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Jon Haraldsson, jarl of Orkney MP (c.1162 - 1231)

In 1222 Earl Jon was implicated, indirectly, in the burning of Bishop Adam of Caithness in his hall at Halkirk by local farmers. Jon was accused of looking on or of fomenting the discontent.[28] King A...

12/10/2007 10/6/2016

Thorgeir "the Clumsy" MP (deceased)

3/18/2010 8/8/2012

Skule Thorfinnsson, sønn av Thorfinn Hausakljuv og Grelod Dungadsdotter [THORFINN "Hausakliffer/Skullcleaver" ([910/20]-[soon after 977], bur Hoxa, North Ronaldsway). Orkneyinga Saga names “Arnkel…...

5/12/2008 10/31/2010

Queen Olith (possibly Donada) 'Thora' 'Anleta' MacKenneth, Princess MP (c.988 - 1034)

"Olith ingen Maíl Coluim meic Cináeda", "Anleta", "Thora Donada", "Anleta "Thora Donada" /Mackenneth/", "Anleta /MacKenneth/", "Princess of Scotland"

Olith ingen Maíl Coluim mac Cináeda was the youngest daughter of Malcolm II. Her name is uncertain (Olith, Anleta, Thora). Parents Malcolm II and his wife (Ælfgifu) Spouse: Sigurd II Digri Orkney...

7/25/2007 10/23/2010

Ingibjörg Finnsdóttir MP (c.1030 - c.1069)

"Ingibiorg", "the Earls'-Mother."

Ingibiorg Finnsdottir (Standard Old Norse: Ingibjörg Finnsdóttir) was a daughter of Earl Finn Arnesson and Bergljot Halvdansdottir (Halfdansdottir), a niece of the Norwegian Kings Saint Olaf and Harald...

5/9/2007 10/23/2010

Anonym frille, Mother of Brusi, Sumarlidi & Einar MP (965 - 1000)

"Anonym frille", "Mother of Brusi & Sumarlidi & Einar Rangmunn", "Concubine #1 of (Sigurd ll) Hlodversson (Earl of Orkney)"

Anonymous mistress or partner of Sigurd, mother of his older sons Sumarlide, Bruse and Einar Rangmund (Wrymouth). The saga says: Sigurd married a daughter of the Scottish king Malcolm, and their so...

7/13/2008 10/23/2010

According to Orkneyinga Saga, died of trying on a poisoned shirt intended for his half-brother Paul "the Silent". "During the reign of the brothers Harald and Paul, a Christmas feast was arranged at ...

4/25/2008 10/22/2010

Paal "the Silent" Håkonsson MP (b. - aft.1137)

PAUL [II] Hakonsson "the Silent" (-after 1137). Orkneyinga Saga records that earl Hakon “had another son Paul…the Silent”[971]. He succeeded his father in [1126] as Joint Jarl of Orkney and Caithness, ...

3/18/2010 10/22/2010

Hakon "The Imperious" Palson, Jarl of Orkney MP (1075 - c.1125)

"Haakon Paulsson", "Earl of Orkney", "Håkon 'The Imperious' Pålson", "Jarl of Orkney"

Orkneyöarna ligger ca 30 km norr om skotska fastlandet och är brittisk ögrupp och skotskt förvaltningsdistrikt. Av ett 70-tal öar är ca 20 bebodda. Ögruppen har 19500 invånare och huvudort är Kirkwall....

7/23/2007 10/22/2010

Erlend Thorfinsson, Jarl of Orkney and Caithness MP (c.1050 - c.1098)


Possibly a twin, as he and his brother were joint rulers and always mentioned together. __________ ERLEND Thorfinnsson (-in prison Trondheim [Nidaros] 1098, bur Trondheim). Orkneyinga S...

8/22/2007 10/22/2010

Possibly a twin, as he and his brother were joint rulers and always mentioned together. Paul Thorfinnsson, Earl of Orkney and Caithness. Thorfinn & his wife had [three or more] children: 1. Pål...

