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Hulley Family of South Africa

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  • Richard William Hulley, SV/PROG (1785 - 1880)
    Richard William Hulley Born 26 May 1785 Ecclesfield, Yorkshire Christened: 5 June 1785, St Mary, Ecclesfield, Yorkshire Parents: Joseph Ulley and Anne Ulley (nee Turner) 1797 Cutler’s Apprentice ...
  • Dorothey Halley (c.1600 - d.)
    Dorothey Ketterell & Frauncis Halley in England Marriages, 1538–1973 Marriage: Oct 19 1634 Saint Mary, Barnsley, York, England Wife: Dorothey Ketterell Husband: Frauncis Halley Indexing Proje...
  • Kathren Halley (c.1566 - d.)
    Kathren Mychell & John Halley in England Marriages, 1538–1973 Marriage: Nov 8 1586 Bradfield, York, England Wife: Kathren Mychell Husband: John Halley Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M00712-...
  • Ann Sarah Hulley, SM/PROG (1786 - 1844)
    Ann Brangan (Hulley) Birth: Born: 1786, Bandon, County Cork, Ireland [See Discussion below. SOURCES NEEDED Sharon 2017] Baptized: 12 July 1789, Ballymodan parish church, Bandon, County Cork, Ir...
  • Joseph Ulley (bef.1743 - 1812)
    Joseph Ulley Bapt 26 December 1743, St Mary, Ecclesfield, Yorkshire - Bur 27 May 1812, St Mary, Ecclesfield, Yorkshire Parents: Joseph Ulley and Lydia Smith Siblings: Hannah Ulley, bapt...

This project has been set up to research the Descendants and Ancestors of Richard William Hulley, & their family on Geni. All welcome & encouraged to come and help.

Hulley Family Origins

Legend has it that in the middle of the 15th Century, Hulleys were on the side of the Earl of Warwick in the "War of the Roses", helping at first the Yorks and later, when the Earl of Warwick was slighted by Edward, turned and helped Henry. For their services, the Hulleys were allowed the "Crossed Rose-leaves" as their crest, mistaken by later generations as "Crossed Strawberry-leaves".

The fore-fathers of Richard William HULLEY, the 1820 Settler, were for generations expert sword-makers and were employed in making and tempering swords, from the cavalry sabre to the most delicate duelling rapier.

Hulley family of South Yorkshire: This is one of a number of families from this area, which included Sheffield, Rotherham and Ecclesfield. The name is also written as Ulley and Halley in this area. The tree starts at around 1550 and includes one of the first Hulley emigrants to South Africa - Richard and Ann in 1820. Please see Discussion of two possible ascent lines: One that remains in Bradfield (below); & one that originates in Sheffield. For the moment, we have chosen the line which stays in Bradfield.

