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Isaac Palma MP (deceased)

5/9/2011 8/28/2011

Remedios Manaloto MP (deceased)

5/9/2011 8/28/2011

Margarita Joven MP (deceased)

5/9/2011 8/28/2011

Fortunato Serrano-Palma is the son of Don Felicito Palma and Soledad Lampa-Serrano, brother of Benjamin Serrano-Palma and Arturo Hermogenes Serrano-Palma. Fortunato was born in Manila; Fortunato was th...

3/1/2011 8/28/2011

Gregorio Palma, Don MP (c.1846 - d.)

Don Gregorio Palma has a long and extensive story. The short version of the story is royalist located in the far corner of Spain left to the Philippines, the other corner of Spain at the time due to a ...

3/9/2011 8/27/2011

Don Felicito Puno Palma MP (1921 - 1992)

Don Felicito was an owner of Olympia Financials and land investor all over the Philippines. Don Felicito also worked for the Philippines Government as an agent.

3/1/2011 6/6/2011

Pablo Cordero Palma MP (deceased)

"Lolo Ambo"

Pablo Cordero-Palma wrote and preformed the famous Stabat Mater of Bacolor still widely known and popular today. Pablo’s music was first premiered at Teatro Sabina on November 16, 1902. Pablo wrote mus...

3/10/2011 6/6/2011

Don Gregorio Cordero Palma MP (1879 - 1951)

Gregorio Cordero-Palma served in the army and became a first lieutenant General March 28, 1899. After the war was over Don Gregorio and later left 1904 and resided in Concepcion Tarlac where he later r...

2/19/2011 6/6/2011

Isolina Puno Palma MP (1905 - 1997)

Isolina Puno Palma-Calma is the oldest daughter of Don Gregorio Palma and Genoveva Puno who later married Dr. Valeriano Calma. Brother of Felicito Puno-Palma, Isolina was in Concepcion Tarlac; the “You...

2/19/2011 2/19/2011