8/22/2007 10/22/2010

Ragnvald II Brusesson, Earl of Orkney MP (c.1000 - 1046)

"Rǫgnvaldr Orkneyjarl", "Ragnvald Brúsason", "Rögnvald Brusesson", "Bruesson", "Rognvald Orkneyjarl", "children converted to Christianity and took name of Brusee"

Ragnvald Brusasson (died 1046), son of Brusi Sigurdsson, was Earl of Orkney jointly with Thorfinn Sigurdsson from about 1037 onwards. His life is recorded in the Orkneyinga Saga. Parents: Brusi Sigur...

7/29/2007 10/22/2010

Thorfinn 'The Black' Sigurdsson, II Jarl of Orkney MP (989 - c.1060)

"Thorfinn the Mighty", "the Black", "þórfinnr", "The Black", "called Thorfinn the Mighty[1]"

Thorfinn Orkneyjarl, Earl of Caithness and Sutherland Thorfinn (1009?–-c1064?), called Thorfinn the Mighty, was Earl of Orkney. Son of Earl Sigurd Hlodvirsson by his marriage to the daughter of Malco...

5/12/2007 10/22/2010

The saga says: Sigurd married a daughter of the Scottish king Malcolm, and their son was called Thorfin. Earl Sigurd had, besides, older sons; namely, Sumarlide, Bruse, and Einar Rangmund. c) E...

4/25/2008 10/22/2010

Einar, 'Wrymouth' Sigurdsson, Jarl of Orkney MP (c.989 - 1020)

"Einar Rangmunn", "Einar Wrymouth", "Wrymouth"

Sigurd left four sons: Brusi, Sumarlidi, Einar and Thorfinn, each of whom would also bear the title Earl of Orkney. c) EINAR "Turf-Einar” . Orkneyinga Saga names “ Hallad , Hrollaug and the young...

4/25/2008 10/22/2010

Brusi Sigurdsson, earl of Orkney MP (987 - c.1031)

"Bruse Sigurdsson", "Brusi Orkneyjarl", "Brusee", "Brusi /Sigurdsson/", "2nd Earl of Orkney"

Jarl på Orknøy, sønn av Sigurd II Digre. Earl of Orkney Islands. På norrønt Brusi Sigurdsson, fornavnet i moderne tid fornorsket til Bruse. Brusi Sigurdsson (died 1030-1035) was one of Sigurd Hlo...

7/29/2007 10/22/2010

Sigurd "the Stout" Hlodvesson, earl of Orkney MP (960 - 1014)

"Sigurd the Stout", "Sigurd Digre", "Sigurd Digri", "Sigurd Driga"

There's a song about him, written by Debra Doyle (aka "Malkin Grey") and Melissa Williamson (aka "Peregrynne Windryder") - this is probably the best version you're going to find on Youtube: -------...

7/25/2007 10/22/2010

Hlöðvir Þorfinnsson, earl of Orkney MP (c.945 - c.988)

"Hlöðvir Þorfinnsson", "Lodve", "Hlodvir", "Lodvar", "Lodver", "The Viking", "Hlodver", "Hlodver Thorfinnsson", "Earl of Orkney"

Hlöðvir Þorfinnsson, Thorfinnarson Parents: Thorfinn Orkneyjarl & Grelaug (Grelod) Spouse: Eadna Children: 1. Sigurd Hlodvasson 2. Svanlaug (married Gille, Earl of the Hebrides) 3. (unkno...

7/23/2007 10/22/2010

Ljot Thorfinnsson, sønn av Thorfinn Hausakljuv og Grelod Dungadsdotter [>c) EINAR "Turf-Einar” . Orkneyinga Saga names “ Hallad , Hrollaug and the youngest Einar ” 797]. Snorre names "Hallad, the s...

5/12/2008 10/22/2010

Håvard 'Season-Prosperous' Thorfinsson, Earl of Orkney and Caithness MP (c.918 - 981)

"Hávarðr Thorfinnsson", "Håvard Torfinnsen", "Season-Prosperous"

Håvard "Season-Prosperous" Torfinnsson (Thorfinnsson Earl of Orkney and Caithness) c) EINAR "Turf-Einar” . Orkneyinga Saga names “ Hallad , Hrollaug and the youngest Einar ” 797]. Snorre name...

