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Sir Francis Knollys MP (1511 - 1596)

"Lord of Rotherfield Grays", "Oxfordshire (obtained from Henry VIII); Knight of the Garter"

Sir Francis Knollys [ ) From Wikipedia:] Sir Francis Knollys of Rotherfield Greys, Oxfordshire, KG (c. 1511 / c. 1514 – 19 July 1596) was a courtier in the service of Henry VIII, Edward VI and Eliz...

5/1/2007 5/9/2017

Walter Paveley MP (c.1304 - c.1327)

Knight Founder of the Order of the Garter Sir Walter Paveley Links: Wikipedia

7/25/2010 11/2/2016

Edward Smith-Stanley, 13th Earl of Derby was educated at Eton College, Eton, Berkshire, England. He graduated from Trinity College, Cambridge University, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England, in 1795 w...

7/30/2010 10/22/2016

Sir Cennydd Traherne, KG MP (1910 - 1995)

9/23/2016 9/23/2016

Peter Alexander Rupert Carington, 6th Baron Carrington, KG, GCMG, CH, MC, PC, DL (born 6 June 1919) is a British Conservative politician. He served as British Foreign Secretary between 1979 and 1982 ...

10/21/2008 9/5/2016

Major, 87th Regiment of Foot 1779 and Lt Col 1780; a Lord of the Bedchamber (Tory) 1777-1812; Lord Lieutenant of Rutland 1779-1826; Member of the Board of Agriculture 1793; Privy Councillor 1...

8/30/2009 7/29/2016

Viscount Stratford de Redcliffe Canning was an English diplomatist. He was born in 1788 and died in 1880. The son of a London merchant and cousin of George Canning, he entered the diplomatic service ...

12/28/2008 6/30/2016

Sir David William Brewer, KG, CMG, CVO, JP (born 28 May 1940) was Lord-Lieutenant of Greater London to Elizabeth II from 2008 until 2015. A marine insurance broker by profession, Brewer also served...

5/19/2016 5/19/2016
Private User      

William Brooke, 10th Baron Cobham Sir William Brooke, 10th Baron Cobham, KG (1 November 1527 – 6 March 1597)[1] was Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports, and a Member of Parliament for Hythe. Although he ...

7/16/2011 4/4/2016

Sir Richard FitzAlan, 11th Earl of Arundel MP (1346 - 1397)

"Earl of Arundel"

"Richard FitzAlan, 11th Earl of Arundel and 10th Earl of Surrey (1346 – 21 September 1397) was an English medieval nobleman and military commander." ==================================================...

5/1/2007 12/12/2015

Ambrose Dudley, 3rd Earl of Warwick (b. c.1528, d. 21 February 1590), was the fourth son of John Dudley, 1st Duke of Northumberland and his wife Jane Guilford. He was an elder brother of Robert Dudle...

7/31/2007 11/23/2015

Thomas Cecil, 1st Earl of Exeter MP (1542 - 1623)

"Lord Burghley"

Thomas Cecil, 1st Earl of Exeter Sir Thomas Cecil, 1st Earl of Exeter, KG (5 May 1542 – 8 February 1623), known as Lord Burghley from 1598 to 1605, was an English politician and soldier. Thomas Cec...

10/22/2007 10/4/2015

4/14/2010 9/14/2015

Sir Henry "Hotspur" Percy MP (1364 - 1403)

"Harry Hotspur"

a short summary from Wikipedia: Harry Hotspur (Sir Henry Percy) Spouse: Lady Elizabeth Mortimer Issue: Henry Percy, 2nd Earl of Northumberland Lady Elizabeth Percy Noble family House of ...

3/11/2007 7/21/2015

8/3/2007 7/21/2015

Henry Algernon Percy, 5th Earl of Northumberland, KG (13 January 1477 – 19 May 1527) was an English noble who was a member of the courts of both Henry VII and Henry VIII.[1][2] Henry Algernon Percy w...

