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EULALIE Riel (1853 - 1931)

7/25/2007 3/23/2016

Alexandre Riel (1863 - 1938)

7/25/2007 2/25/2016

Joseph Jean Riel (1857 - 1921)

Marriage License states "Rehl" Search for link to Peter Reil Joseph Riel was born on Feb. 5, 1857 at St. Vital, the son of Louis Riel Sr. and Julie Lagimodiere. He was Louis Riels's younger broth...

7/20/2007 2/25/2016

Octavie Eulalie Riel (1852 - 1890)

7/25/2007 2/25/2016

de la Ronde LETTERS - Ida Schneider to J. C. Bonenfant From the Nipigon Historical Museum Archives March 24, 1964 Mr. J.C. Bonenfant Bibliothecaire Hotel du Gouvernement Quebec City Canada Dear M...

9/27/2012 3/10/2014

Caughnawaga,Que. baptismal certificate... from La PROISSE DE CAUGHNAWAGA,QUE.. pour l'annee mil 1899 the third day of August 1899, I the undersigned,curate of this parish, have baptized Leon-Joseph...

12/2/2010 3/10/2014

Chief Pierre Atawenrate (c.1814 - d.)

"Atawenrate", "(ohterowane)"

The Organization and Composition of Kahnawake’s Council of Chiefs Some writers of Kahnawake’s history have suggested that during the nineteenth century Kahnawake was governed by a council...

12/10/2010 3/10/2014

Paul Nioherasha (Thibaudier)Delaronde born 1813 son of Voyageur Charles Francois Denys Thibaudiere Delaronde and Madeleine Pewadjwonokwe Delarond from Kanesatake their own ancestors include Simom @ Jea...

9/27/2012 3/10/2014

Arthur Joseph Rice (1910 - 1976)

Arthur Rice born 1910 was a prospector in Labrador Mining and Exploration Company in 1943 .Canada ,he worked in the Paymaster Mine in timmins ont in 1939, and was also a carpenter, he moved his young f...

12/1/2010 3/10/2014

Israel Tekarihoken Rice (c.1870 - 1937)

"Israel", "Deer", "Rice", "Tekarihoken"

My Grandfather Israel (Tekarihoken) was a fur trapper and sold his pelts to the Hudson Bay company and he was a hunter also he was a cook in Lumber camps judy riceTEKARIHOKEN (Tegarihogen, Tegarioguen,...

12/1/2010 3/10/2014

Angelique Malaterre (1825 - d.)

12/22/2012 8/5/2013

Marguerite Malaterre (1819 - d.)

3/21/2009 8/5/2013

Marguerite Riel (c.1792 - 1890)

7/20/2007 1/21/2013

Notes Affiliation politique : libéral Sources : Wikipedia Biography Joseph Philippe Pierre Yves Elliott Trudeau, PC CH CC QC FSRC (/truːˈdoʊ/; French pronunciati...

6/19/2008 9/29/2011

Abraham Martin dit l'Écossais MP (1589 - 1664)

"The Scott", "dit l'Écossais (habitait sur rue de l'Écosse)"

One states according to this site Fichier Origine this line should end here - but its all in French - which I can not read or translate properly - also there are other peoples profile entries that are ...

1/21/2007 8/15/2011

Marie-Eulalie Malaterre (1839 - 1871)

4/7/2008 12/18/2010

Marie-Anne Lagimodiere MP (1780 - 1875)

History of Marie-Anne Gaboury Lagemodiere Lifetime Adventures of Louis Riel’s Grandmother May 7, 2009 Kathleen Airdrie Marie-Anne Gaboury Lagemodier, said to be the first white wom...

4/1/2007 12/18/2010

Julie Riel (1822 - 1906)

Census of Manitoba, 1870 Surname: Riel Given Name: Julie Gender: Female Age: 49 Marital Status: Widow Place of Birth: Red River Father's Name: Baptiste Lagemonier Race: Métis Parish: St. Vit...

4/1/2007 12/18/2010

Marguerite Boucher (1675 - c.1704)

11/20/2007 12/18/2010

Jean-Louis Riel dit L'Irlande, Sr. (1817 - 1864)

"Louis Riel"

, LOUIS, farmer, miller, and Métis leader; b. July 1817 at Île-à-la-Crosse (Sask.), eldest son of Jean-Baptiste Riel, dit L’Irlande, a voyageur, and Marguerite Boucher, a ...

4/1/2007 12/18/2010

Before his marriage, Jean-Baptiste had previously been involved "à la façon du pays" [in the style of the country] with a native woman who had borne his children. Marie-Anne was tolerant ...

4/1/2007 12/18/2010

Jean-Baptiste Monet dit Bellehumeur (1832 - 1898)

"Jean Monet dit Belhumeur"

4/7/2008 12/18/2010

Marguerite Riel (1861 - 1886)


nee au Fort de la riviere au Castor, (Ft. Ellice) le 15 Janvier 1861, baptisie a St. Francois - Xavier, (Manitoba), le 19 Mai 1861, fille de Jean-Baptiste Monet et de Marie Malaterre. Parrain et marrai...

7/20/2007 12/17/2010

Louis David Riel, Jr. MP (1844 - 1885)

Added June 5, 2016 by William Arthur Allen: One of the sad outcomes of the Louis Riel story and the Northwest Rebellion was the introduction of the "Pass System" limiting the movement of people away fr...

4/1/2007 12/16/2010