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  • Robert Gallup, of Boston (1660 - 1720)
    Birth: 1660 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA* Marriage: Marriage to: Eleanor Gallop (born Bryant) 1678 Boston,Suffolk,Massachusetts,USA* Death: May 20 1720 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USANot the...
  • Henry Carleton Gallup (1842 - 1921)
    Birth: 25 Feb 1842 Johnstown, New York, USA* Death: 16 Jul 1921 Leavenworth, Kansas* Burial: Hutchinson Eastside Cemetery, Hutchinson, Reno County, Kansas, USASpouse: Selina Shottenkirk Gallup (1844 ...
  • Col. Samuel Gallup (1656 - 1717)
    viii. Elizabeth Southworth (daughter of Constant Southworth & Elizabeth Collier). Born ca 1661. On 12 May 1685 Elizabeth married Samuel Gallup in Bristol, RI.16===notes===HISTORY OF THE TOWN OF STONING...
  • Lodowick Elisha Gallup (1856 - aft.1920)
  • Linda Walton Hard (1851 - 1917)
    1900 U. S. Census=* Name: Linda Hard* Age: 48* Birth Date: Jul 1851* Birthplace: New York* Home in 1900: Oneida, Madison, New York* Race: White* Gender: Female* Relation to Head of House: Wife* Marital...

This project has been moribund for a while and needs to be refreshed. First, it would be good to add all the profiles of the Gallup descendants to the project. There are a lot of descendants! Second, it would be great if we highlighted the notable Gallup descendants, with a short statement about their accomplishment(s), starting with the Gallup line itself. Third, we can have a section that links to famous descendants, such as U.S. presidents, actors, politicians, etc. Any other ideas?

  • I started this project because the Gallup family tree needs to be cleaned up. I am a direct descendant of John Gallop (Gallup). The patriarch of the Gallup family is John Gallop. John Gallop was documented to have arrived in this country on the “Mary & John”. He left England on March 20, 1630, and arrived in Boston where he settled and became one of the first grantees of land in the northern part of town. John Gallop had a wharf and house, and the area was known as Gallop’s Point. Gallop was very important to the development of trade between the Massachusetts Colony and Connecticut and Rhode Island. Source: []
  • John Gallop’s wife, Christobel Bruschett did not travel with her husband to Boston. She stayed behind with their four children: John b. abt 1615, Joan b. abt 1618, William b. abt 1622, Nathaniel & Samuel b. abt 16 Aug 1629 (this is a baptism date). They had one other daughter, Frances, who died at a young age. Christobel was the daughter of Edmund Bruschett and Emma Nichols and was probably born in the 1590’s in Dorset, England. Christobel did not want to travel to the Boston... and her husband was ready to return to England. John Gallop had become an important member of the colony and Gov. Winthrop was eager to keep him in America. Gov. Winthrop wrote Rev. John White in Dorchester, England:

I have much difficultye to keep John Gallop here by reason of his wife will not come. I marvayle at the woman’s weaknesse. I pray pursuade her and further her coming by all means. If she will come, let her have the remainder of his wages; if not, let it be bestowed to bring over his childre, if so he desires. It would be about 40 pounds losse to him to come for her.

Your assured in the Lord’s worke, Massachusetts, July 4, 1632 J. Winthrop


  • My descent from John Gallop is as follows:
  1. Captain John Gallop (Gallup) married Christobel Bruschett
  2. their son John Gallup married Hannah Lake
  3. their son Benadam Gallup married Esther Prentice
  4. their son Lieutenant Benadam Gallup married Eunice Cobb
  5. their son Colonel Nathan Gallup married Sarah Giddings
  6. their son Lodowick Gallup married Margaret Phelps
  7. their daughter Fanny Maria Gallup married Giles Williams (my great great grandparents)

