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Gille de Burgh, of Ulster MP (c.1263 - 1327)

"Jill", "Gilles"

Gilles (or Egidia) de Burgh , born about 1263, daughter of Walter de Burgh, 1st Earl of Ulster. Egidia married James (Seumas) STEWART 5th High Steward of the Scots, son of Alexander LE STEWARD 4th Hi...

7/19/2007 6/8/2016

Duncan, Earl of Moray MP (c.1035 - c.1090)

"Duncan of Moray", "Donnchad (Duncan) MAC DONNCHADA Mormaer of Moray"

Duncan, husband of Ochtreda of Allerdale Sources Medlands does not show him as a son of Duncan l, King of Scots Links

5/29/2008 6/1/2016

Sir William "Braveheart" Wallace, Kt. MP (1272 - 1305)

"Sir William Wallace", ""The Great Patriot"", "Guardian Of Scotland", ""Braveheart""

Sir William Wallace Ellerslie (1272-1305), William was born at Ellerslie (Elderslie),which is in either Ayrshire or Renfrewshire, being the fact that there are two locations of this name. He was born s...

8/4/2007 5/23/2016

Isobel of Huntingdon MP (1199 - 1251)

Isobel of Huntingdon (1199 – 1251) was the daughter of David of Scotland, 8th Earl of Huntingdon and Maud of Chester. She married Robert Bruce, 4th Lord of Annandale and through her came the claims f...

5/9/2007 5/9/2016

Duncan I, King of Scots MP (1001 - 1040)

"Duncan I", "Donnchad mac Crínán", "the Gracious", "An t-Ilgarach", "the Diseased", "Donchadd l", "King of Alba", "He is the historical basis of the "King Duncan" in Shakespeare's play Macbeth.", "/Donnchadh/I", "King of Scotland", "King of Scots", "Duncan of Scotland", "Donnc..."

Donnchad mac Crínáin (Modern Gaelic: Donnchadh mac Crìonain) anglicised as Duncan I, and nicknamed An t-Ilgarach, "the Diseased" or "the Sick" (died 14 August 1040) was king of Scotland (Alba). Par...

3/8/2007 5/9/2016

Alexander I, King of Scots MP (c.1078 - 1124)

"Alexander I", "The Fierce"

Alexander I, Alaxandair mac Maíl Coluim (Modern Gaelic: Alasdair mac Mhaol Chaluim), nicknamed "The Fierce" Parents: Máel Coluim mac Donnchada & Margaret of Wessex Spouse: Sibylla de Normandie (n...

5/9/2007 5/8/2016

William III, King of England, Ireland, and Scotland MP (1650 - 1702)

"Prince William of Orange-Nassau"

William III of England William III (Dutch: Willem III; 4 November 1650 – 8 March 1702)[1] was sovereign Prince of Orange from birth, Stadtholder of Holland, Zeeland, Utrecht, Gelderland, and Overijss...

5/2/2007 5/7/2016

Charles Edward Stuart "Bonnie Prince Charlie" MP (1720 - 1788)

"Bonnie Prince Charlie", "Charles Edward the Young /Pretender/", "The Young Pretender", "Bonnie Prince Charlie; Charles III (by supporters)", "Bonnie Prince Charlie or The Young Pretender last legitimate heirs of the House of Stuart"

Charles Edward Stuart (31 December 1720 – 31 January 1788) was the exiled Jacobite claimant to the thrones of England, Scotland, and Ireland. He is most commonly known in English and Scots as Bonnie Pr...

5/3/2007 5/7/2016

Saint Margaret, Queen of Scots MP (1045 - 1093)

"Saint Margaret of Scotland; Margaret Ætheling; Margaret Atheling", "Margaret the Exile", "the Exile", "of Wessex", "Atheling", "Margaret // Saint", "Saint Margareth", "/Atheling/", "Princess of England", "St. Margaret of Scotland", "Margaret of Wessex", "Queen Margaret of S..."

Saint Margaret (c. 1045 – 16 November 1093), was the sister of Edgar Ætheling, the short-ruling and uncrowned Anglo-Saxon King of England. Spouse: Malcolm III, King of Scots Children: 1. Edward, ...

2/25/2007 5/7/2016

David I, king of Scots MP (c.1083 - 1153)

"Dabíd mac Maíl Choluim", "King David I of Scotland", "David I the Saint of Scotland", "Daibhidh I of Scotland", "David I "The /Scotland/", "David I /Scotland/", "David I The Saint King Of /Scotland/", "Matilda (edith) Of /Scotland/", "The Saint", "David I the Saint of /..."