4/8/2007 7/21/2015

Charles, Earl of Worcester MP (c.1460 - 1526)

"Charles Somerset, 1st Earl of Worcester, KG (c. 1460 – 15 March 1526) was the legitimised son of Henry Beaufort, 3rd Duke of Somerset and Joan Hill." ================================================...

3/14/2007 7/21/2015

Henry Bourchier, 2nd Earl of Essex KG KB PC (died 13 March 1540) was an English soldier, peer and courtier at the courts of Henry VII and Henry VIII. He married Mary Say, by whom he had one daughter, A...

6/2/2008 7/21/2015

John Russell, 1st Earl of Bedford was born in 1485 at Kingston Russell, Dorset, England.3 He was the son of James Russell and Alice Wyse.1 He married Anne Sapcote, daughter of Sir Guy Sapcote...

5/10/2007 7/21/2015

Sir Peter Courtenay, KG MP (c.1349 - 1405)

Sir Peter Courtenay, Constable of Windsor Castle, Captain of Calais1,2,3,4 M, #46786, d. 2 February 1405 Father Sir Hugh de Courtenay, 2nd Lord Courtenay, 10th Earl of Devon1,2,5,6 b. 12 Jul 1303, ...

12/21/2008 6/16/2015

Sir Henry Marney was the son of Sir John Marney and wife Joan Throgmorton. He was born c.1447 in Leyre-Marney, Essex, England. He married first, Thomasine Arundell, daughter of Sir John Arundell of Lan...

8/18/2008 6/10/2015

Edmund Brydges, 2nd Baron Chandos MP (c.1522 - 1573)

"Brydges/ Bruges/"

Family and Education b. by 1520, 1st s. of Sir John Brydges. m. c.1544, Dorothy, da. of Edmund, 1st Lord Bray, 6s. inc. Giles† and William† 2da.; 1s. 1da. illegit. Kntd. 27 Sept. 1547. suc. fa. as 2n...

1/19/2008 5/30/2015

Marshal of the Royal Air Force Samuel Charles Elworthy, Baron Elworthy KG, GCB, CBE, DSO, LVO, DFC, AFC (23 March 1911 – 4 April 1993) was a senior officer in the Royal Air Force. He served as commande...

5/26/2015 5/27/2015

Henry Stanley, 4th Earl of Derby Henry Stanley, 4th Earl of Derby KG (September 1531 – 25 September 1593) was a prominent English nobleman, diplomat, and politician. He was an ambassador, Privy Counc...

5/2/2007 5/3/2015

Sir John Gage, KG, MP MP (1479 - 1556)

Family and Education b. 28 Oct. 1479, 1st s. of William Gage of Bristowe, Surr. by Agnes, da. of Bartholomew Bolney of Firle Bolney, Suss. m. settlement 14 Apr. 1502, Philippa, da. of Sir Richard Guild...

8/13/2007 4/25/2015

Sir Henry Sidney MP (c.1529 - 1586)


Knight of the Garter -------------------- The Peerage #2690 - Spelling "Sydney" - Held the Office of Depute of Ireland Henry Sidney From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Sir Henry Sidne...

2/19/2008 4/10/2015

Find A Grave Memorial #12427 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Robert Dudley , 1st Earl of Leicester, KG...

1/19/2012 3/24/2015

Médard Chouart des Groselliers, Knight of the Garter MP (c.1618 - c.1696)

"Des Groseilliers"

Notes Location info: Champagne (birth), Trois-Rivières (death) Coureur des bois, Médard est un pionnier de la Nouvelle-France au Québec et nord du Lac Supérieur . Explorateur de la Baie d'Hudson ...

9/10/2008 3/22/2015

Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia Meinhardt Schomberg, 3rd Duke of Schomberg, 1st Duke of Leinster, KG (30 June 1641 – 5 July 1719) was a general in the service of Prince William of Oran...