First Generation

  • John Gallup and Christobel Bruschett's children:
  1. John b. abt 1615
  2. Joan b. abt 1618
  3. William b. abt 1622
  4. Nathaniel & Samuel b. abt 16 Aug 1629 (this is a baptism date)
  5. a daughter, Frances, who died at a young age

Second Generation

  • Children of HANNAH LAKE and JOHN GALLUP are:
  1. HANNAH GALLUP, b. 14 Sep 1644, Boston, MA; d. 1721, Norwich, CT.
  2. JOHN GALLUP, b. 14 Sep 1646, Boston, MA; d. 14 Apr 1735, Stonington, New London, CT, USA.
  3. ELIZABETH GALLUP, b. 1650, Stonington, New London, CT; d. 1736, Stonington, New London, CT.
  4. ESTHER GALLUP, b. 24 Mar 1651/52, New London, CT; d. 1710, Taunton, Bristol, MA.
  5. BENADAM GALLUP, b. 1655, Stonington, New London, CT; d. 02 Aug 1727, Stonington, New London, CT.
  6. WILLIAM GALLUP, b. 1658, Stonington, New London, CT; d. 17 May 1731, Stonington, New London, CT.
  7. SAMUEL G GALLUP, b. 1660, New London, CT; d. 1687.
  8. CHRISTOBEL GALLUP, b. 1662, Stonington, New London, CT, USA; d. 17 Sep 1754, Mystic, New London, CT.
  9. MARY GALLUP, b. 1666, Stonington, New London, CT; d. 1672.
  10. MARGARET GALLUP, b. 1668, Stonington, New London, CT.

Third Generation

  • Children of Benadam Gallup and Esther Prentice:
  1. Hannah Gallup was born on 22 May 1683. She died on 17 Aug 1754.
  2. Esther Gallup was born on 1 Nov 1685. She died in 1752.
  3. Mercy Gallup was born on 16 Aug 1690. She died on 2 Mar 1724/1725.
  4. Lt. Benadam Gallup Jr. was born on 18 Apr 1693. He died on 30 Sep 1755.
  5. Capt. Joseph Gallup was born on 27 Sep 1695. He died on 22 Dec 1760.
  6. Margaret Gallup was born on 11 May 1698. She died on 2 Mar 1761.
  7. Lucy Gallup was born on 12 Jan 1701. She died on 7 Jan 1793.

Fourth Generation

  • Children of Lieut Benadam Gallup and Eunice Cobb are:
  1. MAJOR BENADAM GALLUP, b. October 26, 1716, Groton, New London, CT; d. March 29, 1800, Groton, New London, CT.
  2. ESTER GALLUP, b. February 24, 1717/18, Groton, New London, CT; d. November 09, 1799; m. SAMUEL MINOR, October 27, 1743.
  3. EUNICE GALLUP, b. March 29, 1721, Groton, New London, CT.
  4. LOIS GALLUP, b. March 29, 1721, Groton, New London, CT.
  5. WILLIAM GALLUP, b. July 04, 1723, Groton, New London, CT; d. April 04, 1803, Kingston, Luzerne, PA.
  6. HENRY GALLUP, b. October 05, 1725, Groton, New London, CT; d. November 11, 1811.
  7. NATHAN GALLUP, b. 1727, Groton, New London, CT; d. January 19, 1799.
  8. EBENEZER GALLUP, b. Groton, New London, CT; d. 1798, Plainfield, , CT.
  9. THOMAS PRENTICE GALLUP, b. Groton, New London, CT; d. May 18, 1813.
  10. HANNAH GALLUP, b. Groton, New London, CT; d. October 13, 1820, Groton, New London, CT.
  11. SARAH GALLUP, b. Groton, New London, CT.

