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  • Maria Hecquan (deceased)
  • Helmut Rohel (deceased)
    "Directory and Genealogy of the Horowitz-Margareten Family- from Generation to Generation" revised Edition 1994. -No. H12671 - chart no. 14-A
  • Wesley Rohel (1904 - d.)
  • Andres Rohel (1868 - 1944)
    I abielust ? sünnikanne: VAnemad Andres, ema Pauline annette Список рожденных и ...; TLA.1359.2.14; 1892-1895 Jaani Kogudus. III pihtkonna I personaalraamat; TLA.1358.2.64; 1918-1940 ja
  • Jaan Rohel (c.1783 - 1844)
    sünd * 1810-53 pers r. Roheline saun, Kureküla Pruali Mardi p, enne Roobu Jaani sulane* Rohel 1853-67 PR III lesk ja lapsed*1795 HL RtsK, Otsa N29 (11a) <--- Polli Mardi p Pollilt Maakallaverest

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ROHEL Name is of Dutch (Netherlands) origin - and/or - variant of the Surname ROCHELLE (English origin).… *see Rohel About bottom of project & on web link above...

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Czech Republic (WFT = World Family Tree, non-WFT)

  1. Martin Rohel (ca. 1615 Jakubín, Častrov, Pelhřimov district, Vysočina, Bohemia, Czech Republic - ) -- (includes surnames; Kolář, Malý, Pokorný, Raffl, Šmíd, Žemlička, more…) = WFT
  2. Frantz Rohel (ca. 1680 of? Vítkovice, Ostrava, Czech Republic OR Witkowice, Poland ? - ) -- (includes surnames; Březin, Chobot, Friza, Pastrňák, Pěgřim, Tichý, Tomis, Žurovec, more…) = WFT = Peter Rohel's 6th great grandfather "R-M198 (Y-DNA)"
  3. Anton Rohel (ca. 1838 of? Žirovnice, Vysočina, Bohemia, Czech Republic - ) -- (includes surnames; Adrian, Bocek, Dvořák, Hoffer, Mirkvicka, Rataj, Speta, more…) = *non-WFT
  4. Jindřích Rohel (ca. 1895 - ) -- (includes surnames; Drobík, Kašpárek, Gabryš, Janoš, Matys, more…) = *non-WFT

Estonia (WFT = World Family Tree, non-WFT)

  1. Jaan Rohel (ca. 6/18/1783 Maardu (Maart) mp, Maakallavere, Jõelähtme khk., Estonia - 5/1844 Jõelähtme khk, Estonia) = *non-WFT -- *Roheline means green in Estonian. Jaan Rohel was a peasant in Roheline farm (the green farm), later receiving his Surname in 1835 (when all north-Estonian peasants got names) after his farm - Rohel (source Siim Veski).
  2. Andreas Rohel (4/6/1868 Jõelähtme, Harju, Estonia - 3/9/1944 Tallin, Harju, Estonia) = *non-WFT

France (WFT = World Family Tree, non-WFT)

  1. Francois Rohel (ca. 1640 - 12/17/ 1683 Plumelec, Morbihan, Brittany, France) -- Merged with Julien Rohel (ca. 1656 of? Morbihan, Brittany, France - ) -- (includes surnames; Ricordet, Davaux, Lentrain, Marivin, Tanguy, Moisan, more…) = *non-WFT
  2. François Rohel (ca. 1653 of? Guipavas, Finistere, Brittany, France – aft. 1897) -- Merged with Yves Rohel (ca. 1676 Pencran, Finistère, Brittany, France – 3/20/1729 Saint Thomas, Finistere, Brittany, France) -- (includes surnames; Tanguy, Abgrall, Berthou, Jestin, Le Roux, Page, more…) = *non-WFT
  3. Yves Rohel (ca. 1680 - 10/30/1710 of? Pleuven, Finistère, Brittany, France) -- Merged with Julien Rohel (ca. 1675 of? Plumelec, Morbihan, Brittany, France) -- (includes surnames; Nédélec, Bereurec'h, Cosqueric, Le Goff, Le Torc'h, Tymen, more…) = *non-WFT
  4. Jean Rohel (ca. 1710 of? Plaudren, Morbihan, Brittany, France - ) -- (includes surnames; Ribouchon, Caudal, Corlay, Kersuzan, Le Barth, Le Berne, more…) = *non-WFT
  5. Julien Rohel (ca. 1775 of? Brittany, France - ) -- (includes Caudal) *3 names only = *non-WFT
  6. Guillaume Rohël (ca. 1820 of ? Morbihan, Brittany, France - ) -- (includes surnames; Desgrées / Degrez, Arrault, Gagnon, Mizrahi, Parfait, Rivallin, more…) = *non-WFT

Germany (WFT = World Family Tree, non-WFT)