One of the most powerful Scottish kings. He admitted into Scotland an Anglo-French (Norman) aristocracy that played a major part in the later history of the kingdom. He also reorganized Scottish ...

5/9/2007 5/7/2016

Donald III "Bane", King of Scots MP (1032 - 1099)

"Donald MacDuncan", "Donald Bane", "Donald the Fair", "Donald III", "Bane", "Domnall mac Donnchada", "nicknamed Domnall Bán", ""Donald the Fair" (anglicised as Donald Bane or Donalbane)", "Domnall Bán", "Donald III King of Scotland", "/Donald/ III"

Domnall mac Donnchada (Modern Gaelic: Dòmhnall mac Dhonnchaidh),[1] anglicised as Donald III, and nicknamed Domnall Bán, "Donald the Fair" (anglicised as Donald Bane or Donalbane), (died 1099) was King...

5/9/2007 5/7/2016

Alexander II, King of Scots MP (1198 - 1249)

"King Alexander II of Scotland", "Alexander Atholl II", "The Peaceful", "Alaxandair mac Uilliam", "Alasdair mac Uilliam"

Alexander II of Scotland Alexander II (Mediaeval Gaelic: Alaxandair mac Uilliam; Modern Gaelic: Alasdair mac Uilleim) (24 August 1198 - 6 July 1249) was King of Scots from 1214 to his death. He w...

5/9/2007 5/7/2016

Robert II, king of Scots MP (1316 - 1390)

"Robert II Stewart King of Scotland", "Robert the Steward", "the 7th High Steward of Scotland", "Robert II King of Scotland", "Robert /Stewart/"

Robert II, The Steward, King of Scots was born 2 March 1316. He died 19 April 1390 in Dundonald Castle in 1390 and lies buried at Scone Abbey. He was also known as Robert, High Steward of Scots and b...

3/2/2007 5/7/2016

Mary I, Queen of Scots MP (1542 - 1587)

"Mairi Stiùbhairt", "Mary I.of Scotland", "Marie Stuart", "Mary Queen of Scots", "Marie Queen Consort of France", "Mary", "Queen Of Scots", "42nd Queen of Scots"

Mary Stuart Mary I Stewart, Queen of Scots was born on 8 December 1542 at Linlithgow Palace, Linlithgow, Scotland and was executed on 8 February 1587 at Fotheringhay Castle, Northampton...

5/2/2007 5/7/2016

Maldred mac Crínán, Earl of Dunbar MP (c.1015 - c.1045)

"Maldred Dunbar", "Maldred Allerdale", "Maldred MacCrínán", "Lord of Carlysle and Alerdale", "Maldred", "Regent of Strathclyde", "brother of King Duncan I", "King of Scots"

Maldred, Lord of Allerdale, Earl of Dunbar, Lord of Cumbria, b. 1004-1015, d. 1045-1060 Crinán's second son, Maldred of Allerdale, held the title of Lord of Cumbria. It is said that from him, the E...

6/11/2007 4/16/2016

James IV of Scotland MP (1473 - 1513)

"Iron Belt", "/James/IV", "King of England"

James IV Stewart, King of Scots was born on 17 March 1473 at Stirling Castle, Scotland and died on 9 September 1513 at The Battle of Flodden Field, Northumberland, England. His body was lost but his he...

5/2/2007 3/4/2016

David II, king of Scots MP (1324 - 1371)

Early Life David II was the elder and only surviving son of Robert I of Scotland and his second wife, Elizabeth de Burgh. He was born on 5 March 1324 at Dunfermline Palace, Fife. His mother died ...

5/2/2007 2/20/2016

Descendants under discussion: Legitimate son David - son of first or second wife? husband of Maud, John de Monmouth d. between 1241 - 14 Jun 1243 illegitimate son Philip - documentation needed,...

5/9/2007 2/19/2016

Edward de Bruce, Earl of Carrick MP (c.1280 - 1318)

"Edubard a Briuis", "Edward the Bruce", "Edward of Bruce", "Eideard Bruis/Iomhair Bruis", "High King of Ireland; Earl of /Carrick/", "King of Ireland"

King of Ireland and Earl of Carrick. Edward de Brus (Medieval Gaelic: Edubard a Briuis), modernised Edward the Bruce or Edward of Bruce (Modern Scottish Gaelic: Eideard Bruis/Iomhair Bruis; c. 1280 –...

6/11/2007 2/19/2016

Robert I the Bruce, King of Scots MP (1274 - 1329)

"Roibert a Briuis", "Raibeart Bruis", "Robert de Brus", "Robert de Bruys", "The Bruce", "Robert the Bruce", "Robert the Bruys", "/Robert/I", "King of Scotland", "Earl of Carrick", "The Brus", ""The Bruce"", "King Robert I of /Scotland/", "Robert I /de Bruce/", "King of Sco", "Schott..."

