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Slaves, Apprentices and Freemen in South Africa

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  • Johanna Arentz (deceased)
    Burgher Slave Baptisms 1713-1742 Written by transcribed by Corney Keller. ... Page 183 1730 23e Julij - Arendt, slaven kind van de heer Johannes Swellengrebel ( Johannes Swellengrebel ), de moed...
  • Arnoldus Koevoet (c.1697 - 1735)
    Arnoldus was born in bondage to the VOC, he was known in VOC records as Arnoldus van Christijn Pietersz vand de Caab. Arnoldus Koevoet worked as a carpenter and builder at the Cape - most likely the ...
  • Christijn Pietersz van de Caep (aft.1664 - aft.1719)
    Delia Robertson, compiler of "First Fifty Years - a project collating Cape of Good Hope records (FFY), has recently (2022) reviewed available material relating to this profile and states "I am now of t...
  • Rachel van Mozambique (bef.1796 - d.)
    SLAVE OWNER: Godfried Rudolph Christian Iffland DEPOT KAB SOURCE NCD TYPE LEER VOLUME_NO 2/4
  • Azor van Mozambique (bef.1796 - d.)
    SLAVE OWNER: Godfried Rudolph Christian Iffland DEPOT KAB SOURCE NCD TYPE LEER VOLUME_NO 2/4

The purpose of this pathfinder project is to serve as a guide for more information on slaves, apprentices and freemen in South Africa and to supply a reference list of death notices to allow a user to find a source.

Should you identify the person or create a profile please add the profile to the project.


*Semora Mother: Delmina, Deceased left money to: Sophia, James, Maria Louisa Bellamy & Edward *Okes Christiaan, Signed by: Ewan Christiaan Semora Africa


Maria Children: Sophia, Deborah and Tommy
*Jetheu Late slave of late widow J.M. Cruywagen. Children: Dolphina & Athea
Damon Late slave of widow *JF Schikkerling Several illegitemate children all of age
Mentor Apprentice slave of Paulus Abraham Poupart.
August Apprentice slave of the widow Sievert Wiid ? remarried to Johannes Jacobus Greybe


Floris Child: Joseph of the Cape
Hettie Slave of the undersigned, ?. Died at the house of J Spijkers
Flora Husband: Soerong alias Achterdien van de Kaap, Child: Frederik Schoukerk (Illegitimate)
Achillis Married (no further information)
Abraham de Vries Mother: Rosina van Bengalen, Wife: Leentje Rink


Baatjse Cambang Child: Regina Slave of Pieter Auret Signed by: Cambang of Bougies
Adonis Relatives unknown, Slave of *J.J. van den Berg


Maria Catharina Christiaans, Father: Christiaan of the Cape. Slave of Mr van Wielligh Mother: Kaatje Arendze
Rachel Parents: July & Alida, Children: Sophia & Carolina, Slave of Erich Landsberg
Anthony Slave of the widow L. Beck. Children: Rose, Eva & Jacob
Regina Slave of J.H. van Breda Children: Frans, (Slave of Mr A de Waal), Jan, Leentje and Regina slaves of J.H van Breda
Gideon Slave of J. S? Parents: David & Deborah
Myntjie Child: Michiel
Candasa Child: Sabiella of the Cape
Delie Died young, daughter of Rebecca, Apprenticed Labourer of the widow Steyn
Maria Siewerts Parents: ? & Candassa, Husband: Jean-Louis van Genoa, Child: James Louis
November Mother: Clara
Fytje of the Cape alias Sophia *Miteuse Children: Alida, Carolina, Betje, *Apolios & Zandie
New Year Apprenticed Labourer of J.G. Richter
Wilhelmina Slave of the Widow C.G. Holme
Amelia Widow of Jan Middelhof. Children: Louisa *Bron, *Fritz Bron, *Jacob Bron
Doortje Father: Cupido, Mother: Aurora, Slave of Willem Stephanus van Ryneveld, Husband: David
Rozetta Former slave of William Pistorius. Wife of Adolf of the Cape, 2 children: ? and Can**sa & Rozetta Wife of Adolf of the Cape, 2 children: Magalock and Candara
Eva Children: Antje and some others unknown.
Johanna Christina Josephs Father: Joseph, Concubine of Jacob Johannes van Reenen, Child: Phillip
Kamies Wife: Marie Children: Cornelia & Jasmina
David September Father: September, Wife: Griet, Children: September, Flora, David, Griet & Pieter
Lys Children: Japje, Rasbin & Bea
Dorothea Children: Daantje, Spaatsie, Adonis, *Saptoe, *Lalea, Alexander & Theresie
Lea Father: Piet. Mother: Catryn. Husband: Bysit van Africa, Children: Alida, Adam, *Cera Catryn *Manis Africa, Willem, July, Lente *Mars or Mans
Sophia Apprentice of Daniel Vrey of Grootswarteberg. Father: February van Mallagas Mother: Selphia van de Kaap
Anne Died in Childbirth of twins still living. Parents: Peter & Jannetje
Abdol Parents Apprentices Hercules of the Cape and Doortjie
Kordoe Apprentive labourer of John Deane
September Apprentice labourer of P Bosman


Mozes Slave of A. Brink sen. Child: Klara, late a slave of A Brink, living with Mr Kilgour.


Adonis Slave of the Widow Maria Viret


Rosette Slave of D Bailey. Children: Nuut, Andreas and Piets
November *? Slave of Widow Carl du Plessis. Children: Griet & Sara


January Slave of the undersigned, ? Relatives unknown.
Philis Apprentice of H Schutte


Begin, slave of W.H.A Stadler
Christian A free person of colour. Relatives unknown.
Abraham Carpenter ? Slave of H Schutte
April Children: April & *Sadie
Alida Children: Lotjie & Lowis
Sendor Slave of S Bailey
David Apprenticed Labourer of G.N. Mechau
Jack Wife: Louise, Child: Camilla
Saul Apprentice labourer of Sebastiaan van Reenen


February Freeblack. Lived with Rachel, freeblack. Children: February & Jan


Present Slave of Sir John Truter, relatives unknown
Louis Apprenticed Labourer of M Jordaan

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