5/12/2008 10/22/2010

Arnfinn Thorfinnsson MP (c.941 - 979)


Arnfinn Thorfinnsson c) EINAR "Turf-Einar” . Orkneyinga Saga names “ Hallad , Hrollaug and the youngest Einar ” 797]. Snorre names "Hallad, the second Einar, the third Hrollaug" as the three sons...

5/12/2008 10/22/2010

Thorfinn 'Skull-Splitter', Jarl of Orkney MP (890 - c.976)

"Þorfinnur hausakljúfur", "Hausakliffer", "Hausakljuf", "Skullsplitter", "The /", "Viking Jatl of Orkney", "(Brico)", "Skull-Splitter", "Thorfinn Skull-Splitter"

Thorfinn Hausakljuv, sønn av Torf-Einar og hans ukjente frille. c) EINAR "Turf-Einar” . Orkneyinga Saga names “ Hallad , Hrollaug and the youngest Einar ” 797]. Snorre names "Hallad, the second E...

7/23/2007 10/22/2010

Son of Torf-Einar and his "frille". --------------------------- 1. RAGNVALD "the Wise", son of EYSTEIN "Glumra/Clatterer" Jarl in Norway & his wife ---] (-[894]). Orkneyinga Saga names “Eystein the...

12/10/2007 10/22/2010

Arnkell, son of Torf-Einar and his unknown frille [ARNKEL (-killed Stainmore, Westmoreland 954). Orkneyinga Saga names “Arnkel…Erlend and…Thorfinn Skull-Splitter” as the three sons of Einar[191]. S...

12/10/2007 10/22/2010

Einarr "Turf" Rognvaldsson, Orkneyjarl MP (852 - 910)

"Turf-Einar", "Norse Earl of Orkney", "Blood Eagle", "Einar "Turf" Rognvaldsson", "Jarl of Orkney"

Einarr Rǫgnvaldsson, called Tórf-Einarr (died 910) was one of the Norse Earls of Orkney. He was son of Ragnvald Eysteinsson of Møre, Norway. His son Thorfinn became the next earl.

7/23/2007 10/22/2010

Hallad Ragnvaldsson Orkneyjarl, . MP (850 - 894)

"Hallaður Rögnvaldsson", "Haddad", "Hallad Ragnvaldsson", "Jarl of Orkney"

Raghild "Hild" Nefja was not the mother of Hallad, he was the illegitimate son of Ragnvald, no records exist of his mother. In the Orkney saga, the brothers Einar, Hallad (Haddad) and Ivar are referred...

10/23/2007 10/22/2010

7/31/2008 10/22/2010

Sigurd Eysteinsson, I, Jarl of Orkney MP (832 - 874)

"Sigurd "the Mighty"", "Sigurd "the Powerful" Eysteinsson", "Earl of Orkneys"

Bror til Ragnvald Mørejarl, som ga han jarledømmet på Orkney. Brother of Ragnvald Mørajarl Oversikt over Orkneyjarlene (Earls of Orkney): Orkneysagaen (Jarlesoga) på norsk (in Norwegian): F...

12/20/2007 10/22/2010

Ragnvald Eysteinsson, Earl of Møre MP (825 - 894)

"Røgnvald", "Rǫgnvaldr Mœrajarl", "son Eysteins glumru", "den Rådsnare", "Ragnvald Øysteinsson", "Rognvald I Eysteinsson", "Rognvald the Mighty", "The Wise", "Rögnvaldr Mœrajarl", ""The Wise"", "Ragnvald I", "the Wise", "Jarl of North and South More", "and of Ramsdal in Norway", "..."

Rǫgnvaldr Mörejarl, son Eysteins glumru. Earl of Møre and father of Gange-Hrolf Rollo of Normandie. Basics Father: Eystein "Glumra" Ivarsson Mother: Asdis (Ascrida) (undocumented) Concubines:...

1/25/2007 10/22/2010