6/16/2008 3/20/2015

Francis Seymour-Conway, 1st Marquess of Hertford was a descendant of Edward Seymour, 1st Duke of Somerset and his first wife Catharine Fillol. Their marriage was annulled and their children declared il...

6/16/2008 3/4/2015

Sir Thomas Rempston, MP MP (b. - 1458)

Family and Education s. and h. of Sir Thomas Rempston I*. m. by c.1418, Alice (b.c.1395), da. and h. of Thomas Bekering (d. 31 Aug. 1425) of Tuxford and Laxton, by Isabel, sis. and coh. of Sir John Low...

4/24/2009 3/2/2015

Wikipedia contributors. " Charles Sackville-Germain, 5th Duke of Dorset ." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Burke, Bernard, Sir. A genealogical history of the dormant, abeyant, forfeited, and extinc...

2/23/2015 2/23/2015

Wikipedia contributors. " Henry Petty-Fitzmaurice, 4th Marquess of Lansdowne ." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Henry Petty-FitzMaurice, 4th Marquess of Lansdowne Born on 7 January 1816 at Lansdown...

11/27/2008 2/19/2015

See Wikipedia... " Henry Petty, 3rd Marquess of Lansdowne ", Westminster Abbey * Updated from FamilySearch Family Tree via son Henry Petty FitzMaurice by SmartCopy : Apr 1 2015, 18:14:59 UTC

11/27/2008 2/19/2015

William Petty, KG, PC, Gen., 1st Marquess of Lansdowne MP (1737 - 1805)

"William Petty FitzMaurice"

William Petty-FitzMaurice, 1st Marquess of Lansdowne, KG, PC (2 May 1737 – 7 May 1805), known as The Earl of Shelburne between 1761 and 1784, by which title he is generally known to history, was an I...

11/30/2010 2/19/2015

Edward Montagu, 1st Earl of Sandwich MP (1625 - 1672)

"Lord Montagu"

Edward Montagu, 1st Earl of Sandwich, KG FRS (27 July 1625 – 28 May 1672) was an English Infantry officer who later became a naval officer and a politician who sat in the House of Commons at various ti...

8/8/2007 2/18/2015

Richard Boyle, 3rd Earl of Burlington and 4th Earl of Cork PC (April 25, 1694 – December 15, 1753), born in Yorkshire, England was a descendant of Richard Boyle, 1st Earl of Cork. Burlington was call...

5/10/2008 2/17/2015

Charles Talbot, 1st and last Duke of Shrewsbury MP (1660 - c.1718)

"12th Earl of Waterford"

Charles Talbot, 1st Duke of Shrewsbury Charles Talbot, 1st Duke of Shrewsbury, KG, PC (24 July 1660 – 1 February 1718) was an English statesman. Born to Roman Catholic parents, he remained in that fa...

11/27/2008 2/17/2015

Gilbert Talbot (soldier) Sir Gilbert Talbot of Grafton, KG (1452 – 16 August 1517 or 19 September 1518) was an English Tudor knight, a younger son of John Talbot, 2nd Earl of Shrewsbury and 2nd Earl ...

8/3/2007 2/17/2015

John Talbot, 3rd Earl of Shrewsbury MP (1448 - 1473)

"3rd Earl of Waterford"

John Talbot, 3rd Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford KG (12 December 1448 – 28 June 1473), was an English nobleman. He was the son of John Talbot, 2nd Earl of Shrewsbury and Elizabeth Butler. His mate...

8/3/2007 2/17/2015

Charles William Vane, 3rd Marquess of Londonderry gained the title of 1st Lord Stewart. He was baptised with the name of Charles William Stewart. His name was legally changed to Charles William Van...

7/31/2008 2/16/2015

Robert Stewart, 2nd Marquess of Londonderry , KG, GCH, PC, PC (Ire) (18 June 1769 – 12 August 1822), known to history as Lord Castlereagh ( /ˈkɑːsəlreɪ/), was an Irish and British statesman. As British...