Fifth Generation

  • Children of Colonel Nathan Gallup and his wife Sarah Giddings are:
  1. Sarah Gallup, who married Silas Gallup
  2. Nathan Gallup
  3. Ebenezer Gallup
  4. Mary Gallup, who married Henry Denison
  5. Jacob Gallup, who married Rebecca Morgan
  6. Christopher Gallup, who married Martha (Patty) Stanton
  7. Gideon Gallup
  8. Lois Gallup, who married Jacob Morgan
  9. Lodowick Gallup, who married 1st Margaret "Peggy" Phelps and 2nd Nancy White

Sixth Generation

  • Children of Lodowick Gallup and Margaret "Peggy" Phelps are:
  1. Lucy K. Gallup, born 11 May 1801, Groton, CT. Died 2 April 1883, Ledyard, CT.
  2. Nathan Gallup, born 24 Jan 1803, Groton, CT. Died 18 Feb 1827, Philadephia, PA.
  3. Cecilia Gallup, born 7 Nov 1804, Groton, CT. Married Giles Williams on 6 Dec 1864, Worcester, MA (after her sister Fanny who was Giles Williams first wife died). Died 28 Jan 1892.
  4. Louisa Gallup, born 21 Jan 1807. Died 6 Mar 1891.
  5. Lodowick Corbin Gallup, born 11 Feb 1809, New London, CT. Married Nancy White, 22 Sept 1834, Brooklyn, CT. Died 16 Aug, 1882.
  6. Oliver E. Gallup, born 24 Apr 1811. Died 31 Aug 1834, Pomfret, CT.
  7. Fanny Maria Gallup, born 2 Mar 1814, Ledyard, CT. Married Giles Williams 13 Sept 18833, Ledyard, CT. Died 16 Aug 1863.
  8. Lauriston Gallup, born 15 Nov 1816,. Died 28 Aug 1848, Ledyard, CT. Graduated from Castleton Medical College and was a physician in NYC. He was unmarried.
  9. Asa Oran Gallup, born 31 Jan 1819, Groton, CT. Married Wealthy Philena Palmer, 4 Jul 1849. Died 12 Nov 1865, Alexandria, VA.
  10. John P. Gallup, born 14 Dec 1821. Died 31 Dec 1831.
  11. Dwight Gallup, born 14 Apr 1825, Ledyard, CT. Married Lydia Ann Wadhams, 19 Nov 1849, Goshen, CT. Died 16 Apr 1911, Ledyard, CT.
  12. Margaret Gallup, born 30 Dec 1828, Groton, CT. Died 4 Dec 1858, Ledyard, CT.

Gallops in England

  • First Generation - John Gollop, the earliest known ancestor, who "came out of the North" in 1465. No birth place, birth date or death date documented. Married Alice Temaple ata Temple Court in Broadwinsor, Dorsetshire, born c. 1443. Through that marriage he acquired that estate with the lands of North Bowood.
  • Second Generation - John Gallop, gentlemen of North Bowood and Temple, Dorsetshire, died in1 1534. He married Joan Collins of Snailscroft, Dorsetshire.
  • Third Generation - Thomas Gallop of North Bowood, gentleman, died April 7, 1610. He married Agnes Watkins.
  • Thomas of Strode had six children with Agnes Watkins (Gallup Genealogy 2009, Vol 1, xiv):
  1. Giles Gallop died without issue. Fellow of New College Oxford, who not conforming to the change of religion in Queen Elizabeth's tiem, resigned his post and went to Rome and became a priest.
  2. Humphrey Gallop died without issue.
  3. Thomas Gallop, died July 2, 1663. Heir of North Bowood and Strode. He married Francesca Pawlett, daughter of George Pawlett of Melplash, Dorsetshire.
  4. John Gallop married Mary Crabbe. Their son, John Gallop of Mosterne, age 33 in 1623, emigrated to America 1630 on the ship Mary & John.
  5. George Gallop lived in Southampton.
  6. Richard Gallop, Stoke Abbot, Dorsetshire; married Mary Davy, daughter of John Davy of Stampford, Devonshire.


  1. The Genealogical History of the Gallup Family in the United States
  2. The Gallup Family Association which puts out a 2 volume Gallup Genealogy, updated annually. I have the 2009 edition.