  • a. Nycolas Ulleye x 5 Nov 1565 Bradfield NN
    • b1 John Halley x 8 Nov 1586 in St Nicholas, Bradfield Kathren Mychell
      • b1c1 Raphe bap 25 Feb 1586 St Nic Bradfield
      • b1c2 John bur 30 Mar 1593 St Nic Bradfield
      • b1c3 Frauncis Halley bap 12 May 1600, St Nic, Bradfield x 19 Oct 1634 in St Mary, Barnsley Dorothey Ketterell
        • b1c3d1 John bap 19 Jul 1635, St Nic, Bradfield
        • b1c3d2 Francis Halley (Hawley) bap 16 Oct 1642 St Nic Bradfield - bur 1 Jan 1712/13 St Nicholas, Bradfield. x 19 Sep 1667 St Nic, Bradfield Martha Swallow - bur 13 May 1707 in St Nicholas Church Bradfield
          • b1c3d2e1 Anne bap 13 Jul 1668 St Nic Bradfield
          • b1c3d2e2 Adam bap 8 Jun 1670 St Nic Bradfield
          • b1c3d2e3 John bap 22 Feb 1675 St Nic Bradfield
          • b1c3d2e4 Hanna bap 3 Feb 1675/6 St Nic Bradfield
          • b1c3d2e5 Francis Ulley bap 9 Apr 1679 St Nicholas Bradfield Yorks. bur 13 Aug 1727 St Nic Bradfield x 30 Oct 1701 St Nic, Bradfield Estar Hall bur 12 Jan 1702 St Nic Bradfield
            • b1c3d2e5f1 Hanna bap 6 Jan 1701/2 St Nic Bradfield
          • xx 6 Aug 1702 St Mary Ecclesfield Mary Webster bur 13 May 1740, St Nic Bradfield
            • b1c3d2e5f2 Joseph Ulley bap. 12 Feb 1702, St Mary Ecclesfield, Yorks - bur 28 Nov 1775 St Nicholas, Bradfield, Yorks. x 31 Oct 1734 St Nicholas, Bradfield, Yorks, Lydia Smith - bur 7 May 1776, St Nicholas, Bradfield, Yorks
              • b1c3d2e5f2g Joseph Ulley bap 26 Dec1743 St Mary Ecclesfield, Yorks. bur 27 May 1812 St Mary x 14 Aug 1769 Anne Turner bur 22 May 1835, St Mary, Ecclesfield, Yorkshire
                • b1c3d2e5f2gh Richard Ulley b 26 May 1785 in Ecclesfield, Yorks.bap 5 Jun 1785 Ecclesfield, Yorks. d Mar 1880 Cradock, South Africa. bur 12 Mar 1880 Cradock x 1809 in Ireland Ann Brangan b 1786, Bandon, County Cork, Ireland bap 2 July 1789, Ballymodan parish church, Bandon, County Cork, Ireland - d Dec 1844 in Clumber, South Africa. bur 31 Dec 1844 in Clumber
            • b1c3d2e5f3 Mary bap 12 Feb 1702/3 St Mary Ecclesfield x 15 Mar 1733 St Mary Ecclesfield, Joseph Morrel
            • b1c3d2e5f4Thomas bap 6 Jan 1704/5 St Mary Ecclesfield x 24 Dec 1758 St Mary Ecclesfield, Alice Marden
            • b1c3d2e5f5 Martha bap 8 April 1708 St Mary Ecclesfield x NN Nocliff
            • b1c3d2e5f6 Richard bap 21 Jul 1710 St Mary Ecclesfield,bur 1766 St Mary Ecclesfield
            • b1c3d2e5f7 Elizabeth bap 27 Jul 1716 St Mary Ecclesfield, x NN Wild
            • b1c3d2e5f8 Sarah bap 14 Oct 1718 St Mary Ecclesfield x 7 7 Oct 1739 St Mary Ecclesfield,Richard Harrop
            • b1c3d2e5f9 Hanna bap 14 Oct 1718 St Mary Ecclesfield, x NN Holbroy
            • b1c3d2e5f10 Anne bap 2 Feb 1720/1 St Mary Ecclesfield, d bef 1766
      • b1c4 Thomas bap 1 Mar 1602/3 St Nic Bradfield bur 15 Jun 1603 St Nic Bradfield

Hulley Family Name

I have found dozens of occurrences of the surname (or variants of it) in searching through the thousands of Court Rolls for the Macclesfield area, together with other documents for the district held at The National Archives under the Class No. SC2 (Special Collection), CHES (County Palatine of Chester) and other references, and other sources at Manchester Central Library (Local Studies). I started at the earliest Court Rolls dated 1346 and I have completely searched those up to 1700. The earliest reference to Hulley is found in an Eyre Roll of 1360-61. This shows that WILLIAM DE HULLEY of Newton and JOHN DE HULLEY de Hyde were jurors at the coroners court where they presented John son of William de Hyde for feloniously murdering Galfrdn (Geoffrey) son of John of Honford. ADAM DE HULLEY is shown on a list of "Escapes" - fines imposed on people for grazing their animals on Macclesfield Forest land dated 1369-70. I have a copy of the parchment sheet. ADAM DE HULLEY occurs previously in 1359 as ADAM DEL HULL.

