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Richeut was a "lady of great character" who commanded the Castle of Dover in her husband's absence. Her daring attempt to take Geoffrey, Archbishop of York, the King's half-brother, prisoner in Dover...

8/3/2013 12/4/2016

Jeanne de Nevers, Duchess of Brittany MP (1298 - 1374)

"Joanna of Flanders", "Jehanne de Montfort", "Jeanne la Flamme"

Joanna of Flanders (c. 1295 – September 1374), also known as Jehanne de Montfort and Jeanne la Flamme, was consort Duchess of Brittany by her marriage to John IV, Duke of Brittany. She was the daught...

7/31/2008 11/20/2012

Albia Dominica MP (337 - 378)

Domnica Empress of the East Father Petronius of Rome Mother Marriage - Valens Emperor of the East Children - Forrás / Source: ------------------------------------------------------...

6/18/2008 10/1/2012

Zenobia (240 – c. 274) was a 3rd-century Queen of the Palmyrene Empire in Roman Syria. She led a famous revolt against the Roman Empire. The second wife of King Septimius Odaenathus, Zenobia became q...

4/24/2009 10/1/2012

Julia Agrippina Minor MP (15 - 59)

"Julia Agrippina"

Claudius was her uncle, being this her third marriage. The wife of Cnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus, by whom she had a son, who was later to become Nero, Emperor of Rome. After the death of her first husb...

6/19/2007 10/1/2012

Vipsania Agrippina Major MP (c.-14 - 33)

"Vipsania Julia Octavia Agrippina Major DI ROMA", "Vipsania-Agrippina", "Agrippina Germanici"

4217576384055059. Augusta Agrippina "The Younger" ROMAN EMPIRE,1601,1746 daughter of Ceasar Germanicus ROMAN EMPIRE and Agrippina "The Elder" ROMAN EMPIRE, was born in 15 and died in 59 at age 44. Th...

5/21/2008 10/1/2012

Amastris MP (b. - -284)

Late 4th century BCE through early 3rd century BCE - Amastris, wife of Dionysius of Heraclea, conquered four settlements and united them into a new city-state, named after her.

12/14/2007 10/1/2012

Roxana, Princess of Bactria MP (-347 - -309)

Alexander the Great and RoxaneRoxana (In Persian, Rauxnaka, meaning "little star") sometimes Roxane, was a Bactrian noble and a wife of Alexander the Great. She was born earlier than the year 343 B...

12/14/2007 10/1/2012

Cynane MP (deceased)

Cynane, a half-sister to Alexander the Great, accompanied her father on a military campaign and killed an Illyrian leader named Caeria in hand-to-hand combat.

9/16/2009 10/1/2012

ID: I62193 Name: Arsinoe III of Egypt Given Name: Arsinoe III Surname: of Egypt Sex: F _UID: D2AD07A5EA8E8A4C88AA6D5552EB9F5FA8EB Change Date: 26 Nov 2005 Death: Y Marriage 1 Ptolemy IV...

9/10/2007 10/1/2012

Laodice I, queen of the Seleucid Empire MP (-286 - -236)

"Λαοδίκη Α' Σελευκιδά της Συρίας", "Laodice I *w. of Antiochus II Theos* of Syria Queen Consort"

) Laodice I Laodice I was the first wife, and likely the cousin, of Antiochus II Theos of the Seleucid Empire. He repudiated her and her children, when (as part of a peace treaty with Ptolemy II ...

9/10/2007 10/1/2012

Berenice II, queen of Egypt MP (-266 - -221)

ID: I62195 Name: Bernike of Egypt Given Name: Bernike Surname: of Egypt Sex: F _UID: 39EA11F90AE7EE418A03382ACDD7830E7127 Change Date: 26 Nov 2005 Death: Y Marriage 1 Ptolemy III Euereg...

9/10/2007 10/1/2012

Berenice Queen of Egypt MP (c.-340 - -280)

"Βερενίκη της Μακεδονίας"

Birth: 340 B.C. P: Egypt Death: Aft. 285 B.C. General Notes Queen of Egypt Berenice I of Macedonia died 0275 B.C..1 Queen of Egypt, 0290-0275 B.C.. She married King of Egypt Ptolemy I Soter L...

9/10/2007 10/1/2012

"Black Agnes" Randolph, Countess of Dunbar and March MP (1310 - 1361)

"Agnes de Dunbar"

Agnes Randolph, Countess of Dunbar and March (c. 1312 – 1369), was also known as Black Agnes because of her olive skin complexion, was the spouse of Patrick, 9th Earl of Dunbar & March. She is buried i...

