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Eduard Klopfer, twin MP (1866 - 1943)

Eduard KLOPFER (twin): b. 16 July 1866, Augsburg? - d. 1943, Auschwitz, HOLOCAUST cf. IKG-Augsburg Family Book page posted for father Benno KLOPFER And also cf. ... Augsburg address - and profess...

8/28/2014 6/10/2016

Gustav Klopfer, twin (1866 - 1934)

Gustav KLOPFER (twin): b. 16 July 1866, Augsburg - d. after 1934, America? cf. IKG-Augsburg Family Book page posted for father Benno KLOPFER And also cf. ... Augsburg address - and professional i...

8/28/2014 6/10/2016

Benno Baruch Klopfer (1830 - 1897)

Benno Baruch KLOPFER: b. 10 Aug 1830, Augsburg - d. 17 Sept 1897, Augsburg Valuable details from Family Book page (posted under "Media") traced courtesy of the following website: SuperSearch ...

7/21/2012 6/6/2016

cf. Information for son-in-law Henle Simon ULLMANN/ULMAN's brother Josef Simon ULLMANN ULMAN ... Research still in progress ... Many mentions of a Josef/Joseph Lazarus NEUBURGER of Kriegshaber in v...

5/24/2016 5/24/2016

cf. sources of information provided for son Isaac ULLMANN of Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany.*** (Prior to that they may have originated from the City of Ulm - which gave them their family surname, later ...

5/1/2016 5/24/2016

Josel of Rosheim MP (1478 - 1554)

"Yossel", "Joselmann de Rosheim", "Joselin", "Yoselmann", "Joseph ben Gershon Loanz", "Josel von Rosheim", "Josel de Rosheim", "יוסף בן גרשון מרוסהים‎", "Jozzel zu Rosheim", "Joselman de Rosheim"

"Josel of Rosheim (alternatively: Joselin, Joselmann, Yoselmann, German: Josel von Rosheim, Hebrew: יוסף בן גרשון מ&#...

6/23/2008 1/12/2014

Simon ben Elieser Ulmo-Günzburg MP (1506 - 1586)

"Ba'al Tzemach David"

GÜNZBURG-ULMA, SIMON BEN ELIEZER : German scholar; communal worker; born at Günzburg, Bavaria, 1506; died at Burgau Jan. 9, 1585. He was the first who adopted and transmitted to his desce...

7/6/2008 1/11/2014

Rabbi Jakob Weil MaHaRIV MP (c.1385 - c.1456)

"Yaakov Weil Mahari'v", "Rabiny Yakov Sh'Yt' M'Hariv Vail"

Early History of the Rabbinical Weil Family by Werner L. Frank Descendants of R. Jakob ben Yehuda Weil (c 1385 - 1456) Family Tree Chart Talmudist, the Mahari"V; Rabbi in Nuernberg, Augsburg, B...

2/19/2007 1/11/2014