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MyHeritage in Color™-colorized high school yearbook photo, from Original file: or or This work is in the public domain in the United States because it was published in the United States between 1928 and 1977, inclusive, without a copyright notice. For further explanation, see Commons:Hirtle chart as well as a detailed definition of "publication" for public art. Note that it may still be copyrighted in jurisdictions that do not apply the rule of the shorter term for US works (depending on the date of the author's death), such as Canada (50 p.m.a.), Mainland China (50 p.m.a., not Hong Kong or Macao), Germany (70 p.m.a.), Mexico (100 p.m.a.), Switzerland (70 p.m.a.), and other countries with individual treaties.

Colin Robert Chase MP (1935 - 1984)

Colin Chase was a professor of English Literature at the University of Toronto. Wikipedia 1940 United States census

5/6/2014 2/4/2023

Dipu Moni MP

Dhaka, Dhaka District, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh

Dipu Moni is a Bangladeshi poliician. Wikipedia

1/23/2023 1/23/2023

Dr. Alfred Camp Blalock (1899 - 1964)

Dr. Alfred Camp Blalock

5/12/2020 1/19/2023

Helen Brooke Taussig, MD MP (1898 - 1986)

Dr. Helen Brooke Taussig Find A Grave Memorial ID # 10372821 Dr. Helen Brooke Taussig Wikipedia Page Helen Brooke Taussig (May 24, 1898 - May 20, 1986) was an American cardiologist, working in ...

2/3/2012 1/19/2023

Westley Watende Omari Moore (born October 15, 1978) is an American politician, investment banker, author, television producer, and nonprofit executive serving as the 63rd governor of Maryland since 2...

1/19/2023 1/19/2023

William Stewart Halsted, MD MP (1852 - 1922) : Pioneer. He is called "the father of modern surgery", and developed procedures still in use. Raised in New York in a family of wealth and position, he graduated from Phillips Exeter Ac...

1/1/2011 1/19/2023

Howard Atwood Kelly, MD MP (1858 - 1943)

Dr. Howard Atwood Kelly “The Prince of Gynecology” Find A Grave Memorial ID # 34504991 Medical pioneer, surgeon and one of the founders of Johns Hopkins Hospital & Medical School. He he has bee...

7/20/2018 1/19/2023

Michael Richardson (born April 8, 1960) is an admiral in the United States Navy who currently serves as the 31st Chief of Naval Operations. He previously served as the Director of the Naval Nuclear Pro...

7/1/2016 1/14/2023

John O. Agwunobi is a Scottish-born Nigerian-American former public health official, pediatrician, and the current chief executive officer and former executive chairman of Herbalife Nutrition. He was...

1/5/2023 1/6/2023

Robert E. Kramek MP (1939 - 2016)

Robert Edward Kramek (December 15, 1939 – October 20, 2016) was an admiral of the United States Coast Guard who served as the 20th commandant from 1994 to 1998. During his tenure as commandant, he su...

1/5/2023 1/6/2023

Julia Anna Gardner (1882 - 1960)

Anna Gardner (January 26, 1882–November 15, 1960), a geologist with the United States Geological Survey for 32 years, was known worldwide for her work in stratigraphy and mollusc paleontology. Born in ...

8/24/2012 12/2/2022

Arthur Byron Coble MP (1878 - 1966)

Arthur Byron Coble (November 3, 1878 – December 8, 1966) was an American mathematician. He did research on finite geometries and the group theory related to them, Cremona transformations associated w...

11/26/2022 11/26/2022

George Stronach Fraps (1876 - 1955)

George Stronach Fraps, agricultural chemist, son of Anton Wenzel and Margaret Lumley (Stonebanks) Fraps, was born in Raleigh, North Carolina, on September 9, 1876. He attended North Carolina College of...

11/26/2022 11/26/2022

Luther Pfahler Eisenhart MP (1876 - 1965)

Luther Pfahler Eisenhart (13 January 1876 – 28 October 1965) was an American mathematician, best known today for his contributions to semi-Riemannian geometry.

12/9/2010 11/18/2022

Frank Morley (1860 - 1937)

Morley (September 9, 1860 – October 17, 1937) was a leading mathematician, known mostly for his teaching and research in the fields of algebra and geometry. Among his mathematical accomplishments was t...

6/4/2014 11/13/2022

Edwin Whitfield Fay (1865 - 1920)

Edwin Whitfield Fay, philologist, was born on January 1, 1865, in Minden, Louisiana, to Edwin Hedge and Sarah Elizabeth (Shields) Fay. He entered Southwestern Presbyterian University in Clarksville, Te...

