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David was enlisted in the 1st Regiment of the Choctaw Mounted Rifles, CSA during the Civil War, with the rank LTC. David was a member of the Choctaw Senate and a Choctaw Represenative to Washington D...

4/25/2011 3/19/2016

Stand Watie, Brig. General, CSA, Principal Chief MP (c.1806 - 1871)

"Brig. General", "CSA", "Principal Chief", "Degataga"

Stand Watie (1806-1871) Born at Oothcaloga in the Cherokee Nation, Georgia (near present day Rome, Georgia) on December 12, 1806, Stand Watie's Cherokee name was De-ga-ta-ga, or "he stands." He als...

11/6/2008 6/14/2011