9/15/2010 2/16/2015

William Knollys, 1st Earl of Banbury MP (1544 - 1632)

"1st Earl of Banbury"

From Darryl Lundy's Peerage page on William Knollys: William Knollys, 1st Earl of Banbury [1] M, #103047, b. circa 1547, d. 25 May 1632 He was the son of Sir Francis Knollys and Katheri...

8/6/2007 2/15/2015

Wikipedia Biographical Summary John James Hamilton, 1st Marquess of Abercorn KG, PC (Ire) (July 1756 – 27 January 1818) was an Irish peer and politician. Background He was the son of Captain Hon....

9/6/2007 2/12/2015

Sir John Mundy was a London goldsmith and Lord Mayor of London. He was born in Wycomb, son of William Munday. He purchased the manor of Markeaton in 1516 as well as Mackworth and Allestree, which are...

12/18/2009 2/10/2015

Knight of the Garter Edward Stanley, 3rd Earl of Derby From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The 3rd Earl of Derby. Edward Stanley, 3rd Earl of Derby (c. 10 May 1509–24 October 1572) was an English...

5/7/2007 2/7/2015

Burke, Bernard, Sir. A genealogical and heraldic dictionary of the peerage and baronetage of the British Empire . London : Harrison 1869. page 1165

6/16/2008 2/5/2015

James Waldegrave, 1st Earl Waldegrave MP (1684 - 1741)

"Sir James de Waldegrave", "1st Earl of Waldegrave"

7/31/2008 2/5/2015

James Waldegrave, 2nd Earl Waldegrave MP (1715 - 1763)

"Sir James de Waldegrave II", "2nd Earl of Waldegrave"

James Waldegrave, 2nd Earl Waldegrave KG PC FRS (4 March 1715 – 13 April 1763) was a British statesman. The eldest son of the 1st Earl Waldegrave, Waldegrave was educated at Westminster and Eton an...

6/16/2008 2/5/2015

Henry Charles Somerset, 6th Duke of Beaufort, KG (22 December 1766 – 23 November 1835), styled Marquess of Worcester until 1803, was a British politician.

6/4/2009 1/31/2015

BEAUFORT WEST The Fifth Duke of Beaufort, father of the Cape Governor, Lord Charles Somerset , gave his name to the first municipality in SA in 1837. The Karoo’s largest town, it is also known as ‘...

10/6/2008 1/31/2015

He married three times: On 7 July 1702 to Mary Sackville, daughter of Charles Sackville, 6th Earl of Dorset, who died 18 June 1705, with whom he had no issue; On 26 February 1706 to Rachel Noel, ...

10/6/2008 1/31/2015

Kaiser Wilhelm II of Prussia MP (1859 - 1941)

"Der Kaiser", "Wilhelm II German Emperor and King of Prussia"

Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Albert prinz von Preußen (27 January 1859 – 4 June 1941) was the last German Emperor and King of Prussia Emperor of Germany and King of Prussia on 15 June 1888 Abdicated as...

5/5/2007 1/31/2015

Frederick III, German Emperor MP (1831 - 1888)

"Frederick William Nicholas Charles", "German: Friedrich Wilhelm Nikolaus Karl", "Fritz", "Friedrich III German Emperor and King of Prussia"

Name/title: Friedrich Wilhelm Nikolaus Karl Prince(Prinz) of Preußen. Emperor(Kaiser) of Germany and King(König) of Prussia on 9 March 1888. Ritter von Hosenbandorden (720) - 1858 Links: The ...

5/5/2007 1/31/2015

Hugh Percy, 1st Duke of Northumberland, KG, PC (c. 1714 – 6 June 1786) was an English peer, landowner and art patron. He was born Hugh Smithson, the son of Langdale Smithson and grandson of Sir Hugh ...

