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Thomas Delano MP (1668 - 1724)

Plymouth Massachusetts to Maine migration. Spellings: De La Noie, De Laniou, De Lannoi, De Lannoy, Delano from the original French surname. 'Thomas Delano Sr. (1668 - 1724) Thomas Delano Sr. ...

12/26/2007 4/20/2017

Charles first experience at sea was on a fishing vessel. Later he joined the fleet of merchantmen that carried on an extensive trade with the West Indies. At twenty-nine he left the merchant service an...

7/27/2014 2/26/2017

Ida Zoradia Lewis MP (1815 - 1887)


Appointed keeper of Lime Rock Light after the death of her husband.* Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Feb 25 2017, 14:15:46 UTC

2/25/2016 2/25/2017

Captain Hosea Lewis MP (1804 - 1872)

Captain Hosea Lewis of the Revenue Cutter Service was transferred to the Lighthouse Service and appointed keeper of Lime Rock Light on Lime Rock in Newport in 1854, taking his family to live on the r...

2/25/2016 2/25/2017

Idawalley 'Ida' Zorada Lewis MP (1842 - 1911)

"Ida", "Congressional Medal for Lifesaving"

Idawalley Zorada Lewis (later Lewis-Wilson) (February 25, 1842 – October 24, 1911) was an American lighthouse keeper noted for her heroism in rescuing people from the sea. Ida Lewis was born in New...

2/25/2016 2/25/2017

Carl Emil Wahlberg MP (1847 - 1908)

Sea captain, lighthouse keeper of Yttergrund Lighthouse and Helsingkallan Lighthouse ship. Vigsel med Maria Serafina: Nykarleby församling > Nykarleby församlings arkiv > Vigsellängder > Vigsellängde...

7/9/2010 2/13/2017

Thomas Laighton MP (1805 - 1866)

Thomas Laighton moved his family to the Isles of Shoals, ten miles out in the Atlantic, in 1839 when he assumed the post of lighthouse keeper on White Island. He later worked as an innkeeper on nearby ...

11/20/2013 1/17/2017

James Leonard, younger MP (1866 - 1962)

JAMES LEONARD younger fisherman at Goderich on Lake Huron, in Ontario, Canada, and later a crew member, and then captain of the ship which delivered oil and lighthouse keepers to the lighthouses ther...

9/20/2014 2/12/2016

Elizabeth Grace Darling From Grace Darling Website Elizabeth was the fifth child and third daughter of William and Thomasin. The family referred to her as ‘Betsy’. At Longstone she shared her room ...

10/26/2015 10/26/2015

Mary Ann Carr, Twin MP (1808 - 1843)

Mary Ann Darling (Twin) MARY ANN , Thomasin’s twin sister, decided to live in Bamburgh when the family moved to Longstone and on 18 November 1832 she married George Dixon Carr. They were both 24 but ...

10/26/2015 10/26/2015

Thomasin Darling MP (1774 - 1848)

THOMASIN DARLING [mother of Grace Darling] From Grace Darling website Born Thomasin Horsley in Bamburgh, 27 February 1774 Died Bamburgh, 16 October 1848, age 74 Thomasin , Grace’s mother, was t...

10/26/2015 10/26/2015

Grace Horsley Darling MP (1815 - 1842)

Grace Darling Grace was born on 24th November 1815 at Bamburgh, Northumberland and spent her youth in two lighthouses (Brownsman and Longstone) where her father, William, was the keeper. In the early...

10/26/2015 10/26/2015

Robert Darling MP (b. - 1815)

10/26/2015 10/26/2015

WILLIAM BROOKS From Grace Darling Website William Brooks, George Alexander’s twin brother, was 19 years old and ashore at Seahouses on the night of the Forfarshire rescue. He led the lifeboat men f...

10/26/2015 10/26/2015

William Darling MP (1806 - d.)

William Grace Junior AKA Laddie From Grace Darling Website William Snr was living in Bamburgh and classed as a ‘labourer’ when his first child was born. He was named William after his father so he ...

