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Rabbi Yoel Singer, [of Kracow] MP (1510 - 1600)

"Rabbi Joel Singer", "Rav Yoel Zinger"

נפטר כ אדר ת ie died: 14.3.1640. Does not make sense unless birth date is wrong

12/9/2007 11/27/2012

HaRav Yitzhak Klauber, of Posen MP (1475 - 1530)

"Kloyber of Worms", "R'Jitschak Kloiber", "Yitzhak Kauber", "Rabbi Itzhak Kloiber of Worms", "Kloiber", "Rav Yitzchok Rav of Posen Klauber", "Rabbi of Posen", "Yitzchak Kloiber"

. . .when the Maharshal quotes his grandfather, R. Yitzchok Klauber, noted are many of the places where the Maharshal cites his grandfather, throughout his many seforim (p. 3, n.6), along with a brief ...

4/3/2007 11/27/2012

11/5/2012 11/27/2012

Chaim Issenheimer MP (c.1445 - c.1522)

"Rabbi Chaim ben Bezalel Issenheimer or Klober", "חיים איסלהיימר", "אבי אימו של המהר"ל"

Father of Mother of Maharal. Redundant profile!

2/20/2007 11/26/2012

He was the rabbi of Worms.

4/23/2008 2/5/2011

Moshe II ben Avraham Heller-Wallerstein MP (1520 - d.)

"Maharal of Prague's grandson"

Rachel LOEW (d. 1633 Prague) daughter of the Maharal of Prague married Abraham HaLEVI HELLER-WALLERSTEIN (b. Lubin, d. 3 Aug. 1572, Vienna, Austria) son of the Chief Rabbi of Germany, Moses HaLevi HELL...

8/27/2007 1/31/2011

Rabbi Shmuel Eliezer Halevi Eideles, MaHarSha MP (1555 - 1631)

"Samuel Eliezer ben Judah Halevi", "Shmuel Eliezer Eidels", "maharsho", "Maharsha"

In appreciation of his mother-in-law's efforts, the Maharsha added the name Eidels to his own name, and from then on called himself Shmuel Eliezer Eidels. The Maharsha was survived by sons and sons-i...

9/6/2007 11/30/2010

Tzvi Hirsch Sabatka, [of Lublin] [Maharal son-in-law] MP (deceased)

"Son-in law (daughter #3) of Maharal", "Цви Гирш Сабатка", "Zecharia"

Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch SABA or SABATKA of Lublin (b. Prague), Dayan of Prague 1630, son of Joseph Yaski, married Tilla Loew, daughter #3 of Maharal. They had 3 children: (1) Rabbi Meir SABATKA (d. 1668 Pr...

8/27/2007 10/21/2010

Rabbi Meir Sabatka MP (b. - 1668)

Tilla LOEW daughter of the Maharal Tilla LOEW married Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch SABA or SABATKA of Lublin (b. Prague), Dayan of Prague 1630, son of Joseph Yaski and/or else (according to David Peter John LEW...

6/23/2008 10/21/2010

Rabbi Shimon HaLevi Brandeis [Maharal son-in-law] MP (b. - 1622)

"Maharal Son-in-law"

Rabbi Simon Brandeis HaLevi married in Prague, Gitele Loew, the Daughter of Maharal. They had one known son - Rabbi Samuel BRANDEIS. According to one source? Died September 19, 1635 in Prague, Czechosl...

10/6/2007 10/21/2010

Betzalel ben Yehuda Loew [Maharal gt.gdfather] MP (c.1418 - d.)