From the above information, it is reasonably clear how the HULLEY surname (as far as those families living in the Macclesfield area) was derived. Although the Cheshire historians Earwaker, Ormerod and Smith postulated that the name had been derived from a branch of the HEGHLEGH, HELEGH or HOGLEGH families living in the area in the 13th and 14th centuries, this theory is unlikely, in view of the appearance of HULL, HULLE, HULLAY and HULLEY names throughout the Rolls during the same period. It is likely that the original root of the name was DE HULL(E), which changed to its variations of HOL(L)AY and HULLAY before changing to HULLEY. It is quite possible that the above-named William de HOLEYE, Regarder of Macclesfield Forest 1285 was a member of the family. HOWLEY appeared as a variant between 1560 and 1680 and HOOLEY was an offshoot from around 1680 to the present day.

The use of the locative 'De' at the commencement of early versions of the name could denote Norman ancestory but this is not certain. To be named after one's own landed possessions seems to have been an inevitable result of the feudal system. The Norman Conquerers, who had in many instances used the territorial De, introduced the fashion into England. To quote Camden (see above) "there is no village in Normandy that gave not denomination to some family in England" is justly followed by another, that "every town, village, or hamlet in England and Scotland hath afforded names to families".

To sum up, I would postulate that the Hulley surname is either a Norman import or is derived from the description of the district in which the family first settled. It is likely that there are several 'starting points' for the surname in England, e.g. Hulley in Cheshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire and West Yorkshire, Hully in Westmorland, Cumberland and North west Yorkshire. All these areas have one common feature - the Pennine Hills - and so the root of the name is probably linked to HILL. The -ley, -lay ending is Old English for a piece of land put down to grass, so the earliest ancestors lived in a grassy settlement on the hillside. R. HULLEY February 2003

Key Profile:

  • Richard William Hulley Born: 26 May 1785, Ecclesfield, Yorkshire, Christened: 5 June 1785, St Mary, Ecclesfield, Yorkshire. He died in Mar 1880 in Craddock. He was buried on 12 Mar 1880 in Craddock.
  • Parents:Joseph Ulley x Anne Turner
  • Siblings:

Mary Ulley, baptized 23 May 1770
Elizabeth Ulley, baptized 25 July 1771
Thomas Ulley, baptized 6 February 1774
Joseph Ulley, baptized 6 November 1776
Francis Ulley, baptized 11 June 1779
Lydia Ulley, baptized 2 October 1782
Benjamin Ulley, baptized 7 November 1788
Sarah Ulley, baptized 7 November 1792

Wife:Ann Brangan Richard married Ann Brangan daughter of Isaac Branghan and Ann Burchill in 1809. Ann was born in 1786 in Bandon, Co. Cork Ireland. She was christened 1 on 12 Jul 1789 in Ballymodan parish church Bandon, Cork. She died in Dec 1844 in Clumber, near Grahamstown.

Descent Line

Joseph Ulley x Anne Turner

a.Richard William Hulley b 26 May 1785 x 1809 Ireland, Ann Brangan (1786, Bandon, Cork)

b1 Richard Brangan Hulley b 5 September 1810, Bandon, County Cork, Ireland. xx 2nd Caroline Hulley Caroline Dugmore] of 'Gardner's Party'. d 9 Dec 1888.

b2 Ann Hulley 10 August 1813 (elsewhere 1814), (possibly on Bere Island), Cork, County Cork, Ireland x James Frederick Flanagan of 'Baillie's Party.' Died 6 October 1887.