11/13/2022 11/13/2022

Edward Burr Van Vleck (1863 - 1943)

Burr Van Vleck (June 7, 1863, Middletown, Connecticut – June 3, 1943, Madison, Wisconsin) was an American mathematician.The son of astronomer John Monroe Van Vleck, he graduated from Wesleyan Universit...

9/13/2012 11/12/2022

Hilario D. G. Lara MP (1894 - 1987)

Hilario D. G. Lara was a Filipino scientist who is considered as the “Father of Modern Public Health in the Philippines”. Birth Marriage Death

10/21/2022 10/21/2022

Donald Graham Cook (born August 13, 1946) is a retired United States Air Force four-star general who served as commander, Air Education and Training Command at Randolph Air Force Base, Texas from 200...

8/30/2022 10/6/2022

General William R. Looney III, USAF (born March 5, 1949) was the 28th Commander, Air Education and Training Command (AETC), Randolph Air Force Base, Texas. As commander, he was responsible for the re...

8/30/2022 10/6/2022

Duncan J. McNabb (born August 8, 1952) is a retired United States Air Force general who last served as the ninth commander, United States Transportation Command from September 5, 2008, to October 17,...

8/30/2022 10/5/2022

Victor Eugene "Gene" Renuart Jr. (born November 26, 1949) is a retired United States Air Force four-star general. His last military assignment was as the commander of United States Northern Command a...

8/30/2022 10/5/2022

William Lee Shelton (born February 25, 1954) is a former United States Air Force four-star general who last served as the commander of Air Force Space Command from January 5, 2011, to August 15, 2014...

8/29/2022 10/5/2022

Donald L. Pilling MP (1943 - 2008)

Donald Lee Pilling (June 4, 1943 – May 26, 2008) was a four-star United States Navy admiral who served as Vice Chief of Naval Operations from 1997 to 2000.

9/1/2022 9/1/2022

Admiral Robert Lee Dennison MP (1901 - 1980)

Admiral Robert Lee Dennison (April 13, 1901 – March 14, 1980) was an American naval officer and aide to President Harry Truman.

12/17/2020 8/28/2022

General John K. Waters Sr MP (1906 - 1989)

Knight Waters (December 20, 1906 – January 9, 1989) was a United States Army four-star general who served as commander, U.S. Army, Pacific from 1964 to 1966. He was also the son-in-law of General Georg...

6/15/2010 8/21/2022

Godofredo Macaraeg (1920 - 2016)

Find a Grave

2/26/2022 8/6/2022

Juan Martin Flavier MP (1935 - 2014)

Juan Martin Flavier was a Filipino physician and politician who served as Secretary of the Department of Health and as senator.===References===* "Juan Flavier.", 23 July 2018. . Retrieved...

8/25/2007 7/31/2022

Dr Detlev Wulf Bronk MP (1897 - 1975)

Detlev Wulf Bronk (August 13, 1897 – November 17, 1975) was President of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland from 1949 to 1953 and President of the National Academy of Sciences from 1950 ...

10/12/2012 7/14/2022
Photo of Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno. Source: (2018). "Mensahe". Direktoryo ng mga Ahensiya at Opisyal ng Pamahalaan ng Pilipinas [Directory of Agencies and Officials of the Philippine Government]: i. Department of Budget and Management. Retrieved on 21 May 2018. Author: Department of Budget and Management This work is in the public domain in the Philippines and possibly other jurisdictions because it is a work created by an officer or employee of the Government of the Philippines or any of its subdivisions and instrumentalities, including government-owned and/or controlled corporations, as part of their regularly prescribed official duties; consequently, any work is ineligible for copyright under the terms of Part IV, Chapter I, Section 171.11 and Part IV, Chapter IV, Section 176 of Republic Act No. 8293 and Republic Act No. 10372, as amended, unless otherwise noted. However, in some instances, the use of this work in the Philippines or elsewhere may be regulated by this law or other laws.


6/21/2022 6/29/2022
Portrait taken from The Philippine Officials Review, p. 383 Original file: This work is in the public domain in the Philippines and possibly other jurisdictions because it is a work created by an officer or employee of the Government of the Philippines or any of its subdivisions and instrumentalities, including government-owned and/or controlled corporations, as part of his regularly prescribed official duties; and consequently any work is ineligible for copyright under the terms of Part IV, Chapter I, Section 171.11 and Part IV, Chapter IV, Section 176 of Republic Act No. 8293 and Republic Act No. 10372, as amended, unless otherwise noted. However, in some instances, the use of this work in the Philippines or elsewhere may be regulated by this law or other laws.