"Great Grandfather of Maharal"

Bezalel was the son of Yehuda Hazaken ben Bezalel Loew. He was Great Grandfather of the Maharal of Prague. He had a son Chaim Ben Bezalet Loew [Grandfather of Maharal]

2/20/2007 10/15/2010

Nathan Löw MP (c.1501 - 1563)

"Reichsrabbiner", "Uncle of the Maharal of Prague"

Was uncle of the Maharal - Yehuda ben Betzalel Loew [MaHaRaL of Prague] . Redundant recently duplicated profile with no additional info. Should not have been created as a duplicate in the first place

12/12/2007 10/15/2010

4/13/2008 10/15/2010

Rabbi Zvi Helman Löw (MaHaRaL's Uncle) MP (c.1492 - c.1553)

"Zvi Ha Alman", "Uncle of Maharal"

12/12/2007 10/15/2010

Mrs. Rabbi Avigdor Kara [Maharal sis. #6] MP (deceased)

"Maharal sister #6"

Sister #6 of Maharal, 6th daughter of Rabbi Bezalel ben Chaim Loew & The daughter of either Rabbi Chaim Issemeimer or Rabbi Yitzhak Klober of Worms. Loebtree shows her as wife of Rabbi Avigdor Kara -...

6/23/2008 10/15/2010

Source: The Loebtree on Wiki. No additional sources there. Seems another Avigdor Kara, NOT the Rabbi Avigdor Kara, cousin of the Maharal

6/23/2008 10/15/2010

Mrs. Zecharia Mendel Kloizner [Maharal sis. #5] MP (deceased)

"Maharal sister #5"

Sister of Maharal of Prague. Married Rabbi Zecharia Mendel Kloizner (the Elder) of Posen. They had a son Binyamin Beinush KLOIZNER (d. 1626) married Sarah (or Sarka) daughter of Naftali Zvi HIRSH or ...

4/29/2007 10/15/2010

Rabbi Zecharia Mendel, the Elder, of Posen) [Maharal brother-in-law] MP (c.1520 - c.1572)

"The Elder of Posen", "Zecharia Ha-Navi"

Rabbi Zecharia Mendel Kloizner (the Elder) married The sister of Maharal of Prague Community leader of the city of Posen (Poznan), Poland. He married the sister of the Maharal of Prague. R' Zecharya Me...

4/29/2007 10/15/2010

9/26/2007 10/15/2010

Mrs. Shimshon Loew, [Maharal sis-in-law] MP (deceased)

"Sister-in-law of Maharal"

Wife of Rabbi Shimshon Loew, Sister-in-law of Maharal

6/23/2008 10/15/2010

Mirel Hirsh-Neumark, [ Maharal] MP (1591 - c.1673)

"Gt.Grandaughter of Maharal"

Mirel Hirsh-Neumark [Gt.Granddaughter of MAHARAL]

11/19/2007 10/12/2010

Miriam (Mirel) Sara Koppel Frankel Heller-Wallerstein MP (1575 - 1639)

"Mirl Sarah", "Tsortel", "Mirel", "Sara"

Years of birth were quoted as 1580 (unlikely) and 1595 (even more unlikely). Die Inschriften des alten Judenfriedhofes in Wien by dr. Bernhard Wachstein- I Teil -NO. 240 & page 481

9/10/2007 10/12/2010

Jacob (the Elder) Koppel HaLevi Frankel Heller Wallerstein, [Maharal G.Gdson] MP (c.1565 - 1612)

"Koppel", "Great-grandson of Maharal of Prague"

Jakob KOPPEL FRAENKEL HELLER-WALLERSTEIN (b. Austria, d. 15 Sept. 1612, Vienna, Austria) married Mirl Sarah TEOMIM (b. 9 Jan. 1575, Vienna, Austria, d. 21 Feb. 1639, Vienna, Austria) daughter of Dwerl ...

6/28/2007 10/12/2010

Nachla Rechel Heller MP (deceased)

12/14/2007 10/12/2010

Aaron Heller MP (deceased)

12/12/2007 10/12/2010

Bela Heller Wallerstein MP (b. - c.1615)

On page 517 Bernhard Wachstein, Inschriften etc., writes that Bela´s tombstone was at his time already hardly readable, but that her death must have been ca. 1615.

4/10/2009 10/12/2010

Avraham III Heller Wallerstein MP (b. - bef.1613)

"Maharal son in law", "Son-in-law of Maharal of Prague"

Rachel Loew(d. 1633 Prague) daughter of the Maharal of Prague married Abraham HaLevi Heller-Wallerstein (b. Lubin, d. 3 Aug. 1572?, Vienna, Austria) son of the Chief Rabbi of Germany, Moses HaLevi Hell...