b3 Sarah Hulley b 27 December 1815, Bandon, County Cork, Ireland x William Cawood of 'Hayhurst's Party'.' d 11 Dec 1888

b4 Francis Turner Hulley, 1819, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England x 26/12/1842 Bathurst Elizabeth Wright b1824, Clumber, Albany (do Joseph Wright & Elizabeth Richardson) - d 11 January 1897. d 12 May 1902, Willowdam, South Africa
[Francis, the] second son of Richard, was born in Yorkshire in 1819; he spent the early years of his life in the Lower Albany district - Trappe's Valley- and took up his rifle in all the Kaffir War, and first bore arms when a mere lad of 15, in 1834. From Grahamstown, the family moved to Somerset East. He later married his old flame Elizabeth Wright of Clumber. Subsequently, he moved to the Transvaal and settled on the farm 'Olivedale' near Braamfontein, Johannesburg, where his wife died and was buried on the farm. When the Boer War was imminent, Francis Turner, with his family, left for Mafeking, then in British territory, and with a large number of British refugees, sons, nephews and grandsons went through the siege. Four of his sons, two nephews, one son-in-law and two grandsons took part in the defence of the town, while several others of his family, of whom two were killed, fought on the British side in various parts of the country. Colonel C.S. Vyvyan took a great interest in this old settler, and after the trying times of the investment were over, placed the family in charge of the Government dairy farm, which supplied milk and other comforts for the military hospital in Mafeking. Here Francis Turner lived until his death on 12th May, 1901 [actually 1902, per death notice Sharon Mar 2017], at the age of 82. A few days before he died, he predicted that the war would end in a very short time. He was not destined to see his prophesy come true, and expressed a wish that his body be taken to Johannesburg, after peace, for burial on his farm. His last wish was carried out, and his remains were finally laid to rest at Braamfontein. His body was brought across from Mafeking by ox-wagon via Lichtenberg and Potchefstroom, under the charge of his two grandsons, Wycliffe James Hulley and Francis David Thomas Hulley (Mary Pearson -Pearsonfamily

b4c1 Elizabeth Hulley Read (b 25 April 1844, Bathurst, Eastern Cape.) She was christened 2 on 7 Jul 1844 in Methodist church, Bathurst. x 29 Dec 1875 in Waterval SA William Read (1843).

b4c2 Richard John Hulley (b. 17 Dec 1845. d 11 Dec 1906.

b4c3 James Thomas Hulley (b 3 Sep 1848) d 1 Jul 1929.

b4c4 Anne Rebecca Hulley (b 14 Oct 1850)

b4c5 Mary Jane Hulley Anderson (b 1 Sep 1853) x 23 May 1877 in Stoffelbergvlei, John Anderson (1850)

b4c6 Sarah Lucy Hulley Bain (b 4 Dec 1855, Somerset East.) Christened 4 Feb 1856 in Methodist church, Somerset East, Eastern Cape x 27 Jun 1877 in Stoffelbergvlei, Dordrecht, SA, Walter Carden Bain 1853). d 3 Jan 1914 in Memorial Hospital Bulawayo.

b4c7 Joseph Edward Hulley (b 17 Mar 1859) d 5 Mar 1923

b4c8 Francis Wickliffe Hulley (b 29 July 1861) d 16 May 1936.

b4c9 Walter Herman Hulley (b. 30 Mar 1864, Queenstown, bap. 20 Jul 1864, Wesleyan-Methodist Chapel, Queenstown. Died in infancy.)

b4c10 Lily Clementine Hulley (b. 30 Mar 1864, Queenstown, bap. 20 Jul 1864, Wesleyan-Methodist Chapel, Queenstown. Died in infancy.)

