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Jewish Families of Votice (Wottitz) Czech Republic

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This project seeks to collect information on all of the Jewish families who resided in the town of Votice (Wottitz) in Bohemia, Czech Republic.

!!!! BE CAREFUL ... the families were growing in years and members went to surrounding towns, villages .... all area up to Dobrisch, Sedlec, Sedlcany, Beroun etc. From the past the county of Beroun ... conection among families, bussiness branch etc. .... complicated investigation but the amazing feeling when you explore it , the families supported each other in generations and relations were very tied ... look carefully who is the "Zeuge" in the birth record or marriage certificate !!!

For example:

One child was born in house XXI to the Koenig family, but the owner was Reich, Schalek and next one Trawnicek... later in N. 22 born Trawnicek, the owner is Koenig, .... later  Trawnicek marry Ewa Koenig .. but from Zahorany, Mnisek p. B. ... part of family from Votice

Probably it's more personal for me that the other projects could be ... my family is mentioned among 15 families lived in 1788 in Wottitz. Nothing special but .. my name origin is the name of the place in the town - Na Travniku (At the meadow or grass) ... Jew from "Na Travniku" simply in czech .. Travnicek (little grass). What is more complicated is that the origin of name is Schalek ... two brothers Schaleks standing in front of noble writer > you stay Schalek, and you're Travnicek from this moment. I guess we're the last family from 1788 living in Czech. ... friends are welcome to tied me up :).

What i know from an oral history ... just only one member of the old comunity is living in V. (no way to get any infos) Mr. Pavlovsky told me he knows only one who survived shoah .. Ms. Katz from Olbramowitz, she lives in Israel.

At first i would like to inform about the materials what we have to explore. [will be added continuously]

  1. Hugo Gold, printed 1930 ... History of jewish comunity in Wottitz / Votice
  2. Toledot .. familiant list for Votice
  3. vital records on , Inventary, place > Votice
  4. local patriot in V. - the historian Mr. Pavlovsky , History of Votice .. part about jewish comunity
  5. local patriot Mr. Spalenka , he takes care atfer the cemetery and made a list of names
  6. historical map ... jewish homes signed by roman numbers, and in the legend is complete list of owners
  7. information from the cadastral office, Benesov if you want to get inforation from the registration book , records from cca 1870
  8. web page with photos and pictures county area "The museum of Czech siberia"
  9. wedding concession of Wottitz before book started (wedding needed to be approved by local land owner)

What to see in V. :

Why the rich comunity was going down :

  • 1848 ... jews starts emancipate , moving mainly to Prag, Viena ...
  • 186...... the well known j. school strated loosing students ...
  • 1870 ... new railway connection but the station is not in the town ... lobby in Olbramowitz and bad cooperation with the parcel owners , for this reason Votice lost historical importance .. business road from south Tabor to Prag, and Dobris- Sedlcany - Votice

Families [if any missed please contact me] !!!! the history is written in czech, it means some names are transfered .. Low = Lev, Jakob = Jakub, Marek = Marcus etc. !!!!

HOUSES 1618 [H.G. page 706]

  • Marek Jew
  • Wolf Jew
  • Jakub Jew from Jistebnitz,
  • Marek Mothe, Lev Jew

HOUSES 1625 [H.G. page 706]

  • No. 7 Wolff Jew
  • No. 8 Aron Jew
  • No. 9 Jakob [Jakub] horse trader Jew
  • No. 30 Motche Jew
  • No. 32 Kristoffovsky Jew, rent to Lebl [chimney sweep - kominik] Jew
  • No. 34 Samuel Jew
  • No. 40 Marcus Jew
  • No. 61 Joachim Jew
  • No. 62 * Low Jew

/// mention the Lebl or Lobl ... he is later probably Loebl Komenik [kominik] /// Mothe built the house XXI outside the jewish quarter .. the tannery on the creek below the pond ... owners later Schalek , Travnicek, Reich .. sold out 1852

  • 1788 registred 15 families in Votice [town] [HG p. 710]
Eisenstein , Reich , Arnsteiner , Schalek , Jerusalem , Travnicek , Kominik [look at Loebl chimney sweep from 1625], Sucharipa [dry.beet] , Freund 

PERMISSION for marriage

  1. Benjamin Fassl + Ester Pollak from Votice [1st March 1736]
  2. Aron Loebl Lazar + Alzbeta from Lhotka [17th December 1736]
  3. Moises Markus + Majdalena from Breznic [10th February 1738]
  4. Karsche Moises + Eva from Neustupov [4th December 1753]
  5. Loebl Moises + Aleana from Votice [9th May 1760]
  6. Jachym Herschl + Rikel from Kralovic [21st April 1761]

the list will be added

{probably some family could live in the christian part of town .. let me check it}