11/18/2007 10/12/2010

Moshe I Heller-Wallerstein I [Maharal in-law] MP (1520 - 1580)

"Maharal in-law", "Chief Rabbi of Germany"

Rabbi Moshe Heller-Wallerstein - Chief Rabbi of Germany - In-law of the Maharal of Prague.Moses HaLevi HELLER-WALLERSTEIN (b. 1520 Wallerstein, Germany, d. 1580), was Chief Rabbi of Germany. His son Ra...

6/20/2007 10/12/2010

12/27/2008 10/10/2010

Rabbi Chaim Loew [Maharal brother #2] MP (c.1508 - 1588)

"ABD Friedberg - brother #2 of Maharal"

R' Chaim (Hayyim) Loew (LOEB). Born: 1506 or 1510 or 1515 in Worms? Died: 1588 in Friedberg, Germany. "Rabbi Chaim Loeb" one of four brothers about whom the great commentator and posek R' Shlomo Luri...

4/29/2007 10/10/2010

Rabbi Sinai Loew [Maharal brother #3] MP (1509 - 1607)

"ABD Nikolsburg -"

Rabbi Sinai LOEB/LOEW (b. ca 1508 Worms, Germany/Posen, Poland; d. 1607 Kolin), Rabbi of Nikolsburg, was the son of Bezalel ben Haim Loeb. Rabbi Sinai LOEB married Chana Enokh WESSELS (Khana Enokh WESS...

7/4/2007 10/10/2010

Rabbi Shimshon Ben Betzalel Loew, [brother #4 of Maharal] MP (aft.1510 - 1607)

"ABD Kremnitz - brother #4 of Maharal", "AVA"D FROM KREMNITZ"

"Rabbi Shimshon Loeb" one of four brothers about whom the great commentator and posek R' Shlomo Luria "Maharshal" wrote: "I have heard about the wise brothers, the lofty, wise and pious one R' Chaim; t...

7/4/2007 10/10/2010

Mrs. Betzalel Loew, [Maharal's mother - MP (c.1480 - d.)

"Mother of Maharal"

Mrs. Betzalel Ben Chaim LOEW, mother of the Maharal, was the daughter of Rabbi Chaim ISSEMHEIMER or the daughter of Rabbi Yitzchak KLOBER of Worms. They had four sons and three daughters - Tha Mahara...

2/20/2007 10/10/2010

Betzalel Loew [Maharal father] MP (c.1480 - 1539)

"Father of Maharal", "Rabbi Betsalel of Worms"

All Maharal Geanealogy is detailed here (Hebrew) ======= Betzalel ben Chaïm LOEW (LOEB) was born about 1480. Unlike his young brothers, stayed behind to help his father and did not pursue studi...

2/20/2007 10/10/2010

Rabbi Chaim ben Bezalel Loew-Beer, Gd.Father of Maharal MP (1450 - 1565)

"Grandfather of Maharal of Prague", "Chaim of Varmiza", "ר' חיים מ'ווירמייזא", "אב"ד פרידברג בעל ספר החיים", "Rabbi Chaim of Worms"

ר' חיים מ'ווירמייזא , אב"ד פרידברג בעל ספר החיים Rabi of Worm (ווירמיזא) Rabbi Chaim LOEW-BEER (born about 1450 or 1480 Isenheim, Alsace, France, d. 1522 Prague according to Zeev ESHKOLOT (or 24 No...

2/20/2007 10/10/2010

In 1931 Israel (Yisroel) Aryeh Leib Gur Ari (Schneerson), joined his eldest brother Menachem Mendel (the future Lobavicherer) in Berlin, traveling with false papers under the name Mark Gurary to escape...