  1. Helmut Rohel (ca. 1930 Germany - ) -- (includes surnames; Brunner, Ehreneld, Horowitz, Lober, Mahoney, Weiss) = *WFT

Unknown country (WFT = World Family Tree, non-WFT)

  1. Maria (nee Rohel) Hecquan (ca. 1880 - ) -- (includes surnames; Chaloupe, Cochard, Leforestier, Letaillandier, Wootten, more…) = *WFT
  2. Wesley Rohel (9/15/1904 - ) -- (includes surnames; Bass, Hensrud, Le Doux, Ovind, Paulsen, Sand, more…) = *non-WFT


ROHEL Name is of Dutch (Netherlands) origin, spelling variations include: ROHELS, ROELLCHEN, ROELLCH, ROEL, ROELLICHS, ROELS, ROHELICHEN, ROHELES, ROHL, ROHLLCHEN, ROLLICKEN, ROLLKEN, and many more..*Reginheim - Heathen sanctuaries; According to the Roman historian Tacitus the Germans worshipped their gods on holy places in nature. From Medieval sources, like the 9th century "Indiculus superstitionem" and the laws to fight heathenism that were created after 775AD by Charlemagne *geni path, we can distinct between three types of holy places: • Hills, rocks and stones; • Flowing rivers, lakes, bog swamps and wells; • Forests and trees. The Netherlands still has quite an amount of sanctuaries that date back to heathen times. Places with the word "Hel" in their names. Research indicates that places with Hel-names in the Netherlands are mostly located near the north side of the nearest building centers. Often there was a water pool there that was seen as the door to Hel (the world of the dead). In Old-Saxon this door was called "helldor". The Germans localized the world of the dead to the North, while this was unimportant in later Christian legends. The name of the constellation Grote Beer/La Grande Casserole/The Plough/The Big Dipper, which the Germans used as orientation to find the north, was "Helwagen". (Hell-wagon) The myths also locate Hel in the north. In heathen grave fields the skeletons are positioned in a North-South direction, something that also points to the belief that the land of the dead was to the north (Christian graves have an East-West direction). Names with the word "Hel" in Frisia are among others in Netherlands: ROHEL near St. Jansga, Augustinusga, Bolsward, Slappeterp, ROHEL (West Frisian: Reahel, Skarsterlân, Schoterland, Scharsterlaand).

ROHEL, variant of the Surname ROCHELLE (English origin). One of the earliest references to the family name Rochelle dates back to 1224. Other variants of the surname are ROTCHELL, ROCKELL, ROCKALL and in France ROCHEL, LAROCHELLE and LAROCHETTE.. *A form of ROACH, is of local origin, deriving from a geographic feature, either natural or man made, near where the initial bearer once resided or held land. In this instance it is derived from the Middle English or Old French "roche" (later replaced in England by "rock", from the Norman by form"rocque"). Therefore, the progenitor of the surname was someone who lived by a rocky crag or outcrop. Some early examples of the Surname derive from various places in Normandy, as for example Les ROCHES in Seine-Maritime, named with this word. In that case, the name would be toponymic in origin, and the progenitor was someone who hailed from a place named La Rochelle, Les Rocehes, etc.

Early ROHEL's found on the Internet:

  1. Curtis George ROHEL (1/21/1093 - ) source Ernest Self
  2. Gilbert de ROHEL (The Bickerstaff Story) ..."In the rental of the county for 1226, Alan son of Bernulf was said to be holding Bickerstaffe, paying the customary 5s, and in 1246 Alan de Bickerstath claimed a third of the manor against Adam de Bickerstath, Simon his brother, Gilbert de Rohel, Roger and Walter de Bickerstath.." .

ROHEL & Napoleon *geni path "source Jan B. of Czech: My grandmother was born a Rohel and had 5 sisters, all of them born in Palkovice, near Ostrava, Moravia, Czech. My grandmother's sister Libuše told me 7 years ago (1997) a story about my Rohel ancestor's, as she was interested in genealogy and had a Tree dating back to 1805. Somewhere in Normandy, France lived an old aristocratic's kin. At the beginning of the 19th century when Napoleon assumed power, two Rohel brothers had to solve a question of life. They were against Napoleon and he gave them a choice. They could join him or he would kill them and confiscate their properties. Not having much of a choice, one brother chose to immigrate to USA and the second escaped to Palkovice. The other Rohel relatives presently live in Šternberk and Újezd (both near Olomouc), Moravia, Czech."

ROHEL surname was quite common in 18th century Ostrava, Přívoz, Mariánské Hory (Lhotka), Vítkovice, Nová Ves, Zábřeh all in Czech Republic, throughout the World - with most existing in France *see Geneanet web site ..... *see more on Rohel Name - All About web page...