10/2/2007 1/30/2015

George Monck, 1st Duke of Albemarle, KG (6 December 1608 – 3 January 1670) was an English soldier and politician and a key figure in the restoration of Charles II. Links Wiki - George Monck, 1st Du...

1/8/2010 1/30/2015

Laurence Hyde, KG, PC, 1st Earl of Rochester MP (1641 - 1711)

"Earl of Rochester"

Laurence Hyde, 1st Earl of Rochester KG PC (March 1641 – 2 May 1711) was an English statesman and writer. He was originally a supporter of James II but later supported the Glorious Revolution in 1688.

5/2/2007 1/30/2015

John Russell, 4th Duke of Bedford KG, PC, FRS (30 September 1710 – 5 January 1771) was an 18th-century British statesman. He was the fourth son of Wriothesley Russell, 2nd Duke of Bedford, by his wife,...

7/31/2008 1/29/2015

Wikipedia contributors. " Bernard Howard, 12th Duke of Norfolk ." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.

9/27/2010 1/29/2015

Admiral Algernon Percy, 4th Duke of Northumberland KG PC FRS (15 December 1792 – 12 February 1865), styled Lord Algernon Percy until 1816 and known as The Lord Prudhoe between 1816 and 1847, was a Br...

3/6/2008 1/29/2015

Hugh Percy, 3rd Duke of Northumberland KG, PC (20 April 1785 – 11 February 1847), styled Earl Percy until 1817, was a British aristocrat and Tory politician who served as Lord Lieutenant of Ireland u...

3/6/2008 1/29/2015

Sir John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough MP (1650 - 1722)

"Prince of Mindelheim"

For more pictures go to the Media section.

6/23/2008 1/28/2015

Sir Thomas Wriothesley, 4th Earl of Southampton, KG (10 March 1607 – 16 May 1667), styled Lord Wriothesley before 1624, was a 17th century English statesman, a staunch supporter of Charles II who wou...

4/27/2009 1/28/2015

Wikipedia Biographical Profile John Montagu, 2nd Duke of Montagu, KG, KB, PC (1690 – 5 July 1749), styled Viscount Monthermer until 1705 and Marquess of Monthermer between 1705 and 1709, was a Britis...

7/31/2008 1/28/2015

Name/title:Leopold Georg Christian Friederck, Prince(Prinz) of Sachsen-Coburg-Saalfeld, Prince of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha, Duke(Herzog) of Sachsen 16 December 1790 First King of the Belgians. 21...

4/20/2007 1/24/2015

Charles [FitzRoy later Lennox], 1st Duke of Richmond, KG PC illegitimate son of King Charles II and his mistress Louise Renée de Penancoet de Kéroualle, suo jure Duchess of Portsmouth and of Aubigny ...

5/22/2008 1/23/2015

"Charles Lennox, 2nd Duke of Richmond, 2nd Duke of Lennox, 2nd Duke of Aubigny, KG, KB, PC, FRS (18 May 1701, Goodwood, Sussex – 8 August 1750, Godalming, Surrey) was the son of Charles Lennox, 1st Duk...

5/22/2008 1/23/2015

Thomas Herbert, 8th Earl of Pembroke and 5th Earl of Montgomery KG PC FRS (c. 1656 – 22 January 1733), styled The Honourable Thomas Herbert until 1683, was an English and later British statesman duri...

11/27/2008 1/23/2015

Alexander Hamilton, 10th Duke of Hamilton, 7th Duke of Brandon KG PC FRS FSA (3 October 1767 – 18 August 1852) was a Scottish politician and art collector. Life Born on 3 October 1767 at St. ...

2/15/2008 1/23/2015

"Charles Gordon-Lennox, 5th Duke of Richmond and 5th Duke of Lennox KG, PC (3 August 1791 – 21 October 1860), styled Earl of March until in 1819, was a British soldier, politician and a prominent Conse...