Robert I of Scotland Roibeard Brús Raibeart I na h-Alba Robert I av Skottland English Monarchs, The House of Bruce, Robert the Bruce

5/2/2007 2/19/2016

óganan_mac_Óengusa King of the Picts 837-839. He was killed together with his brother Bran and "Áed mac Boanta," in a battle fought by the men of Fortriu against Vikings in 839 - Reference - report...

3/8/2012 11/23/2013

Edward Balliol, King of Scotland MP (c.1283 - 1367)

"The Scottish Pretender"

Edward Balliol (c. 1283 – 1367) or Edward de Baliol was a claimant to the Scottish throne who was intermittently de facto ruler from 1332 to 1336. He was the eldest son of John Balliol and Isabella...

5/9/2007 10/4/2013

Eustace de Baliol MP (c.1168 - 1209)

"Eustace de Helicourt", "Eustace Baliol", "Eustace Balliol"

His Ancestry found as: 1. Guy de BALLIOL was born ABT 1022. Child of Guy de BALLIOL is: + 2 i. Rainald de BALLIOL was born ABT 1040 in Bailleul-en-Vimeu, Somme, Picardy, France, and died AFT 1086...

11/16/2007 10/4/2013

John de Baliol, King of Scots MP (c.1249 - 1314)

"8th Baron", "Bywell", "Lord of Barnard Castle", "King", "Baron"

John and Dervorguilla had issue: King John I of Scotland, successful competitor for the Crown in 1292 --------------------------------------------------------- John de Balliol (c. 1249 – c. 25 No...

5/9/2007 10/4/2013

Malcolm I, King of Scots MP (900 - 954)

"Maol Chaluim mac Dhòmhnaill", "Malcolm I", "An Bodhbhdercc", "the Dangerous Red", "King Malcolm I of /Scotland/", "o Perigoso Vermelho", "Mael Coluim mac Domnaill //", "Malcolm I // King of Scotland", "Malcolm /Macdomhnull/", "10968", "Máel Coluim mac Domnaill", "Máel Colui..."

Malcolm (1), the son of Donald ruled for 11 (2) years. With his army Malcolm proceeded to Moray, and slew Cellach. In the seventh year of his rule he raided the English as far as the River Tees (3), an...

3/8/2007 10/4/2013

Kenneth I mac Alpine, King of the Picts MP (c.810 - 859)

"Cináed mac Ailpín", "MacAlpin", "Coinneach mac Ailpein", "An Ferbasach", "The Conqueror", "Kenneth MacAlpin", "Kenneth I", "King Kenneth I of /Scotland/", "Kenneth I /MacAlpin/ King of Scotland", "Macalpin", "Cruaidh", "/Macalpi", "The Hardy/'The Conqueror'/'Kenneth I", "Clan M..."

Kenneth I (a.k.a.Cináed mac Ailpín, Kenneth Mac Alpin, and Kenneth the Hardy) lived from 810 to 859 and was arguably the first King of the Kingdom of Scotland, which he ruled from 843 to 859. At the ...

2/16/2007 10/4/2013

Kenneth III mac Duibh, King of Scots MP (962 - 1005)

"Cináed mac Duib", "nicknamed An Donn", ""the Chief" or "the Brown"", "Kenneth", "King Kenneth III"

Cináed mac Duib (Modern Gaelic: Coinneach mac Dhuibh)[1] anglicised as Kenneth III, and nicknamed An Donn , "the Chief" or "the Brown",[2] (before 967–25 March 1005) was King of Scots from 997 to 1005....

5/9/2007 10/4/2013

Kenneth II, King of Scots MP (932 - 995)

"Cináed mac Maíl Coluim", "An Fionnghalach", "The Fratricide", "King of Scotland", "King Kenneth II of /Scotland/", "o Fraticida", "Kenneth II // K of Scots", "Kenneth /MacDonald/", "/Cinaed/", "Cináed Mac Máel /Coluim/", "Cináed Macmáel /Coluim/", "Cináed mac Maíl C...", "899..."

Cináed mac Maíl Coluim, (Modern Gaelic: Coinneach mac Mhaoil Chaluim) anglicised as Kenneth II, and nicknamed An Fionnghalach, "The Fratricide" (before 954–995) was King of Scotland (Alba). The son o...