Trinidad Pesigan (1909 - 1967)

The Philippine Officials Review Immigration to San Francisco, California, United States (1940)

1/28/2010 5/7/2022

Bonifacio Gillego MP (1921 - 2002)

Bonifacio Gillego was an officer and a gentleman. He gave dignity to public service and honor to his uniform. As a soldier, Bonifacio Gillego, called Boni by most, saw action in the Korean War and ser...

9/15/2007 4/30/2022

Arturo Belleza Rotor MP (1907 - 1988)

Wikipedia Baptism Marriage certificate Immigration to San Francisco, California, United States: 1941 1941 1945

12/29/2010 4/26/2022

John Howland (1873 - 1926)

John Howland (February 3, 1873 – June 20, 1926) was an American pediatrician who spent the majority of his career at Johns Hopkins Hospital, where he established the first full-time pediatric departm...

3/22/2022 3/28/2022

Andrew Dickson White was an American historian and educator, who was the cofounder of Cornell University and served as its first president for nearly two decades. He was known for expanding the scope o...

8/11/2011 3/22/2022

Murray Butler (April 2, 1862 – December 7, 1947) was an American philosopher, diplomat, and educator. Butler was president of Columbia University, president of the Carnegie Endowment for International ...

7/1/2011 3/21/2022

President of the University of PennsylvaniaU.S. ambassador to Germany

5/6/2010 3/19/2022

P. J. O'Rourke MP (1947 - 2022)

"P.J.", "P. J.", "PJ"

P. J. O'Rourke was an American libertarian political satirist and journalist. O'Rourke was the H. L. Mencken Research Fellow at the libertarian Cato Institute and a regular correspondent for The Atlant...

12/20/2009 3/12/2022

Murray Marcus Copeland (1902 - 1982)

Murray Marcus Copeland, cancer specialist, was born in McDonough, Georgia, in 1902. He received a B.S. from Oglethorpe University in 1923 and an M.D. from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in...

3/11/2022 3/11/2022

Starr Jordan, Ph.D., LL.D. (January 19, 1851 – September 19, 1931) was a leading eugenicist, ichthyologist, educator and peace activist. He was president of Indiana University and Stanford University.E...

8/28/2008 3/10/2022

Denton Cooley (1920 - 2016)

Denton Arthur Cooley (August 22, 1920 – November 18, 2016) was an American heart and cardiothoracic surgeon famous for performing the first implantation of a total artificial heart. Cooley was also t...

3/10/2022 3/10/2022

Grace Cornelia Eldering (1900 - 1988)

Wikipedia - Grace Eldering Grace Eldering (1900–1988) was an American public health scientist, known for her involvement in the creation of a vaccine for whooping cough along with Pearl Kendrick . Chil...

12/28/2009 3/1/2022

Dudley Goodall Wooten (1860 - 1929)

Dudley Goodall Wooten (June 19, 1860 – February 7, 1929) was a U.S. Representative from Texas. Early years Born near Springfield, Missouri, Wooten moved in infancy with his parents to Texas during ...

10/25/2014 2/17/2022

Killis Campbell (1872 - 1937)

Killis Campbell, writer and professor of literature, the son of Robert Camm and Alice (Hawes) Campbell, was born in Enfield, Virginia, on June 11, 1872. He earned a B.Litt. degree at Peabody College fo...

4/22/2010 2/13/2022

Morgan Callaway Jr. (1862 - 1936)

Morgan Callaway, Jr., scholar and teacher, the son of Morgan and Eliza Mary (Hinton) Callaway, was born on November 3, 1862, in Cuthbert, Georgia. His father was a professor of English at Emory College...

2/10/2022 2/10/2022

Patrick Henry Butler III (1945 - 2016)

Patrick Henry Butler III, historian, curator, and historic preservationist, the son of Patrick Henry Butler, Jr., and Rebecca Ann (Johnson) Butler, was born in Alexandria, Virginia, on July 3, 1945. He...

2/7/2022 2/7/2022

Claude Carr Cody, Jr. (1884 - 1959)

Claude Carr Cody, Jr., otolaryngologist, was born in Georgetown, Texas, on September 9, 1884, the son of Martha R. (Hughes) and Claude Carr Cody. The elder Cody was professor of mathematics, dean of th...