9/18/2007 10/1/2012

Eleanor d'Aquitaine, Queen Consort Of England MP (aft.1122 - bef.1204)

"Princess Eleanor of Aquitaine", "Queen Consort of England and France", "Aliénor d’Aquitaine", "Éléonore de Guyenne", "Countesse of Poitiers et Duchesse of Aquitaine", "Eleanor of Aquitaine", "Elbeonore Of /Aquitaine/", "Eleanora", "Que...", "Duchess of Aquitaine", "Queen ..."

--------------------------- Eleanor of Aquitaine (Aliénor d'Aquitaine in French), Duchess of Aquitaine and Gascony and Countess of Poitou (1122[1] – April 1, 1204) was one of the wealthiest and mos...

1/29/2007 8/14/2012

al-Kahina bint D̲j̲arāwa al-Zanāt Dihya ديهيا, (early 7th century - late 7th century) Wikipedia al-Kāhina (“the Sorceress”) was the guiding spirit of Berber resistance to the Arab invaders led by Ḥ...

8/12/2012 8/13/2012

Queen Cordelia was a legendary Queen of the Britons, as recounted by Geoffrey of Monmouth. She was the youngest daughter of Leir and the second ruling queen of Britain. Cordelia was Leir's favorite d...

8/22/2007 8/10/2012

Medea of Colchis MP (c.-1500 - d.)

Medea (Greek: Μήδεια, Mēdeia, Georgian: მედეა, Medea) is a woman in Greek mythology. She was the daughter of King Aeëtes of Colchis, niece of Circe, granddaughter of the sun god Helios, and later wife ...

2/13/2009 8/10/2012

Hydna, of Scione MP (deceased)

Hydna of Scione (fl. 480 BCE), was an ancient Greek swimmer and diver given credit for the destruction of the Persian navy around 480 BCE. According to Pausanias (Description of Greece, 10.19.1.), du...

8/10/2012 8/10/2012

Cleopatra IV of Egypt MP (c.-138 - -112)

ID: I82407 Name: Cleopatra Tryphaena of Egypt Prefix: Princess Given Name: Cleopatra Tryphaena Surname: of Egypt Sex: F _UID: F0EC87AE91DC8940BC827AEAC7FD1DBA84C9 Change Date: 26 Nov 20...

9/10/2007 8/9/2012

Fulvia Flacca Bambula MP (c.-83 - c.-40)

Fulvia Flacca Bambula (c. 83 BC – 40 BC), commonly referred to as simply Fulvia, was an aristocratic Roman woman who lived during the Late Roman Republic. Through her marriage to three of the most prom...

4/26/2007 8/9/2012

Cleopatra VII Philopator, Pharaoh of Egypt MP (c.-69 - -30)

"Queen of the Nile", "Cleopatra VII"

YouTube Documentary Wikipedia Cleopatra VII Philopator (in Greek, Κλεοπάτρα Φιλοπάτωρ; January 69 BC – August 12, 30 BC) was the last effective pharaoh of Egypt's Ptolemaic dynasty. She originally ...

4/26/2007 8/9/2012

Delilah the Philistine . MP (deceased)

Delilah (דלילה – Dlila, appears only in the Hebrew bible Book of Judges 16, where she is the "woman in the valley of Sorek" whom Samson loved, and who betrayed him to his enemies the Philistines.

9/30/2009 8/9/2012

Yael (or alternately, Jael) (Hebrew Ya'el, יעל, the Hebrew name of the Nubian Ibex) is a character mentioned in the Book of Judges in the Hebrew Bible, as the heroine who killed Sisera to deliver Israe...

3/18/2012 8/9/2012

Deborah (Hebrew: דְּבוֹרָה, Modern Dvora Tiberian Dəḇôrā ; "Bee", Arabic: دیبا Diba‎) was a prophetess of Jehovah. According to the Book of Judges, Deborah was the fourth Judge of pre-monarchic Israel....

2/12/2011 8/9/2012

Boudicca, queen of the Iceni MP (c.30 - c.62)

"Boadicea", "Boudicca", "Boardicia", "Buddug", "Boadicca", "Boudicea", "Boudicca Victoria", "Bonduca", "Boudica", "Voadicia", "Bunduca", "Βουδουικα", "Βουνδουικα", "Βοδουικα", "boudīka", "Buaidheach", "buddugoliaeth", "boudiga", "boudica", "Celtic Warrior Queen", "Brehines o Iceni"

Boudica or Boudicca, also known as Boadicea and known in Welsh as Buddug (d. AD 60 or 61) was queen of the British Iceni tribe who led an uprising against the occupying forces of the Roman Empire. ...

7/23/2007 8/9/2012