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  • Christoffel Snyman, SV/PROG1 (bef.1669 - 1706)
    Input from Delia Robertson: It was the accepted legal practice at the time that new spouses to the biological parent of a child became the legal parent … this applied in different circumstances, chil...
  • Ivar Arnesson Slede, til Sandvik (c.1431 - 1512)
    Ivar , ukjent bakgrunn, sannsynlig sønn av Arne og ikke Gaute - les artikkel av Lars Løberg. Løberg Please read article: The last male member of the Smjor (or Smør) family most likely died in 148...
  • Rasmus Ingebrigtsson Myklebust (c.1588 - c.1662)
    Rasmus Ingebrigtsson Myklebust , kalla Store-Rasmus , var Sunnmørsbøndenes leiar for opprøret mot embedsstanden på 1600-talet. Norsk Wikipedia Store-Rasmus ligger gravlagt på Krist Kirkegård v Deic...
  • Laurits Lussi (c.1585 - d.)
    Laurits Lussi er nevnt som leilending på Lussi, Høyland, Rogaland i 1617.

This project is for people who have tested and been assigned the paternal haplogroup I1-Z58 with its subclades, and also for people who are believed to have belonged to this paternal haplogroup based on tests done on descendants.

Defining Mutations

  • M253, Z58


Most probably northern Europe.


I1-Z58 and its subclades occurs at greatest frequency in northwest Europe.

Subclades of I1

  • I1 - I-M253
    • I1a3 S244/Z58
      • I1a3* -
      • I1a3a S246/Z59
        • I1a3a* -
        • I1a3a1 S337/Z60, S439/Z61, Z62
          • I1a3a1* -
          • I1a3a1a Z140, Z141
            • I1a3a1a* -
            • I1a3a1a1 L338
          • I1a3a1b Z73
          • I1a3a1c L573
          • I1a3a1d L803
        • I1a3a2 Z382
      • I1a3b S296/Z138, Z139

See Tree for I1-Z58 in Project Documents for Ken Nordtvedt's tree


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How to Participate

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To participate in this project, join or follow the project, then add your oldest known ancestor who belonged to this haplogroup. The profile must be set to public in order to add it.