1/26/2022 1/26/2022

Emery Lehman is an American speed skater who represented the United States at the 2014 Winter Olympics, the 2018 Winter Olympics, and the 2022 Winter Olympics, winning a bronze medal in the team pursui...

1/8/2022 1/8/2022

John William Snow (born August 2, 1939) is the former CEO of CSX Corporation, and served as the 73rd United States Secretary of the Treasury under U.S. President George W. Bush. He replaced Secretary...

11/13/2021 11/24/2021

Sarah Heath Cabaniss (1865 - 1921)

Sadie Heath Cabaniss (October 9, 1865 – July 11, 1921) was a pioneer for nursing in Virginia and developed the first training school for nurses that followed the Nightingale plan. Her training school...

11/14/2021 11/14/2021

Clara Dutton Noyes (1869 - 1936)

Clara Dutton Noyes (October 3, 1869 – June 3, 1936) was an American nurse who headed the American Red Cross department of nursing during World War I. In 1998 she was inducted into the American Nur...

11/14/2021 11/14/2021

Martha E. Rogers (1914 - 1994)

Martha Elizabeth Rogers (May 12, 1914 – March 13, 1994) was an American nurse, researcher, theorist, and author. While professor of nursing at New York University, Rogers developed the "Science of...

11/14/2021 11/14/2021

Charles "Charlie" W. Scharf (born April 24, 1965) is an American businessman who serves as the chief executive officer and president of Wells Fargo. He was previously the CEO of Visa Inc. and BNY Mel...

10/30/2021 10/30/2021

William G. Kouwenhoven (1925 - 1999)

William G. Kouwenhoven, 73, airline consultant William Gerrit Kouwenhoven, a retired airline management consultant and skilled yachtsman, died Saturday of lung cancer at his Roland Park residence. He ...

10/22/2021 10/22/2021

. degree at Harvard Medical School in 1937. Took postgraduate training at Johns Hopkins and interned in Baltimore and Honolulu .Joined Army Air Corps in June, 1941. Served as gunner on Tokyo Raid, Apri...

2/1/2015 10/14/2021

Johns Hopkins MP (1795 - 1873)

Financier, philanthropist, university founder, and social activist. Important investor in the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad who used the railroad during the Civil War to transport Union troops to the fro...

9/22/2009 10/4/2021

Ray Mabus, Governor (1948 - d.)

Edwin Mabus Jr. (born October 11, 1948) is an American politician, diplomat, and member of the Democratic Party who served as the 75th United States Secretary of the Navy from 2009 to 2017. Mabus previ...

9/27/2021 9/27/2021

John Charles Fields, Jr. MP (1863 - 1932)

John Charles Fields John Charles Fields - The Canadian Encyclopedia John Charles Fields , mathematician (b at Hamilton 14 May 1863; d at Toronto 9 Aug 1932). Educated at U of T (BA, 1884) and Johns Hop...

5/21/2016 7/20/2021

Elmer Verner McCollum, MD MP (1879 - 1967)

was born on a farm in Kansas. He learned to farm at a very early age. Dr. McCollum was a graduate of Kansas University, class of 1903. He received a B.A. and a Master of Arts in 1904 and Yale Universit...

7/27/2011 7/19/2021
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Alphonse Dochez (1882 - 1964)

Raymond Dochez (April 21, 1882 – June 30, 1964) was an American physician and microbiologist. His research focused on infectious diseases including scarlet fever, the common cold, and pneumococcal pneu...

7/15/2021 7/15/2021

Petrie (1866-1947) was a historian, college professor, and coach of Auburn University's first football team. In addition to introducing football to what was then the Agricultural and Mechanical College...

9/10/2014 6/30/2021

Caldwell Janeway (November 2, 1872 – December 28, 1917) was the first full-time professor of medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, recruited in 1914.BiographyTheodore C. Janeway ...

3/24/2017 6/29/2021

Walter B. Jones (1895 - 1977)

Bryan Jones (1895-1977) was a noted Alabama geologist and archaeologist who served for 34 years as Alabama State Geologist and director of the Alabama Museum of Natural History. Although the Moundville...

6/21/2021 6/21/2021

Edmund C. Lynch MP (1885 - 1938)

Edmund C. Lynch was an American investment banker and co-founder of Merrill Lynch. On October 15, 1914, Lynch and his close friend Charles E. Merrill started Merrill Lynch. Lynch was especially known...

10/22/2009 6/10/2021

John Bates Clark MP (1847 - 1938)

John Bates Clark (January 26, 1847 – March 21, 1938) was an American neoclassical economist. He was one of the pioneers of the marginalist revolution and opponent to the Institutionalist school of econ...

