014

At the request of the curator, June Barnes, I have tried to clean up the Wycliffe family. This has been difficult because the genealogical record is simply incomplete. I have come up with a plausible r...

6/29/2007 12/28/2014

Gilbert Sheldon From Wikipedia Gilbert Sheldon (19 June 1598 – 9 November 1677) was an English Archbishop of Canterbury. Early life He was born in Stanton, Staffordshire in the parish of El...

7/11/2008 12/26/2014

MP for Banbury and Oxfordshire Family and Education bap. 6 Nov. 1662, 1st s. of George Dashwood, merchant, of Hackney, Mdx. by Margaret, da. of William Perry of Thorpe, Surr. bro. of George Dashwood*. ...

3/27/2008 2/26/2014

Alberic de Vere, 1st Earl of Oxford MP (aft.1110 - 1194)


Aubrey was born in 1120 in Hedingham, Essex, England.1 Aubrey's father was Earl of Oxford, Justiciar of England Aubrey de Vere II and his mother was Adeliza (Alice) de Clare. His paternal grandparents ...

6/9/2007 2/15/2013

Thomas de Bassett, Lord Sheriff of Headington MP (c.1130 - c.1182)


From A Royal Manor (to 1179) ■1086: The Domesday Book states “Rex tenet Hedintone”, showing that the Manor of Headington was then held by the King, William the Conqueror ■c.1142: Queen Matilda bestow...

9/28/2007 2/14/2013