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New Zealand Settler Ships - Cornwall

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CORNWALL, 550 tons, sailed from London, 20/4/1849, and arrived in Port Chalmers, via the north, on 23/9/1849. Captain William Dawson; Dr William Donald, surgeon, who afterwards settled at Lyttleton. Addie, Thomas (35) [labourer]; Agnes née Hamilton, wife (28); James (8). Beaton, Duncan (30) [shepherd]; Catherine née Cameron, wife (26). Blair, James Buchanan (21) [farmer; Green Island, Otokia Cemty d. 8/11/1873]. Borton, John (22) [merchant, runholder; Oamaru; m. Mary Eliza Every on 1/5/1858; d. 19/3/1916]. Carter, Thomas (29) [ag.; Sawyers Bay; brother of John Lloyd; d. pre 1898]. Carter, John Lloyd (34) [ag.; Sawyers Bay; d. pre 1898]. Cornwall, J D (22). Davidson, Alexander (21). Donald, Mr [in Otago Settlers list; not in Dr Hocken's list] Dunlop, David (48) [gentleman; d. pre 1854]; Catherine née Watt, wife (46); Walter (9); James (7); Jane (6); John (3); Donald (inf). Graham, David (15). Halliday, James (22) [joiner]. Hurry, Edward (27) [butcher]; Charlotte née Andrews, wife (29). Hutchison, John (21) [farmer]. Johnstone, John Robert (21) [merchant, m. Marion Cargill (ex John Wickliffe); d. Edinburgh pre 1897]. Laing, David (19) [ag.; Andersons Bay]. Laing, William Melville (17) [d. 21/8/1860]. Laing, Francis Gregory (15) [m. Wilhemina née Peterson (ex Mooltan); d. 8/1/1900]. Laurie, John (24) [farmer; NSW]. Livingstone, Alexander (29) [shepherd, ag.; Taieri Mouth; d. 22/12/1859]; Catherine née Cameron, wife (24) [d. 9/12/1867]. Marshall, James (39) [currier, Jones's storekeeper; Halfway Bush; d. 2/8/1873]; Margaret née Dunbar, wife (38) [d. 23/5/1861]; James (11) [grocer; Roslin (sic) (not in Otago Settlers Museum list)]; Margaret (9) [m. George Ross (ex Philip Laing); 2nd, W Hepburn (ex Poictiers); Halfway Bush; d. 24/8/1901]; Lewis Hay Irving (3) [d. 2/6/1921]. Matthieson, Angus (24) [clerk, storekeeper;m Margaret Robertson (ex Larkins); d. pre 1855]. Matthieson, William (28) [blacksmith, ag.; Tokomairiro; m. Jane Brown (ex Ajax); d. 23/5/1905]. Muir, John (24) [ag.; Lower Kaikorai; d. 13/10/1895]; Elizabeth Kennedy née McWhirter, wife (30) [d. 2/10/1895]; David (1) [d. 2/8/1923]; Margaret Cornwall (born on voyage) [d. 16/9/1917]. Murray, Robert (28) [carpenter, ag.; Tokomairiro; d. 16/11/1908]. Pearson, Robert (27) [millwright]; Elizabeth née ?, wife (28) [d. 30/11/1849]. [Robert later married Elizabeth Gibson (ex Blundell.] Proudfoot, Peter (24) [surveyor, land commissioner, m. Jessie Pomona Gunn; d. 14/10/1857]. Proudfoot, John (29) [shoemaker; d. 18/12/1873]. Sanderson, William (24) [ag.; Andersons Bay; d. 4/7/1893]; Helen née Alexander, wife (21) [d. 5/8/1897]. Short, Robert (28) [ag., clerk land office; North East Valley; d. 21/3/1893]; Isabella née Dickson, wife (32) [d. 25/10/1895]; Catherine Gray (4) [went to Taranaki]; Margaret Darling (3); Janet (8 months) [d. 17/5/1933]. Smith, Merianne Adamina Grenville (23) [governess, m. G J Ireland; NSW]. Stewart, John (32) [labourer] [not in Dr Hocken's list] Stodart, John Walter (32) [labourer; d. 19/12/1900]. Strain, Hans (41) [ag.; North East Valley; d. 19/10/1857]; Mary Jane née Rea, wife (31) [d. 20/11/1899]; Sarah (8) [m. James Mackill Martin; Tokomairiro;d. 8/10/1880]; Margaret (6) [never married; d. 19/7/1859]; James (5) [never married; d. 25/2/1907] Mary Ann (2) [never married; d. 16/6/1925]; Elizabeth (infant) [m.Samuel Finch (ex John Wickliffe); d. 1/3/1929]. Suisted, Mr [Not in Dr Hocken list; in Otago Settlers Museum list as "perhaps only internal traveller"] Taylor, Charles (21) [ag.; Green Island; Fiji]. Taylor, William (19) [ag.; Green Island; Fiji]. Tyser, Robert Baillie [not in Dr Hocken's list; Otago Settlers Museum list says "perhaps just Mrs-née Fitzgerald???"] Wohler, Rev & Mrs [Not in Dr Hocken's list. They were not new immigrants, and had used the Cornwall to travel from Nelson to Dunedin. The Otago Settlers Museum list says "Just from the North"] Wright, John (22) [labourer].