3/8/2007 10/4/2013

Ildulb mac Causantin, Rí na h'Alba MP (954 - 962)

"Ildulb mac Causantín", "anglicised as Indulf", "[1] nicknamed An Ionsaighthigh", ""the Aggressor""

Ildulb mac Causantín, anglicised as Indulf,[1] nicknamed An Ionsaighthigh, "the Aggressor"[2] (died 962) was king of Scots from 954. He was the son of Constantine II (Causantín mac Áeda); his mother ma...

5/9/2007 10/4/2013

Dubh "the Vehement' mac Máel Coluim, King of Scots MP (c.915 - 966)

"Dub mac Maíl Coluim", "sometimes anglicised as Duff", "[2] called Dén", ""the Vehement"[3] and Niger", ""the Black"", "King of Scots"

King Dub Dubh Duff of the Scots ruled Scotland from 962 to 967 He followed Indulphus as King of Scotland. Malcolm I & his wife had two children: 1. DUBH [Duff] (-killed in battle Forres [19/20 Ju...

5/9/2007 10/4/2013

Donald II "The Madman", King of Scots MP (c.862 - 900)

"Donald II // King of Scotland", "Domnall mac Causantín", "Dásachtach", "the Madman", "King of Scotland", "King of Alba", "Donald", "King Donald II of /Scotland/", "o Louco", "/Dasachtach/", "Dasachtach", "Donald'/'The Madman", "Domnall mac Causantín (Gaelic)", "Donald II", "10969..."

Name: King Donald II of Scotland Father: King Constantine I Mother: unknown Relation to Elizabeth II: 31st great-grandfather House of: MacAlpin Ascended to the throne: 889 Married: unkn...

3/8/2007 10/4/2013

Domnall mac Ailpín (Modern Gaelic: Dòmhnall mac Ailpein), [1] anglicised sometimes as Donald MacAlpin, and known in most modern regnal lists as Donald I (died 13 April 862), was king of the Picts from ...

3/26/2007 10/4/2013

Cuilean MACINDULF MP (c.940 - 971)

7/31/2008 10/4/2013

Constantine III MACCUILEAN MP (c.970 - 997)

Wiki- Constantine III of Scotland Constantine, son of Cuilén, known in most modern regnal lists as Constantine III, (before 971–997) was king of Scots from 995 to 997. He was the son of Cuilén, Kin...

7/31/2008 10/4/2013

Constantín II mac Áeda, Rí na h'Alba MP (874 - 942)

"nicknamed An Midhaise", ""the Middle Aged""

Constantine, son of Áed (Mediaeval Gaelic: Constantín mac Áeda; Modern Gaelic: Còiseam mac Aoidh, known in most modern regnal lists as Constantine II[1], nicknamed An Midhaise, "the Middle Aged"[2]; be...

5/9/2007 10/4/2013

Constantine I, King of the Picts and Scots MP (c.836 - 877)

"Causantín", "Constantín", "mac Cináeda", "King of Alba", "King Constantine II of /Scotland/", "The Wine-Bountiful", "King of Scotland //", "Constantine II // King of Scotland", "Constantine", "son of Cináed", "nicknamed An Finn-Shoichleach", ""The Wine-Bountiful"", "Const...", "..."

Constantine spent most of his reign fighting to consolidate and expand upon the Kingdom of Scotland created when Kenneth I had brought together the crowns of the Scots and the Picts to form the beginni...

3/8/2007 10/4/2013

Amlaíb mac Ilduilb (Modern Gaelic: Amhlaigh)[1], known in English as simply Amlaíb (died 977) was King of Scots during the 970s.[2] He was the son of King Indulf (Idulb mac Causantín) and brother of Ki...

5/9/2007 10/4/2013

Áed, King of Scots MP (838 - 878)

"Aedh", "Ædh"

Áed mac Cináeda (died 878) was a son of Cináed mac Ailpín ("Kenneth MacAlpin"). He became king of the Picts in 877 when he succeeded his brother Constantín mac Cináeda. He was nicknamed Áed of the Whit...

3/24/2007 10/4/2013

Malcolm II "The Destroyer", King of Scots MP (954 - 1034)

"Máel Coluim mac Cináeda", "Malcolm MacKenneth", "Maol Chaluim mac Choinnich", "Melkolf", "King Malcolm II of /Scotland/", "o Destruidor", "Malcolm II // K of Scots", "Mael /Coluim/", "Máel Coluim /Mac Cináeda/", "MacAlpin", "Máel Coluim mac Cináeda (Gaelic)", "8955", "The Des..."

Máel Coluim mac Cináeda , Malcolm II, King of Scots Parents: Kenneth II and his wife the Lady of Leinster Spouses: (name unknown - Ælfgifu "Edith" Sigurdsdóttir of Ossory) Children: He had no s...

3/8/2007 10/4/2013