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Maryam Mirzakhani MP (1977 - 2017)

Maryam Mirzakhani was an Iranian mathematician and a professor of mathematics at Stanford University. Her research topics include Teichmüller theory, hyperbolic geometry, ergodic theory, and symplectic...

8/6/2008 7/15/2017

Alhazen (c.965 - c.1040)

Abū ʿAlī al-Ḥasan ibn al-Ḥasan ibn al-Haytham (Arabic: أبو علي، الحسن بن الحسن بن الهيثم‎‎; Persian: بوعلی محمد بن حسن بن هیثم‎‎ c. 965 – c. 1040 ce), also known by the Latinization Alhazen or Alhace...

2/5/2017 2/5/2017

Azar Nafisi From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Azar Nafisi Author of Reading Lolita in Tehran Azar Nafisi Google Books Things I've Been Silent About, By Azar Nafisi

7/17/2015 7/18/2015

Muhammad ibn Mūsā al-Khwārizmī (780–850 AD) A famous mathematician and astronomer, he was the first to introduce the number zero to the western and Hindu-Arabic Muhammad ibn Mūsā al-K...

11/15/2010 4/1/2015

Avicenna, Ibn Sīnā (ابن سینا) Abū ‘Alī al-Ḥusayn ibn ‘Abd Allāh ibn Sīnā, known as Abū Alī Sīnā (Persian: ابوعلی سینا، پورسینا) or, more commonly, Ibn Sīnā[8] or Pour Sina, but most commonly known in...

11/27/2010 4/1/2015