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2/7/2009 7/25/2018

Reizel Twersky (deceased)

10/27/2009 3/8/2016

1/9/2008 10/5/2015

1/9/2008 10/5/2015

7/22/2007 10/5/2015

Frieda Halberstam (c.1870 - 1915)

Frieda and Simha HALBERSTAM had 2 daughters and one son: Rebecca Miriam HALBERSTAM (d. ~1985) married (1): Moses Meshulam Zusia TWERSKY, had a son Chaim Baruch TWERSKY (d. 15.8.1947, Jerusalem), and ...

11/18/2007 10/5/2015

Rifka Miriam Rokach (Ashkenazi) (1825 - 1883)

"Rebecca Miriam"

1/9/2008 10/5/2015

Dina Rokeach (deceased)

1/15/2009 10/5/2015

His profile is based on the Wikipidia article:

1/9/2008 10/5/2015

"rebbetzin" Malka Rokeach MP (1780 - 1852)

"Malka Rokeach"

Malka of Belz Malka born in 1780, was the daughter of Rav Yissochor Dov and Chana Rochel (ne Tisminitzer) Ramraz. Rabbi Y.D. Ramraz was a distinguished rabbi and an Av Beis Din in the city of Sokal...

1/9/2008 10/5/2015

Rabbi Aaron Rokeach, [4th Belzer Rebbe] MP (1877 - 1957)

"Rabbi Aharon of Belz"

Aharon Rokeach Rabbi Aharon of Belz [1880 - 21 Av 1957], the fourth rebbe in the Belz dynasty, was considered one of the purest holy men of his generation. In 1944 he miraculously escaped from the ...

8/18/2007 10/2/2015

Yissachar Dov Roke'ach 3rd Belzer Rebbe

8/18/2007 10/2/2015

Admor Yehoshua (Shiale) Rokeach, 2nd Belzer Rebbe MP (1825 - 1894)

"Reb Shia L'Belz", "Joshua"

Rabbi Yehoshua Roke'ach, 2nd Belzer Rebbe Birth: 1825 Death: Feb. 3, 1894 Belzec, Poland Was the second rebbe of the Belz Hasidic dynasty. He combined Torah scholarship with practical common sens...

7/22/2007 10/2/2015

Rabbi Shulem Rokeach, 1st ADMOR נפטר כז אלול תרטו MP (1781 - 1855)

"sar shalom", "Sar Sholom", "der hrshter ruv Belzer Rebbe"

Grand Rabbi Sar Sholom Rokeach, 1st Belzer Rebbe - הרב שר שלום רוקח,האדמו"ר הראשון מבעלז Wikipedia: Shalom Rokeach and שלום רוקח . Hasidic dynasty of Belz Jewish Dynasties .

7/22/2007 10/2/2015