b4c11 David William Turner Hulley (b. 29 Dec 1866) (24 Feb 1866 at Hulley Family History)

b5 Edward John Hulley, 18 December 1820, Caxton Farm, Lower Albany, Cape; died 8 January 1875, Smithfield, South Africa
Edward John was probably born on ‘Caxton’, Trappes Valley, Albany District, CP. He was the first of Richard Willliam’s children to be born in South Africa. During the Kaffir Wars, he was Commandant of the Grahamstown Burghers. He had his own flag, which was found a few years ago amongst the possessions of his second son, the late William Gradwell Hulley, Senekal, O.F.S., and has been sent to the Grahamstown museum. The background of the flag was bright red, on which were sewn plain white letters stitched at the edges with black thread. The inscription was ‘V.R.’ with a crown between the letters, and the words ‘Rule Britannia’. He was a farmer, and moved from district to district. In 1860 he was at ‘Gwager’s Hoek’, Somerset East, and later back in Albany, where he owned the farm ‘Governor’s Kop’; this Kop is visible from Grahamstown and to the East of it; the Grahamstown-Breakfast Vlei-Kingwilliamstown road passes under this kop and through the farm. Edward John was attracted to the Kimberley diamond fields, where he had claims and recovered diamonds. £22 000 worth was deposited in the bank, and legend has it that the label came off the package. On Edward’s death, none of his family could identify the package, so it was lost to them. Edward John later moved to Smithfield, O.F.S. He died there of pleurisy, having been pre-deceased by his wife from the same cause. From here his family appear to have returned to the Eastern Province. from F.E. Hulley 'The Hulleys of the 1820 Settlers' 1964

b6 Joseph Hulley b 2 June 1823, Clumber, (Albany), Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. d 2 July 1896.

b7 Mary Hulley b 21 July 1824, Caxton Farm, Clumber District, (Albany) x 13 May 1851, in Shawbury Mission Station, Joseph Ebenezer Hancock, b. 13 Jun 1816, Islington, London, (son of James Hancock and Ann Kennedy) occupation Trader (Transkei), d. 4 May 1892, Cromwell Farm, Umzimkulu District, buried: Cromwell Farm Cemetery. Mary di 26 Jul 1864, Cromwell Farm, Umzimkulu District, Natal

b8 Benjamin Hulley b 4 July 1826, Trappe's Valley. d 20 January 1905 (20 July 1901 on, Somerset East, South Africa
Benjamin was the youngest son of Richard William, the Settler, who made his home on Caxton Farm, Trappes Valley, near Grahamstown, Albany District. He went to Somerset East when 16 years old, and learned blacksmithing. In 1848 he married Miss R.J. Jackson and started in business. Being of an energetic disposition and a good craftsman he soon owned many properties. He was elected one of the Town Council and was for many years an active member of the Wesleyan Church. His first wife died in 1875. A year later he married Sarah Gradwell. Benjamin was one of the first to take up his gun in all the many Kaffir Wars. He was a Town Guard in Somerset East in the Boer War until his death. He had reached the allotted span of man and was laid to rest in ‘God’s Acre’ by the Rev W. Oates. “So one of the oldest residents and one who had done his work well, is gone. He leaves four sons and a daughter”. (With acknowledgements to Grocott’s Penny Mail, Grahamstown). from 'The Hulleys of the 1820 Settlers' by F.E. Hulley 1964

b9 Marmaduke Thomas Hulley b 1830/1831, Albany, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa x Mary Ann Ekron (who died) xx Eliza Alice Eales, daughter of William Eales). Marmaduke d 5 June 1876, Wodehouse District, Transvaal, South Africa)
Marmaduke Thomas was born at Clumber, near Grahamstown, C.P. He took part as the others did in all the Kaffir Wars. He does not appear to have moved around as much of his brothers did. His family seems to have been dogged by misfortune during and after Marmaduke Thomas’ life. Few of his descendants appear to be alive at the time of writing this. He married and settled down on his farm ‘Glen Garry’, Barkly East district, where he died and was buried.