10/26/2015 10/26/2015

William Darling MP (1786 - 1865)

William Darling from Grace Darling website William Darling , Grace Darling's father, spent his early years in Belford until the family moved to Brownsman Island in 1795. In his teens he worked as a...

10/26/2015 10/26/2015

Edward Cole MP (c.1781 - 1848)

Added by Elwin C. Nickerson about this Ancestor- LIGHTHOUSE Keeper- Martinicus Island Maine- Drowned At Sea- Castine Bay ,Maine. /ECN/

9/4/2012 10/21/2015

Oliver Arey Nickerson MP (c.1836 - c.1911)


3/9/2014 10/20/2015

Captain Ethelbert Dozier Burrus MP (1856 - 1936)

"Ethel", "Dozier"

Ethelbert Dozier Burrus was the youngest of Edmund and Sallie's sons. At about 20 years of age, in 1876, he had been assistant keeper of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. He married young Achsah Dixon Will...

8/7/2015 8/7/2015

Joseph Claude Jennette MP (1805 - 1866)

Joseph Jennette was the chief keeper of the original Hatteras lighthouse from 1843 into the 1850's. After that, many of his sons, in-laws, and grandsons also served as either chief lightkeeper or as an...

9/1/2007 8/5/2015

Civil War Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient. Served in the Civil War as a Sergeant in Company B, 50th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. He was awarded the CMOH for his bravry at Port Hudson, Lou...

7/31/2015 7/31/2015

Abel Franklin, Sr. MP (1690 - 1758)

"Abel was the first keeper of the Beavertail Light, and he owned the north and south Ferries on the west side of Conanicut Island." The first light was built in 1749, so this must be the one that Abel,...

9/9/2009 4/16/2015

Added by /ECN/ Lighthouse Keepers- "THE ROCK" John A. Shaw (1827-1831, died in service); Phineas Spear (1831-1834, died in service); Abner Knowles (c. 1836); Thomas McKellar (c. 1838); Samuel Abbott (1...

2/26/2012 3/3/2015

Lighthouse Keeper Abbie Burgess MP (1839 - 1892)


Added by E. C. Nickerson about this Ancestor: Lighthouse keeper as her father before her. --- From her page on Maine: An Encyclopedia: Grant, Abbie Burgess (1839-1892), an early female lighth...

5/31/2013 3/3/2015

Andrew Jackson Sandsbury MP (1830 - 1902)

Andrew Jackson Sandsbury Obituary: Andrew Jackson Sandsbury in uniform Photo Courtesy of the Nantucket Historical Association “Captain Andrew J. Sandsbury died at his home on Dover Street yesterday...

6/12/2014 6/12/2014

Captain Cornelius Howland MP (1758 - 1835)

History Capt. Cornelius Howland was born in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, and was master of a vessel by the age of 18. He was taken prisoner during the Revolution and survived 15 months of captivity in E...

1/22/2007 6/13/2013

Edward Wing Howland, Esq. MP (1804 - 1879)

Edward W. Howland became keeper of the Clark's Point Light in early 1835, replacing his father, Capt. Cornelius Howland, who had recently died at 77. source: "Clark's Point Light" History EDWARD ...

6/13/2013 6/13/2013

Mary E. Strout MP (1829 - 1913)

As assistant keeper, Strout’s wife, Mary, was paid $480 annually. She kept the job until her son Joseph assumed the position in 1877.

4/17/2013 4/17/2013

Joseph Woodbury Strout MP (1859 - 1931)

Joseph Strout served as Portland Head Lighthouse keeper until 1928, bringing the family’s tenure at the station to just one year short of six decades.

4/17/2013 4/17/2013

Capt. Joshua Strout , a native of Cape Elizabeth and a former sea captain, became keeper in 1869 for $620 per year. Strout’s mother had worked as a housekeeper at Portland Head for Joshua Freeman in th...

4/17/2013 4/17/2013

Captain Joe Burrus MP (1879 - 1951)

Captain Joseph Merrit Burrus was appointed lighthouse keeper in 1929, the same year that the beacon was electrified. The light was automated in 1954, eight years after he retired. At that time Clyde Fa...

4/15/2013 4/15/2013