8/14/2011 2/22/2021

Kenneth Harry Lendon (1928 - 2015)

1/17/2021 1/23/2021

Tinsley R. Harrison (1900 - 1978)

Alabamian Tinsley R. Harrison (1900-1978) was one of the most influential physicians of the twentieth century. His worldwide fame rested primarily on his book Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine...

12/29/2020 12/29/2020

Dr. Ernest William Goodpasture (1886–1960) was an American pathologist and physician. Goodpasture advanced the scientific understanding of the pathogenesis of infectious diseases, parasitism, and a var...

7/10/2007 11/11/2020

Fred C. Allison (1882 - 1974)

Fred C. Allison (1882-1974) is best known for his research on the effect of applied magnetic fields on the propagation of light through different substances (magneto-optics) and the related technique h...

11/11/2020 11/11/2020

Matthew Maury Corbin (1873 - 1913)

Wellford Corbin and Diana Fontaine (Maury) CorbinMarried Mary Ann ReinhartGraduated from Virginia Military Institute in 1894. From there to Johns Hopkins in 1896.He was a mechanical engineer and served...

10/11/2020 10/11/2020

Brig. General Stanhope Bayne-Jones (1888 - 1970)

"Stanhope Bayne Jones"

".... a graduate of Yale college and Johns Hopkins Medical School... held the Distinguished Service Medal of the United States,. in 1942 he was appointed brigadier general of the US Army Medical Corps....

12/24/2012 9/18/2020

Louis Decimus Rubin, Jr. (1923 - 2013)

Decimus Rubin Jr. (November 19, 1923 – November 16, 2013) was a noted American literary scholar and critic, writing teacher, publisher, and writer. He is credited with helping to establish Southern lit...

8/16/2020 8/16/2020

Dr. Charles Isaac Wendt (1871 - 1951)


8/7/2020 8/7/2020

Franklin Willoughby (1867–1960) was an author of public administration texts including works on budgeting. He often worked with his twin brother, Westel W. Willoughby.BiographyHe was born on 20 July 18...

7/8/2020 7/8/2020

Woodbury Willoughby (20 July 1867 – 25 March 1945), was an American academic.He and his twin brother to William F. Willoughby were the sons of Westel Willoughby and Jennie Rebecca (Woodbury) Willoughby...

7/8/2020 7/8/2020

Douglas Southall Freeman MP (1886 - 1953)

Southall Freeman (May 16, 1886 – June 13, 1953) was an American historian, biographer, newspaper editor, radio commentator, and author. He is best known for his multi-volume biographies of Robert E. Le...

6/28/2020 6/28/2020

Russell Baker (1925 - 2019)

Baker was a journalist, memoirist, essayist, humorist, and television personality. Born in Loudoun County, he was raised in New Jersey and educated at Johns Hopkins. He served briefly in the military b...

6/6/2020 6/6/2020

James Slater Murphy (1921 - 2007)

James Slater Murphy graduated from Johns Hopkins in 1945, and like his father, became a research physician at the Rockefeller Institute. On December 11, 1949, he married Margaret-ta Large Fitler. They ...

4/9/2015 6/2/2020

James Bumgardner Murphy (1884 - 1950)

Bumgardner Murphy, research physician, the son of Dr. Patrick Livingston and Bettie W. Bumgardner Murphy, was born in Morganton, where his father was a psychiatrist at the state hospital. An older brot...

6/2/2020 6/2/2020

Jonathan Michael Stern (1962 - 2016)

8/7/2015 6/1/2020

Sara Virginia Morrison (1868 - 1950)

Cameron Morrison surprised most people when he married Sara Virginia Ecker Watts on April 2, 1924, at Harwood Hall in Durham. The governor had been a widower since 1919, the year his first wife, Lottie...

2/26/2013 5/31/2020

Alexander Montgomery, educator, was born in Warren County, the son of Walter A. and Lizzie Holman Wilson Montgomery. He attended Wake Forest College and received bachelor's, master's, and doctor of phi...

5/29/2020 5/29/2020

H. Houston Merritt (1902 - 1979)

Houston Merritt, Jr., physician and educator, was born in Wilmington, the son of Hiram H. and Dessie Cline Merritt. After attending the local schools, he spent a year at The University of North Carolin...

5/25/2020 5/25/2020

Junius Moore Horner (1859 - 1933)

Moore Horner, Episcopal bishop, was born in Oxford, the son of James Hunter and Sophronia Moore Horner. After attending the Horner School, Oxford, and the University of Virginia, he received the A.B. d...