Marmaduke married twice 1) Eliza Eales 2) Annie Ekron:-

  • 1. Sarah m. Matthew Ekron:-
  • a. Charlie m. Emma Boardman:-
  • i. Frank
  • ii. Mathew
  • iii. Cecily
  • b. Gertrude died unmarried
  • c. Harry . Killed by a fall from a horse
  • d. Marmaduke died young
  • e. Hope m. Dorothy Miskin (see F.7.g):-
  • i. Dulcie m. Kenneth Hodgson:-
  • 1)
  • 2)
  • ii. Dorothy m. Arthur Moore
  • iii. Victoria m. William Tunbull:-
  • 1) Ian
  • 2) Robin
  • f. Percy. Killed by lightning.
  • 2. LIZA ANNE m. Thomas Ekron:-
  • a. Arthur
  • b. John
  • c. Amy Lillie
  • d. Ernest
  • 3. JANE LAVINIA m. Henry Benson (see D.2 b):-
  • a. Marmaduke Thomas
  • b. Alice m. Thomas Fraser:-
  • i. Maisie m. Desmond Lardner-Burke:-
  • 1) John
  • 2) David
  • 3) Gillian Treasure
  • 4) Cherynth
  • ii.
  • iii.
  • iv.
  • v.
  • vi. Jane Fraser
  • c. Sarah
  • d. Harry . Killed in Boer War
  • e. May Livinia
  • f. Kathleen
  • g. Claude m. Josephine van der Walt:-
  • i.
  • ii.
  • iii.
  • 4. REUBEN BRANGAN m. Johanna van den Berg
  • a. Marian (or Martha) Johanna m. 1) D. Nel 2) P.W. van Zijl:-
  • i. Willem Petrus
  • b. Eliza Alice m. C.P. Olivier (or G.P.)
  • i. Johanna Maryna (or Myrna) m. J. Rossouw:-
  • 1) Jackie and Alice (twins)
  • 2) Magda
  • 3) Joan
  • ii. John Hendrik m. Emma Fourie:-
  • 1) Elizabeth
  • iii. Magdalena m. John Campbell:-
  • 1) Malcolm
  • 2) Christopher
  • 3) James
  • iv. Eliza Alice m. N. Myburgh:-
  • 1) Margaretta
  • 2) Christa
  • 3) Johan
  • 4) Petra
  • 5) Elsabe
  • c. Susan Lavinia b. 1884 m. Stephen G. Naude(1880 – 1957):-
  • i. Frank m. Annetta Blignaut
  • ii. Daisy m. C. Strudwig:-
  • 1) Eben
  • 2) Vivian
  • iii. R. Hulley m. Gertie Louw:-
  • 1) Catherine
  • 2) son
  • iv. Sarah m. Glen Thomson:-
  • 1) Errol
  • 2) Neville
  • 3) Keith
  • 4) Stephen
  • v. Marmaduke m. Rosetta Ball:-
  • 1) Gwendoline Susan
  • 2) Son
  • 3) son
  • vi. Ivan m. Phyllis Ball
  • d. Johanna Maryna m. 1) J. Annandale 2) P. Combrink:-
  • i. John George
  • ii. Reuben Hulley
  • iii. George John m. Thelma Tyburgh
  • iv. Jonathan
  • v. Son

From 'The Hulleys of the 1820 Settlers' by F.E. Hulley 1964.

Hulleys in the Anglo Boer War Records 1899 -1902

I have extracted all the Hulley entries from the Anglo-Boer War records 1899-1902 Transcriptions from Find My Past. There are 31 entries, 5 of which are duplicated. The following 17 persons have been identified by

Francis Richard Hulley; Francis Wickliffe Hulley; George Dugmore Hulley; George Edward Hulley; Harden Whittal Hulley; Herbert Clayton Hulley; John Edward Hulley; John Isaac Hulley; Joseph Edward Hulley; Lushington Samuel Hulley; Percy Rupert Hulley; Richard John Hulley; Samuel Isaac Hulley; Samuel Richard Hulley; Thomas Henry Hulley; William Brangan Hulley; William Thomas Hulley.


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