6/26/2007 10/9/2010

Feigele Brandeis MP (b. - 1639)

10/13/2008 10/9/2010

10/6/2008 10/9/2010

6/23/2008 10/9/2010

Rabbi Shmuel HaLevi Brandeis [Maharal Gd.son] MP (1580 - 1628)

"Grandson of Maharal"

Rabbi Samuel BRANDEIS (d. 1628 Prague) (son of Rabbi Simon BRANDEIS and Gitele LOEW, daughter of Maharal), President of Prague Gemelnde, married his cousin the daughter of R. Chaim WAHL (Prague) and Re...

9/3/2007 10/9/2010

Rabbi Shimon Brandeis MP (b. - 1665)

Great grandson of Maharal of Prague R. Simon BRANDEIS Died: Jun 26, 1665 + Libele PERLS Died: 1674 Father: R. Mosche PERELS (Prague) *they had 10 sons * Chaim HaLEVI BRANDEIS * Leib HaLEVI BRANDE...

9/3/2007 10/9/2010

9/6/2009 10/9/2010

9/6/2009 10/9/2010

Rosa Loew MP (deceased)

Rosa married Rabbi Shmuel Loew. They had three children: daughter LOEW m. her relative R. Haim CATZ from Posna (a descendant of the MAHARAL) daughter LOEW m. Jacob the son of Rabbi Haim from Hess...

12/16/2007 10/9/2010

Rabbi Yehuda Leib Loew MP (1611 - 1705)

"Great Grandson of Maharal"

Rabbi Yehuda Leib Loew was the son of Rabbi Shmuel [grandson of Maharal] Loew and Rosa. כתובות מבית העלמין היהודי העתיק בפראג- אוטו מולנש- מספר 218 עמוד 329-331

6/19/2007 10/9/2010

R. Kaufman Yekutiel LOEWE m. Gitl Elisabeth (d. 1618 Prague)

6/23/2008 10/8/2010

Luft (Lipet) Horowitz [Maharal Gd.dter] MP (b. - 1613)

"Granddaughter of the Maharal of Prague"

Lift LOEW (d. 1613 Prague) Daughter of Rabbi Bezalel "Charif", Maharal's son, m. Rabbi Pinhas HOROWITZ (d. 3.11.1653 Prague). They had no children. Rabbi Pinhas remarried. כתובות מבית העלמין היהודי ה...

12/16/2007 10/8/2010

Rabbi Mendel Mark Loew [Maharal Grd.son] MP (deceased)

"Maharal Grandson"

Rabbi Mendel Mark Loew married Gitel Kitel Sara. He died young and there were no known children.

6/23/2008 10/8/2010

Rabbi Shmuel Loew, [of Hessen] Maharal Gd.son MP (1576 - 1655)

"of Hessen", "Grandson of Maharal"

Rabbi Schmuel LOEW (eldest son of Rabbi Bezalel "Charif" and grandson of the MAHARAL of Prague), was born 14 Jan. 1576, died 1655), married Rosa. They had 2 daughters and one son (Yehuda Lieb Loew) who...

6/19/2007 10/8/2010

12/16/2007 10/8/2010

Mrs. Bezalel "Charif" Loew [Maharal Dau.-in-law] MP (deceased)

"Daughter in law of Maharal"

Rabbi Betzalel Loew (d. 1600 Cologne) was the son of the Maharal of Prague, Rabbi Judah LOEW. Rabbi Bezalel "Charif" Loew and his wife's descendants include 7 generations of Rabbis.

9/15/2008 10/8/2010

Gitele Brandeis, [Maharal dau. #2] MP (c.1550 - 1635)

"Guttel", "Gittele", "Child #2 of Maharal", "Daughter no. 2 of Maharal", "Gutele Loew"

Eldest daughter (child #2) of The Maharal of Prague. Married Rabbi Simon (HaLevi) Brandeis in Prague. She died September 19, 1635. ז' בתשרי ה'שצ"ו Their son was Rabbi Samuel (HaLevi) BRANDEIS (d....

9/3/2007 10/8/2010

Rabbi Bezalel "Charif" Loew [Maharal son #1] MP (c.1545 - 1600)

"Charif", "Son #1 of Maharal"

Rabbi Betzalel "Charif" LOEW (d. 1600 Cologne) was the firstborn son of the Maharal of Prague, Rabbi Judah LOEW. His descendants include 7 generations of Rabbis. * Rabbi Shmuel LOEW (b. 14 Jan. 1576,...