5/22/2008 1/22/2015

Without issues Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece Links: The Peerage Geneall Johann the Younger #952 Wikipedia King of Prussia: Reign 4 June 1840 – 2 January 1861 Predeces...

8/6/2007 1/22/2015

Wilhelm I, Deutscher Kaiser (German Emperor) MP (1797 - 1888)

"Wilhelm the Great"

Wilhelm Ludwig, Prince(Prinz) von Preußen. König von Preußen on 2 January 1861. Deutscher Kaiser (styled as HIM Kaiser of Germany) on 18 January 1871. Links: The Peerage Geneall Johann ...

8/6/2007 1/22/2015

Augustus Henry FitzRoy, 3rd Duke of Grafton, KG, PC (28 September 1735 – 14 March 1811), styled Earl of Euston between 1747 and 1757, was a British Whig statesman of the Georgian era. He was one of a h...

12/8/2008 1/22/2015

6/13/2009 1/22/2015

Henry Bennet, 1st Earl of Arlington MP (1618 - 1685)

"Lord Arlington"

Family and Education bap. 6 Sept. 1618, 2nd s. of Sir John Bennet of Dawley, Harlington, Mdx. by Dorothy, da. of Sir John Crofts of Little Saxham, Suff.; bro. of Sir John Bennet. educ. Westminster; Chr...

7/31/2008 1/22/2015

Henry Fitzroy, 1st Duke of Grafton was born on 28 September 1663.1 He was the son of Charles II Stuart, King of Great Britain and Barbara Villiers, Duchess of Cleveland.1 He married Lady Isabella Benne...

6/16/2008 1/22/2015

Charles Fitzroy, 2nd Duke of Grafton was born on 25 October 1683 at Arlington House, Middlesex, England.4 He was the son of Henry Fitzroy, 1st Duke of Grafton and Lady Isabella Bennet, Countess of Arli...

6/16/2008 1/22/2015

Charles Wentworth-Fitzwilliam, 5th Earl Fitzwilliam KG (4 May 1786 – 4 October 1857) was a British nobleman. He President three times of the Royal Statistical Society (1838–40, 1847–49 and 1853–5) an...

9/28/2009 1/22/2015

HRH Prince William Henry, Duke of Gloucester & Edinburgh MP (1743 - 1805)

"William Henry /Hanover/", "1st Duke of /Gloucester/"

William Henry Hanover, 1st Duke of Gloucester was born on 14 November 1743 at Leicester House, St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, London, England.2 He was the son of Frederick Louis Hanover, Prince of Wales...

1/26/2008 1/22/2015

Prince William Frederick, Duke of Gloucester and Edinburgh Hogg, Bruce; Freemasons and the Royal Society ed 2 ; Library and Museum of Freemasonry; January 2012; page 32

11/1/2007 1/22/2015

Died unmarried and without issues Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia: English Deutsch " Duke of Cumberland, William, Duke of Cumberland ", Westminster Abbey

1/26/2008 1/22/2015

Prince Henry, Duke of Cumberland MP (1745 - 1790)

"Henry Frederick Hanover (Welf", "Guelph)"

Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia Hogg, Bruce; Freemasons and the Royal Society ed 2 ; Library and Museum of Freemasonry; January 2012; page 31 *

1/27/2008 1/22/2015

George IV Augustus Frederick of Great Britain and Ireland of Hanover, King of the United Kingdom of GB. Ireland and Hanover MP (1762 - 1830)

"Prinnie", "The Prince Regent", "König zu Hannover", "Herzog zu Brunschweig IV", "George Augustus Guelph"

Golden Fleece - Knights: Austrian Branch George Augustus Frederick Prince of United Kingdom und Hannover 1st Earl of Carrick on 12 August 1762. 1st Baron Renfrew on 12 August 1762. 1st Lord o...