9/22/2007 5/1/2020

Allan Wilson Hobbs (1885 - 1960)

Reference: Find A Grave Memorial - SmartCopy : Feb 24 2017, 18:54:21 UTC Wilson Hobbs, educator, was born in Greensboro, the son of Dr. Lewis Lyndon Hobbs, president of Guilford College, and Mary Mende...

2/24/2017 4/28/2020

Marshall De Lancey Haywood MP (1871 - 1933)

Marshall De Lancey Haywood , historian and author, was born in Raleigh, the son of Richard Bennehan and Julia Ogden Hicks Haywood. His father was a distinguished physician and his grandfather, Sherwood...

1/2/2020 4/22/2020

Julian Deryl Hart (1894 - 1980)

Deryl Hart, surgeon and university president, was born in Prattsburg, Ga., the son of John Deryl, a farmer, and Fannie Walter Matthews Hart, a descendant of Sir Anthony Drane, nephew of the second Lord...

4/20/2020 4/20/2020

Thomas Perrin Harrison (1864 - 1949)

Perrin Harrison, college professor, was born in Abbeville, S.C., at the home of his maternal grandfather, Thomas Chiles Perrin. The son of Francis Eugene (1826–78) and Mary Eunice Perrin Harrison (1832...

12/16/2013 4/20/2020

Frederick Moir Hanes (1883 - 1946)

Moir Hanes, physician, educator, and researcher, was born in Salem, the son of John Wesley and Anna Hodgin Hanes. He was graduated from The University of North Carolina in 1903, received the M.A. degre...

7/5/2014 4/14/2020

James Dowden Bruner (1864 - 1945)

Dowden Bruner, educator and college administrator, was born in Leitchfield, Ky., the son of Isaac Willis and Maggie Ellen Rogers Bruner. The recipient of an early classical education, he was awarded de...

3/28/2020 3/28/2020

John Spencer Bassett (1867 - 1928)

Spencer Bassett, historian, was born at Tarboro, the second child of Richard Baxter Bassett and Mary Jane Wilson Bassett. His father had come from Virginia to eastern North Carolina as a builder and co...

7/31/2018 3/20/2020

Charles Sackett Sydnor (1898 - 1954)

Sackett Sydnor, historian and university administrator, was born in Augusta, Ga., the oldest of five children of Evelyn Aiken Sackett and Giles Granville Sydnor, pastor of the Green Street Presbyterian...

3/17/2020 3/17/2020

Charles Lee Smith, Sr. (1865 - 1951)

Lee Smith, professor, university president, publisher, and bibliophile, was born at his family's country home, Wilton, in Granville County. His father, Louis Turner Smith, had been a Confederate surgeo...

3/8/2020 3/8/2020

Benjamin Franklin Shedd (1864 - 1940)

Franklin Sledd, educator and poet, was born in Bedford County, Va., the son of William Edgar and Arabella Hobson Sledd. Members of both the Hobson and Sledd families had fought in all the wars of the n...

3/6/2020 3/6/2020

Enoch Walter Sikes (1868 - 1941)

DR. ENOCH WALTER SIKES was an American educator. He was born May 19, 1868, on a farm in Union County, North Carolina, the eldest of the seven sons of John Cuthbertson Sikes and Matilda Jane Austin Sike...

4/16/2013 3/2/2020

Rowena Sidbury Hall (1918 - 2016)

Like her father. James Sidbury. and brother, James, Jr., Rowena Sidbury Hall was a pediatrician.Born in Wilmington in 1918, the former Julia Rowena Sidbury was the daughter of Dr. James Buren Sidbury (...

3/2/2020 3/2/2020

Clarence Albert Shore (1873 - 1933)

Albert Shore, physician and public health official, was born in Salem, the son of Henry Washington and Lavinia Ellen Boyer Shore. Widely known in medical circles throughout the United States, he was a ...

3/2/2020 3/2/2020

Stephen Beauregard Weeks MP (1865 - 1918)

Beauregard Weeks, historian, bibliographer, collector of North Caroliniana, and government official, was born near Nixonton, Pasquotank County, to James Elliott and Mary Louisa Mullen Weeks. On the dea...

9/20/2009 2/7/2020

Clinton Weaver, Methodist clergyman, educator, and church administrator, was born in Ashe County of Scots-Irish ancestry, the son of James Harvey and Jennie Burkett Weaver. His mother was a member of a...

3/17/2009 2/6/2020