6/19/2007 10/8/2010

Tilla Sabatka-Wahl, [Maharal dau. #3] MP (1551 - 1603)

"Maharal daughter no. 3"

Tilla LOEW, Maharal daughter no. 3, married Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch SABA or SABATKA of Lublin (b. Prague), Dayan of Prague 1630, son of Joseph Yaski and/or else (according to David Peter John LEWIN davidle...

8/3/2007 10/8/2010

Rachel Heller-Wallerstein [Maharal Dau. #4] MP (1554 - 1633)

"Reichel", "Maharal daughter #4"

Maharal daughter #4. Abraham HaLEVI HELLER and Rachel LOEW : Based on a chart from a translation of Yom Tov Lipman HELLER's autobiography Megillas Aivah published as The Feast and the Fast, by C. U...

8/11/2008 10/8/2010

Lea LOEW, daughter no. 5 of the Maharal of Prague, married Rabbi Isaac (Jizchak) (Yitzhak) HaCohen Katz (Jacob Elhanan) (d. 30 May 1624 Prague), son of Rabbi Samson (Simson) COHEN. Lea LOEW died chil...

4/13/2008 10/8/2010

Vogele Katz [Maharal Dau. #6] MP (1556 - 1629)

"Daughter #6 of Maharal", "Feigele"

Lea LOEW [Maharal daughter #5] died childless, and Rabbi Yitzhak KATZ (Ha-)COHEN remarried Lea LOEW's sister Vögele (Vaigel) Bezalel Löb (LOEW) [Maharal daughter #6] (d. 28 Jan. 1629 Prague). One bio...

2/20/2007 10/8/2010

Realina Wahl [Maharal Dau. #7] MP (c.1558 - d.)

"Daughter no. 7 of Maharal"

Realina, daughter no 7 of Maharal, married Rabbi Chaim Wahl of Prague. Their daughter, the granddaughter of Maharal, married her cousin Rabbi Shmuel Brandeis (son of Simon Breandeis & Gittele Loew, a...

6/23/2008 10/8/2010

Rabbi Yehoshua Shmelkes MP (c.1535 - d.)

"Maharal's brother-in-law"

10/12/2007 10/8/2010

Dobra Schmelkes-Reich (Breznicky) MP (1502 - d.)

"Mother in law of the Maharal of Prague"

11/19/2007 10/8/2010

Shmuel Leib Shmelkes-Reich {Maharal] MP (1500 - 1557)

"Father-in-law of Maharal", "Shmelki", "Rabbi Shmuel Shmelke Reich of Prague", "Der Reich", "The Rich"

[The Maharel] [Der Hohe Rabbi LOWE] [High Rabbi Lowe] married Perla SHMELKES (b. 1528 (1516?) Prague, d. 5 May 1610 Prague) daughter of Samuel SHMELKES Reich son of Jakob SCHMELKES. (See Berthold ROS...

7/15/2007 10/8/2010

Perel Loew [Maharal's wife] MP (1528 - 1610)

"Maharal's wife", "Perl", "Perla"

Disagreement about the year of birth - 1516 vs. 1528 (according to Judith Nathan's data). The Maharal's marriage to his wife Pearl has been surrounded by the Loew family chronicler, Meir Perles, with...

6/26/2007 10/8/2010

Yehuda ben Betzalel Loew [MaHaRaL of Prague] MP (aft.1512 - 1609)

"Maharal of Prague", "Judah Loew ben Bezalel", "המהר"ל מפראג", "רבי יהודה לאו המהר"ל מפראג"

Talmudist, Kabbalist, chief rabbi of Prague. Popularly known as the "MaHaRaL", the abbreviation of "Moreinu Harav Rabbi Loew" ("Our teacher Rabbi Loew"). The Maharal of Prague was a towering giant in...

2/20/2007 10/8/2010