5/7/2007 1/22/2015

Frederick Louis, Prince of Wales MP (1707 - 1751)

"Friedrich Ludwig von HANNOVER; Knight of the Garter; Prince of WALES; of BRUNSWICK-LUNEBURG"

Frederick Louis Hanover, Prince of Wales. Knight, Order of the Garter (K.G.) on 3 July 1716. 1st Duke of Gloucester [Great Britain] on 10 January 1717. 1st Duke of Rothesay [Great Britain] on 1...

5/5/2007 1/22/2015

King Ernest Augustus I of Hanover MP (1771 - 1851)

"King of /Hanover/", "Ernst August /Hanover/", "Ernest Augustus Hanover I of Hanover"

Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia King of Hanover: Reign 20 June 1837 – 18 November 1851 Predecessor: William IV Successor: George V

11/1/2007 1/22/2015

William Capell, 3rd Earl of Essex1 M, #106718, b. 1697, d. 8 January 1743 Last Edited=16 Apr 2008 Consanguinity Index=0.4% William Capell, 3rd Earl of Essex was born in 1697.2 He was the son ...

12/22/2008 1/21/2015

Francis Rawdon-Hastings, 1st Marquess of Hastings MP (1754 - 1826)

"1st Marquess of /Hastings", "Governor-General of India"

Francis Rawdon-Hastings, 1st Marquess of Hastings KG PC (9 December 1754 – 28 November 1826), styled The Honourable Francis Rawdon from birth until 1762 and as The Lord Rawdon between 1762 and 1783 a...

6/8/2008 1/21/2015

Charles Beauclerk, 1st Duke of St. Albans MP (1670 - 1726)

"Bastard Stuart"

"Charles Beauclerk, 1st Duke of St Albans, KG (8 May 1670 – 10 May 1726) was an illegitimate son of King Charles II of England by his mistress Nell Gwynne." ==========================================...

6/23/2008 1/21/2015

Frederick Keppel (19 January 1728 – 27 December 1777), styled The Honourable from birth, was a British clergyman. Background Keppel was the fifth and fourth surviving son of Willem van Keppel...

12/22/2008 1/15/2015

Prince Edward, Duke of York MP (1739 - 1767)

"Edward Augustus /Hanover/"

Prince Edward, Duke of York (Edward Augustus; 25 March 1739 – 17 September 1767), was the younger brother of George III of the United Kingdom, the second son of Frederick, Prince of Wales and Augusta...

1/26/2008 12/17/2014

Willem IV van Oranje-Nassau, erfstadhouder van de Republiek der Verenigde Provinciën MP (1711 - 1751)

"William Iv Of Orange //", "William IV // Prince of Orange"

Links: The Peerage Geneall Prince of Orange, Prince of Orange-Nassau, Baron of Breda 1711–1751 Predecessor: Johan Willem Successor: Willem V

10/3/2007 12/17/2014

'Thomas Pelham-Holles, 1st Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyme1 'M, #105993, b. 1 July 1693, d. 17 November 1768 Last Edited=13 Feb 2011 Consanguinity Index=0.01% 'Thomas Pelham-Holles, 1st Duke of Ne...

10/16/2009 12/16/2014

Wikipedia contributors. " Richard Hull ." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Hull was the last Chief of the Imperial General Staff (1961 – 1964) and the first Chief of the General Staff, and as such the...

9/5/2012 12/4/2014

3/21/2012 9/26/2014
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3/28/2008 8/25/2014

Full name Emanuele Filiberto Vittorio Eugenio Alberto Genova Guiseppe Maria

6/12/2007 7/19/2014

Gilbert John Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound, 4th Earl of Minto KG GCSI GCMG GCIE PC (9 July 1845 – 1 March 1914) was a British nobleman and politician who served as Governor General of Canada, the eighth s...

8/14/2010 7/14/2014

"Richard de Beauchamp, 13th Earl of Warwick, Count of Aumale, KG (23 January 1382 – 30 April 1439) was an English medieval nobleman and military commander." ==========================================...

5/10/2007 7/12/2014